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									        (D) Democrat                                                                     Chief Clerk's Office
        (R) Republican
                                                                                               2W.29 Capitol
                                     BIOGRAPHICAL DATA
                                  HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                          82nd Legislature
                                         Joe Straus, Speaker

       Member and Spouse        Birth Date       Occupation                Education
  (R) Aliseda, Jose             10/18/1956       Attorney and Rancher      University of Texas Austin -
      (Aida Aliseda)                                                       B.A., J.D.

  (D) Allen, Alma               04/07/1939       Educational consultant    BS, MEd, Texas Southern
                                                                           Ed.D, University of Houston

  (D) Alonzo, Roberto           12/25/1956       Attorney                  BA, UT Austin
      (Sylvana)                                                            JD, Texas Southern University

  (D) Alvarado, Carol           10/26/1967       Consultant/Small          BA and MBA, University of
                                                 Business                  Houston

  (D) Anchia, Rafael            09/26/1968       Attorney                  BA, SMU
      (Marissa)                                                            JD, Tulane Law

  (R) Anderson, Charles "Doc"   06/29/1945       Veterinarian              Sul Ross State University
      (Sandra)                                                             DVM, Texas A&M

  (R) Anderson, Rodney          04/29/1968       Title Insurance Manager   University of Texas Arlington,
      (Heather)                                                            B.B.A.

  (R) Aycock, Jimmie Don        10/04/1946       Veterinarian and          BS, Texas A&M
      (Marie)                                    Rancher                   DVM, Texas A&M

  (R) Beck, Marva               11/21/1944       Retired Rancher

  (R) Berman, Leo               10/21/1935       Retired US Army           BA, Political Science - SMU
      (Dr. Lou Ann)                              Lt.Col.                   Graduate, US Army Command
                                                                           and General College

  (R) Bohac, Dwayne             09/04/1966       Small Business Owner      BBA and BS, Texas A&M

  (R) Bonnen, Dennis            03/03/1972       Banking                   BA, Political Science - St.
      (Kim)                                                                Edwards University

  (R) Branch, Dan               03/05/1958       Attorney                  BA and BS, OCU
      (Stacey)                                                             JD, SMU

  (R) Brown, Fred               02/26/1954       Businessman               Attended Texas A&M

  (R) Burkett, Cindy            08/13/1958       Highline Enterprises -    University of Texas at Arlington,
      (Mike)                                     VP                        BA
                                                                           Eastfield Community College -
                                                                           Business Associate

  (D) Burnam, Lon               07/11/1953       Executive Director        BA, UT Austin
      (Carol Roark)                                                        MCRP, UT Arlington

  (R) Button, Angie Chen        02/09/1954       Marketing                 MA, UT Dallas

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       Member and Spouse          Birth Date   Occupation                Education

  (R) Cain, Erwin                 03/15/1960   Attorney/Businessman      Kilgore Jr. College - Associate
      (Hope)                                                             Texas A&M Texarkana - B.A.
                                                                         University of Arkansas - J.D.

  (R) Callegari, William "Bill"   09/23/1941   Professional Engineer     BS, Louisiana State University
      (Ann)                                    and Investor              MS, Civil Engineering -
                                                                         University of Houston

  (R) Carter, Stefani             02/15/1978   Attorney                  University of Texas Austin -
                                                                         B.A., B.J.
                                                                         Harvard - J.D., M.P.P.

  (D) Castro, Joaquin             09/16/1974   Attorney                  BA, Stanford
                                                                         JD, Harvard Law

  (R) Chisum, Warren              07/04/1938   Oil & Gas Producer and
      (Omega)                                  Rancher

  (R) Christian, Wayne            09/26/1950   Investment Advisor        BBA, Stephen F. Austin
      (Lisa)                                                             University

  (D) Coleman, Garnet             09/08/1961   Business Consulting       BA, Political Science -
      (Angelique)                                                        University of St. Thomas

  (R) Cook, Byron                 04/08/1954   Businessman and           Associate Degree, Navarro
      (Kay)                                    Rancher                   College

  (R) Craddick, Tom               09/19/1943   Sales Representative -    BBA and MBA, Texas Tech
      (Nadine)                                 Mustang Mud, Inc.         University

  (R) Creighton, Brandon          08/05/1970   Attorney and Developer    BA, Government - UT Austin
      (Fawn)                                                             JD, Oklahoma City University
                                                                         School of Law

  (R) Crownover, Myra             04/26/1947   Banking/Oil & Gas         BA, SMU
                                                                         MA, Texas A&M

  (R) Darby, Drew                 02/22/1947   Attorney and              BBA and JD, Finance - UT
      (Clarisa)                                Businessman               Austin

  (R) Davis, John                 07/07/1960   Roofing Contractor        BBA, Baylor University
      (Jayne)                                                            BA, University of Houston Clear

  (R) Davis, Sarah                05/18/1976   Attorney                  Baylor - BA
      (Kent Adams)                                                       University of Houston - J.D.

  (D) Davis, Yvonne               02/04/1955   Small Business Owner      BS, University of Houston

  (D) Deshotel, Joe               12/03/1951   Attorney and Contractor   BS, Political Science - Lamar
      (Claudia)                                                          University
                                                                         JD, Texas Southern University

  (R) Driver, Joe                 09/29/1946   Insurance Agent           BBA, University of North Texas

  (D) Dukes, Dawnna               09/03/1963   Business Resource         BS, Psychology - Texas A&M

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       Member and Spouse    Birth Date   Occupation             Education
  (D) Dutton, Jr., Harold   02/17/1945   Attorney               BBA, Texas Southern University
                                                                JD, Thurgood Marshall School of

  (D) Eiland, Craig         04/04/1962   Attorney               BBA and JD, Baylor University

  (R) Eissler, Rob          12/06/1950   Executive Recruiter    BA, Princeton University

  (R) Elkins, Gary          03/15/1955   Business Consultant    BS, Southwestern Assemblies of
      (Julie Ann Brown)                                         God University

  (D) Farias, Joe           03/13/1946   Retired                AA, St. Phillips Jr College

  (D) Farrar, Jessica       11/16/1966   Architect              BA, University of Houston
      (Marco Sanchez)                                           JD, UT Austin

  (R) Fletcher, Allen       04/09/1955   Security Company       AA, BS, and MS, Sam Houston
      (Penny)                            Owner                  State University

  (R) Flynn, Dan            02/21/1943   Rancher and
      (Susan)                            Businessman

  (R) Frullo, John          08/27/1962
      (Patti Howard)

  (D) Gallego, Pete         12/02/1961   Attorney               BA, Sul Ross State University
      (Maria Elena Ramon)                                       JD, UT Austin

  (R) Garza, John           03/13/1955   Real Estate            BA - mass communication

  (R) Geren, Charlie        10/22/1949   Restaurant Owner and   BBA, SMU

  (D) Giddings, Helen       04/21/1945   Small Business Owner   UT Arlington

  (R) Gonzales, Larry       01/29/1970   Business Owner         University of Texas Austin, B.A.
      (Marie)                                                   Government

  (D) Gonzales, Veronica    06/19/1964   Attorney               BA, Texas State University
                                                                JD, UT Austin

  (D) Gonzalez, Naomi       06/04/1978   Attorney               Our Lady of the Lake University
                                                                - B.B.A
                                                                St. Mary's - J.D.

  (R) Gooden, Lance         12/01/1982   Insurance Consultant   University of Texas Austin -
                                                                B.B.A Finance, BA Government

  (D) Guillen, Ryan         10/27/1977   Investor               BS, Texas A&M

  (D) Gutierrez, Roland     09/01/1970   Attorney               BA, UT San Antonio
      (Sarah)                                                   JD, St. Mary's University School
                                                                of Law

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       Member and Spouse    Birth Date   Occupation               Education
  (R) Hamilton, Mike        09/30/1961   Restaurateur, Catering   Lamar University

  (R) Hancock, Kelly        12/02/1963   Wholesale Distribution   BBA, Baylor University

  (R) Hardcastle, Rick      04/06/1956   Rancher and              Tarleton State University
      (Nancy)                            Businessman

  (R) Harless, Patricia     11/13/1963   Automobile Dealer        BS, Business - LeTourneau
      (Sam)                                                       University

  (R) Harper-Brown, Linda   03/20/1948   CEO                      Texas colleges

  (R) Hartnett, Will        06/03/1956   Attorney                 BA, Harvard University
      (Tammy)                                                     JD, UT Austin

  (D) Hernandez Luna, Ana   08/25/1978   Attorney                 BA, Political Science/Psychology
      (Greg Luna)                                                 JD, UT Austin

  (R) Hilderbran, Harvey    02/09/1960   Businessman              BA, Political Science - Texas
      (Tracy)                                                     Tech University

  (D) Hochberg, Scott       10/02/1953   Software Developer       BA and MEE, Rice University

  (R) Hopson, Chuck         09/18/1941   Pharmacist               BS, University of Houston

  (R) Howard, Charlie       05/30/1942   Realtor, Investor, and   BSEE, Auburn University
      (Jo)                               Rancher                  MBA, Harvard Buisness School

  (D) Howard, Donna         10/25/1951   Community Advocate       BA and MA, UT Austin

  (R) Huberty, Dan          06/21/1968   Energy Executive         Cleveland State University -
      (Janet)                                                     B.B.A.
                                                                  University of Phoenix - M.B.A

  (R) Hughes, Bryan         07/21/1969   Attorney                 BBA, Economics - UT Tyler
                                                                  JD, Baylor University

  (R) Hunter, Todd          08/26/1953   Attorney                 BA, University of Kansas
      (Alexis)                                                    JD, SMU

  (R) Isaac, Jason          12/25/1971   Sales/ Small Business    Stephen F. Austin State
       (Carrie)                          Owner                    University, BBA

  (R) Jackson, Jim          03/20/1939   Retired County           BA, University of North Texas
       (Sue)                             Commissioner

  (D) Johnson, Eric         10/10/1975   Attorney                 BA - Cum Laude, Harvard
      (Nakita)                                                    University
                                                                  MPA, Princeton University
                                                                  JD, University of Pennsylvania

  (R) Keffer, Jim           01/20/1953   President-EBAA Iron      BS, Texas Tech University
      (Leslie)                           Sales, Inc.

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       Member and Spouse         Birth Date   Occupation                Education

  (R) King, Phil                 02/29/1956   Attorney                  BA and MBA, Dallas Baptist
      (Terry)                                                           JD, Texas Weslyan University

  (R) King, Susan                02/02/1952   Registered Nurse          BS, UT Austin
      (Dr. Austin King)

  (D) King, Tracy                11/09/1960   Hearing Aid Specialist    BS, Texas A&M

  (R) Kleinschmidt, Tim          11/15/1956   Attorney and Rancher      BS, Texas A&M University
      (Anna)                                                            JD, Baylor University

  (R) Kolkhorst, Lois            11/04/1964   Business Owner and        BA, TCU
      (Jim)                                   Investments

  (R) Kuempel, John              05/11/1970   Salesman                  BA - UT Austin

  (R) Landtroop, Jim             01/18/1968   State Farm Agent          Texas A&M, BBA-Management

  (R) Larson, Lyle               03/25/1959   Self-Employed             Texas A&M

  (R) Laubenberg, Jodie          04/20/1957   State Representative      BA, UT Austin

  (R) Lavender, George           09/07/1955   Sales                     University of Arkansas, MSBA

  (R) Legler, Ken                12/27/1957   President, Houston Wire   San Jacinto College
      (Barbara)                               Works

  (R) Lewis, Tryon               09/29/1947   Attorney                  BA, UT Austin
      (Trudy)                                                           JD, Baylor University

  (D) Lozano, J. M.              05/23/1980   Businessman               University of Texas- Austin, BA
      (Avelina "Abby")                                                  Incarnate Word - MA Business

  (D) Lucio III, Eddie           12/19/1978   Attorney                  BBA and JD, UT Austin

  (R) Lyne, Lanham               06/20/1955   Energy Exploration        Midwestern State University,
      (Sharla)                                                          BBA

  (R) Madden, Jerry              02/20/1943   Retired Insurance         BS, Engineering - West Point
      (Barbara)                               Account Executive         Military Academy
                                                                        MIS, UT Dallas

  (D) Mallory Caraway, Barbara   05/08/1956   Small Business Owner      BA, Texas Southern University

  (R) Margo, Dee                 02/03/1952   JDW Insurance             Vanderbilt University

  (D) Marquez, Marisa            09/27/1978   Community Relations       BA, Finance - University of
                                              Manager                   Notre Dame

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       Member and Spouse         Birth Date   Occupation                Education
  (D) Martinez, Armando          01/06/1976   Fire Fighter and          BS, UT Pan American
      (Marisa)                                Paramedic

  (D) Martinez Fischer, Trey     06/05/1970   Attorney                  BA, UT San Antonio
      (Liz)                                                             MPA, Baruch College of Public
                                                                        JD, UT Austin

  (D) McClendon, Ruth Jones      10/05/1943   Business Owner            BA, Texas Southern University
      (Denver)                                                          MA, Webster University

  (D) Menendez, Jose             03/11/1969   Director, Multicultural   BBA and BA, SMU
      (Cehlia "Nicole" Newman)                Markets

  (D) Miles, Borris L.           10/29/1965   Insurance Agent           BS, Criminal Justice - Sam
      (Cydonii)                                                         Houston State University

  (R) Miller, Doug               07/14/1954   Insurance Agent           BS, Texas State University

  (R) Miller, Sid                09/06/1955   Rancher and               Tarleton State University
      (Debra)                                 Nurseryman

  (R) Morrison, Geanie           10/06/1950   State Representative      Victoria College

  (D) Muñoz, Jr., Sergio         03/05/1982   Attorney                  University of Texas-Austin, BBA
                                                                        Texas Southern University-
                                                                        Thurgood Marshall School of
                                                                        Law, J.D.

  (R) Murphy, Jim                12/08/1957   Westchase District        BA, UT Austin
      (Dr. Kathleen Murphy)                   President

  (D) Naishtat, Elliott          02/15/1945   Attorney                  BA, Queens College, City
                                                                        University of New York
                                                                        MSSW and JD, UT Austin

  (R) Nash, Barbara              08/16/1944   Real Estate Investor      Texas Wesleyan - Paralegal

  (D) Oliveira, Rene             03/14/1955   Attorney                  BA and JD, UT Austin

  (R) Orr, Rob                   12/20/1955   Real Estate               University of Alaska

  (R) Otto, John                 10/14/1948   Certified Public          BBA, Accounting - Texas A&M
      (Nancy)                                 Accountant

  (R) Parker, Tan                05/22/1971   Executive Vice            BA, University of Dallas
      (Beth)                                  President, Tri Vac Ltd.   Masters, London School of

  (R) Patrick, Diane             01/19/1946   University Professor      BA, Baylor University
      (Ned)                                                             MEd and PhD, University of
                                                                        North Texas

  (R) Paxton, Ken                12/23/1962   Attorney                  BA and MBA, Baylor University
      (Angela)                                                          JD, University of Virginia

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       Member and Spouse              Birth Date   Occupation                Education
  (R) Peña, Aaron                     06/08/1959   Attorney                  BA, UT Austin
      (Monica)                                                               JD, Texas Southern University

  (R) Perry, Charles                  03/09/1962   Texas Tech University -
      (Jacklyn)                                    B.B.A

  (R) Phillips, Larry                 04/05/1966   Attorney                  BBA, Baylor University
      (Robin)                                                                JD, University of Houston

  (D) Pickett, Joe                    12/06/1956   Real Estate

  (R) Pitts, Jim                      01/01/1947   Attorney                  BBA, MBA and JD, SMU

  (R) Price, Four                     10/08/1967   Attorney                  University of Texas Austin -
      (Karen Mayfield)                                                       B.B.A. Finance
                                                                             St. Mary's University - J.D.

  (D) Quintanilla, Chente             12/28/1943   Retired                   MEd, Sul Ross State University

  (D) Raymond, Richard Peña           10/27/1960   Businessman               BA and JD, UT Austin

  (D) Reynolds, Ron                   09/18/1973   Attorney                  Texas Southern University - B.S.
      (Dr. Jonita Wallace Reynolds)                                          Texas Tech University - J.D.

  (R) Riddle, Debbie                  10/15/1949   Horse Breeder             AA, Southwestern University

  (R) Ritter, Allan                   05/06/1954   Business Owner

  (D) Rodriguez, Eddie                07/01/1971   State Representative      BA, UT Austin

  (R) Schwertner, Charles             05/29/1970   Orthopedic Surgeon        B.S., Pharmacy - University Of
      (Dr. Belinda)                                                          Texas
                                                                             M.D. - UTMB

  (R) Scott, Connie                   11/10/1961

  (R) Sheets, Kenneth                 11/06/1976   Attorney                  B.S., Political Science - U.T.
      (Michele)                                                              Arlington
                                                                             J.D. - Southern Methodist

  (R) Sheffield, Ralph                01/11/1955   Restraunt Owner

  (R) Shelton, Mark                   11/08/1956   Pediatrician              BS, Biology - Baylor University
      (Mary Ann)                                                             MD, Texas A&M

  (R) Simpson, David                  06/27/1961   Business Executive        B.A. - Vanderbilt University
      (Susan)                                      Tree Farmer               Trinity Ministerial Academy

  (R) Smith, Todd                     03/23/1963   Attorney                  BA, SMU
      (Nancy)                                                                JD, UT Austin

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       Member and Spouse    Birth Date   Occupation               Education

  (R) Smith, Wayne          08/17/1943   Civil Engineer           BS, Civil Engineering - UT
      (Brenda)                                                    Arlington

  (R) Smithee, John         09/07/1951   Attorney                 BBA, West Texas A&M
      (Becky)                                                     JD, Texas Tech University

  (R) Solomons, Burt        10/31/1950   Attorney                 BA, Texas Tech University
      (Jamie)                                                     MPA, SMU
                                                                  JD, University of Tulsa

  (D) Strama, Mark          09/10/1967   Technology Executive     BA, Philosophy and Political
      (Crystal Cotti)                                             Science - Brown University

  (R) Straus, Joe           09/01/1959   Insurance/ Executive     BA, Political Science -
      (Julie)                            Benefits                 Vanderbilt University

  (R) Taylor, Larry         06/25/1960   Insurance Agent          BBA, Baylor University

  (R) Taylor, Van           08/01/1972   Businessman              BA Harvard College, MBA
      (Anne Coolidge)                                             Harvard Business School

  (D) Thompson, Senfronia   01/01/1939   Attorney                 BS, Biology - Texas Southern
                                                                  M.Ed., Prairie View A&M
                                                                  JD, Texas Southern University
                                                                  LLM, University of Houston

  (R) Torres, Raul          02/06/1955   CPA                      B.A. - Texas A&M at Corpus
      (Gina)                                                      Christi
                                                                  M.B.A. - Texas A&M at Corpus

  (R) Truitt, Vicki         02/18/1954   Small Buisness Owner

  (D) Turner, Sylvester     09/27/1954   Attorney                 BA, University of Houston
                                                                  JD, Harvard Law

  (D) Veasey, Marc          01/03/1971   Real Estate              BS, Texas Wesleyan University

  (D) Villarreal, Mike      08/19/1971   Financial Analyst        BS, Texas A&M University
      (Jeanne Russell)                                            MPP, Harvard University

  (D) Vo, Hubert            05/30/1956   Businessman              BS, Mechanical Engineering -
      (Kathy)                                                     University of Houston

  (D) Walle, Armando        03/07/1978   Consultant               BS, Political Science - University
      (Debbie Dimas)                                              of Houston

  (R) Weber, Randy          07/02/1953   AC Contracting/ Repair   Alvin Community College
      (Brenda)                                                    BS, University of Houston Clear

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       Member and Spouse       Birth Date   Occupation             Education
  (R) White, James             07/16/1964   Educator/ Rancher      B.S., Political Science - Prarie
                                                                   View A&M
                                                                   Masters, Education - Prarie View
                                                                   M.S., Political Science -
                                                                   University of Houston

  (R) Woolley, Beverly         07/25/1939   Small Business Owner   BA, Political Science -
      (Lynn)                                                       University of Houston

  (R) Workman, Paul            11/08/1951   General Contractor     B.S., Building Contruction -
      (Sherry)                                                     Texas A&M

  (R) Zedler, William "Bill"   08/19/1943   Consultant             BBA and MBA, Sam Houston
      (Ellen)                                                      State University

  (R) Zerwas, John             03/24/1955   Physician              BS, University of Houston
      (Cynthia)                                                    MD, Baylor College of Medicine

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