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					Binary University College Questionnaire Market Survey: Consumers view on Proton cars (In Perspective of Proton Perdana-V6) 1. Gender: a. Male b. Female 2. Age group: a. 15-20 b. 20-30 c. 30-40 d. 40-50 e. 50 and above 3. Yearly House hold income: a. 10000-15000 b. 15000-20000 c. 20000-25000 d. 30000 and above 4. What is your Profession? a. Student b. Job c. Doing my own Business d. Other(s)_____________________________________________________

5. I own or using a: a. Proton car b. Proton Perdana V6 c. Other car brands 6. How many cars are there in your house? a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4 e. 5 and above

7. Are you satisfied with Proton’s service? a. Yes, Fully satisfied b. Average c. Less than average d. No, very disappointed by Proton’s service If ‘No’ please specify below briefly, why:

8. Satisfied with Parts replacement warranties: a. Yes Fully satisfied b. Average c. Less than average d. No, not at all

9. What is your opinion about Proton/Proton Peradana’s Maintenance costs? a. Low cost b. High cost c. Lower than other cars d. Higher than other cars e. Higher but Affordable 10. What is the main problem area of your Proton/ Perdana v6 car? a. Models and interior designs b. Engine c. Gear box issues d. Braking systems e. Other(s)______________________________________________________________ 11. Rate of fuel consumption for proton Perdana v6: a. Better fuel consumption b. Average fuel consumption c. Low fuel consumption

12. Participant is well aware of proton’s Offers and Promotions a. Yes, Fully aware b. Not well aware c. No idea of proton’s promotions 13. Which section(s) of Perdana v6 cars need to be developed? [You can choose more than 1 answer from below] a. Fuel efficiency b. Engine c. Gear box issues d. Tires and braking systems. e. Models and interior Designs f. Other(s) __________________________________________________________ 14. Why did you buy a Proton car? a. Low price b. Can pay by Instalment c. After sales service d. Attractive look e. Comfort and convenience f. Patriotism, It’s Malaysian car g. Other(s) ___________________________________________________________

15. When it comes to comfort and convenience Proton is: a. Very comfortable and convenient b. Average c. less than average d. Not comfortable at all.

16. Do you think proton Perdana v6 cars are designed and built according to Malaysia’s local road and weather conditions? a. Yes. b. No c. Not Fully

17. According to your opinion what can be done to improve Perdana v6 cars’ sales in local markets: a. Proton should provide new models b. Improve their car quality to reduce maintenance cost c. should reduce the car prices

d. lower instalments e. Other(s)___________________________________________________________ If other(s) please write below:

18. Selling in International Markets a. Should increase Collaboration with other Manufacturers to increase Proton’s reputation b. Should Try to Sell within the Muslim Countries c. Should try to perform Quality Control (QC) d. Other(s) _____________________________________ 19. What other things can be done to increase sales? a. Give a big promotional offer every year b. should offer more 2 years Free maintenance c. Other(s)_____________________________________________________

If you think, there are some other things that can be done, please specify below what are they?

20. Overall Satisfaction level derived as expected from Proton Perdana v6 cars?




0 Neutral




Very Dissatisfied

Fully Satisfied

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