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					    Trollheim Lodge 6-110
    Volume 36                                           March 2009
     Issue 3
                        Sons Of Norway                         Inside this issue:

    Freedom, Fraternity, Progress                              Ord Fra Presidenten    2

                                                               Butikken News          3
                 General Meeting
               March16th at 6:00 pm                            SON Insurance          4

                                                               Advetisement           5
                                                               Hollywood Bingo
                                  Let’s join our Irish host,
                                                               March Birthdays        6
                                  Gene O’Malley for a          Dameklubben

                                  special St. Patrick dinner   Trollheim Committees   7
                                  at the Lodge. Corned
                                  beef and cabbage are on      Our Advertisers        8

                                  the menu this evening,        Historie Gruppe           9
                                  and the main attraction is    Hardanger, Camp Norge
                                  Irish entertainment from
                                                               Speaking Norwegian     10
                                  the Wick School of Irish
                                                               Expressions in Norwegian
Step Dance. This special event begins at 6:00 pm sharp,
                                                               Kalendar               11
not the usual 7:00. Make a note on your calendar. You do
not need to bring any pot luck since dinner will be served     Officers Listing       12
at the lodge. Donations are gladly accepted but not re-
quired for this event. Please call Barb Hessel (303-989-
4496) if you will be joining us. We need a head count so
there is enough food for all. This will be an evening of
                            Ord Fra Presidenten
We now have seven committees within the board and membership. Check this newsletter for
the list and to match your skills with the committee of your choice. Please give us a helping
hand to keep Trollheim operating both financially and physically sound.

We are currently replacing Russ as Butikken Manager and have four interviews set the week of
February 23rd. If you know of someone interested in this permanent position please have them
contact either me or Russ. The applicant should send a resume to the Lodge attention, Bob

    On Monday March 16th (General meeting) we are having a
    “Corn Beef and Cabbage Dinner” in celebration of St. Pat’s
     Day. This will not be potluck! Please note the flier in this

Please note: Dinner is at 6:00 pm sharp!! This is an hour earlier than our regular meeting time.
At 7:00 pm we will have a repeat performance from 2008 of ten to twelve dancers doing the
Irish Step Dance to authentic, Irish music. They are enrolled at The Wick School of Irish Step
Dance. Entertainment is generously paid for by Gene O’Malley. Barb Hessel needs to know
how many are attending so the cooks can plan accordingly. Please call Barb 303-989-4496 to
rsvp. We will pass a green Irish hat for donations to off-set the cost of the evening. Please
come to the meeting and join the fun!

Thank you for attending the 35th Anniversary Luncheon on February the 7th. We received
many wonderful compliments about the food and entertainment. We had 90 pins to give out to
members this year and 97 last year. All names were listed in the February newsletter, and if
you did not have the opportunity to attend please try to attend the March 16th General Meeting.
We will have the pins for this year and last year. After March all remaining pins will be mailed


The empty lot kiddy corner to the lodge entrance now has a no parking rule. Please do not
park in this lot. I have received a letter from the property owner stating that unauthorized cars
will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense. I will inform the membership if this will
change due to special events in the future, but for now… do not park there.
Thank You.

                                       Butikken News
The Trollheim Board decided to keep the Butikken in operation. The Butikken communicates and shares our
Scandinavian heritage and culture with a large customer base consisting of many SON members and non-
members. The Trollheim Board is formally and officially announcing a salaried position and is soliciting
applications for this position. Details about the position are included below. Applications are due no later
than March 10, 2009 to: Mr. Robert L. King, President, SON Trollheim Lodge, 6610 West 14th Ave., Lake-
wood, CO 80214, Fax: 303 232-2163, Email:

Background As you know from information contained in recent newsletters and general meeting announce-
ments, member Russell DeBruine is resigning from managing the Butikken March 31, 2009. Anticipating the
end of his term, our Board has requested a member to step forward and assume the management responsibili-
ties after March 31, 2009. To date, no one has stepped forward.

A second problem the Board addressed is the scheduling of and getting enough members to volunteer to per-
form building upkeep. In the past year, the tasks—maintaining the facility usage calendar, and cleaning the
restrooms, Butikken, and lodge—have consistently fallen on only a few members. Therefore, the Board
agreed to create a “dual” manager position to include managing the Lodge’s building including duties such as
scheduling (maintaining the calendar for all meetings and events) cleaning, rental, and associated set up and
tear down of tables and chairs for Trollheim meetings, events, and private rental events.

Board Decision: The Trollheim Board concluded during the February 2 meeting to:
Hire and pay an employee to manage the store within a budget and to manage the Lodge’s building within the
Trollheim Building Corporation’s (TBC) budget. While the manager would be paid a salary, Trollheim mem-
bers will be asked to volunteer (as in the past) to assist the manager during peak workloads, especially during

Overview of Dual Manager Duties: While the Board has not been finalized all of the details, the Board envi-
sions that this will be a permanent position. Also the Board has agreed on the following duties for the dual
manager position:

•   Scandinavian Specialty Gift Store and Trollheim Building Facility Manager (dual)
•   Store management is typically part-time except for pre- and post Christmas season periods
• Facility management is intermittent based upon pre-scheduled Trollheim and private rental events (event
setup, tear down, and cleaning and oversight during rental to outside groups)
•   Amount of salary will be determined using the principles that:
ο The past store and facility managers have been volunteers with no pay.
ο Any salary paid must be within the store’s operational budget and the TBC budget.
ο Pay will be commensurate with specific experience and skill. Pay may increase as incumbent manages du-
ties independently and the store operates in the black.
Must become and remain a member of the Sons of Norway Trollheim Lodge (insurance reasons) and/or be
bonded.   Continued on page 7...

     More Butikken News                                                Rosemaling
     Product Information from The Butikken
                                                                    Spring 2009 Class Notice
   February 2nd the Board decided to keep the store in
operation. With that in mind, replacement merchandise      We will be studying the “Old Style Gubrandsdal
 is arriving. We have Lefse and Lutifisk, Ekte Geitost,   Rosemaling,” that was prominent in the works of
Bondost plane, Bondost with caraway and Felix Lingon-        Knut and Eric Horne during the early 1800s.
  berries spred. Other items are: Textured Alum Lefse     Classes will be held each Saturday from March 7th
 Grill’s and Teflon Coated, Krumkake Bakers, Electric           to April 25th at the Trollheim Lodge .
    by VillaWare and UNO Reversible Belgian Heart                       Beginners class 1-4 pm
              Shaped Waffler by VillaWare .                  Continuing intermediate students 9am–noon
    NEW: Herring with Dill, Herring with Marinade,          Class size is limited and the fee is $75 for all 8
            Herring with Mustard Sauce                     classes. New students will be supplied with a list
           OPEN Saturdays 10:00 to 2:00                   of materials at the time of registration. Continuing
                                                           students should already have the supplies. When
         Also...Visit our web store at...
                                                          registering, please indicate which class you plan to
                             attend. Please send registration and payment to:
 We accept “Paypal” and the 5 major credit cards                               Al Ehret
     ******************************                                     17 Paramount Parkway
                              Wheat Ridge, CO 80215-6652

                                   SONS Insurance
                                         VIKING VOYAGER

 The Viking Voyager is a simple economical way to introduce children to the benefits offered
 by Sons of Norway. It is a way for you to help the next generation learn about the importance
of owning life insurance. It provides level term life insurance which is convertible at age 26 for
  up to 3 times the original death benefit. Children age 17 and younger are eligible for Viking
   Voyager. A child insured automatically becomes a Sons of Norway Heritage member and
includes Viking for Kids publication at no cost. Contact your Financial Benefits Counselor for
                                        more details.
LaRue Hanson, Financial Benefits Counselor                     The mission of Sons of Norway is to
2325 Shalimar Dr . Colorado Springs , CO 80915                 promote and to preserve the heritage
                                                                and culture of Norway, to celebrate
Office: 719-599-8546, Cell: 719-237-7314
                                                                our relationship with other Nordic
E-mail                                        countries, and to provide quality in-
                                                               surance and financial products to its
                          Advertise in the Trollheim News
                                  Trollheim News is going first class!
As an added benefit to our lodge members, we are now sending the newsletter out first class. This means that
we can break all the rules for non-profit mailing and now accept advertisements and promotions. If you would
like to directly notify all of our members of your business or event, call Dawn to place a business card sized ad
in the newsletter for as little as $9 a month. This is an opportunity not to be missed. Notify your family and
friends of this great opportunity. The prices are as follows:
                 Members*                     Non-Members
                 $100/ year 11 issues         $120/ year 11 issues
                 $60/ 6 issues                $75/ 6 issues
                 $15/ 1 issue                 $20/ 1 issue

     The Trollheim News is a monthly publication that is produced 11 times per year and sent out in both USPS
    hard copy and email forms. We love to support our Sons of Norway members and Scandinavian businesses!
                                Let us know who you are!
            * Members of all Sons of Norway lodges qualify for the members rate

          Hollywood Bingo,                          38th Ave. & Kipling

              Game time every Thursday and Friday, 7:30 pm
    All volunteers please come by 6:00 pm. We are looking for a few good volunteers who are able to help our
         lodge keep up with the expenses of maintaining our Sons of Norway Trollheim Lodge building at
                                 6610 W. 14th Ave in Lakewood. Call 303-422-3394

         Scholarship Information
The following Sons of Norway Foun-                                 Important addresses!
dation Scholarship/Grant applica-
tions will be accepted from Jan.1,
through March 31, 2009. Call John                                 
Neverdahl for more information                                Check out the District 6 website! Many new events
                                                              have been posted among the District 6 Lodges and
303 751 3022                                                  there is also a section for Publicity Ideas... and hints
Trollheim Lodge,                                              on submitting Viking Magazine photos.
District 6,
Sons of Norway International                                

    Gratulerer med dagen for
       March Birthdays

       1   Satersmoen Carol A
       2   Lien Gerald E
       3   Anderson Belle F
       4   Kochenour George T
           Wallen Eva
           Birkland Theodore
                                                a                              y!
       7   Robinson Donna M
       9   Bratt Rudolf
       9   Huebner Ruth A
       9   Resavage Ruth Tore
      10   Sanders Gene L                         Dameklubben
      10   Zastrocky Jim D
      13   Fostvedt Dale E         Damekubben will host A Norwegian Cusine Middags Te
      14   Jensen Caroline K       Saturday April 25th. We are hoping that "LENA and OLGA"
                                   return and are also open to the diverse talent that represents
      15   Kvamme Eric Haakon      our Cultural Heritage. This is an opportunity to advertise the
      17   Monkelien Perry A       17th Mai Smorgas.
      18   Bolanovich Geneva
                                   Monies collected will go through the SONS Foundation to
      21   Ellickson Mike L
                                   benefit the Jeffco Action Center/ Gathering Place.
      21   Stravia Patricia J
      21   Thompson Paul C         The Dameklubben will host a Yard/Garage Sale August
      22   Gipp Wayne C            22nd. 20% proceeds to the TBC. and the resulting funds will
                                   be directed to Dameklubben projects for Trollheim
      22   Turner Jessica L
      23   Johnson Pearl H         March 11, 1pm: Pot luck/Planning meeting for Te (start)
      24   Ault Linda G
      24   Snodgrass Evelyn        March 25, 11am: Pot Luck at Trollheim
      25   Larum Mary Jo           April 25, 2pm: Norwegian Cusine Middags Te
      26   Ehlers Nina A
      27   Martin David P          Our future ‘09 events to be determined. Please let me know
      27   Perley Carolyn G        if I’ve missed or mixed up something! The Dameklubben is
                                   always open to interested members and guests. Please RSVP
      27   Rye Kenneth C           to Barb Bessesen for table reservations.
      28   Cass Christina Louise
      28   Nordeng Elisabet R
      29   Fanaro Christiana J
      31   Bland James A
                Trollheim Committees for 2009
Membership Committee
       Chair:                 Pete Peterson
       Committee:             Jerry Peterson
Let us remember we all are members of the membership committee. I would like to get 100 new members this
year! We are down to 400. The other Lodges are down also, but we must keep our number 1 spot in District
Six! So get as many members as you can.
House Committee               Harlan Hagen                      ATTENTION! ATTENTION!
                              Beverly King
                                                                WE NEED YOUR TALENT!
Finance Committee             Perry Monkelien
                              David Sveum                       Trollheim needs an organizational space/
Long/Short Range               Perry Monkelien                  efficiency expert. With 400 members, some-
                                                                one among you has this skill, talent, know-
                              David Sveum                       how. Please step forward and volunteer to
Scholarship Committee         John and Carol Neverdahl          design a layout for 600 books ready for sale,
                              Dawn Nelsen                       the library books, and a makeover of the
                                                                President’s office. You would draw a floor
Social Committee:             Gail Solaas                       plan and shelf proposal to get the best use
                              Barb Bessesen                     of our library, office and Butikken space.
                              Donna Robinson
                              Barb Hessel                       Contact either Bev King at 303 422-3394
                                                                or Perry Monkelien at 303 699-1073 to
Bylaw Committee:              Pete Peterson                     submit ideas. Your efforts are appreciated!
                              Beverly King
                              John Neverdahl

...continued from page 3
To evaluate each applicant’s resume, all resumes must address the following items:
•   Retail store work experience (describe nature of work experience – duties carried out)
•   Retail work experience in a gift store or specialty store
•   Past management forecasting experience – operational costs, budgets, pricing decisions, scheduling volunteers
•   Past supervisory work experience and/or soliciting and managing volunteers
•   Experience using Intuit POS. 6.0, QuickBooks and XL
•   Some knowledge of Scandinavian culture, heritage and associated specialty products
Character and job references required to assess dependability, working effectively with other people, ability to
work without supervision, ability to report to a and prepare store financial reports

The Board is hopeful that you know of either a member or non-member that would meet our qualifications and
would be a good fit to manage the store and our building. If you have questions regarding the application process
or about the Butikken, please contact Bob (303) 422-3394. Again, applications are due at the Trollheim Office no
later than March 10, 2009.

    Support your Sons of Norway Businesses!

                          Mention this ad for Norse Electric and
                          receive 15% off from Norse Electric

                           Trollheim News
                       Deadline for April newsletter
                             submission is….
                               March 19th

    Historie Gruppe/The Vikettes                                     ***********************************
                                                                        The Hardanger stitching group is
Please join the Historie Gruppe Wednesday, March                      meeting at Trollheim Lodge 10-2pm
18th at 7:00 pm for the presentation of a brief history                on Saturdays. We will not meet on
of the Free Norwegian Air Force in WWII and the                      March 21st because I am out of town.
service organizations that supported them.                           Please call 303-237-1225 to confirm
Between 1940 and 1946 Camp Little Norway Air                             we will be there just in case bad
Bases trained WWII flyers. Several members of our                    weather, tax season overdose, or lack
lodge had direct experience as airmen. (Lorang Han-                  of interest. If any questions, please try
son) and in the Civil Service Organizations (Bernice                             my work number
Molter and Harriet Hanson). Please join us as we re-                          303-987-1700 ext 218
view their contributions to this amazing story . One                                  Thanks,
group of young women worked with the Canadian                                        Dani East
Service Organization to provide programs in Norwe-
gian for the troops. This group was “The Vikettes”.
We have Bernice Molter and Diane
Molter , with Susan Meddick, presenting
this program.
Refreshments to follow the program.

Camp Norge News
by Penny Joseph Knutsen
It is no secret!
        Did you know? The members of District 6 own a camp in the Sierra foothills known as Camp Norge. It
has 46 acres of meadows and trees. All told, with the dormitories, cabins and main house, it can sleep 44. The
social hall contains a restaurant type stove and plenty of refrigerator space, pots, pans and dishes. There is also
a very nice deli across the freeway if you really don’t like to cook. It is there for you to use, summer, winter,
spring and fall. Right now there is plenty of snow in the Sierras for your skiing, snowboarding and sledding
activities. Camp Norge is convenient to the snow activities, it is inexpensive to you as members, and it is avail-
able. Call 530-389-2508 for room reservations.
        Memorial Day is the beginning of camping and RV season. There will be food services, activities and
lots of District 2 members with whom you can visit and play. Call for room reservations and watch your local
newsletter for the registration form for meals. Ne reservations needed for RVs or tents.
        July 4th is a 3-day weekend this year. We are planning to participate in the Dutch Flat parade. We hope
you will plan to spend time at camp and participate in this very fun, old-fashioned July 4th celebration in
Dutch Flat. We will have limited food service. We urge you to participate in the community affair. Watch for
the reservation form for food as it appears in your local lodge newsletter, and call camp for room reservations.
No reservations needed for RVs or tents.

                                 Speaking Norwegian
Norsk Language Lessons During Our General Meetings - How to Prepare!
Charles Knutson will be giving short language lessons at each of Trollheim's General Meetings. He will be
using the language lessons form SON headquarters. In addition to the general meetings, Charles encourages
members to go on line the SON site and hear the lessons.

Trollheim Choir The choir practices will be starting again either Sunday February 22 or the first Sunday in
March. Where: at the lodge; When: at 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. WHY? Time to get ready for the 17th of May!
New singers welcome! Just show up!

Charles Knutson Norwegian language lessons throughout the larger Colorado Community. "My goal is to
have all my Norwegian students be able to read, write and speak quite a bit of Norwegian when they finish
my class." Charles reports that his lessons as the Norwegian teacher for the Stein Fjell Lodge in Loveland are
going well. He has eleven students from Loveland, Ft. Collins and Greeley. We meet at the Best Western con-
ference room which is just off the freeway on Monday afternoons from 1:00 to 3:30 p.m.. In addition he
has six students in Boulder on Thursday Evenings at a private home. All of these students are members of the
Boulder Lodge. We are using the same text used at St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota. All the chapters
are accessible to hear on Also he has six students who meet in Denver on Sunday after-
noons from 2:00 - 4:30. Call Charles with any questions about language lessons or to join the choir.

Local Student Presentation on the International Summer School, University of Oslo
Charles' Knutson's daughter, Kari Knutson, gave a presentation about her experience at the International Sum-
mer School, University of Oslo, on February 11 to Colorado Springs Fjellheim Lodge. It was well received and
many asked for materials about the International Summer School. This school program runs approximately
from the middle of June until early August every summer. Charles also attended the school for five summers to
get his Norwegian language education. Charles can get more materials about the summer school in 2010 from
the head office at St. Olaf College if any one is interested (It is too late to register for 2009 summer ses-
sion). To contact her, Kari's phone number is 303-906-9873.

Expressions in Norwegian
  By Eldon Halingstad, Norwegian Teacher
Hvis kjærlighet er svaret, kan noen da vennligst gjenta spørsmålet?
[vis HYAIR-lee-het air SVAHR-eh, kahn NOH-en dah VEHN-leest YEN-tah
If love is the answer, could somebody kindly repeat the question?

Jeg er ikke overtroisk. Jeg er redd det bringer ulykke.
[yay air ICK-eh OH-vair-troh-isk. Yay air red deh BRING-air OO-leek-eh]
I am not superstitious. I am afraid it will bring misfortune.

Selv det sterkeste tall har bruk for nullenes støtte.
[sel deh STAIRK-este tahl har brook for NOOL-en-es STUH-te]
Even the strongest number needs support from the zeros.

                             Sons Of Norway
                           6610 West 14th Ave, Lakewood, CO 80214
                                                                                     MARCH     2009

     Sun   Mon               Tue              Wed               Thu            Fri           Sat

     1     2                 3                4                 5              6             7
           Board Meeting                                        Bingo 7:30     Bingo 7:30    Butikken 10-2
           7pm                                                                               Rosemaling

     8     9                 10               11                12             13            14
                             Intermediate     Damesklubben      Bingo 7:30     Bingo 7:30    Butikken 10-2
                             Norwegian                                                       Rosemaling

     15    16                17               18                19             20            21
           General Meeting   Intermediate     Historie Gruppe   Bingo 7:30     Bingo 7:30    Adopt-a-Street
           6pm Corned        Norwegian        7pm               Deadline for                 Butikken 10-2
           Beef & Cabbage    Happy St. Pats                     newsletter                   Rosemaling
     22    23                24               25                26             27            28
                             Intermediate     Damesklubben      Bingo 7:30     Bingo 7:30    Butikken 10-2
                             Norwegian                                                       Rosemaling
                                                                                                              Kalender for March 2009

     29    30                31
Sons of Norway
Trollheim Lodge 6-110
6610 West 14th Ave
Lakewood, CO 80214


President:              Vice President:        Newsletter Editor:         Trollheim Lodge:
Robert L. King          Pete Petersen          Dawn Nelsen                Phone: 303 232-1700
303 422-3394            303 424-7898           303 898-6853
                                                                          Fax: 303 232-2163
kongeogdronning                                dawn-            Historian/Librarian:
                        Perry Monkelien                         
Secretary:                                     Sunshine Committee:
                        303 699-1073
Connie Bartram                                 Jim and Jackie Bland
303 467-3299            Musician and           303 979-4337               Trollheim Building           Choir Director:                                   Corporation:
                                               Trustees:                  Directors (TBC):
Treasurer:              Charles Knutson
                                               Jim Burgin                 President, David Sveum
Mary Heale              303 726-6470
                                               303 567-2300               303 423-7208
303 584-4300            Marshall:              Gene O’Malley              Sec, Greg Thompson          Pat Lamoe              303 987-1400               303 934-4081
Counselor:              303 979-5768                                      Treas., Larry Stennes
                                               Way and Means Director
Beverly King                                                              303 666-9023
                        Financial/Membership   Butikken Director:
303 422-3394            Secretary:                                        Harlen Hagen
                                               Russ DeBruine
kongeogdronning         Jerry Peterson                                    303 738-1033
                                               303-979-0033            303 452-7347
                                               Scholarship Committee:     Open Positions:
Cultural Director:      Greeters:                                         Social Director
                                               John and Carol Neverdahl
Diane Molter            Jerry Peterson                                    Sports/Rec Director
                                               303 751-3022
303 288-6014            Donna Robinson                                    Youth Coordinator
                                               Dawn Nelsen
                                               303 898-6853               Publicity
                                                                          Foundation Director
                        Sid Haugum

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