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					New Book Proposal
This is your sales pitch for your book.
      • Provides us with the information we need to make a publishing decision
      • Helps us formulate our sales and marketing strategy for the project

                              Please tell us the following things…
                              • Title (the best titles clearly present the benefit to the reader and are easily searchable)
                              • Subtitle
                              • Edition (if relevant)

                              The book…
                              • A one-line ‘elevator pitch’ description
                              • Who will want to read the book, and why they will buy it
                              • A 200 word description of the book, focusing on the purpose, scope and basic approach
                                you have in mind. Highlight the features most likely to appeal to potential buyers
                              • The chapters/structure. Provide a list and a short summary of the content and argument
                                of each chapter
                              • The business context in which you’re writing the book – what makes now the ideal time
                                for it?
                              • Examples of the cases and stories you’ll use to illustrate the book. (Think about whether
                                your readers will be based in the UK or internationally, and try to pitch the examples for
                                that audience)
                              • Special features the book might need. (Would it be useful to have case studies in boxes,
                                key tips pulled out from the text, pictures or charts? What will the benefit of these be for
                                your readers?)
                              • Complementary online material, blogs, websites, worksheets, videos etc. (Tell us why you
                                think these are important, and how they will add to your readers’ overall experience of the
                              • Endorsements. Do you have any connections who would help support the book with
                                positive endorsements? These could feature on the jackets and in our marketing activity.
                                We’re looking for high profile individuals, or individuals who work for high profile
                              • The length of the book (number of words)
                              • The date when you’ll be able to complete a first draft of the manuscript
The Market
• Why people need a new book on this topic, and how your book meets that need
• The book’s unique selling point which will make it stand out from the crowd and grab
  people’s attention
• Your ambitions for the book and where you see it sitting in the marketplace (will it be
  the useful guide that everyone turns to over and over again; will it change the way people
  think about a certain topic)
• More about your readers. (Where will they be based? What level will they be at? Will they
  be in large or small companies? )
• Main competitors. (Competitors aren’t just books which do exactly the same thing,
  they’re the books that people buy if they want to know about this topic now, or that
  might be grouped with yours on a bookshelf). For each competitor, please list:
            • Date of publication
            • Publisher
            • Price
            • Information on how successful the book has been
            • What gives your book an edge over this

• Name
• Contact details (address, phone numbers, email)
• A paragraph about yourself, your career, your profile and why you are the best person to
  write this book
• Testimonials or endorsements of your work
• Details of other books you have published (How have these sold? How have you
  marketed them? What have you learned from these experiences about what works?)

When you’ve finished writing the book, the work of making it a success is only half done.
If you can market the book aggressively, it’s likely to have a much stronger change of
Wiley can reach a national and international audience and achieve fantastic online and
retail distribution for your book. However, we need to work with you on driving people
towards purchasing your book. We look for authors who have a pre-existing audience of
people who know and respect their work, and are likely to buy their book. If your book is
successful with your network, it can reach a much larger audience.
Please write a 1-2 page marketing plan describing how you would help get out the word
about the book. The more detail you can give, the better. If you have promoted previous
books, please give details of how you’ve done this, and your experience of what works and
what doesn’t.
These are the things we look for:
• Public Speaking - This is often the single most effective driver of book sales. If you
  do public speaking, training or workshops, please include a speaking schedule for the
  previous 12 months, and ideally the coming 6 months. Please include dates, speaking
  topic, audience, demographic and estimated size. Approximately how many people do
  you address over the course of a year?
• Writing – Do you write for related magazines, newspapers or journals? Please provide
  samples where possible.
• Publicity – What connections do you have with journalists and the media? Can you list
  people/publications who might be able to review the book? If possible, please include
  press clippings or samples of media attention you have received
• Social Media – What email marketing could you do to promote the book? What is the
  size of your email list? How could you promote the book online? Do you have a website
  and followings on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn which you could leverage to promote the
• Corporate – Could your company or institution help promote the book? If possible, give
  details of the activities it would undertake on behalf of the book. If you or your company
  would buy copies of the book to resell, use in promotions or give away to clients, is there a
  number you would be able to commit to purchasing?
• Other – Please give details of any other marketing activities you would undertake to
  promote the book. Let us know how we can work with you to support these.
• How many books would you expect to sell in the first year of publication? How many of
  these would be driven directly through your networks?
• Where are people most likely to buy the book? (In bookshops? Online? At speaking

Did we miss anything?
• Tell us if you think there is anything else we should know that will help us come to a
  decision on your proposal.

• We sometimes find it useful to send book proposals out for third-party review. Let us
  know if you’d rather we didn’t do this with your proposal.

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