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Query Management in Cdm


Query Management in Cdm document sample

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   DeptID                         Name                             Location
ACEDADVI    Academic Advising                          ECH
AC          Academic Affairs                           EH
PRAO        Academic Outreach                          OMU
ACARRECS    Academic Records                           BH
ACUCACRO    Academic Records Office                    CARN
ACULACCS    Access Services Dept                       BL
SAHOACCT    Accounting                                 WC
ACULACQU    Acquisitions                               BL
ADVPADMN    Admin & Finance VP'S Office                EH
AD          Administration & Finance                   EH
ACARADMN    Administrative Office                      BH
ACULADMN    Administrative Services                    BL
ACARADMS    Admissions                                 BH
ACAR        Admissions and Records                     BH
CECAADAP    Advanced Programs                          HAS
ACENAME     Aerospace & Mechanical Engin.              FH
ACUCAERO    Aerospace Studies                          CRAD
ACASAFAS    African/African-American Stud              PHSC
ADRMAIRP    Airport Admn Office                        N101
DVAL        Alumni Affairs                             OMU
CEPCAMER    American Indian Institute                  CRSC
ACLCLAWP    American Indian Law & Policy               LAW
ACLCALAW    American Indian Law Review                 LAW
DVAG        Annual Giving                              WHIT
ACASANTH    Anthropology                               DAHT
SAHOAPTS    Apartments                                 WC
ACASARCH    Archaeological Survey                      S134
ADAE        Architectural & Engineering                CRSD
ACAHDEAN    Architecture Dean's Office                 GH
ACULARCH    Architecture Library                       GH
ADPPAREA    Area Maintenance                           PP
ACFAART     Art                                        FJC
ACPVARTM    Art Museum                                 FJC
ACAS        Arts & Sciences                            ELLH
ACASDEAN    Arts & Sciences Dean                       ELLH
ACASTULS    Arts and Sciences-Tulsa                    SC-TUL
ACUCASLC    Assessment & Learning Center               LCWH
PRAT        Athletic Department                        OMS
PRATACAD    Athletics Academics                        OMS
ACGE        Atmospheric & Geographic Scien             SEC
ACGEDEAN    Atmospheric&Geogrc. Scs. Dean              SEC
ACULBASS    Bass Collections                           BL
SAFSBEDR    Bedrock Cafe                               WC
ADHRBENE    Benefits                                   NEL
SAFSBIOS    Bio Station                                SUT
ACASBIOS    Biological Station                         SUT
SAFSBOOK    Bookmark                                   WC
ACASBOMI    Botany/Microbiology                        GLCH
ADBO        Budget Office                              EH
ADPPBTSP    Building Trades Supervision                PP
SAFSKING    Burger King                                AC

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ACGECAPS   CAPS                                       NWC
SACS       Career Services                            OMU
ACPVCARL   Carl Albert Center                         MH
ADPPCARP   Carpenter Shop                             PP
ADPTCART   CART                                       LCWH
ACULCATA   Catalog                                    BL
SAFSCATE   Cate Ala Carte                             CCDH
CEVPADMN   CCE Vice President's Office                ADMN
ACCE       CCE Aviation                               N101
CEVPBUAC   CCE Business & Accounting Oper             ADMN
SAFSCCEC   CCE Catering                               WC
CECACAFE   CCE Credit Programs                        ADMN
CEVPDEVE   CCE Development                            ADMN
CESSFVBP   CCE Film, Vid & Brcst Pro Svcs             ADMN
CESSIT     CCE Information Technology                 ADMN
CECAINTR   CCE Intersession                           ADMN
CEVPMACO   CCE Marketing & Communication              ADMN
CECAPREC   CCE Precollegiate Programs                 CRSD
CEPCOPDP   CCE Prof. Dev. Program                     S4
CESS       CCE Support Services                       ADMN
CESSTR&C   CCE Training & Research Center             T&RC
CEVP       CCE Vice President Outreach                ADMN
CECACEAP   CEAP Administration                        ADMN
CECAINTL   CEAP International Programs                ADMN
ACASCASR   Center for Applied Social Res.             2PP
ACGESPAT   Center for Spatial Analysis                2PP
SASL       Center for Student Life                    OMU
ADPSMAIL   Central Mail & Document Prod.              COLM
ACENCEMS   Chemical, Bio & Materials Eng              SEC
ACASCHRL   Chemistry - Roe Lab                        SRC
ACASCHEM   Chemistry/Biochemistry                     CHB
ACULCHEM   Chem-Math Library                          PHSC
SAFSCHIC   Chic-Fil-A                                 OMU
CEPCCARE   Child Support Care Call Ctr.               ADMN
CEVPIDEA   C-Idea                                     HAS
ACGECIMM   CIMMS                                      SEC
ACENCIV    Civil Eng. & Environmental Sci             CEC
ACASCLAS   Classics                                   CARN
ACFICLSV   Client Services                            BH
ACULCODE   Collections Development                    BL
ACAH       College of Architecture                    GH
ACEE       College of Earth and Energy                SEC
ACJO       College of Journalism                      GLRD
ACLCINST   College Of Law Instruction                 LAW
PRPACOMM   Commencement                               CRS
PRTTCIVO   Commerce Inf. & Venture Opp.               3PP
ACASCOMM   Communication                              BURT
PRPACOMS   Communication Services                     WHIT
PRLECOMP   Compliance                                 PWYS
ACFICOSS   Compliance & Support Services              BH
PRLECOAT   Compliance-Athletics                       EH
ACENCOSC   Computer Science                           EL

                                            Page 2

CEPCNCLC   ConferencePros                              CRSC
ACASCOFI   Confucius Institute                         ELLH
ACAHCONS   Construction Science                        GH
CECAAPI    Cont. Ed. Aca. Prog. Instruct               ADMN
CE         Continuing Education                        ADMN
CECA       Continuing Education Academic               ADMN
ADPSCONT   Contract Management                         EL
ADCT       Controller's Office                         EH
ADCTADMN   Controller's Office Admin.                  EH
CEPCCORR   Corrections and Public Safety               S4
SAFSCAFE   Couch Cafeteria                             CCAF
SAFSCEXP   Couch Express                               CDRM
SAHSCOUN   Counseling & Testing                        GHC
ACEDCOUN   Counseling Psychology Clinic                S6
SAFSROAD   Crossroads                                  OMU
SAFSSTOR   C-Store                                     CC
CECACBED   Ctr For Business & Economic                 CRSD
CEPCCFAM   Ctr For Child & Family Develop              S4
PRLECCEW   Ctr for Creation of Eco Wealth              3PP
CEPCCDET   Ctr For Disability Ed & Train               PWYS
CEPCECPD   Ctr For Early Childhood Prof.               ADMN
ACBUCEMR   Ctr For Economic & Mgmt Res                 AH
ACEDCECR   Ctr For Educational & Commun.               2PP
CEPCEFFS   Ctr For Effective Schools                   CRSC
CECACESL   Ctr For English As Second Lang              ADMN
CEPCGRAN   Ctr For Grant & Contract Stud               EH
CECACIDL   Ctr For Independent & Distance              ADMN
CEPCPUBM   Ctr For Public Management                   BOB
SAVPCFLD   Ctr. for Leadership Developmnt              OMU
ACULPERI   Current Periodicals                         BL
ADPPCST1   Custodial Services 1                        PP
ADPPCST2   Custodial Services 2                        PP
ADPPCST3   Custodial Services 3                        PP
ADPPCST4   Custodial Services 4                        PP
ADPPCST5   Custodial Services 5                        PP
ADPPCST6   Custodial Services 6                        PP
ADPPCST7   Custodial Services 7                        PP
ADPPCST8   Custodial Services 8                        PP
ADPD       Department of Public Safety                 S35
DVDE       Development Office                          WHIT
SAHODIRO   Director's Office                           WC
SADJ       Disability & Judicial Services              GHC
SADR       Disability Resource Center                  GHC
ACARDIVR   Diversity Enrichment Programs               JH
ACAHARCH   Division of Architecture                    GH
ACBUFINA   Division of Finance                         AH
ACBUMGMT   Division of Management                      AH
ACBUMKT    Division of Marketing                       AH
ACFADRAM   Drama                                       SCI
CESSD&PS   Duplicating & Postal Services               ADMN
ACEEDEAN   Earth & Energy Dean                         SEC
ACASECON   Economics                                   HEST

                                            Page 3

ACIPEAIS   Edu Abroad & Intl Stu Svcs                  SCI
ACPVINTL   Edu Abroad & Intl Stu Svcs                  SCI
ACED       Education                                   ECH
ACIPEDAB   Education Abroad                            SCI
ACEDDEAN   Education Dean                              ECH
ACEDEINS   Education Instruction                       ECH
ACEDELPS   Educational Leadership & Pol                ECH
ACEDEPSY   Educational Psychology                      ECH
ADPPELEC   Electric                                    PP
ACENELEC   Electrical & Computer Engineer              CEC
ADHRE&C    Employment and Compensation                 NEL
ACECADMN   Energy Center Director's Off.               SEC
ACBUENER   Energy Management                           AH
ACEN       Engineering                                 CEC
ADPPENGR   Engineering                                 PP
ACENDEAN   Engineering Dean                            CEC
ACULENGN   Engineering Library                         FH
ACASENGL   English                                     GIH
ACGREAP    English Assessment                          ROBT
ACGEEVAC   Envir. Verification Anal. Ctr               SEC
ADPPENVR   Environmental Systems                       PP
ADPSEQUI   Equipment Relocation/Surplus                S111
CEPCTEAM   E-Team                                      CRSC
CEPCEV&T   Evaluation & Testing                        PWYS
CEPCEXEC   Executive Train & Team Quest                PWYS
ACPVEWP    Expository Writing Program                  BL
CECAFAAI   FAA Instructors                             ADMN
CECAFAA    FAA/Air Traffic Control                     ADMN
ACPVFACS   Faculty Senate                              JH
ACASFVS    Film & Video Studies                        SCI
ACFI       Financial Aid                               BH
ACFIADMN   Financial Aid Services                      BH
ADCTFINS   Financial Information Systems               EH
ADCTFSS    Financial Support Services                  EH
ACFA       Fine Arts                                   FJC
ACFADEAN   Fine Arts Dean's Office                     FJC
ACULARTS   Fine Arts Library                           CMC
ADRMFIRE   Fire Safety                                 NEL
ADPTFLSR   Fleet Services                              TOC
SAFS       Food Service                                WC
SAFSADMN   Food Service Administration                 WC
CEPCFORM   Forum & Conference Services                 FORM
SAFSHUFF   Freshen's Houston Huffman                   HHC
ACUCFRES   Freshman Programs                           LCWH
ACGEGEOG   Geography                                   SEC
ACEEGIS    Geo-Information Systems                     CDM
ACEEGEOS   Geological Survey                           SEC
ACPVGEOS   Geological Survey                           SEC
ACEEGG     Geology & Geophysics                        SEC
ACGEGEPH   Geology & Geophysics                        SEC
ACULGEEN   Geology/Energy Library                      SEC
SAHSGODD   Goddard                                     GHC

                                            Page 4

DVGO       Golf Course                                BDGC
ACULGOVT   Government Documents                       BL
ACGR       Graduate College                           ROBT
ACGRDEAN   Graduate College Dean                      BH
ACBUGRAD   Graduate Programs                          AH
PRGR       Graduation Office                          LCWH
ADPPHAZM   Haz-Mat                                    PP
ACASHESS   Health and Exercise Science                HHC
CEPCPROM   Health Promotion Programs                  S4
SAHS       Health Services                            GHC
SAHOHFSO   HFS Operations                             WC
ACASHIST   History                                    DAHT
ACASHSCI   History of Science                         PHSC
ACULHIST   History Of Science                         BL
ACHC       Honors College                             CCD5
ADPPHSK1   Housekeeping 1                             PP
ADPPHSK2   Housekeeping 2                             PP
ADPPHSK3   Housekeeping 3                             PP
ADPPHSK4   Housekeeping 4                             PP
ADPPHSK5   Housekeeping 5                             PP
ADPPHSKP   Housekeeping Supervisors                   PP
SAHO       Housing                                    WC
ADPPHOMT   Housing Maintenance                        PP
SAFSHSCF   HSC Food Court                             WC
ACASHUMR   Human Relations                            PHSC
PRLEHRPP   Human Research Participant Pro             BH
ADHRADMN   Human Resources Admin Office               NEL
ITAD       I.T. Evans                                 EH
ITEN       I.T. Felgar                                FH
ITMK       I.T. Merrick                               N611
ACENINDS   Industrial Engineering                     CEC
IT         Information Technology                     EL
ACASIUCI   Inst. on U.S. and China Issues             HEST
ACIPIUCI   inst. on U.S. and China issues             HEST
ACEDCHIL   Institute For Child Devel                  CRS
ACPVIRR    Institutional Research & Rep.              EH
ACEDILAC   Instruc Lead & Acad Curriculum             ECH
ACPVINTP   Instructional Technology Prog              HEST
ACEEITG    Int for Theoretical Geophysics             SEC
ACASIPE    Interdisciplinary Perspectives             MH
ACAHINTR   Interior Design                            GH
PRIA       Internal Auditing                          EH
ACASINAS   International & Area Studies               HEST
ACIPDIR    International Program Ctr Dir.             HEST
ACPVIPC    International Programs Center              WHIT
ACIPISSO   Int'l Student Services                     SCI
ADPSINVT   Inventory Management                       PURCH
ADGO       Jimmie Austin Golf Course                  BDGC
SAHOJUDI   Judicial                                   WC
CECAKGOU   KGOU/KROU                                  COH
ACASLAR    Laboratory Animal Resources                RH
PRLG       Landscape & Grounds                        LGN

                                            Page 5

ACAHLAND   Landscape Architecture                     CARN
ACLCCARE   Law Career Services                        LAW
ACLC       Law Center                                 LAW
SAFSLAWC   Law Center                                 WC
ACLCCMPT   Law Center Computing Center                LAW
ACLCDEAN   Law Center Dean's Office                   LAW
ACLCDEVL   Law Center Development                     LAW
ACLCLIBR   Law Center Library                         LAW
ACLCMAOP   Law Center Maintenance & Ops               LAW
ACLCSTUS   Law Center Student Services                LAW
ACLCSTTC   Law Center Student Technology              LAW
ACLCCUST   Law Custodial Services                     LAW
ACLCMANA   Law Executive Management                   LAW
ACLCLAND   Law Landscape & Grounds                    LAW
ACLCADMI   Law Student Admissions                     LAW
ACWCLTP    Learning and Teaching Program              COH
ACLCAID    Legal Aid Clinic                           LAW
ACLCLEDU   Legal Assistant Education                  LAW
PRLE       Legal Counsel                              EH
ACLS       Liberal Studies                            ADMN
ACLSADMN   Liberal Studies Admin. Office              ADMN
ACASLIS    Library & Information Studies              BL
ACULSYST   Library Systems                            BL
ADLN       Lloyd Noble Center                         LNC
ADPPLOCK   Lock Shop                                  PP
ACBU       M. Price College of Business               AH
CESSMINS   Management & Info Network Svcs             ADMN
ACBUMIS    Management Information Systems             AH
ACASMATH   Mathematics                                PHSC
ADPPAIRP   Max Westheimer Airport                     N101
CECAFAIR   Medieval Fair                              ADMN
ACGEMETE   Meteorology                                NWC
ACULMICR   Microforms                                 BL
RAML       Microprobe Laboratory                      GLCH
RAMS       Microscopy Laboratory                      NML
ACUCMISC   Military Science                           ARM
ACASMLL    Modern Languages & Literature              KH
ACLCMOOT   Moot Court Competition                     LAW
ACASMUAL   Mu Alpha Theta                             PHSC
ACFAMUSI   Music                                      CMC
ACFATHEA   Musical Theatre                            CH
ACGENASA   NASA Space Grant Consortium                CRS
CEPCRCYS   National Resource Ctr For Yth.             SC-TUL
ACARNSCH   National Scholars                          JH
ACASNAAM   Native American Studies                    ELLH
ACUCNASC   Naval Science                              ARM
SAHONETS   Network Services                           WC
ADPPNITE   Night Crew                                 PP
SAFSNUTR   Nutrition                                  WC
ADRMOCWC   Occupational Safety & Workers              NEL
PRAA       Office for Equal Opportunity               EH
CECAOBIC   Office of Business & Indust.               ADMN

                                            Page 6

ADHR       Office of Human Resources                 NEL
SAJS       Office of Judicial Services               GHC
RARE       Office of Research Admin                  3PP
ACBUDEAN   Office of the Dean                        AH
ACASBISU   OK Biological Survey                      S134
CEPCAWAR   OK Community Awareness Program            S4
ACASOIEA   OK Inst. for Teaching E. Asia             HEST
ADPTOKCP   OKC Parking                               ROBT
ADPTOKCT   OKC Transportation                        ROBT
ACPVOMNH   Okla Museum of Natural History            SNOMNH
ACGECLIM   Oklahoma Climate Survey                   NWC
ACLCOLAW   Oklahoma Law Review                       LAW
SAUN       Oklahoma Memorial Union                   OMU
SAFSCARD   One Card                                  OMU
ADVPOPEN   Open Records Office                       NEL
PRLEOPEN   Open Records Office                       NEL
ADRMOSHR   OSHRE Safety Training Center              NEL
SAHOTRAD   OU Traditions Square Apts.                WC
CEVPOSPG   Outreach Sponsored Programs               CRSC
ACPVTULS   OU-Tulsa                                  SC-TUL
ADPPPAUP   Paint/Upholstery Shop                     PP
ADPT       Parking & Transit Services                ROBT
ADPTADMN   Parking Administration                    ROBT
ADHRPES    Payroll and Employee Services             NEL
ADHRPAY    Payroll and Records                       NEL
CEPCADMN   PCS Administration                        CRSC
ADHRPEAK   Peak People                               NEL
ACEEPGE    Petroleum & Geological Engin.             SEC
ACASPHIL   Philosophy                                DAHT
ADPP       Physical Plant                            PP
ADPPADMN   Physical Plant Admin Office               PP
ACASPHYS   Physics & Astronomy                       NH
ACULPHYS   Physics/Astronomy Library                 NH
ADPPPLUM   Plumbing                                  PP
ACASPCC    Political Communication Center            BURT
ACASPSCI   Political Science                         DAHT
ACEEPMI    PoroMechanics Institute                   SEC
ADPSPOST   Post Office (Union & Student)             AC
ADPPPPLN   Power Plant                               PP
PR         President                                 EH
PREX       President, Exec Office                    EH
PRTU       President, Tulsa Campus                   SC-TUL
ADPSPRNT   Printing, Mailing & Document              2101
ADPS       Procurement Services                      EL
ACFIPROD   Production                                BH
ACPVIDP    Program for Instl Innovation              COH
RAPS       Project Support & Compliance              EH
ACPVPRTH   Project Threshold                         LCWH
RAPR       Proposal Services                         ROBT
ACARPSST   Prospective Stud Srvcs.-Tulsa             SC-TUL
ACARPROS   Prospective Student Services              JH
ACPV       Provost Direct                            EH

                                            Page 7

ACPVADMN   Provost Office Administration              EH
ACASPSYC   Psychology                                 DAHT
CEPCMC3    Pub. Serv. Mid Continent Ctr.              CRSC
PRPA       Public Affairs                             WHIT
CEPC       Public and Community Services              ADMN
CEPCPUBS   Public Service Institute                   CRSC
ADPSPURC   Purchasing                                 PURCH
ADRMRADS   Radiological & Environment                 NEL
ADCTCONT   Real Estate Operations                     PWYS
ADCTREAL   Real Estate Operations                     R473
ADPSRESH   Receiving/Shipping                         S111
SAHH       Recreational Services                      HHC
SAFSREDC   Redbud Cafe                                WC
ACULREFR   Reference Department                       BL
ADPPREFU   Refuse/Recycling                           PP
ADCTREGT   Regents Endowment                          EH
RG         Regents Office                             EH
CEPCREG7   Region VII Comprehensive Ctr               S4
ACAHRCPL   Regional & City Planning                   CARN
ACARREGS   Registration & Classroom Sched             BH
CESSREGR   Registration & Records                     ADMN
ACASRLST   Religious Studies                          DAHT
RA         Research Administration                    ROBT
ACGECOMP   Research Computing Services                NWC
SAHOLIFE   Residence Life                             WC
ADRMADMN   Risk Manage Director's Office              NEL
ADRM       Risk Management                            NEL
ADPPROAD   Roads/Hauling                              PP
ACGESAS    Sasaki Institute                           SEC
ACPVSLEP   Scholar-Leadership Enrich Prog             MH
ACBUACCT   School of Accounting                       AH
ACFADANC   School Of Dance                            HH
ACIPSIAS   School of Intl & Area Studies              HEST
ACASSCWK   Social Work                                RHYN
ACASSOC    Sociology                                  KH
CECASFLA   Sooner Flight Academy                      ADMN
SAHOHOTE   Sooner Hotel & Suites                      SNRH
CEPCSWPC   Southwest Prevention Center                CRSC
PRPASPEC   Special Events                             WHIT
ADSS       Staff Senate                               NEL
SAFSSRSB   Stephens Research Snack Bar                WC
RASRTC     Stephenson Res Ctr Adm Offices             SRTC
ADPSSTOR   Stores                                     S108
SA         Student Affairs                            OMU
SAVPADMN   Student Affairs Admin Office               OMU
SASA       Student Association                        OMU
SASM       Student Media                              COH
ACBUSSCT   Student Support Center                     AH
ACAHTECH   Student Technology                         GH
SAFSSUBW   Subway                                     WC
CESSADMN   Support Service Administration             ADMN
CEPCSWHR   SW Ctr For Human Relations                 PWYS

                                            Page 8

SAFSPOOL   Swimming Pool                              WC
ACFISSFO   Systems & Financial Operations             BH
SAFSTACO   Taco Mayo                                  CCDH
SAFSTMUN   Taco Mayo Union                            OMU
ADPPTTSP   Technical Trades Supervision               PP
PRTT       Technology Transfer                        3PP
CECATELE   Telecourses & Televised Prog.              CRSM
CEPCTVSS   Television & Satellite Service             CRSM
CESSTVSS   Television & Satellite Service             CRSM
CEPCT&RC   Training & Research Center                 T&RC
ADHRTRDE   Training And Development                   NEL
CECATSCP   Transp. Studies & Comm. Prgms              CRSD
CECATSCP   Transp. Studies & Comm. Prgms              CRSD
ACUCADVI   UC Advising                                LCWH
ACBUADVS   Undergraduate Advising                     MFPH
SAFSCATR   Union Catering                             OMU
ACFABAND   University Bands                           CMC
PRLEUCD    University Collections Dept                NEL
ACUC       University College                         LCWH
DV         University Development                     WHIT
ACUL       University Libraries                       BL
ACPVPRES   University Press                           BDC2
PRUR       University Research Cabinet                OPP
CECAUSPS   US Postal Srvc NCED/Alp Con.               ADMN
ADPPUTIL   Utility Crew                               PP
RAVP       Vice President's Office                    3PP
ACARVISC   Visitor Center                             JH
ADVP       VP Administration & Finance                EH
DVVP       VP Development Office                      WHIT
SAVP       VP Student Affairs                         OMU
ADVPWEBC   Web Communications                         765
ACULWEST   Western History                            MH
ACASWOST   Women's Studies                            PHSC
ADPPWORK   Work Authorization                         PP
CEPCWORK   Workforce OK Training Inst.                PWYS
ACPVLITR   World Literature Today                     MH
ACPVWRTC   Writing Center                             BL
ACEDZCLE   Zarrow Ctr For Learning Enrich             CH
ACASZOOL   Zoology                                    RH

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