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                                                                                                                                          Surveyed mines are shown in Section 7. A 1976 law requires          Section 27 illustrates that the United States does not own the
                             LAND                    STATUS                RECORDS 
                                                      that all mining claims on federal lands be recorded in the BLM      surface, but has an acquired mineral interest: hence the
                                                                                                                                          State Office. Those records are available for public inspection.    shading. Section 28 and 29 both show the surface and the
                                                                                                                                                                                                              minerals are owned by the United States, but those originally
                                                                                                                                          The BLM Office has a record of mining claims which have             retained, as in Section 28, are subject to disposition under one
The records in the California BLM Office consist of several          Procedure for Using Master Title Plat                                been patented and those which have been included in approved        law, and those acquired, as in Section 29, are subject to
elements. Each township has an ownership or MasterTitle Plat                                                                              mineral surveys. If an official mineral survey has been made        disposition under a different law. Therefore, the new records
and a Historical Index.    Some townships may also include           As mentioned before, the records are designed to portray the         of the mining claim, the claim is outlined with a survey weight     will show whether the Government owns the surface or
Leasable Resource Plats or Oil and Gas Plats which show              title story by the use of lines and abbreviated notations. The       line and is identified by the Mineral Survey Number such as         minerals or both.
issued mineral leases and permits.                                   guides listed below, if followed in each case, should help in        MS1550. If a claim has been patented, a patent line is drown
                                                                     making the records quite easy to read:                               around the claim and the patent number. such as 25389 in            Records of lands acquired by the federal agencies other than
One additional record is the Miscellaneous Document Index                                                                                 Section 7, is inserted in the affected area. The Mineral Survey     BLM may not always be available in the office. However,
which lists documents involving unidentified lands or orders          1.   Al ways follow a particular line around until you     come     number will also be shown in the patented area.                     ownership status can usually be obtained from the records of
of a general nature. These documents are an integral part of         back to the point of beginning. The area within the bounds                                                                               the county where the lands are located.
the records and this index should be examined in conjunction         of the line is the land affected.                                    A 1955 law (Public Law 359) requires that the BLM Office
with the records for each township to determine the complete                                                                              must be advised of mining locations on withdrawn Power Site         The right-of-way symbols shown in Section 31 and 32
status of public lands.                                               2.   To find the notation for a particular line, know what the      land.   An index to mineral locations and contests has been         include the width from the centerline of the RfW and the act
                                                                     line stands for.   Refer to the legend of abbreviations and          prepared for each township where these have been filed.             under which the RfW was granted. It should be emphasized
Microfilm copies of the records may be inspected by the              symbols which explains the infonnation portrayed by the                                                                                  that rights-of-way are only shown in their approximate
public, or paper copies may be purchased from the California         different lines.                                                     The illustration in Section 9 is for Public Law 167, the Act of     location.
State Office of the BLM or the respective BLM Field Offices                                                                               July 23, 1955. This law pertains to the right of the United
in California. The State Office is located at 2800 Cottage            3.   The identification for the area circumscribed by a line        States to manage surface resources on unpatented mining             Section 25 is an example of a jurisdiction boundary line
Way, Rm W. 1834, Sacramento, CA 95825.              This office is   usually appears at the lower edge of the area involved.        In    claims.   Although it does not affect title, where a final          between California District Offices.     Section 33 shows    an
open to the public from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday                some instances where space is limited. the identification may        determination has been made, it is noted on the right-hand side     example of a county boundary line. Various types of range
through Friday, except on legal holidays.        There are fifteen   be "arrowed" in. The legend of abbreviations gives the full          of the plat.                                                        improvements are shown in Section 34. Section 35 shows a
Field Offices plus a District Office in Riverside. Each have         wording.                                                                                                                                 notation referring to a supplemental plat.
land status for land under their jurisdiction.                                                                                            Sections 13,14,15,23, and 24 illustrate examples of patents.
                                                                      4.    Whenever the plat is too small to adequately tell the         A patent line is drown around the lands described in the patent.    Historical Index
MASTER TITLE PLAT                                                    story, a supplemental plat is prepared on a larger scale.            When two patented areas adjoin, there is a double -weight line.
                                                                     Usually not more than four sections appear on a supplemental         The single and double-weight patent lines are shown in Section      The Historical Index is a chronological narrative of all past
The Master Title Pat shows the land which has been patented          plat. If a supplemental plat has been made. the Master Title         14. The patent number usually appears in the lower extremity        and present actions which affect the use of or title to public
to private ownership, the patent numbers, and the reservations       Plat will indicate it. The title infonnation for those sections      of the area patented. Land which is still in federal ownership      lands and resources. It can be used to check title, but is was
to the United States as stated in the patent. The absence of         will be shown only on the supplemental plat.                         will not have a patent number.       Note the SW1I4NW1I4.           not designed for that purpose, nor is it necessary for use in
such information would indicate the land is still federal land -                                                                          SE1I4NW1I4, NW1I4SE1I4 in the middle of Section 14.                 making title determinations.      The primary value is its
often referred to as public domain.     Withdrawals, rights-of­      The sample township plat included with this explanation                                                                                  adaptability for abstract work.
way, national forests, Indian reservations, wildlife refuges,        sheet has been prepared to show most of the types of lines           Whenever there are any reservations to the United States, a
classifications, and other reservations and actions are also         used. The following explanation will further assist the reader       notation will appear below the patent number.         If there is   Source Documents
shown. Lands which have been patented and then reacquired            in using and understanding the sample plat.                          nothing below the patent number, the United States reserved
by the United States by donation, purchase, or condemnation                                                                               nothing. The patent numbers and reservation for the patented        The title infonnation on the Master Title Plat was taken from
are shown as either reconveyed public domain or (stippled)           The light-weight line surrounding Section 1 is the weight of         areas outlined in Section 13, 23. and 24 are examples of the        microfilm copies of documents such as patents, withdrawal
acquired lands. Grazing pennits or leases and timber sales are       the survey lines which appear on the basic plat. Sections 3          various types which can occur.                                      orders, state selection lists, etc. These microfilm copies are
not a part ofthe new records,and infonnation concerning them         and 8 show how lots appear. Note that the subdivision lines                                                                              filed in the BLM Office and paper copies can be made and
must be obtained from the District Offices.                          separating lots are not full length, only partial: they are called   Section 16 and 36 illustrate grant of land made to the State of     purchased from that office.
                                                                     tick marks.    These partial subdivision lines are the only          California. Sections 17, 20. and 21 show an example of a
The first step in building the Master Title Pat was the making       survey lines shown within a section. Survey lines for a full         lease or permit line. As mentioned before. grazing leases or
of a basic township plat based on the most recent survey or          40-acre subdivision in a section are not shown.        Section 4     permits are not shown.      Section 18 illustrates a pending
protraction. If more than one survey has been made for a             shows a boundary line between surveyed and unsurveyed                application and an approved or allowed application.. The
township, the basic plat is a composite of all the surveys, with     lands.                                                               notation identifies the serial number and type of application.
the composite survey picture appearing on one page. Although                                                                              Section 19 illustrates land classifications by BLM.
it is a copy or a composite of the surveys, the Master Title         In Sections 5 and 6 there is shown a line which is used to
Plat must not be construed as an official survey plat.               outline federal withdrawals or classifications affecting a part      The United States occasionally reacquires lands which had
                                                                     of the township. These are further identified as to type of          been previously patented. Such land is referred to as acquired
The Master Title Plat illustrates title infonnation by the use of    order and purpose by notations at the lower edge of the area         land if the law authorizing the reacquisition does not provide
various weights and types of lines to show the area affected.        outlined.   The date shown is the date of the last order             that the lands return to public domain status. Where the BLM
Each weight or kind of line indicates a separate and distinct        affecting that area. If the entire township is affected, it is not   Office has the acquisition infonnation, such acquired lands are
type of action. Each such action is shown by an abbreviated          outlined. Instead. a notation on the right-hand side of the plat     shaded. as shown in Sections 27 through 30. The fact that an
notation which identifies the action or authority for it.            will state that the entire township is in the withdrawal or          area is shaded indicates that the United States has an acquired
                                                                     classification. A good rule to follow is to always first check       surface interest or an acquired mineral interest, or both.
                                                                     the right-hand side of the plat for notations.                       Exactly what was acquired by the United States is shown by
                                                                                                                                          the notations.

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