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									Innovation and Transformation

 KSPHC’s motto
 Innovatively building for Better Police Community
What is Innovation?
   What is Innovation?
   As per Wikipedia ( Innovation can
    be defined in many ways
   It has relevance in the field of economics, business and government
   Innovation is something new - must be substantially different, not an
    insignificant change. In economics the change must increase value,
    customer value, or producer value. Innovations are intended to make
    someone better off, and the succession of many innovations grows the
    whole economy.
   Innovation is an important topic in the study of economics, business,
    technology, sociology, and engineering.
   Since innovation is also considered a major driver of the economy, the
    factors that lead to innovation are also considered to be critical to policy
Innovation means change for the better

   The term innovation may refer to both radical and
    incremental changes to products, processes or
    services. The often unspoken goal of innovation is to
    solve a problem.
   Peter Drucker describes Innovation as a change that
    creates a new dimension of performance
   Darwin has said “It is not the strongest of the
    species that survives, nor the most intelligent
    that survives. It is the one that is the most
    adaptable to change.”
    Our Motto- Innovatively Building for
    Better Police Community Relations

   Why did KSPHC choose as its motto “Innovatively building Police community
   Well KSPHC since its inception in 1985 was an appendage of the Govt.
    depending upon the Govt for its projects as well as its administrative costs.
   Though registered under the Companies Act 1955, it had no income
    generating activities of its own and could execute only such projects for
    Police, Prisons, Home Guards and Fire forces that were sanctioned by the
   It did not even prepare a profit-loss statement and worked on “no profit- no
    loss” concept
   Resources being scarce, Police Housing projects were few and far between
   Inspite of three National Police Commissions (of 1861, 1902-03 and 1977-
    81) seeking 100% satisfaction level of Housing for the Police personnel
    especially upto Sub Inspector level, near their place of work so that they
    could be called our for duty quickly in times of emergency, the satisfaction
    level has never gone up beyond 50% in all these 150 years.
We innovated to survive!

   In 2002 there was a recommendation of an
    Administrative Reforms Commission (Headed by
    Shri Harnahalli Ramaswamy MLA) which called for
    closure of KSPHC in view of redundancy
   Obviously KSPHC had to transform in order to
   KSPHC went for those changes that created a
    new dimension of performance as suggested
    by the Management Guru Shri. Peter Drucker
    Necessity is the mother of not only
    Invention but Innovation

   Professionalism in Project Execution and Management from
    conception to completion was the need of the hour
   Some changes were mandated by Legislative enactments
     –   Karnataka Transparency in Public Procurement Act 1999
     –   Right to Information Act 2000 (Karnataka Act No. 28 of 2000)
     –   Right to Information Act 2005 (Central Act No. 22/2005)
   Other changes were thrust upon us due to business compulsions
     –   For the first time both Centre and State started being benevolent with
         funds to modernise the Police, Prisons and Fire forces
     –   From Rs 6-7 Crores in a year, projects worth Rs 80-100 crores were to
         be executed from 2002 onwards
So what have been the innovations in KSPHC?

   A state level PSU with no income generating
    activity and a mere appendage of the
    Government dreaming to be world class
    leaders and a role model?
   Daring to Dream big is the biggest of our
   Once there is dream or a vision- mission and
    actions can follow to realise the dream
So what have been our innovations?

   Innovations in KSPHC have many facets
   They encompass all facets of a continuing business
    entity that KSPHC was set up to be
   Organisational, managerial, technical, financial,
    ecological, structural, behavioral, legal, relational you
    name it and KSPHC has been at it attempting a
    transformation howsoever small and incremental
   After all, continual improvement is the name of the
    game in an ISO certified company like KSPHC
So what have been the technical

   Computerisation
   STAAD Software
   Virtual Walk through
   CAMP Software
   Green Building
   Bio Metric cards for attendance monitoring
So what have been the managerial

   Professionalism in Management
   MOU with Govt. drafted as per DPE
   From a company with no income generating
    capacity created a company that posted
    Income more than expenditure for the first
    time in 22 years
   PQRSTUVW… management
What is PQRST… management

   Accounts Management
   Contract Management
   E nvironment Management
   P roject management
   Q uality Management
   R esource Management
   S elf skills Management
   T ime Management

   Water Management
So what have been the Eco

   Rain water harvesting at all sites especially
    Machenahalli, Mache
   Solar and WIND Power utilisation at
   Eco sanitation
   Root zone treatment at Gulbarga
   Eco forest at Kudlu
So what have been the legal

   Registered under the Companies Act
   Change in Memorandum of Association of the
    company with addition of additional clauese
   Transparency in Award of Government contracts
   Contract Management
   Dispute Resolution
   Chasing Tardy Contractors
   Risk Management Contractors
So what have been the commercial

   E-tendering
   E- Commerce
   Launch of Mystore
   Reverse Auction
   Tendering Services Offered to earn income
So what have been the financial

   Computerised accounting using Tally Package
    starting with Version 6 and going on to Version
   From filing Income- expenditure statement to
    drawing Profit- loss statements
   From Single entry system of book keeping to double
    entry system of accounting
   From one year delayed account finalisation in 2000-
    01 to closing books of accounts within one month of
    close of financial year 2005-06
   Division as a cost centre
So what have been the construction
related innovations?

   Use of fibre mesh
   Increased area for PC quarters
   New cost effective designs for Police quarters,
    Police stations and offices
   Eco friendly townships
    –   Mache, Machenahalli, Kudlu, Shiggaon, Koppal
   Two in One and three in one Offices
    –   Gulbarga Police Bhavan, Belgaum IGP office, Hubli
        suburban Police station
So what have been the ecological

   Rain water Harvesting was started in KSPHC in 2001. As is
    well known Karnataka faced three years continuous drought at
    the turn of the Century and there was acute water shortage
    everywhere. Even the construction activity that saw a spurt in
    KSPHC in 2001 was threatened by lack of water at project
   In places like Mache in Belgaum district and Machenahalli in
    Shimoga district or Konaje in Mangalore there was drinking
    water problem. In Machenahalli even though the site was close
    to the Bhadra reservoir- hardly 5 km as the crow flies- there
    was drinking water problem and the borewells failed repeatedly.
    In the Battalian there were more than 13 failed borewells. Just
    outside the campus water was available in plenty.
   The problem was met with innovative solution of rain water
E-governance initiatives

   Computerization
   Web Page
   Web Based Project Management System
   Collocation of servers
   E-tendering
   Bio metric attendance
   E- billing
   Complaint Monitoring
   Online Financial reporting
   Tally Accounting
   E-point book for grievance redressal and feed back
    Corporate Governance
   Transparency Not only in Procurement but in all
    facets of working
   Right to Information mentions us
    as a model PSU with Not a single RTI application
    filed against
   Accountability
   Quality and ISO Certification
   Public grievance mechanism
   MOUs with clients
   Performance related pay
   PPP- Policing of Public-funded Projects
    through WBPMS
Corporate Social Responsibility

   Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Social
   See home page for details of the
    submissions made for the award
Other details available on Home page

   E-Commerce
   Green Building
   Energy Conservation
   Wind Power
   ETP and sewage handling
   Solar Power
   New Designs
   Professional Project Management
   Recruitment and walk in interviews
   Consultants
   ISO Objectives
So what has been the most innovative
of the transformations in KSPHC?

   From Police Housing to Policing Projects
   From Projecting Police to Policing Projects

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