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                    Corporation                                                                                                        Benin
                                                                              Compact-Eligible Country Report                     November 2007

Compact Goal                                       departments (regional districts) of Be-
The Benin Compact removes key con-                 nin. Accompanied by representatives of          Compact Status
straints to economic growth and sup-               national and local government offices,
ports improvements in physical and in-             farmers, and civil society groups, the Land     Status .......... Implemenation, Year 1
stitutional infrastructures in four critical       Project directors held information ses-
sectors in order to increase investment            sions, reaching over 400 people, to inform      Compact Information
and private sector activity in Benin. The          local elected officials, civil society orga-
Compact comprises four projects: Access            nizations, and local administrative offices     Total Amount...........$307.3 million
to Land, Access to Financial Services,             on the Land Project’s activities and the
                                                   role that local institutions play in its suc-   Duration ................................5 years
Access to Justice, and Access to Markets.
                                                   cess. Local institutions play a key role in     Compact Signed ............ 2-22-2006
Update on Progress                                 providing information to ongoing national
                                                   studies, and in communicating the ben-          Entry in to Force..........10-06-2006
On November 3, MCA-Benin hosted a                  efits of formalized property rights to the
general assembly of organizations rep-             population.                                     Country Information
resenting farmers, civil society groups,
unions, and artisans. The groups elected           The activity for the expansion of for-          Population .......................8,177,208*
representatives from these groups to               mal land rights in rural areas has been         GNI Per Capita ........................ $510*
serve on the Advisory Council and on               launched. Through this activity, the Ac-
the Consultative Committee. Nine new               cess to Land Project will produce rural         Obligations by Key Sector
representatives were elected – two repre-          land plans for 300 villages.
senting artisans, two representing farm-                                                           in millions
ers, two representing unions, and three            Access to Financial Services Project             $8.78                                        $19.65
representing civil society.               MCA-Benin signed a partnership agree-                                     $39.13 $36.02
The Beninese National Assembly de-        ment with the Interbank Monetary Group
voted a day to the Compact and other      of the West African Economic and Mon-
USG assistance programs. Honored          etary Union (Groupement Interbancaire                                                        $34.27
guest Ambassador Gayleatha B. Brown       Monétique de l’Union Economique et
presented a summary of how the USG        Monétaire Ouest Africaine, or GIM-                                         $169.45
supports development in Benin. Na-        UEMOA). GIM-UEMOA will work with
tional Coordinator Simon Pierre Adove- MCA-Benin to oversee a study on the
lande responded to the intense interest   feasibility of introducing various techno-
of the representatives with a detailed    logical solutions to improve the supply of                            Program Administration
explanation of the Compact objectives.    financial services to small, medium, and
                                          micro enterprises. GIM-UEMOA is the                                   Monitoring and Evaluation
In an important step forward for the
Compact, the host, Assembly President     regional institution charged with defining                            Port Infrastructure
Mathurin Nago, outlined the importance the regulatory and security framework for                                Judicial Reform
of the National Assembly’s role in devel- the use of electronic banking.                                        Financial Services
oping new legislation to support access   The National Policy for Microfinance has                              Land Tenure
to land in rural and urban areas, an es-  been finalized and is expected to be sub-
sential part of the Compact program.      mitted to the Council of Ministers for
Access to Markets Project                 adoption. Adoption of this policy is an                  Disbursement Schedule
                                          important milestone for the Access to Fi-                in millions
The Port of Cotonou passed an inspec-     nancial Services Project.                                      100                   $98.3
tion conducted by the United States                                                                                                    $90.4
Coast Guard to determine compliance       Access to Justice Project
with the minimum requirements of the      MCA-Benin signed a Partnership Agree-                                        $63.1
International Ship and Port Security Fa- ment with the Ministry of Justice.                               60
cility (ISPS) Code. Security at the Port  Through this agreement, MCA-Benin will
remains problematic but significant im- help strengthen the capacity of the Inspec-                       40 $32.4
provements were accomplished in Au-       tion General office by providing training                                                            $23.1
gust. Compliance with the ISPS Code is courses and materials. As the information                          20 $13.43
an important milestone in the Access to needs of this office have been identified in                                  $1.54
Markets Project.                          a recent study, MCA-Benin will work with                          0
                                                                                                                Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Access to Land Project                    the Ministry to provide up-to-date and
                                          relevant documents and legal reference                        Projected Total Annual Disbursement
From October 8-17, the Access to Land     materials.
Project conducted a national informa-                                                                   Total Disbursed to Date
tion campaign through ten of the twelve

 *World Development Indicators, World Bank, 2005                                          Reducing Poverty Through Growth

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