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Beautiful Eye Makeup Tips


									June 30, 2011 - Health


Beautiful Eye Makeup Tips
Eyes have a way to communicate. Eyes give our face the
individuality and energy. Let’s get one thing clear,

                               Eyes have a way to communicate. Eyes give our face the
                               individuality and energy. Let’s get one thing clear, we do
                               not need eyes to be of a certain shape or colour to be
                               labelled “pretty”. All eyes are unique and add beauty to
                               any face. Applying eye make up should give you a food
                               feeling, only then, it will give you the confidence to carry
                               yourself well.

                               A subtle application of eye shadows, mascara and
                               eyeliner can make your eyes look the best they can be.

                               So, below are a few eye care tips to ensure that the
                               makeup you apply remains natural and gives you a fresh
                               look instead of an over the top and dramatic effect.

Eye Shadow

Eye shadows have one purpose and that is to define and highlight eyes. If you use dark
colours on your eye lids, it will make the eye appear smaller. A lighter colour will make
the colour appear larger.

We all have different eye shapes so if you have one of the following:

Small eyes

Try not to use too much eyeliner or eye shadow. Instead, apply a light colour on your
eyelid, darker colour on the creases and a highlighter under the brow to lift your eyes.

Large eyes

Wear a darker shade of shadow on the lid and extend it all the way to the crease.
Remember to use a flat colour under the brow to give it a highlight.

Deep-set eyes

Use lighter colours under the eyelid and brow and use a medium colour on the crease.

Wide-set eyes

Use darker colours on the inner corners of the eye.                                                       Page 1/3
Hooded eyes

Try applying light colours on the lid. Use darker colours from the centre of the eyelid to
the outer corners and blend to finish the look.

Round eyes

For round eyes, use the eye shadow all around and extend towards the outdoors.

Asian eyes

Apply highlighter under the brow and then use light shadow on the inner half of the lid
and a darker colour on the outer half and see the magic happen.


Eyeliners are meant to define the eyes but not make them the focal point. Eyeliners
come in various colours and forms such as liquid, pencil etc.

To line the eye, start on the lower lid, just beneath the lashes. The golden rule with
eyeliners is try to keep them as straight as possible and avoid a smudge unless that is
the look you want to create. It is okay to thicken the line at the end but I always
believe, unless you experiment with eyeliners, you will not know which style fits you the


Mascara has two purposes. One is to make your face come alive and the other is to
frame your eyes. Mascara has the effect to accentuate the eyes as well darkening and
thickening the eyelashes – giving it volume. Some of us do not have naturally curly
lashes so if we want a glamorous look, curl the lashes first, with an eye curler then
apply the mascara.

Always select a shade that compliments the skin. Normally, women prefer black.

The best way to apply mascara is to look in the mirror with your chin slightly raised.
This way, you have a better view of your lashes. Insert the wand once in the bottle and
twist; please do not pump it up and down; it damages the brush bristles and worse, you
will have uneven distribution of mascara. Roll the wand from root to tip in an upward
motion. Insert the brush again and reply again. With practise, you will perfect the art of
mascara application and shine at the next party or event.

I have always believed that beautiful eyes are essential for a positive image. This does
not mean that applying eye makeup is the only solution. Having a good sleep pattern,
eating properly and drinking lots of water all are contributing factors to beautiful eyes


There were other reasons why I set this website up. I also wanted to be a voice for the                                                       Page 2/3
lesser-known products/brands that are equally good but do not get their credit due to
high marketing spend from large corporations.

I am fully aware that the beauty industry demands the latest in trends and seasons but
at the same time, I feel that the people should be socially aware and conscious. That is
where I, the Beauty Detective comes in the picture. I will be offering you, my visitor’s
skin care product reviews on brands/ products across the board. As I am not part of any
camp, you the consumer will have my unbiased opinion.

Lilly Oxley

42 Marloo Street
Australia 5081

Voice: 03 6524 2357
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