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					                                   TERRITORY MANAGEMENT

                                   Workshop Objectives                Day 1:
 Territory                                                            Analysis & Opportunity
 Management                        •   Analyze the market
                                       opportunity for your           •   Defining Your Territory
 Sales efficiency in a specified       products, solutions and        •   Territory Analysis
 territory is a critical success       services.
 factor for sales professionals                                       •   Finding Opportunities
                                   •   Develop appropriate sales
 in today's highly competitive         strategies and tactical        •   Prospecting Skills
 marketplace. This workshop is         sales plans to capitalize on
 focused on developing skills          the territory potential.       •   Developing a Territory Plan
 to maximize opportunity and
 improve business win:loss
                                   •   Implement an effective
                                       Opportunity Management
 ratios in any given sales
                                       process, especially where
 territory.                            the sales team is              Day 2:
                                       dispersed across               Opportunity and
 Territory Management is
                                       numerous locations.            Territory Planning
 individually customized to
 enable your sales teams to        •   Improve Sales Prospecting      •   Opportunity Management
 realize the revenue potential         skills to seek out, identify
 within their assigned sales           and prioritize new sales       •   Team Selling
 territories. The Territory can        opportunities in new and
                                       existing accounts.
                                                                      •   Customer's Customer
 be a geographic area, a
 specific line of business or a    •   Focus on the customer's
                                                                      •   Funnel Management &
 nominated large account. The          customer to develop a              Forecasting
 program is also suited to             broader contact base           •   Territory Plan
 Territory Managers needing to         within existing accounts.          Presentations
 maximize the sales effort of
                                   •   Produce a Territory Plan to
 diverse and geographically
                                       define and control sales
 dispersed teams                       activity in the territory.

 The workshop includes role-       Territory Management is a          In the challenging current
 play and team exercises           highly customized workshop,        market environment the
 designed to help your sales       focused specifically on your       Territory Management
 and pre-sales support             business’ organizational
                                                                      workshop will help your sales
 professionals to improve their    structure, both its’ sales teams
                                                                      teams to focus on the upside
                                   and territories.
 sales efficiency through better                                      potential for sales in their
 analysis of their sales           The participants conclude the      allocated territories - thereby
 territory, improved               workshop having prepared and       raising morale and motivation
 Opportunity Management of         delivered a presentation on        as a precursor to improved
 identified sales opportunities    their new Territory Plan which     sales efficiency and greater
 and more effective                forms the basis of follow-on       sales revenue.
 prospecting skills in             review and coaching by their
                                   sales manager.
 developing new business
 within the territory.

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