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Sign up for an account on LinkedIn.Com

      Go to and enter your information where it says “Join
       LinkedIn Today”.

      After choosing your password and settings it will need an email to send a

      You must confirm before you can begin editing your profile.

Create a detailed (but selling) profile

      Your profile should be thorough and detailed.

      This is something that will continue to change as you change, so it will take
       some time to be entirely complete.

      Also, we recommend that you make your profile public.

Put your email behind your last name

      This will help ensure a visual reinforcement of your name and contact
       information together.

Add a professional photo

      Not only will this help a hiring manager/recruiter identify you on the
       interview but it will create an image of what you are selling; you.

      This does not have to be done professionally. A digital camera is perfectly
       fine, just make sure you dress appropriately. So, no pictures with you and
       your dog outside.

Choose your location

      Or even a location you are willing and want to relocate to.
Choose the industry that you want

Add your current/latest position

      Briefly define the job, costumer and product.

      Add key selling points such as #’s, $, rankings and awards.

      Use white space to highlight these accounts because LinkedIn does not have
       bullet capabilities.

Add all other relevant positions

      Anything that is relevant and shows experience.

Add education

      Only higher education is necessary; anything above high school.

Consider asking for recommendations

      Your recommendations will help reinforce the positive things you want
       hiring managers/recruiters to know and they can easily refer to this with
       your LinkedIn profile.

Write recommendations for those that deserve it!

      It’s good to help other people out on your way up the ladder because you
       never know when you may need a favor returned.

Fill out summary

      Make sure you create a headline because that is the first thing someone
       would see when they view your profile.
      I believe this should be where you have your objective (what job are you

Fill out specialties

      By being specific, hiring managers/recruiters will get a better idea of what
       you are best at and what you enjoy doing.

      List as many keywords as possible that would show what relevant interests
       and capabilities you may have.

Add websites that represent you

      Anything extra that helps hiring managers/recruiters get a better
       understanding of you is a good thing.

      A website may help get your name and profile out there even more.

      Update this website frequently.

Add interests

      Only add interests that are relevant to what job you are looking for.

      Military, public speaking and organization are good examples for adding
       interests while religion, sex, politics and crocheting are not.

Join relevant groups: professional, alumni, industry, etc.

      Increase your visibility by creating more contacts.

      The more avenues you set up for yourself, the more avenues you have to
       finding a job.

Add contact information and directions

      Make it as easy as possible for hiring managers/recruiters to contact you.
      Always add an email address so that you can easily be contacted with new
       and exciting opportunities.

      No physical address is necessary.

Use your LinkedIn URL

      This way it will be much easier to contact you.

      Make sure you make the profile public

      Consider customizing your URL to make it easy to share.

Add your connections

      It is always good to have connections because your connections may be a key
       part of helping you get the job you want.

Use the Q & A

      This is another good way to increase your visibility.

      Answer questions that you may know and ask questions that you may need
       to know.

Search the Jobs

      This way you can refine your own search based on location, miles from
       locations, experience level, company, job title, job function, industry and date
Update your Status regularly

o Check and update your status as frequently as you can.

o Remember, your profile will always be changing as you change and you want it
  constantly up to date.

o Suggested status updates:

         Suzy: is interviewing for a sales position in DFW.

         Suzy: wants to relocate to Michigan. Know of any good sales jobs there?

         Suzy: is attending the AACC conference in Chicago.

         Suzy: seeks a new medical sales opportunity in Chicago.

   Note that these statuses communicated the message that she would like to
   relocate to Michigan, that she is looking for a new job in Chicago and attends
   conferences in Chicago. This gives hiring managers/recruiters a good idea of
   what she has been up to and what she wants.

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