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					                      Silver Award Guidelines & Procedures
                          For Girl Scout Troop Advisors

To provide support for Girl Scouts and Girl Scout Troop Advisors who are involved in the Silver Award
process and to insure visibility and appreciation for the Girl Scout Silver Award.

Girl Scout Responsibilities
In order to begin the Girl Scout Silver Award process, a girl must be registered in the 11-17 age level and be
11-14 years old or in the 6th through 9th grades. Girl must be ages 11-14 or in 6th through 9th grades to begin
steps 1-4. She must be 12 to 14 or in the 7th through 9th grades to work on steps 5 and 6. Requirements
prior to registering at this age level may not be applied toward this award. The Silver Award process should
take 2-3 years.

Six Girl Scout Silver Award Steps
1.   GET READY: Learn about the award requirements in “Go-for-It” insert, meet with an advisor and
     develop an agreement, goals and timeline.
2.   LEAD: Put the Girl Scout Promise and Law into action by earning the Girl Scout Silver Leadership Award:
     • Earn 3 Interest Projects related to specific parts of the Girl Scout Law
     • Earn the Studio 2B Focus book charm: “uniquely me! The Real Deal!”
     • Spend 15 hours in one or more leadership roles
     • Summarize what you have learned in a journal
3.   NETWORK: Earn the Girl Scout Silver Career Award:
     • Find out about various careers
     • Talk to college students and adults about their jobs
     • Earn the “Your Own Business” Interest Project
     • Summarize what you have learned in a journal
4.   CREATE: Earn the Girl Scout Silver 4 Bs Challenge (this should lead to the Silver Award project):
     • Become – Self-improvement project
     • Belong – Earn the Studio 2B Focus book charm: “Looking In, Reaching Out”
     • Believe – Identify issues and use own voice to address them
     • Build – Focus on solution to a problem
5.   ACT: Complete the Girl Scout Silver Award Project. Make a difference in your community by spending
     at least 40 hours planning and doing. (Note: Planning hours for the Silver 4Bs Challenge may be counted
     toward the Silver Award project hours.)
     • Plan it – identify the problem
     • Know more about it – collect information
     • Choose it – brainstorm ways to solve the problem
     • Map it – write down the steps and resources you will need
     • Do it – put your plan into action

Silver Award Guidelines & Procedures & Order Form
6. REFLECT: Reflect on how earning the Girl Scout Silver Award changed you and impacted others. Submit
    final Silver Award report to council. After completing steps 1-6, the girl needs to complete the Silver
    Award Report form. She may download this form from our website at or request
    it from the SAIL Program Specialist at (770) 947-9073 or She will also
    receive this form in the back of her Silver Award Workbook when she takes the Silver Award training.
    The form must be signed by the Silver Award Advisor and attached to the pin order form.

Troop Advisor/Silver Award Advisor Responsibilities
    •   Advises, supports and assists Girl Scouts throughout the Silver Award process.
        Note: Girl’s parents/guardians may not be the Silver Award Advisor.
    •   Must attend 11-17 Advisor Training AND Silver Award Training – After completion of these
        trainings, she is the official Silver Award Advisor.
        Note: Pins for the Silver Award recipients may not be purchased until this training is complete.
    •   Completes the Silver Award Certificate request and pin order form and brings it along with copies of
        the girls’ Silver Award Report forms (these must be submitted and signed by the Silver Award
        Advisor) to the Badge & Sash. This should be done at least 2 weeks before the ceremony is planned,
        to insure pins are available. Silver Award Advisor may pick up or mail order for pins to the Badge &
        Sash. Pins may not be purchased without this form.
    •   Coaches the Silver Awardees in planning and carrying out their Silver Award Ceremony.

Silver and Gold Award Committee Responsibilities
    •   Provides Certificates to the Badge and Sash, which may be picked up with pin order.
    •   Uses processed Silver Award Certificate Request and Pin Order Form to gather statistical
        information and evaluate for future planning.

    •   Planning committees of girls and adults may be formed within service units to coordinate Silver
        and/or Gold Award Ceremonies. Local girls should be included on the planning committee. Service
        Unit Directors and Troop Leader Coaches should be kept informed of plans.
    •   Ceremonies can be for individual girls, troops and groups.
    •   Ceremonies should be planned so that they are a memorable time for all involved. An appropriate
        speaker, the actual pinning and a small reception should be carried out in a dignified manner.
    •   Representation of all program levels is encouraged to be a part of the local Silver/Gold Award
    •   Some geographic areas have annual Silver and Gold Award Ceremonies. Please check with your
        regional program specialists to see if this occurs in your area.
    •   Consult council module “Planning Silver and Gold Award Ceremonies” for ideas

If you have further questions about these Girl Scout Silver Award Guidelines and Procedures please contact
the SAIL Program Specialist, Gloria Todd, at (770) 947-9073 or at

The mailing address to send reports and order pins is:
        Badge & Sash                                         Badge & Sash
        Girl Scout Council of Northwest Georgia      OR      Girl Scout Council of Northwest Georgia
        1577 Northeast Expressway                            2002 East Walnut Avenue
        Atlanta, Georgia 30329                               Dalton, Georgia 30721

Silver Award Guidelines & Procedures & Order Form
                                 Girl Scout Council of Northwest Georgia
                              Silver Award Pin and Certificate Order Form


 Troop Advisor’s Name _______________________________________________________________

 Address _________________________________________________________________________
                          Street                     City                                  Zip
 Phone ____________________________E-Mail: _________________________________________

 Troop # ________ Service Unit ___________________________ County ____________________

     Date of 11-17 Advisor Training ___________________ Trainer’s Name __________________
     Date of advisor’s Silver Award Training _____________ Trainer’s Name _________________

 Please attach a COPY of each girl’s Silver Award Report Form from the Silver Award Workbook to this form.
 If the girl did not attend the Silver Award Training, to obtain a girl Silver Award report form, check the
 website at or contact the SAIL Program Specialist at (770) 947-9073 or at As the Silver Award Advisor, take this form into the Badge & Sash or send in
 a mail order to purchase the pins.

 Silver Award Advisor’s Signature _____________________________ Today’s Date _______________

 Certificates will be provided when you pick up your pin order. Please check with the Badge and Sash at
 (404) 527-7669 for current prices and to make sure your order is in stock..
 I would like to order:

 _____           # Girl Scout Silver Award Pin(s)
                 Rhodium Finish (09916)                                     Total $_____________

 _____           # Girl Scout Silver Award Pin(s)
                 Sterling Silver (09910)                                    Total $_____________

 _____            Please mail to Advisor (Add $3.25 shipping and
                  handling for mail orders from $5-$50; add $4.25
                  shipping for orders over $50)                               Shipping $_____________
                                                       7% Sales Tax - Atlanta Store $_____________
                                                      6% Sales Tax – Dalton Store $_____________
                                                                      TOTAL ORDER $_____________
 If this is a mail order, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. The order will be mailed to the address above
 For Council Use Only:
 Date Filled _____________________

 Silver Award Guidelines & Procedures & Order Form

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