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					salon and spa
management solutions
affordable software and support for everyone
from a home salon to the most sophisticated spa or group

esp salon and spa software

      salon and spa manager                                                         schedule assistant                                                       marketing assistant
            general management                                                                appointments                                                             sms and email

SALON & SPA MANAGER is the core module in the ESP Software suite         SCHEDULE ASSISTANT is the ultimate Client Appointment Management         MARKETING ASSISTANT is a dynamic client communication system that
and focuses on the key Financial, Client, Staff and Stock management     and Staff Rostering System.                                              enables you to contact your clients via SMS and Email on an individual
with a daily, weekly and monthly attention to detail that ensures                                                                                 or bulk basis.
complete control of your business regardless of who operates the         SCHEDULE ASSISTANT is easy to use and intelligently builds business
reception or back office area.                                           scheduling rules that ensure the client receives the best service from   MARKETING ASSISTANT uses intelligent filtering based on your clients
                                                                         the appropriate staff member and reminds your staff of their personal    demographic and service history to create smart cost effective
For larger businesses ESP offers scalable network licensing models       preferences when they arrive for their appointment.                      marketing campaigns. No need to retype or maintain separate email or
coupled with the intelligent deployment of the Assistant Modules to                                                                               SMS lists as the information is automatically updated via Salon & Spa
significantly reduce software costs and spread functionality.            Excellent service starts with excellent scheduling by maintaining the    Manager or Scheduler Assistant.
                                                                         highest standards regardless of who handles a clients appointment.
                                                                                                                                                  For example create a promotion for all female clients who have
KEY FEATURES:                                                            If a staff member is absent, within minutes reallocate or inform         accumulated 100 loyalty points and bought a particular product or
                                                                         clients via SMS to avoid loss of clients or resulting poor service.      purchased a service by a staff member and send it out in 10 minutes!
• Daily Sales, Stock & Cash Up emphasis with controls
• Staff Purchase / Client Returns / Petty Cash management                KEY FEATURES:
• Client Records & Service Histories                                                                                                              KEY FEATURES:
• Packages, Courses & Voucher Control                                    • Personalised client scheduling rules and preferences                   • Build detailed client filtering rules
• Simple or Detailed Stock Control (Including Per Ml)                    • Staff, Resource (room) & Equipment Bookings                            • Individual or Bulk SMS & Email formats
• Service Stock Recipes & Intelligent service costing tools              • Service, Session & Package Bookings                                    • Personalise each clients message
• Staff Shifts, Low Stock Alerts                                         • Group bookings and Corporate accounts                                  • Send Birthday reminders with loyalty bonuses
• Daily, weekly & monthly Reporting                                      • Maintain complex Staff Rosters easily                                  • Send Accounts owing and loyalty reminders
• Fast Point Of Sale                                                     • Staff, Service & Product scheduling rules                              • Send Appointment reminders
• Hardware options Touch Screen / Scanners / Cash Draw                   • Visual coding of client Status & Categories                            • Stimulate repeat business
                                                                         • Speeds up Salon & Spa Manager Point Of Sale                            • Target clients who have not returned
                                                                         • Auto detects and alerts for late clients and SMS options               • Improve client perception of services with automated follow up
                                                                         • Warnings to prevent duplicate bookings                                   quality assessments
                                                                         • Automated contra-indication notifications
                                                                         • Report on scheduling efficiency & usage levels
                                                                                                                                                             * SMS & Email sending requires a relevant service provider.
                                                                                    * SMS & Email sending requires a relevant service provider.

   Monthly telephonic & remote support plans available on debit order.      Monthly telephonic & remote support plans available on debit order.      Monthly telephonic & remote support plans available on debit order.
                wage assistant                                                         financial assistant                                                      online & enterprise
          staff salaries and loans                                                  income and expenditure                                                   web and group solutions

WAGE ASSISTANT powerfully automates month end procedures to               FINANCIAL ASSISTANT brings you complete control over all your income      USING INTERNET YECHNOLOGY ESP ONLINE makes it possible for even
quickly produce staff salaries accurately by drawing information          and expenditure in a simple format that anyone can use and keep you       the smallest business to use the latest technology to access salon or spa
directly from the Salon & Spa Manager system incorporating staff          informed on a daily basis as to your operational profitability.           information from home, cell phone or anywhere in the world via a web
purchases, loans and repayments to ensure staff are paid on time.                                                                                   browser.
                                                                          FINANCIAL ASSISTANT complements your accounting process by
Create intelligent rules to facilitate sophisticated incentive programs   reducing the workload that book keepers or accountants have to carry      ESP ONLINE - WEB SOLUTIONS:
for your staff that are easy to manage and stimulate them to achieve      out thus vastly reducing associated costs yet improving relations to
more and feel the rewards.                                                ensure that their professional knowledge is utilized.                     • Web access to business transactions
                                                                                                                                                    • Web access to daily or defined reports
Maintain profitability by using this powerful system to ensure that       Import and export account information to Excel and other accounting       • Web access to client records & histories
the relevant client, stock, service, credit card and account handling     packages ensuring seamless integration with other financial systems.      • Web access to staff performance and details
fees are deducted where applicable.

KEY FEATURES:                                                             KEY FEATURES:                                                             ESP ENTERPRISE facilitates seamless group management by
                                                                                                                                                    consolidating all branch information and transactions at the Head
• Individual Staff Salary Structures                                      • Easy to use Income & Expenditure Tracking                               Office for effective Head Office Management.
• Automated Staff Turnover Calculations                                   • Manage Stock and General supplier accounts
• Staff Commissions by Service & Retail                                   • Incorporates Salon & Spa Manager transactions                           ESP ENTERPRISE - GROUP MANAGEMENT:
• Staff Commissions by Category                                           • Incorporates Wage Assistant Salary transactions
• Commissions by Sliding Scale                                            • Profit & Loss Summary Reports                                           • Enterprise, Branch & Staff level reporting
• TAX tables & associated employment deductions                           • Income and Expense Reports                                              • Changes at Head Office effected at branches
• Staff Loan Account Updates                                              • VAT Return Calculations                                                 • Group Rostering & Wages
• Staff Salary Slips                                                      • Pre-defined (editable) chart of accounts                                • Group Marketing (SMS & EMAIL)
• Annual TAX assessments                                                  • User defined access protection                                          • Centralized Client database
• User defined access protection                                                                                                                    • Centralized Stock Management
                                                                                                                                                    • Centralized Price List Updates
                                                                                                                                                    • Management access via Web

   Monthly telephonic & remote support plans available on debit order.        Monthly telephonic & remote support plans available on debit order.      Monthly telephonic & remote support plans available on debit order.
                                                                        the esp family tree
                                                                                  solutions to help you manage                      SMS and Email                 Name
                                    Daily Sales and Cashups       POS               and grow your business                          Personalise Messages
                                                                                                                                                                  Appointment Time
                                                                                                                                                                  Loyalty Points
                                                       Pos Plus
                                                                               SALON & SPA MANAGER                                                                Account Balance
                                                Client Records
                                           Basic Stock Control                                               MARKETING ASSISTANT                                           Birthdays
                                              Basic Reporting                                                                                                              Gender
                                                                                                                                               Client Demographics
                                               Xpress Plus                                                                                                                 Classifications
          Stock Expectations
                                                Packages                                                                                                                   And More...
    Stock Orders & Re Orders
                       Per MI                     Courses                                                                    Bulk Filters                           Frequency of visits
           Per MI by Recipes                     Vouchers
                                                                                                                                                                    Items Purchased
                 Internal Use       Advanced Stock Control                                                                                     Client History
                                                                   PROFESSIONAL                                                                                     Staff Visited
                                                                                                                                                                    And More...
                                          Advanced Reporting
                      Clients                                                                                                                  Combine multi filters for refined list
                Daily Reports
                                                                                                                                      Individual Staff Incentive Structures
                   Petty Cash
  Staff Purchases & Accounts                 Advanced Admin                                                                                                By Type (Services/Retail)
              Client Accounts                                                                                                         Commissions          By Category
                                                                                                                                                           Sliding Scale
                                              Staff                                                          WAGE ASSISTANT                             Finance Charges
                                 Resources (rooms)          Booking Types                                                             Deductions        Credit Cards Charges
                                        Equipment                                                                                                       And More...
                                          Packages          Booking Items                                                             Wage Slips and Reports         Tax Assessments
                                  Redeem Sessions                                                                                                                    Loans and Leave Status

                                             Speedup Client Checkout                                                                        Track Income & Expenditure
                                                                                                                                            Profit and Loss Reports
                                Group Booking and Corporate Accounts
                                                                                                             FINANCIAL ASSISTANT            User Defined Chart of Accounts
     Fast Copy and Paste         Maintain Complex Staff Rosters Easily                                                                      Suppliers Account Management
   Powerful Roster Cycles                                                                                                                   Tax Returns and Export Functions
       Roster Categories                                                     SCHEDULE ASSISTANT
                                                                                                                                                                Web Access to Info
  Booked, Confirmed, Arrived, Paid etc.
                                                                                                                                Esp Online & Enterprise
                                                                                                                                                                Head Office Overview
      Auto alert for late appointments                      Colour Coding
          User defined business rules      Categories                                                                                                       Custom Client Loyalty Packages
                                                                                                             Other Modules     Membership Manager           Sell Memberships
                Start / End Day times
          User Defined Time Intervals                                                                                                                       Service and Retail Rewards
                                                   Program Configuration
        Late arrival checkup Intervals                                                                                                                      Discount Rewards
                                            Efficiency and Usage Reports                                                                                    Loyalty Point Rewards
                 User defined item specific rules       Contra-Indicators                                                                                   Access Rewards
Personalised Client Scheduling Rules & Preferences        Client Profiling                                                      Xchange Manager - Room Charges: Fidelio/Opera etc.
                                                               6.   Backed by an extensive National Service and
        need a good reason                                          Support infrastructure.                                                         esp support
          to choose esp?                                            We’ve been the foundation of South African salon & spa
                                                                    management for more than 15 years. With offices in        ESP support offers comprehensive support & upgrade plans giving you
                                                                    Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town and partners           all the assistance that your business needs to run efficiently. As a
                         here’s 10                                  nationwide as well as the UK, Ireland, Cypress, Kuwait    priority customer with ESP Support, you’ll ensure that your business
                                                                                                                              runs smoothly by always having support and maintenance in place.
                                                                    and Australia, we’ll support your business anywhere in
1.   9 out of 10 consultants recommend                              the world.
     ESP Salon & Spa Software.                                                                                                If you purchase any ESP software module you qualify for 30 days free
                                                                                                                              ESP Support upon delivery of your software.
     For over 15 Years, ESP has been a trusted name in Salon   7.   ESP caters for the growth of your business.
     & Spa Software. That’s why 9 out of 10 consultants, who
     advise salons and spas on management software,                 As your business grows and requirements change, you                             esp training
     recommend ESP. Make the right choice for your                  can add modules and upgrade seamlessly to an ESP
     business and let ESP take you beyond salon & spa               product that best meets your needs. You can also add      ESP’s authorised training centresassure clients of the best basic
     management.                                                    cost effective network licenses as you require them.      andadvanced end-user training. The coursematerial is developed by ESP
                                                                                                                              andtraining is available for all ESP Salon &Spa software modules.
2.   It’s easy to use.                                         8.   30 Days FREE unlimited support.
     We have in-depth understanding of the salon & spa              ESP Support is a support plan that offers you all the                          esp consulting
     industries. Continual feedback from our customer base          help and benefits your business needs. It includes
     of over 1000 salons & spas reveals that ESP is highly          unlimited telephonic support as well as free software
     rated as being easy-to-use, intuitive and affordable.                                                                    ESP Offers Business modeling analysis and Consulting to help formulate
                                                                    updates. If you purchase any ESP software module you      the optimum setup of business and staff workflows. At a higher level
                                                                    qualify for FREE support for the first 30 days upon       consulting is used in conjunction with the ESP Business Intelligence
                                                                    delivery. Thereafter you cansubscribe to ESP Support on   service to facilitate Clarity in order to grow your business.
3.   ESP Software has no compulsory license fees.                   amonthly basis.

     There are no annual compulsory license fees when
     purchasing your software. Should you wish to take out     9.   Most Salons and Spas use ESP.                                       esp business intelligence
     monthly support, you can do so by subscribing to one of
     ESP’s Support programs that suit your requirements.            Over 1000 salons and spas across South Africa and the     ESP Business Intelligence is a powerful service that implements an
                                                                    world use ESP Salon & Spa Software tomanage their         predefined ESP standard for benchmarking your businesses
                                                                    businesses. In fact, the extent to which ESP manages      performance against the industry standard. Once implemented the
4.   ESP is a leading South African brand.                          salons and spas has made it South Africa’s most           annual program is monitored and adjusted to track your businesses key
                                                                    preferred salon and spa software.                         performance aspects with a focus to improve turnover and thus
     ESP software is innovative, of the highest quality and                                                                   profitability. This service requires proactive self management to turn
     proudly developed in South Africa. Now used                                                                              meaningful information into increased profitability.
     throughout Africa, the UK, Ireland, Australia and the     10. Add specialized modules to cater for management-
     Middle East in over a 1000 Salons and Spas.                    specific requirements.
                                                                                                                                                   contact details
                                                                    The growth of any business demands the ability to add
5.   ESP integrates with Microsoft Office, Accounting               new functionality to your management system. ESP
     and Property Management Systems (Hotel).                       allows you to add specialized modules or custom           South Africa:               0861 106 203
                                                                    develop according to your requirements. Seamlessly        Australia:                  1800 010 356
     Integrate your finances, Clients and Price Lists with          integrated, these add-ons offer powerful features and     United Kingdom:             0800 032 6249
     Microsoft Excel for easy importing and exporting and           enhanced functionality, providing your business with      International Tel:          +27 21 421 6963 / Fax +27 21 425 6346
     post hotel room charges to leading Property                    solutions specific to your management processes.          Email:            
     Management Systems.                                            Because we understand that every business is unique.      Web:              

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