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					                           ROMA LODGE NEWSLETTER

                7130 Spring Street – Racine, Wisconsin 53406 – (262) 886-3610 – Fax (262) 886-6286

May 2008 Issue                                                                            April 21, 2008
                                            MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT
May is a busy month, both for Roma Lodge and RIWA. May 6 marks the first of two yearly $10,000 raffles. Next to our
annual festival and bingo, these fund raisers are very important for the well being of our lodge. Tommy Braun is the
chairman of the $10,000 raffle events. He and his crew have been doing a great job for many years. You can help make
this event a success in two ways. One way is to purchase a ticket which includes dinner for two. The other is to volunteer
some of your time to help. Our fund raisers are based on the time and talents of our members, so please call Tom for
tickets or to offer some of your time. Only 225 tickets are sold and your chances of at least getting your money back are
very good.
May 11 is Mother’s Day and Roma Lodge is a great place to celebrate it at the annual Mother’s Day Brunch. For the
Mother’s Day Brunch, our new General Manager, Jimmy Bentivenga, has added some new items with a Salad Station,
Carving Station and featuring an Action Station which gives you a choice of three different pastas, farfalle, orachetti and
fettuccini along with three different sauces, tomato ragu, Alfredo and pomo-doro. The pasta is cooked to your liking with
your choice of ingredients. It’s a great occasion to spend time with family and friends. Please make your reservations
Thank you.
                                    Don Cicero
                                                    MAY EVENTS
                Tuesday, April 29, 2008                                  Board of Directors Meeting - 6:30 pm

                Friday, May 2, 2008                                      Membership Meeting - 7:00 pm

                Monday, May 5, 2008                                      Men’s Bocce Banquet

                Tuesday, May 6, 2008                                     $10,000 Raffle - 5:00 pm, Dinner at 6:00 pm

                Thursday, May 8, 2008                                    Senior Luncheon - 12 noon

                Sunday, May 11, 2008                                     Mother’s Day Brunch - 10:00 am - 2:30 pm

                Tuesday, May 13, 2008                                    Roma Lodge President’s Dinner

                Thursday, May 22, 2008                                   Teen Bocce Fun Night - 6:00 pm

                Monday, May 26, 2008                                     Memorial Day

2008 Annual Roma Lodge Italian Festival Raffle Tickets Available
Festival Raffle tickets can now be picked up in the Roma Lodge Hall of History. The theme of this year’s July 25 - 27,
2008 Festival Raffle is “Please Show Us Your Heart” by helping to purchase an AUTO PULSE vest. Cardiovascular
disease caused over 16,500 deaths in Wisconsin in recent years and is attributed to more deaths than cancer, aids,
automobile accidents and domestic and alcohol abuse combined. Roma Lodge has agreed to partner with Wheaton
Franciscan Health Care to provide an AUTO PULSE vest, which is a noninvasive CPR pump used to treat cardiac arrest.
It increases the pressure on the blood circulating through the heart and body. The AUTO PULSE vest has been shown to
increase the survival rate of patients treated in this manner.
For more information about the raffle or to obtain more tickets, contact Rick Tringali at 634-3587
                                                  News from the Bocce Courts

From the Kid’s Bocce Committee
Dear Roma Lodge Brothers,
Thank you so much for your generous donation to our Kid’s Bocce Program. We had a great turnout and even though the
weather was terrible on some of those Sundays, the children were there ready to bocce and learn some Italian words.
We are grateful to Anita Bononno who taught the class. This year we had over 50 boys and girls, ages 8 to 16, who had a
great Italian experience thanks to Roma Lodge, Vittoria Colonna Lodge, Armando Covelli, Caesar Bosco, Zuddy DeRose,
John and Joan Domanico, and all the parents who gave of their time, effort, and baking skills to make this possible.
The Kid’s Bocce Committee - Joe and Rosemary Povkovich, Pat Diem, Tom Garbo, and Rosemarie Domanico.

Bocce Banquet - May 5, 2008
The 2007-2008 Men’s Winter Bocce League Banquet will be held Monday, May 5, beginning with cocktails at 5:30 pm
followed by a 6:45 pm dinner. Anyone on the sub-list that is not on a nightly team is welcome to join us. Tickets for these
individuals is $20.00 and can be obtained from Dave Chiapete, 262-939-5914 or email

Winter Bocce League - Final Standings
Final standings in regular season play are:
         Monday                                  Tuesday                                  Wednesday
        Tenuta’s Deli               Ball Busters                  Sicilians
        Calabrese                   Racine Durand                 Sports Physical Therapy
        Avanti’s                    Mensa-Mensa                   Perona’s Paisans
        Wells Brothers              Rossi Construction            Catrine Barbers
        United Nations              Pucci Barbers                 Executive Barbers
        Gino & Connie Clothing      Peroni Lite                   The Beauty’s
        S.E. Wisconsin Mortgage     Cumpare                       S.E. Wis. Mort.-Bada Bing
                                    Bocce Bulls                   Lipari Barbers

                        TEEN BOCCE FUN NIGHT
     THURSDAY, MAY 22, 2008 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
                    For all Teens between ages 12 and 20
                      Whose parents or grandparents are members
                       Of Roma Lodge or Vittoria colonna lodge
                                  AND EACH TEEN CAN BRING A FRIEND!

                     Admission is $3.00 per person, payable at the Door.
              Please complete the form below and return by MAY 15, 2008 to:
         Joe Povkovich, Roma Lodge            or       Lisa Graceffa, Vittoria Colonna Lodge
                       c/o Roma Lodge, 7130 Spring Street, Racine, WI 53406
                              TEEN BOCCE FUN NIGHT REGISTRATION
Name ________________________________ Age____ Guest Name __________________________ Age____
Phone Number __________________________________
Name of Parent or Grandparent _________________________________________________
For more information, contact Joe or Rosemary Povkovich, 637-3784; Rosemarie Domanico, 886-
3790, or Lisa Graceffa, 884-7678
Summer Monday Night Bocce
Each Monday night, beginning May 12 and continuing through the summer, men are invited to play some friendly games
of bocce. Player names are drawn for teams each Monday night so you can show up every week, once a month, or just
once all summer. Two games are played each Monday night, with games beginning at 7:00 p.m. This is a great way to
meet other members, keep your game in shape for the big summer bocce invitational, or keep yourself fit for the fall/winter
leagues. For those new to the sport, it’s also a great introduction to the game. If you have any questions or need more
information, contact Dave Chiapete, 262-939-5914,

                                           ROMA LODGE CARES COMMITTEE
CARES Committee Donates to Shelters
Upon the recommendation of the CARES Committee, the Board of Directors approved donations to two organizations that
offer shelter services to needy persons. A donation was made to Genesis House, which was founded in 1990 is located
in Pleasant Prairie. It provides a temporary home for unwed pregnant women through the duration of their pregnancy and
offers shelter as well as guidance and counseling services. It can accommodate up to six women.
The second organization is First Step Services, Inc. in Kenosha. Its mission is to assist homeless individuals transition
into permanent housing and gainful employment. It provides clients with food, clothing, shelter, and support services.
First Step Services is the only daytime shelter in Kenosha that is open seven days a week. All shelter staff are unpaid
Income for both organizations comes entirely from donations. Neither is funded by United Way or by government funds.
For more information about Genesis House, contact Roma Lodge member Allan Hall (554-7388). For information about
First Step Services, contact Roma Lodge member Clarence Bianco (551-9062).
The CARES Committee is chaired by John Anzalone.

A Note of Thanks from Aurora Health Center
Dear Roma Lodge Members:
On behalf of the Aurora Health Center in Racine, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation for your kind donation.
Your gift was used to purchase a new Broselow Pediatric Bag (and crash cart), which has allowed our department to have
the most updated rescue equipment for child resuscitation.
This equipment is design for portability. We can easily transport this lifesaving device to any area within the clinic, and it
has an outstanding organized system for delivering care based on the child’s size. Pediatric Advanced Life Support
(PALS) recommends this type of system for accurate care delivery to our smallest and most vulnerable patients.

Thank you for your considerate and generous donation. It is truly one that will last for many years to come and will impact
our ability to deliver the highest quality patient care to children.
Sincerely yours,
Aurora Health Center - Racine Walk-in Clinic
Med Mejalli, M.D.; Mark Santa Ines, M.D.; Christopher Cataldi, M.D.; Kim George, R.N.

Dr. Christopher Cataldi, Aurora Medical Center, accepting     Pediatric Crash Cart purchased by Aurora Medical
Pediatric Bag & Crash Cart with John Anzalone, chairman       Center through funds donated by Roma Lodge
Of CARES Committee, and Roma Lodge President Don Cicero
              Zuddy’s Special - Steak and Lobster
Every Saturday night in May, treat yourself to steak and lobster, only $19.95 in the Member’s Dining Room. Telephone
886-8850 for reservations.

Senior’s Luncheon will be held Thursday, May 8 at 12 noon. Please make a special effort to call Russ Missureli at 633-
6582 by Monday May 5 if you are planning to attend. Cost is $6.00 per person. All seniors are welcome!!!

Important Votes Scheduled for the May Meeting

         Two important issues will be brought before the membership for a vote at the May 2 Membership Meeting.
Proposed amendments to the Roma Lodge by-laws is the first item up for a vote by the membership. Ten proposed
amendments to sections of the current by-laws will be voted upon individually. The amendments were presented and
discussed at the April Membership Meeting. They also appeared in the April Newsletter and can currently be read on the
Roma Lodge Members web page at,
the Newsletter section of the web page. For more information on the proposed amendments, contact Jeff DeMatthew at

             Renovation of the main entrance foyer is the second item to be voted on This proposal was also presented
and discussed by the membership at the April meeting. The project is designed to create a visual impact for Roma Lodge
and its Italian heritage. The project designer is the Tony Spolar Design Studio of Milwaukee, a firm which specializes in
enhancing interior space. The proposed project would include hand painted ceiling mural over the fountain area, which
will be highlighted by LED lighting and painted soffits. The walls will feature hand painted Roman style columns in a
marble motif along with custom digitally designed and printed marbleized style wall paper. A new fountain would be the
center piece of the foyer set in the middle of the pool which would be recovered with hand painted ceramic tile. Artists
renderings of the project can be seen at the Lodge. For more information about the renovation project, contact Bill D.
Pucci 262-554-8131
Tony Spolar Studios web page will give you more information about the
                                        ROMA LODGE $10,000 CASH RAFFLE
                                             TUESDAY, MAY 6, 2008

                                            PRIZES INCLUDE:
               ONE $4,000 CASH PRIZE, ONE $1,500 PRIZE, THREE $500 PRIZES, FIVE $200 PRIZES
                                       AND TWENTY $100.00 PRIZES
               CASH BAR BEGINS AT 5:00 P.M. WITH DINNER SERVED BETWEEN 6:00 – 7:30 P.M.
                                      TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE FROM
                                          TOM BRAUN at 598-9851

Funeral Service Calling Tree Schedule May 2008-April 2009
The Calling Tree Committee has released the schedule for funeral visitations. If you are notified of a funeral during your
scheduled month you are expected to attend to represent the Lodge. Other members are also encouraged to attend.
There will also be a special Roma Lodge sign in book at the service for members who attend to sign in, verifying that they
are fulfilling their obligation. The Calling Tree schedule is as follow
May 2008            Aceto, Christopher - Bonanno, Rick                June 2008    Bonn, Anthony - Chiappetta, William
July 2008           Chirico, Francesco - DeFurio, Richard             August 2008  DeMatthew, Dan - Ferraro, Louis
Sept 2008           Ferraro, Matthew - Haas, Brian                    October 2008 Haase, James - Kosterman, Al
Nov 2008            Krause, Gary - McClure, Dwight                    Dec 2008     McDougal, James - Perona, Jerry
Jan 2009            Perona, Greg - Presta, Eugene                     Feb 2009     Presta, Larry - Ruffalo, Troy
March 2009          Ruffalo, William - Stolfi, Thomas                 April 2009   Stolfi, Jr., Don - Zupfer, Charles
For more information about the Calling Tree Committee contact any of the following committee members:
Jim Angelici, Tony Clementi, John Anzalone, Tris Ruffalo, Dick Sarto, or Russ Missureli.
                                          Mother's Day Sunday, May 11, 2008
                                                 Buffet-Style Brunch
                                                  10:00 am - 2:30 pm

                                                    Breakfast Items
Roma Frittata (Sausage & Cheese), Scrambled Eggs, Link-Style Breakfast Sausage, Crisp Bacon, Belgian-Style Waffles
                                     with Assorted Toppings, Fresh Fruit and Syrup.
                                                   Brunch Specialties
Breakfast Bread "Waterfall" with whipped-flavored butters, Fresh Fruit and Wisconsin Cheese Board, Chef Alan's Famous
Broasted Chicken, Fried Shrimp, Frutti di Mare a la Roma, Italian Sausage with Rapini, Red Bell Pepper-Stuffed Rigatoni
 with Parmesan-Tomato-Cream Sauce, Roma Lodge's Famous Italian-Style Roast Potatoes, Medley of Steamed Fresh
Vegetables, Tossed Fresh Greens with Homemade Salad Dressings, Cheese-Tortellini Salad, Fresh Crudités with Lemon
                                               Vinaigrette and much more.
                                                      Chef's Table
  Hand-Carved Steamship Round of Ham and Roast Beef, Made-to-Order Pasta Bar with Assorted Pastas, Sauces and
                                             Desserts, Desserts, Desserts
Three, count them, yes three Chocolate Fountains with Strawberries, Biscotti, Amaretti, Mini Petit Fours, Cheese Cakes,
                                           Mini Cannoli, Cakes, Pies and more.
The Brunch Buffet includes Coffee, Tea, Iced Tea, Unlimited Soft Drinks, Milk, Self-Serve Juice Bar and a Complimentary
                                      Glass of Sparkling Wine for Each Gown-up.
                       Adults (13 & over): $24.50; Children (5-12): $12.50; Infants (4 & under): NC
                                  For Reservations, Please Call us at: 262.886.3610

                                                       2008 Buy a Patio Brick Program
Spring is here and with it Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and Father’s Day. What better way to honor and memorialized
parents or other family members than with a Roma Lodge patio Brick. By purchasing a brick, you and your family will not
only benefit from maintaining the beautiful patio located on the west side of the building, but also shows your support and
commitment to the Lodge and keeping our Italian heritage alive.

To purchase a brick, please complete the form below. Use one form per brick. Return the completed form along with a
check payable to Roma Lodge to:
                          Frank Bisotti, 4319 Canterbury Lane, Racine, WI 53406 (363) 554-6240
A 4” by 8” brick consisting of two lines of type, 12 characters per line is $50.00 Check must accompany order.
NOTE: Spaces count as letters.

  1          2        3           4           5        6        7          8         9 10         11         12
A 12” x 12” brick consisting of six lines of type, 15 characters per line is $250.00
NOTE: Spaces count as letters. A Check payable to Roma Lodge must accompany order.

       1      2        3      4       5      6      7         8      9      10     11      12      13      14     15
                                         NOTABLE ITALIANS BORN IN MAY

Guareschi Rossi       di Francesco Pasqualini Deodato            Giulini   Paisiello   Fabricus    Gini      Corbett III

May 1, 1908     Giovannino Guareschi, journalist, cartoonist and humorist born in Fontanelle di Roccabianca
May 3, 1931     Aldo Rossi, architect who achieved recognition for his theory and drawing, born in Padua
May 4, 1655     Bartolomeo Cristofori di Francesco, inventor of the piano, born in Padua
May 5, 1493     Alessandro Pasqualini, Renaissance architect, born in Bologna
May 7, 1939     Ruggero Deodato, film director, actor and screen writer, known for horror films
May 9, 1914     Carlo Maria Giulini, Italian conductor, born in Taranto
May 20, 1537    Hieronymus Fabricus, anatomist known as the “Father of Embryology”, born in Acquapendente
May 23, 1884    Corrado Gini, statistician, demographer, demographer, and sociologist, born in Motta di Livenza
May 27, 1907    Young Corbett III (Raffaele Giordano, world welterweight boxing champion, born in Potenza

                                           ITALIAN - AMERICANS BORN IN APRIL

Beradino   Valli       Martin       Martino     Cleva     DeBartolo Dalessondro Infantino         Morello    Ignarro

May 1, 1917     John Beradino, former baseball player, later television actor on General Hospital
May 3, 1934     Frankie Valli, musician and front man of the vocal group The 4 Seasons
May 16, 1928    Alfred “Billy” Martin, former manager of the New York Yankees
May 16, 1931    Donald Martino, Pulitzer Prize winning composer
May 17, 1902    Fausto Cleva, operatic composer
May 17, 1909    Edward John DeBartolo, Sr., businessman known as the father of the American shopping mall
May 18, 1918    Peter J. Dalessondro, U.S. Army Medal of Honor recipient in World War II
May 24, 1925    Carmine Infantino, comic book artist and editor during the Silver Age of Comic Books
May 30, 1064    Thomas Baptist Morello, Grammy Award winning guitarist with Rage Against the Machine and Autoslave
May 31, 1941    Louis J. Ignarro, recipient of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine

                                       Roma Lodge Sicily / Italy Tours October 2008
               1. Sicily : $2995 + taxes ; Oct 9 –19 2008
                    What’s included: Roundtrip air fare from Chicago; Four or three star hotel for 9 nights; 9
                    breakfasts, 2 lunches, 5 dinners; seven sightseeing tours; private air conditioned coach
                    transportation; transfer to / from airport & hotel; portage one piece of luggage
                    Tours of: Syracuse, Palermo, Cefalù, Monreale, Agrigento (Greek Temples), Taormina
               2. Calabria, Sorrento, Capri & Amalfi Coast : $2995 + taxes; Oct 17 – 27
                    What’s included: Roundtrip air fare from Chicago; Four or three star hotel for 9 nights; 10
                    breakfasts, 1 lunch, 3 dinners; 10 sightseeing tours; private air conditioned coach
                    transportation; transfer to / from airport & hotel; portage one piece of luggage.
                    Tours of: Tropea, Capo Vaticano, Cosenza, Sorrento, Capri, The Amalfi Coast, and Pompeii.
               3. Sicily & Calabria Tours : $4990 + taxes; Oct 9 – 27 2008
                    What’s not Included: Airport reciprocity fees and departure taxes - Optional excursions and
                    activities -
                    Visa or Passport fees - Government and airport taxes and fees - Travel Insurance
                                        Tour Itineraries available at
                                                Or from Joe Mandala 262-681-0492
             Web Site for Those Who Love Italian Cooking
Italian Food Net is an all-Italian project with the goal of disclosing the Italian food culture which is the most loved and
imitated in the world, describing its ancient and variegated culinary traditions and showing the characteristics of Italian
cuisine. It does this through presentations on web-based television about Italian food. It includes television shows as well
as text that feature recipes, information on wines and restaurants, cooking tips, and lists of food festival, local fairs, and
latest Italian culinary news. Text is in English and the programs are in English or in Italian with English sub-titles. The site
is divided into six segments:
Recipes - that features Italian foods grouped in sections such as appetizers, first course, and desserts - all with color
Video Recipes - that presents demonstrations on how to prepare simple recipes submitted by professional chefs
Cooking with the Chef - that answers questions, teaches “tricks of the trade” and recipes submitted by viewers
Sommelier’s Tips - explores the world of wines described in a simple but effective manner
Food and Drink Events - that list the best fairs and food festivals in Italy as well as other places throughout the world
where Italian food is featured
Horoscope - to pick the best times for a gastronomic experience
The web site can be accessed at Recommended by the National Italian
American Foundation, Washington, D.C.

         Roma Lodge Hosts Guests from Garibaldi Society
Tony Piacentini, President and Tim Kenney, Secretary of Giuseppe Garibaldi Society of Milwaukee recently visited
Roma Lodge to sample our “famous” Wednesday night pizza buffet. Tim is especially interested in establishing contacts
with area Italian-American organizations to share information about our common heritage, local events, and other issues
that we may have in common. The Garibaldi Society or, "Societa Di Mutuo Soccorso Giuseppe Garibaldi." located in the
Bayview area of Milwaukee, was founded as a benevolent society in 1908. December 7, 2008 will mark the centennial
anniversary of the organization. The approximately 120 men who comprise the current membership trace their Italian
ancestry to several different regions of Italy, but Marche and Piedmont regions are among the top three. The Giuseppe
Garibaldi Society is now Milwaukee's oldest Italian organization in terms of years of continual existence. It continues to
attract new members and to provide the fellowship that the immigrant founders, our parents and grandparents, had in
mind at the turn of the century. Roma Lodge members are invited to visit their club house at 2501 Superior Street in
Milwaukee, or join them in marching in the Festa Italiana procession in July. For more information about the Garibaldi
Society,    visit  the    web     site,  or    contact    Tim     Kenney at or call 414-303-0992.

                                   Tony Piacentini,                  Tim Kenney,
                                   President of the                  Secretary, of the
                                   Garibaldi Society                 Garibaldi Society

                                              OTHER EVENTS IN THE AREA

              Doppio Sogno Dell-arte Exhibit - through Tuesday, May 20, 2008 - Chicago
Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago, 500 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 1450
The traveling exhibit Doppio Sogno Dell’arte (Art’s Double Dream) comes to Chicago after opening in Milan The exhibit
centers on the history of the famous Roman print studio 2RC which has kept alive the graphic arts tradition for more than
fifty years. While showcasing the history of this extraordinary print studio, the exhibit traces the international history of
graphic design from the 1970s to the present. Hours are 9:00 am - 1 pm and 2:00 pm-5:00 pm. For more information,
telephone 312-822-9545 or visit
                           Vino Marchigiani 2008 Wine Tasting Party - sponsored by Milwaukee Marchigiani Grupo
-- Sunday, May 25, 2008 - Milwaukee
Giuseppe Garibaldi Club, 2501 S. Superior Street
Sample some great wines from the Marche region of Italy at this Milwaukee Marchigiani Group sponsored event.
Tickets are $20.00 each for non- members ($10.00 for members) and includes the wine, appetizers, and the wine glass.
The event runs from 3:00 pm - 6:30 pm. For tickets send checks payable to Marchigiani Society of Milwaukee, 2867 S
49th St., Milwaukee, WI 53219, or contact or call 414-303-0992 for more information.

              A Letter from Italy. This Easter message was received from Roma Lodge member Martin Sturino, who
resides in Calabria Italy.
For more information on his experiences as an American in Italy, visit his web site at

Dear All,
It is Pasqua week here in Italy, and my village celebrates it in a big way.
         Pasqua is a religious festival that celebrates the resurrection of Christ. We have three processions in the village to
mark the occasion. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, members of local churches walk in procession between churches that
date back to the medieval times and perform ceremonies with some of the same liturgy and chants dating back hundreds
of years. Yes, you can still see men dressed in costumes of the middle ages and hear them singing authentic Gregorian
         On Easter Sunday, the village will be overflowing with people from near and far who gather to watch the Pasqua
processione. It will last a good three hours and will reveal to the bystanders the crucifixion, death and resurrection of
Christ as it passes by, like scenes in a movie. At the end, and for the finale, the two statues; that of Christ (who
previously was in repose) and Mary, (who previously was in Black) will be reunited in a ceremony that can only be
described as exciting and dangerous! Young men, some balancing tall flags on their belts and others carrying the antique
wooden statues on huge wooden bases with long sturdy poles resting on their shoulders weighing hundreds of pounds
will advance towards the center of the community walking behind a three-man drum line from opposite ends of the village
in advance of the two statues..
         The entire village will crowd to the place where the two statues will meet. As the two opposing groups approach,
the pace of the drums will increase until they are in a full all-out run, with flags and the litters held high above so the crowd
can see. In the last frenetic seconds the flags will pass by, waving in a flurry of excitement and the statues will dip low for
an instant… When they separate, the statues will rise up and Christ will once again be standing at the side of Mary, both
now dressed in white robes and flowers.
         To feed family and guests, the women of village, will prepare flat pita bread, egg soufflés (frittata) and meals of
ham, goat and lamb in stone hearths using firewood they have gathered from the pruning of the olive groves and carried
in bundles balanced atop their heads to ancient houses that time has passed by. They will serve antipasto of home cured
sliced meats, cheeses and wine that the men of the village make along with homemade pasta, rolled out on the kitchen
table. !
         I wish you well, and hope that you too will enjoy the happiness of this occasion of re-birth with your friends and

                                                  RACINE’S #1 BINGO -
                Every Thursday Night - $2000 Paper sheet and New Games for $200 Prizes!
               Come Early for Dinner - Doors Open at 4:00 p.m. - Games start at 6:30 p.m.

                                    SAVE THE DATE - 2008 ROMA LODGE PICNIC
                                                SUNDAY, JUNE 22, 2008
Roma Lodge members and members of their immediate families are invited to this year’s Roma Lodge Picnic to be held at
Roma Lodge. Immediate family includes spouses, adult children, grandchildren, parents, and brothers and sisters. Also
invited are members of Vittoria Colonna Lodge and spouses.
                                  More details will be announced in the June Newsletter

       Bingo Captains for May 2008
Mark you calendars, and plan to volunteer for a Thursday night Bingo session. Bingo Captain for May is Joe Porcaro.
Telephone him at 262-639-2623 or email

                 Sick and Shut-ins – If you know of a Roma Lodge brother who died or is hospitalized or ill at home,
contact Jim Faraone, 657-1244, or Jeff DeMatthew, 262-554-6804

                         Change of Address and/or Phone number
                        Please remember to notify Doug Goebel, Membership Secretary, 554-7316
               of changes of address and/or phone numbers. This will help insure an up-
                        to-date membership list so that you will continue to receive Lodge mailings.

Venetian Room Available for Parties
Roma Lodge members can reserve the Venetian Room for parties. The room is available on Friday and Saturday nights
when the Member’s Dining Room is open. The Venetian Room can accommodate up to 49 people. Special menus and
bar arrangements can be made. Contact the RIWA Office for more information at 886-3610.

             Roma Lodge Reservations
For Members Dining Room reservations, the member’s telephone number 886-8850. When making reservations for
the Member’s Dining Room, please telephone the Member’s number only. Leave your name, day and date you want the
reservation, your phone number, number of people in your party, and estimated time of arrival. You will only receive a call
back if there is a problem or a question about your reservation. NOTE: The Member’s Dining Room is always closed on
Member’s Meeting nights which is usually the first Friday of the month and Wednesday and weekend nights when events
for members or members and guests are scheduled. For the Members Card Room telephone 886-2557.

                                                   COMING EVENTS

                        June 3, 2008                             Board of Directors Meeting

                        June 6, 2008                             Social Meeting & Early Bird Drawing

                        June 12, 2008                            Senor Luncheon

                        June 14, 2008                            Flag Day

                        June 15, 2008                            Father’s Day

                        June 20, 2008                            First Day of Summer

                        June 22, 2008                            Roma Lodge Family Picnic

Deadline for information for June Newsletter is Friday, May 23, 2008. Comments and suggestions and
news items are welcome at
Jerry Perona,
Jerry Perona, Recording Secretary

        SUNDAY, MAY 11, 2008
To the Mothers, Grandmothers, Godmothers,
              Wives, Aunts
       of Our Roma Lodge Brothers

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