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Sales Unit Business Plan


Sales Unit Business Plan document sample

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									Avon Sales Leader                                                                                   C            to       C            Year

90-Day Business Plan
                                                                                       Name                                                    District #

  1                    STEP 	1: Review Dreams & Goals	


  2                    STEP 2: Review the Past 90 Days
                       Describe the most significant achievements


    PRP Tracking           (circle current level)                           Total Annual Sales*                               Avg Per Campaign
 President’s Club                                                                     $10,100                                         $389
 Honor Society                                                                        $20,200                                         $777
 Rose Circle                                                                          $38,000                                        $1,462
 David McConnell                                                                      $66,500                                        $2,558
 President’s Council                                                                  $112,000                                       $4,308
 President’s Inner Circle                                                             $280,000                                       $10,769
*Total Award Sales are for annual cycle

 Leadership Level Requirements**                            Personal                 Unit                                 Minimum
                                                             Award                  Sales                                 Recruits
 Unit Leader                                                      $250              $1,200                                5 Registered
 Advanced Unit Leader                                             $300              $4,000                    12 Registered (including 2 Titled)
 Executive Unit Leader                                            $350              $15,000             20 Registered (including 5 Titled, 1 AUL+)
 Senior Executive Unit Leader                                     $400              $40,000             20 Registered (including 9 Titled, 2 EUL+)

     FAST START**                           Fill In Current Status − Leadership Qualification**                                Earn Big While You
                                                 PERSONAL SALES        UNIT SALES      REGISTERED RECRUITS
                                                                                                                                Develop Others**
    Earn up to $500
                                          UL    $                  $                    Total                                  Mentor to UL               $200
    UNIT LEADER**                         AUL   $                  $
                                                                                       Titled                                 Mentor to AUL               $300
    Perform as UL: $100
    Have 5 $100 on-time                   EUL   $                  $
     paid orders: $210                                                                 Titled                                 Mentor to EUL               $500
    Develop 1 UL: $200                                                                  Total
                                      SEUL      $                  $                                                          Mentor to SEUL           $1000
    Earn up to $510                                                                    Titled

**See Earn Big chart for complete details

US Sales Training | 90Day052010
Avon Sales Leader 90-Day Business Plan

                   Refer to your Sales Leadership Earnings Statement and DLM and/or

 2                 DMO Representative Data (use Individual Performance and Leadership
                   Performance reports).

                   Sales Performance to Date - Total Personal Sales: $                                ________
                   (Analyze each Campaign’s actual results for sales and Customer trends for last 7 Campaigns.)

                             # of Customers                         # of eCustomers

                   Sales Performance to Date - Total Unit Sales: $                            ________
                   (Analyze each Campaign’s actual results for sales trends for last 7 Campaigns.)

                   1st Generation Representative/Downline Development:

                                                # Total Downline Members

                              # Unit Leaders and Advanced Unit Leaders                          Strive to develop
                                                                                                20% of your
                         # Executive and Senior Executive Unit Leaders
                                                                                                Representatives as
                                  # New Appointments (1st-3rd Generation)                       President’s Club
                                                                                                Members and 10%
                                                  # Fast Start Contenders                       in Leadership

                                             # President’s Club and above

                                               # Potential President’s Club

                    Leadership Earnings/Bonuses Over Past 90-Days:

                                                      Leadership Earnings     $
                                         Earnings from Incentive Programs     $
                                                          Mentor Bonuses      $
                                       Total Leadership Earnings/Bonuses      $

                                   Leadership Earnings, Recent Campaign       $
                                   Estimated Monthly Leadership Earnings      $

                                  Leadership Earnings Goal Per Campaign       $
                                        Monthly Leadership Earnings Goal      $

US Sales Training | 90Day052010
Avon Sales Leader 90-Day Business Plan

                  Let’s talk about the activities you conducted to build your team over the past
                  90-Days and the skills you used to do that. What do you see as your areas of
                  strength as well as areas of opportunity?

                                  Prospecting following ACT direct and indirect, using prospecting tools and Power of 3,
                                  Avon Opportunity Meeting
                                  Areas of Strength:

                   P              Areas of Opportunity:

                                  Appointment Process: AT1 4-Step process, Dreams and Goals, WDYK list (Fast Start
                                  Flyer), set Campaign goals and benchmarks, set time 48 hr. call and T2 Contact
                                  Areas of Strength:

                   A              Areas of Opportunity:

                                  48-Hour Call, T2-T4 Scheduling/Conducting/Following flow, discuss PRP achievement
                                  Areas of Strength:

                   T              Areas of Opportunity:

                                  D1-D4 Scheduling/Conducting/Following flow, Field Observations, Fast Start tracking,
                                  title achievement, 90-Day Business Planning Session, Team Meetings
                                  Areas of Strength:

                   D              Areas of Opportunity:

                                  Selling-Techniques to increase personal/team sales. Increasing Customers and
                                  Customer order size by using 5 steps to selling, link, cross-category, bundle
                                  and group selling techniques, beauty vs non-beauty product sales, Customer skincare
                                  needs analysis, ship direct/instant delivery and Customer follow-up strategies,
                                  Campaign tools from yourAvon.com, Open Houses, District Sales Meeting, Training
                                  Sessions (e.g., Fund-raising or potential/current President’s Club Workshops)

                   S              Areas of Strength:

                                  Areas of Opportunity:

US Sales Training | 90Day052010
Avon Sales Leader 90-Day Business Plan

 3                STEP 3: Set Goals for Next 90 Days – Your fortune is in the follow-up!
                  (C to C   Year

                  Target Title:

                                      AUL     EUL      SEUL       Target Campaign:

                                                                       GOAL PER
                                                                                  x7=     7-CAMPAIGN GOAL

                   Personal Sales:                                                x7=

                   Customers:                                                     x7=

                    # New Customers                                               x7=

                    # e-Customers                                                 x7=

                   Personal Recruits/Fast Start:                                  x7=

                   Personal Training & Development:
                    Beauty of Knowledge Courses:

                    Other (see Attachment for Tools and Recommendations):

                  Which 3 Downline Members will you focus on for PRP achievement
                  and level advancements?

                              Name                     Current Level                Target Level

                  Which 3 Downline Members will you focus on for Title advancements?

                              Name                     Current TItle                    Target Title

US Sales Training | 90Day052010
Avon Sales Leader 90-Day Business Plan

 3                Total Downline Members:
                                                                  # Current Staff:

                                                          - 10% for removals             –
                                  + # Personal Recruit/Fast Start Goal*                 +                                         *Goal of 10 Fast Starts
                                                                                                                                   working to UL ongoing
                                                   + # Recruits needed
                                     by chosen 3 for Title Advancement                  +
                                                                                                GOAL PER 90 DAYS                  ACTUAL RESULTS IN 90 DAYS

                                         PROJECTED TOTAL
                                  DOWNLINE MEMBERS: (line 1)

                                  Average* # of Downline Members by Level                      (Use this guideline when projecting your goal)

                                                         1st Gen            2nd Gen            3rd Gen         Fast Start*         TOTAL
                                             AUL             41                  33               12                10                96

                                             EUL             80                 104               58                10               252

                                            SEUL            135                 355               24                10               524

                                  * Campaign Average using data from C26, 2008 to C25, 2009.

                  Total Orders in Downline:
                                              Actual 1,2,3 Gen Orders
                                   Use Leadership Performance Report
                                                (last billed Campaign):

                                                        ÷ 1,2,3 Gen Recruits             ÷

                                                                      ACTIVITY          =
                  Projected Total Downline Members (from line 1 above)                   x
                                                                                                GOAL PER 90 DAYS                  ACTUAL RESULTS IN 90 DAYS

                                        PROJECTED TOTAL
                               ORDERS IN DOWNLINE: (line 2)

                  Total Downline Sales:
                                                   1,2,3 Gen Sales
                                Use Leadership Performance Report
                           (Quarterly Average Column - first column):

                                                          ÷ 1,2,3 Gen Orders             ÷

                                                      AVERAGE ORDER                     =
                  Projected Total Orders in Downline (from line 2 above)                 x
                                                                                                GOAL PER 90 DAYS                  ACTUAL RESULTS IN 90 DAYS

                                          PROJECTED TOTAL
                                      DOWNLINE SALES: (line 3)

                                                                                                 GOAL PER 90 DAYS                 ACTUAL RESULTS IN 90 DAYS

                  Title Advancements:

US Sales Training | 90Day052010
Avon Sales Leader 90-Day Business Plan

                  Let’s discuss Training & Development for:

 3                New Representatives

                   48-Hour Call, Training Contacts T2-T4, Open Houses:

                   Established Representatives
                   T3-T4 Activities, Training Sessions, Plan for Success Guide Session:

                   President’s Club Representatives
                   Plan for Success Guide Session:

                   Sales Leadership Representatives (Sales Leaders)
                   Development Contacts D1-D4, Avon Opportunity Meeting, Team Meetings,
                   Field Observations, 90-Day Business Planning Sessions:

                  Action Plan to achieve personal and team goals:
                  • Refer to Activities on page 3 to create            • Fill out the Coaching Action Plan form.
                    your Action Plan.                                  • Identify up to 3 activities/opportunities
                  • Schedule activities on your calendar.                to be implemented within the next 90-Days.
                  • Remember to use the Avon                           • Be sure to highlight up to 3 areas of strength
                    Coaching Process.                                    for continued focus.

 4                STEP 4: Plan Follow-Up in 30/60/90 Days
                  How Can Your Upline or Manager Support You with this Business Plan?
                  (Note type of contact and preferred date)

                                                        Type of Contact                         Date

                  30-Day Contact:

                  60-Day Contact:

                  90-Day Contact:

US Sales Training | 90Day052010
Personal Development Tools and Recommendations

                                     DVD’s                                     Where To Find It/Author
                          Business Is Booming                             Amazon (http://www.amazon.com)

                           What Is Your Plan B                            Amazon (http://www.amazon.com)

                        Living an Exceptional Life                                   Jim Rohn Live

             Life Would Be Easy If it Weren’t for Other People                      Connie Podesta

                        Step Into Your Greatness                                      Les Brown

                How to Not Suck at Sales, Pump Up Your
                                                                                    Jeffrey Gitomer
                 Numbers & Put the Fun Back Into Sales
                    The 8th Habit, From Effectiveness
                                                                                    Stephen Covey
                              to Greatness

                           Rich Dad, Poor Dad                                       Robert Kiyosaki

                          Books & Magazines                                    Where To Find It/Author
                       Networking Times Magazine
                                                                          Avon Advantage/Networking Times
                   Developing The Leaders Around You                                 John Maxwell

                            Super Prospecting                                        Tom Schreiter

                           Rich Dad, Poor Dad                                       Robert Kiyosaki

                                                                                  Donald Trump and
                      Why We Want You to be Rich
                                                                                   Robert Kyosaki

                        The One Minute Millionaire                                  Hanson & Allen

                                   Build It Big                  Direct Selling Women’s Alliance (http://www.dswa.org/)

                             More Build It Big                                             "
                            Success Magazine                     Success Magazine (http://www.successmagazine.com)

                    17 Secrets of Master Prospectors                                 John Kalench

                             Spanish Books                                     Where To Find It/Author
              La magia del mercadeo multinivel/MLM Magic              Ransom Hill Press (http://www.amazon.com)

                             El próximo billón                           Paul Pilzer (http://www.amazon.com)

                        Take It To The Next Level                         Amazon (http://www.amazon.com)

                                  Local Library                             (Business: Network Marketing)

                                                                                                                     Attachment 1
US Sales Training | 90Day052010
Personal Development Tools and Recommendations

                    Teleconferences/Online/Audio:                       Where To Find It
               Avon’s Beauty of Knowledge Training Online          www. youravon.com/training/
                       Courses(English & Spanish)              Beauty of Knowledge/Training Courses
                       Networking Times University
                                                                Avon Advantage/Networking Times
               CD - Big Al’s Network Marketing Sponsoring
                         SecretsfortuneNow.com                                  "
           CD – How to Give a One Minute Presentation, Tom
                              Schreiter                                         "
                   CD – 28 Days To Your New Future,
                          Michael S. Clouse                                     "
                   CD – The Simple Art of Duplication,
                          Michael S. Clouse                                     "
                  CD – Thinking Your Way To Success,
                          Michael S. Clouse                                     "
                 CD – Building Your Network Marketing
                         Business, Jim Rohn                                     "
                CD – The Secret of Developing Leaders,
                          Michael S. Clouse                                     "

                             Spanish Tools:                             Where To Find It
             CD – ¿El negocio perfecto? Robert T. Kiyosaki
                                                                Avon Advantage/Networking Times
             CD – Comience Listo Termine Rico, David Bach                       "

                   CDs below can be purchased via                       Where To Find It
                         Networking Times
               CD – What would you change if your annual
            income…suddenly became your monthly income?
                                                                Avon Advantage/Networking Times
                            Bob Proctor
           CD – Underpaid and Overtaxed? The Simple cure is                     "
           CD – The Answer, Brian Tracy (Forecasts where the
              new money-making opportunities are today)                         "
                CD - The Entrance, Doug Firebaugh (From
                     mediocrity to MONUMENTAL!)                                 "
                CD – Start Smart Finish Rich, David Bach                        "
            Cassettes – Educate, Equip, Empower, Jerry Clark                    "

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US Sales Training | 90Day052010

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