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									                                    Dolce Vita Day Spa & Salon
                                       630 North First Street
                                     San Jose, California 95112
                                 Reservation Desk: (408) 287-0200
                                       Fax: (408) 287-0186
Gift Certificate/Card Request Form By Fax or email – Please use one sheet
per gift certificate request.

Please fill out the form completely and clearly for best accuracy on the gift certificate.
If you are using a credit card please sign for credit card authorization. Please fax back
to us to process your order.

Name of person purchasing this gift certificate: ______________________________________________________

Home and Work phone numbers: _________________________________________________________________

Credit Card No: _____________________________________________(3 or 4 digit code on reverse)_________________

Credit Card Exp. Date: ________________________ Credit Card Type: _________________________________

Credit Card Billing Address (including zip code)________________________________________________________

Authorized Credit Card Holder’s Signature

Who the Certificate is for: ______________________________________________________________________

For which service or dollar amount: _______________________________________________________________

Whom you would like the certificate from: _________________________________________________________

Will you be picking up this certificate from Dolce Vita? If yes when? ____________________________________

Would you like it mailed out in regular mail? ____________________________________

If so, please write out the mailing address, including zip code: _______________________________________


For priority mailing please put YES and initial. There will be an additional $10.00 fee applied to your purchase
(this is not UPS or Federal Express): ______________________________________________________________

                                   Dolce Vita Day Spa and Salon Gift Certificate Terms & Conditions

Certificates are available for Spa Services or retail products only. Dolce Vita Spa Gift Certificates are good for one year from the date of
purchase. Certificates are not good for the hair salon. Custom packages can be designed at your request. You may charge by fax with
signature authorization. We will mail gift certificates to designated recipient by standard mail. We can not guarantee time of delivery for
standard mail. Gift certificates must be presented at the time of service redemption; we are not responsible for lost or stolen certificates.
Gift certificates are non-refundable, no exceptions. Prices are subject to change with out notice.

Please sign that you have read and agree with Dolce Vita Day Spa and Salon Gift Certificate Terms & Conditions:


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