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					    VOLUME 63                                                                                                             AUGUST 2009

                                                                                                          Welcome from the PTO
8/20    School Board Meeting at KRHS / 6:30 PM                                           We hope you are enjoying your summer and as the school
8/24    Teacher Professional Day                                                          year approaches, we would like to remind the incoming
8/25-8/27Prof. Development Institute                                                               6th Graders and their families of the
8/26    6th grade PTO Welcome Picnic / 6-7:30 PM                                                   Welcome to Middle School Picnic
8/27    Teacher Professional Day                                                                 Wednesday, August 26th 6-7:30 p.m.
8/27    School Board Meeting at KRHS / 6:30 PM
8/31    First Day of School for Students

9/4&7 No School / Labor Day Weekend
9/9   Instrument Rental Night / Room 255 / 6:30 PM
9/10  School Pictures
9/10  School Board Meeting at KRHS / 6:30 PM                                               Nature’s Classroom Presentation and Information
9/15  School Writing Prompt                                                                                 6:45 - 7:30 p.m.
9/15  KRMS PTO Meeting / 7:00 PM
9/18  Activity Night / 7-9:30 PM - Nature’s Classroom                                     Past picnics have been a great success and really helped
9/22  Positive Action Sign-Ups / PM Activity Day                                          alleviate the 'first day' jitters for our incoming students.
9/24  School Board Meeting at KRHS / 6:30 PM                                                      Please be sure to mark your calendars!
TBD   John Hopkins Parent Information Night
TBD   PAC Meeting at KRMS                                                                 Join us at the gym entrance with your picnic supper, a
TBD   8th Grade Ropes Course                                                               blanket, and a dessert to share. Due to the date for the
TBD   7-2 Mt. Kearsarge Climb                                                            picnic this year, classrooms will not be able to be viewed.
                                                                                             Students will have a chance to meet their teachers,
OCTOBER                                                                                                            however.
10/1   School Board Meeting at KRHS / 6:30 PM
10/1-2 NECAP (State Testing) in grades 6,7 & 8                                            The PTO Monthly Meetings will be scheduled for the 2nd
10/2   Grades close for Progress Reports                                                   or 3rd Tuesday of the month (please see calendar to the
10/2   Activity Night / 7-9:30 PM - Principal’s Night                                    left). If for any reason we need to reschedule our meeting,
10/7   “Informance Open Rehearsal” 6th grade Chorus 7 PM                                 the change will be posted in the KRMS daily notices. We
10/9   Progress Reports Issued                                                              would like to welcome all parents and teachers to our
10/12 No School / Columbus Day                                                                    meeting with their concerns, ideas, or input.
10/13 Open House - 6th, 7th, & 8th Grade / 7 - 8:30 PM
10/15 Picture retakes
10/15 School Board Meeting at KRHS / 6:30 PM
10/20 KRMS PTO Meeting / 7:00 PM
10/23 Activity Night / 7:00 – 9:30 PM - Yearbook                                                 SUMMER READING ALERT!!
10/30 Last Day 1st Quarter
TBD    KRMS Alternative Program’s Book Fair                                                  SOME STUDENTS RECEIVED AN
TBD    PAC Meeting at KRMS                                                                   INCORRECT STUDENT READING
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                                       Welcome from the Principal
        On behalf of our faculty and staff, we welcome parents and students to the 2009-2010
school year. We are always excited when we are preparing for the start of another year. This
year is no exception.
        As the new school year starts, I want to encourage parents and community members to
become involved with the many events that happen at KRMS. There continues to be many
exciting "happenings" at the school and the school is always in need of volunteers to help with
field trips, our different activities programs, academic support to students, and many other
events that occur throughout the school year. I also welcome parents and community members
to come in and witness education in progress. However, please contact the middle school ahead
of time if you would be willing to help out, or if you would just like to visit. We will be sending
home a “PTO Volunteer” form at the beginning of the school year and ask that you complete it
to indicate areas that you would be willing to help out at KRMS.
        I hope this year is a great one for your child(ren) and you. Don’t hesitate to contact me if
you have any questions.


Donald R. West, for the faculty and staff at KRMS
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                                            SCHOOL TIMES



                             PARKING LOTS & DRIVEWAY AT KRMS

Please be aware of the traffic patterns at the middle school at the beginning of the school year. Traffic and
parking signs are posted. There will be an area designated in front of the main entrance to the school on
the first floor where parents should drop students off in the morning and line up in the afternoon to pick
students up.

Students will be issued maps on the first day of school showing the layout to the parking areas, drop off
and pick up locations, bus traffic signs, etc. Please ask your child for this map when they come home on
the first day of school. Contact the middle school if you have any questions.

                                     BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING

As families shop for school clothes for the upcoming school year for their children, we ask that parents
be aware of the school’s dress code. We have included a copy of the code, which will also be found in
the “Parent/Student Handbook” your child will receive when school starts. Thank you for adhering to
this code.

KRMS DRESS CODE - All students are expected to be neat, clean and dressed in clothing appropriate
for school. Dress or appearance disruptive to an orderly learning process will not be tolerated.
Students who do not conform will be asked to change their clothes, be given clothes to wear, and/or
have their parents contacted to bring in other clothes, or to pick up their child. This Dress Code also
applies at all school functions (i.e. field trips, dances/activity nights).

      1. Student attire and grooming will not interfere with safe participation in such curriculum
         areas as Tech Ed. or any other activity where reasonable precautions are dictated.
      2. All students must wear appropriate footwear. Parents should avoid purchasing black-soled
         hiking boots/shoes/sneakers since certain types mar the floor.
      3. Head coverings in the building: Hats are not allowed to be worn in the building.
         Initially, students will be asked to remove their hats. Repeat offenders will have their hats
         confiscated. Detentions may also be assigned.
      4. Students' clothing should cover their undergarments. At no time should undergarments be

Students are prohibited from wearing or bringing, the following:

      1. Any apparel which advertises or promotes alcohol, tobacco, or otherwise promotes the use
         of other illegal substances. Our school board has declared the grounds “a drug free zone.”
      2. Apparel or accessories with vulgar words, profanity or “double meanings,” that depicts or
         promotes violence, or contains sexually explicit pictures or words.
      3. Abbreviated midriff tops, low-cut tops (arm holes or neck line), "spaghetti" strap
         shirts/dresses, or other inappropriate apparel.
      4. Skirts/dresses and pants (shorts) that are hemmed at a point higher than mid-thigh. Skirts,
         dresses and/or shorts must be neat and in good condition (i.e. no holes), and worn
         appropriately so as not to offend others or disrupt the learning environment.
      5. Accessories that could jeopardize the health or safety of the individual or others. Examples
         include laser lights, chains, etc.

While the dictates of fashion may pressure students to wear certain items of clothing, these items
may in fact be disruptive in a school setting. The administration will issue additional directives on
inappropriate apparel as the need arises. Parents are urged to assist the school in monitoring the
clothing their child/ren wear to school. We must strive to maintain a safe, healthy, and appropriate
educational environment.
        ***Kearsarge Regional Middle School… Where every student is
                  important and every student belongs***
                                   SPORTS & ACTIVITY INFORMATION

                                            Please Take Note!
                All players are required to have a physical form and health information
                    update on file with the school nurse BEFORE playing in games.
               If a student has played on any KRMS team before, they only need to provide a health update form,
               as their physical form will be on file. We don’t want to see our athletes miss out. Please have the
                  physical form completed by your physician before school starts. VISIT OUR WEB SITE AT
                     WWW.KEARSARGE.ORG OR CALL THE “HOT” LINE @ 927-2160 FOR SPORTS

Grades 7-8 Girls’ Soccer                            Guitar Club                                  Grades 7-8 Boys’ Soccer

Preseason practices will be        Guitar club will begin again in September on       Preseason begins August 25, 26 & 27 from 3:30-
held on Aug. 24, 25, 26, 27 &      Mondays after school. (Start date to be            5:30 at the MS. Once school starts, practices will
28 at the MS. All interested       announced). Students are invited to spend          be from 2:30 – 4:15 Mon. through Fri.
7th and 8th grade girls should     Monday afternoons with Mr. Hill, & Mr.
plan on participating from         O’Neil. Guitar sharing/learning is offered         Late busses will be provided after all practices on
4:30-6:30 on the above dates.      free of charge and guitars are available if        school days. Players will require rides home after
Please be sure to bring water,     needed.                                            all home and away games.
cleats and mouth guard.
                                   Students will go home on the late bus or may       Game shirts will be provided. Each student is
Placement on teams is not          be picked up at the middle school at 4:30          responsible for the remaining equipment. Shin
dependent on attendance at         p.m.                                               guards and mouth guards are required. Coaches
these practices. Come on out,                                                         will offer team shorts, socks, mouth guards, and
get in shape, have fun.              ~ WE ARE ALSO LOOKING FOR                        sweatshirts for sale at cost. You are not required
Contact Eva Hanson                  DONATIONS OF GUITARS FOR THE                      to purchase from the coaches. [We are in need of                            PROGRAM ~                                one more coach for boys’ soccer. Call Mr. Hill if

   Golf Club (all grades)                 Field Hockey (all grades)

Golf Club will meet Monday,        Girls in all grades are eligible for field           Cross-Country (all grades – boys and girls)
Wednesday, and Friday              hockey, whether or not you have prior
beginning September 14th.          experience.                                    The first cross-country meet is at Kearsarge Regional
The golf program will take                                                        High School on September 9, 2009.        Practices are
place at the MS campus and at      Preseason FH camp will be held on              scheduled to begin during the first week of school,
various local golf courses and     August 18, 19, 20, 25, 26 & 27 at the          immediately after school.
driving ranges.                    middle school field from 6:00-7:30 p.m.
                                   Official practice sessions begins during       Once school begins, practices will be held at Kearsarge
If you are interested in being a   the first week of school. Bring cleats or      Regional Middle School. During practices, wear a good
chaperone volunteer, please        sneakers, a stick if you have one, and a       pair of cross-training shoes. Bring an extra shirt, water,
contact the main office @          water bottle. Until then practice air          and small snack.
927-2100.                          dribbles, passing, and shooting. Start
                                   running – one mile a day. Team                 Students will need to be picked up after home and away
                                   selection is not dependent on attendance       meets. A “bag snack” should be packed for home and
                                   at optional practices or camp.                 away meets. Oranges, pb&j, and energy bars are terrific
 Have a terrific                   [We are still in need of one additional        items for after a meet.
                                   coach. Contact Mr. Hill if interested].

                                                                                  Please be aware that all participants in KRMS soccer,
                                                                                  field hockey and basketball are REQUIRED to wear
                                       PLEASE ALSO NOTE                           mouth guards at all times during practices and games.
                                        THAT LATE BUSES                           Mouth guards will be available for purchase from the
                                                                                  coaches during the pre-season!
                                      LEAVE THE MIDDLE
                                        SCHOOL AT 4:30.
New School Year Reminders
- School Notices and Homework - are updated daily. Go to and click away.
- Extra Help - Thursday afternoons are extra help day. Your child may schedule extra help with his/her teacher(s) and
take the late bus at 4:30 pm.
- Absences - Please call our attendance hotline by 8:30 a.m. if your child will be absent. The telephone numbers to call
are 526-8228 or 927-2100, ext 0.
- Summer Reading - Remember two book reports are due the first week of school.
- Permission Notes - Please remember to send in notes with your child for early dismissal or a change in transportation.
Please ask your child to stop by the office before going to his/her first class.
- Drop Off Times – are between 7:30 – 7:50 a.m. Students must come to the office if they arrive after 7:50 a.m. School
doors open at 7:30 a.m.

                                MATERIALS STUDENTS SHOULD HAVE FOR CLASSES

We have asked teachers to put together a list of school supplies/materials that students should bring to school with them for the
different classes they have at each grade level. While the school does supply some materials necessary for the students to use in
school, we also feel there are some materials parents should get for their child to use at school. In general, all students should bring
an adequate supply of pens and pencils to use throughout the school year.

Please note that sixth and seventh grade teachers have sent home (or will be sending home soon) a list of supplies/materials they
expect the students to bring with them to school. If you do not receive that list by August 14 th, please contact the school at your
convenience to inquire about this list.

Below is a list of materials the PE teachers have asked students to bring to physical education classes, as well as a list from the
eighth grade teachers. We appreciate your cooperation in purchasing these materials for your child to bring to school. Thank you
for your support.

                                              PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASSES

1. Sneakers: Sneakers in class must be tied or secured soundly to the foot. Slip-on shoes, sandals, platform shoes, loose fitting
shoes and other footwear unsafe for activity are unacceptable.

2. Clothing appropriate for activity: Students must provide a change of clothes that are appropriate for activity. Students may
not wear school clothes for PE. They must change into P.E. clothes. This means that if a student wears shorts to school, they must
still change into something different for class. Shorts, wind pants, sweatpants, T-shirts, and sweatshirts are all appropriate. Short
shirts, halter tops, or tank tops are not appropriate. All clothing must meet our school dress code..

                                                         GRADE 8 CLASSES

1. A 60-page marble notebook.
2. A spiral-bound notebook for each subject.
3. At least one box of pencils.
4. Pens.
5. A hand held pencil sharpener.
6. A folder to collect/store writing materials, etc. in – one for each class.
7. A flash-drive.
8. A novel to begin the school year (for language arts)
9. Glue sticks for handouts in their notebooks.
10. Graph paper (for Math).

                                Principal Advisory Council (PAC)

Members are needed! This group meets monthly to discuss important issues with the middle school
principal. Meeting dates and times will be dependent upon the availability of the council members. It
would be ideal to have at least one representative from each of the seven towns. If you are interested,
please contact the middle school (927-2100), or email Mr. West at We would like to
schedule our first meeting as soon as possible in September.

                                      HEALTH OFFICE NEWS

TO:            KRMS Parents/Guardians

FROM:          Jane Ragazzo, RN M.Ed
               Melissa Gaherty, LNA

DATE:          August 2009

RE:            Changes in State Immunization Requirements

Please be aware that the State of NH has changed the Immunization Requirements
starting in the fall of 2009. Below you will find the details of said changes.

    1. Any student 11 years of age or older who has not received a Tetanus booster
       within the last 5 years must have a one time dose of Tetanus, Diptheria,
       Acellular Pertussis (Tdap). If your student has an allergy/sensitivity to
       Pertussis he/she must have a Tetanus, Diptheria Toxioid (Td). A booster will
       then be required every 10 years thereafter.
    2. All incoming 6th graders will need to have received two doses of the
       Varicella (Chicken Pox) Vaccination prior to entering 6th grade unless
       there is a) documentation providing immunity by confirming lab tests, or b)
       history of the disease provided by either a parent or health care provider.

We would appreciate your efforts in ensuring that your student(s) have received the
necessary immunizations prior to the beginning of the school year. We will be
reviewing all medical files and following up with all students who are not in
compliance with these changes beginning in September 2009. Please note that we
will need documentation from the providing physician including the immunization
given, the date it was given on and the physician’s signature. This documentation
can either be mailed to KRMS, PO Box 269, North Sutton, NH 03260 or faxed to us
               SAVE THE DATE
at 927-4731.

              KRMS FUN RUN
Thank you for your cooperation, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

                    Friday Oct. 2nd
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             PLEASE REMEMBER                                                    are needed to see this picture.

   A $50.00 (or more) pledge or donation (per
                                                                        WASHINGTON, DC.
  family) will allow the PTO to assist with many

To get to our new website, go to and select “Kearsarge Regional Middle School” from the “Select a School”
drop down bar at the top of the page. To email a KRMS staff member, you can either access a staff member’s email from the
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