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Property Maintenance Company Business Plan

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Property Maintenance Company Business Plan document sample

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                              Business Plan

EasyPro Property Services, LLC.
1111 Harrison Ave.
Carrollton, KY 41008
Phone: 502-525-3279
Fax: 866-525-8303
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                                             I.         Table of Contents

I.     Table of Contents ................................................................................................... 2

II.    Executive Summary............................................................................................... 3

III.   General Company Description ............................................................................ 4

IV.    Products and Services............................................................................................ 6

V.     Marketing Plan ....................................................................................................... 8

VI.    Operational Plan .................................................................................................. 14

VII. Management and Organization ......................................................................... 16

XI.    Appendices ........................................................................................................... 20
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                           II.   Executive Summary

With close to 5 years experience providing exceptional Property Maintenance
Services, I would like to introduce you to my company EasyPro Property Services.
We take care of your Property Maintenance needs by providing you with the
services you need to protect it.

EasyPro Property Services is a full service Property Maintenance company that is
fully licensed, insured and worker’s compensation compliant. We perform our
services in a professional manner and strive to build lasting relationships with our

We are here for YOU 24/7, 365 days a year. We offer year round services so that
you can be comfortable in dealing with only one contractor.

For residential customers we not only take care of your property, we give you
that much needed extra time when your off work to go watch little Johnny’s
soccer game, or take your family out for the day. When you select us as your
property maintenance company, you can rest assured that a friendly,
professional uniformed staff will be treating your home as if it was ours!

For our commercial customers; cleaning side walks and buildings not only give
them their curb appeal back; it makes the property over all more inviting. We
will be more than happy to sit down and discuss a 12 month property
maintenance service to keep your property looking great year round.

In closing, EasyPro is the only name you need to know when it comes to taking
care of your property. We stand for three things: Quality, Professionalism, and
Customer Service. You can count on getting the same great service year after
year. We are here for you and strive to make your life EASY!
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                      III.   General Company Description

Mission Statement: To improve the IMAGE and CLEANLINESS of properties by providing
QUALITY work, completed with the highest level of PROFESSIONALISM,
backed by unmatched CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Company Goals and Objectives: Our goals are to meet AND exceed our customer’s
expectations, leaving them with a more appealing property. Objectives are to do $100k
in gross sales by 2010. Add first full time crew by 2011. Owner will no longer be doing
technical work by 2018

Business Philosophy: Since the customer is the driving force behind a service company,
this is our number one priority. We will make every stride to meet AND exceed their

EasyPro Property Services will serve customers in the residential and commercial
market. We also provide our services to property managers that manage apartments,
condos, and commercial retail.

The property maintenance industry is not a growing industry. But we see this as a good
thing! There are not many companies that provide power washing, roof cleaning,
window washing and our other services, never the less a company that combines them
together for added convenience to the customer. In our current service area if there are
one or two companies that try to form, our goal is to have such a hold on the market
that there is no way for these companies to excise let alone succeed!

The most important company strength is our attention to detail and our drive to always
satisfy our customers. Our major competitive advantages are:

   •   A high level of professionalism when doing business.

   •   Advance technical methods that are new to the industry and that our
       competition does not have.

   •   We have the best customer service in the area!

As the president of the company my experience, skills, and strengths are very important
to the company. I have been working in the property maintenance industry for almost
five years. I those years I have met and dealt with many new and existing customers.
This has helped me develop my social skills and public speaking ability. I have studied
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sales extensively and am very confident in my selling ability. I am very confident that I
have what it takes to make this company grow and succeed!

Legal form of ownership: EasyPro Property Services is a sole member LLC. This is the
best form of ownership for the company because it will allow the company to be taxed
as if it were owned by a sole proprietor but when time comes to grow, the owners assets
will not be at risk.
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                           IV.   Products and Services

EasyPro Property Services is a full service property maintenance company that offers
several services conveniently bundled together. Our services are:

    •   Pressure Washing

           o House Washing, Concrete Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Building Washing,
             Awning Cleaning, Deck Restoration,

    •   Roof Cleaning

           o Safe low pressure roof cleaning – Tile and Shingle

    •   Window Cleaning

           o Interior and exterior window cleaning up to three stories.

    •   Lawn Care

           o Weekly and 10 day lawn maintenance which includes mowing,
             trimming, edging, and blowing all clippings from paved surfaces.

    •   Landscaping

           o Bed Install and Removals, Lawn Installs – Hydro Seeding and
             Conventional Seeding, Landscape Lighting, Irrigation, Hardscaping, Tree
             and Shrub install and removal, Bed Preparation, Bed Edging, Flowers
             Installation, Drainage, Sod Install, Fertilizing & Weed Control, Mulching,
             Weeding, Bed Edging, Shrub Trimming, Aeration, Power Seeding,
             Seasonal Cleanup, Sod Removal, Lawn Renovation

    •   Snow Removal

           o Plowing, Salting and Sanding, Side Walks, Drives, Parking Lots

          All services are offered to residential and commercial customers
                             as well as Property managers
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This difference between our services compared to our competition is our high level
quality and some technical differences. Our exclusive soft washing techniques used for
building and house washing uses a custom blended detergent and low pressure that
allows us to cut our time on the job by over half compared to using high pressure and
no detergent. Another advantage is that we are able to sell against companies using
high pressure. High pressure damages siding and can cause water intrusion to occur
behind the siding. We are also one of the only companies in the area to offer edging to
our lawn care customers. As far as roof cleaning is concerned, we are the ONLY roof
cleaning company in between Louisville and Cincinnati. Our pricing structure is very
profitable. Most jobs are billed on a net 30 fashion with residential jobs normally being
paid for at completion of the job.
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                                V.     Marketing Plan

Facts about your industry:

   •   Our market right now consists of the counties of Carroll, Gallatin, Boone, Grant,
       Owen, Henry, Trimble, Oldham, and Shelby in Kentucky and Jefferson and
       Switzerland County in Indiana for power washing, landscaping and roof
       cleaning. For lawn care we serve the counties of Oldham and Carroll in Kentucky
       and Jefferson in Indiana. We look to push right to the edge on the Cincinnati and
       Louisville markets. This will allow us to be very dominant with little to no

   •   Locally we are one of only two companies that offer our variety of services. The
       other company is not really a company, it is a sole proprietor that does lawn care,
       landscaping, and pressure washing. We have a competitive advantage over this
       person because of the other services we offer such as roof cleaning and window
       cleaning. We can use this to our advantage to get in with his customers and
       eventually take them over. We are the ONLY company between Louisville and
       Cincinnati that offers roof cleaning. This is good because we get to set the
       pricing, info, and most importantly we are the only ones to call. In the counties
       that we serve we have only found one other company that offers most of our
       services. We do not feel that these two companies we have mentioned are a
       threat because we do not feel these are “companies” or “businesses” these are
       simply people that own equipment!

   •   What is the demand in our market? The demand for our services is very high.
       From experience, we have seen that most people and businesses find it easier to
       deal one company. We have utilized this in our business model by offering
       several services that a person or business could use to increase the curb appeal of
       their property. It is easier to choose us then trying to deal with three or four
       doing different task on the property. We are marketable to not just one group of
       people but rather to a range of customers.

   •   Trends in target market— there will always be customers needing their lawn
       maintained, windows washed, building/home cleaned and snow removed. Our
       task is to find these customers and exploit them to the point that we are the go to
       company. As stated above there are very few companies in our area that
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       provided our services grouped together. We look to take a big percentage of the
       market so that if a company does happen to form it will be impossible for them
       to over through us.

   •   Growth potential and opportunity for a business of your size – As of now
       EasyPro Property Services consist of one full time employee (the owner) and a
       couple helpers. By year 2010 we look to add our first full time crew and be at the
       $100k/year revenue point. By 2012, we want to have a large hold in the
       commercial and residential markets in Oldham County Kentucky and Jefferson
       County Indiana. These will be our primary markets that we feel we can be most
       profitable in. By 2015, the goal is to have an owner pay out of $100k.

   •   What barriers to entry do you face in entering this market with your new

          o High cost of advertising do to a high volume of advertising

          o Consumer acceptance

          o Company recognition

       Our number one concern will be the cost of advertising. We want to be the one
       and only company that comes to people’s minds when they think of property
       services. To do this we are going to have to do a lot of gorilla marketing. We are
       going to have to hit people with every type of advertisement possible. This ties
       into our second and third barrier – Consumer acceptance and company
       recognition. We are going to have to be at the top of our game to keep customers
       happy so that they will accept us and continue to use us. We also hope that word
       of mouth will carry us after year five.

Features and Benefits

Pressure Washing – Our pressure washing services can help you rid your property
of pollutants, thus giving your property more curb appeal. Our advanced foam
washing technology helps prevent damage from occurring when cleaning building
exteriors. On most building surfaces (i.e. vinyl siding, dryvit, and stucco) excessive
pressure can cause water intrusion into or behind the surface which could in turn cause
paint to crack, and mold to grow in un seen places.
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Roof Cleaning – Roof cleaning services can be performed on both commercial and
residential properties. Roof cleaning can save the customer thousands of dollars. By
educating our customers we can show them that most roofs don’t need replaced they
just need cleaned. Cleaning your roof can increase curb appeal, increase the value of a
home or building, and could keep your roof from prematurely failing.

Lawn Care & Landscaping – Our lawn care and landscaping service is targeted
specifically to high end residential customers and commercial properties. We provide
high quality lawn care and landscaping services at a premium price. Choosing EasyPro
Property Services as your lawn maintenance company will add outstanding curb appeal
to your property and add to the value of your home!

All services are covered by my personal satisfaction guarantee! One of the main parts of this
company’s ability to succeed is outstanding customer service. With that said I will do everything
in my power to keep my customers happy!

Our target customer base is high end residential and commercial retail and residential.

Of the residential market, we will concentrate on house holds with a combined income
of 90k + per year. These customers will be in a 30 mile radius from Carrollton, KY. The
main areas to be targeted are Madison, IN and Oldham County, KY. We will focus on
couples in their 30’s 40’s and 50’s.

Commercially, we will turn our focus to property owners and managers of retail space
and residential. Retail space consists of strip malls, shopping centers, amusement parks,
and office space. Commercial Residential is a mix of apartments, condos, HOA, and
patio homes. Commercial work will be with in a 30 mile radius of Carrollton, KY.
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What products and companies will compete with you?

List your major competitors:

Chowning’s Property Services, Carrollton KY

          Jeramie Chowning will be our competition in lawn and landscape, pressure
washing, and snow removal. Although he provides the same services as us, we will
have a bigger hold in the residential market. Chowning has two or three big (volume
wise) accounts that keep him busy. When it comes to pressure washing our advanced
methods make us impossible to compete with.

Enviroscape, Madison Indiana

           Enviroscape is our biggest competitor in the Lawn Care & Landscaping
division. Although they do a lot of work in town locally and also in Madison, I am
doing a lot behind the scenes to really bust into Madison! We have the first page of
Google pretty much covered up. We are also planning a huge campaign for the first of
the year.

We have several competitive advantages over the competition. First off being that we
sell on value. We let the customer know the benefits of using our services. Secondly we
have top notch equipment, and special methods and techniques unique to our company
only. Third we want/will build a relationship with our customers. We want them to
know that from year to year we will be there for them. Finally, EasyPro Property
Services is a company not a job. I as the owner will continue to hone our processes and
make us more systematic and profitable. The only major disadvantage I can see my
company having is being perceived as being young and incapable of completing task in
the customer’s eyes.

Our niche is to provide customers with superior work in both the residential and
commercial markets. This work will be backed by professionalism that can be found no
where else. All employees will be courteous and uniformed! We will dominate the
property service market with a goal of 80% hold.
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We will use a combination of direct mailing and cold calling to reach customers. Once
they are our customer, we will max out the dollars possible from said customer. We will
let our work speak for itself, which mean we will also rely on referrals.


We will reach our customers by direct mailing campaigns, cold calling, and by doing
presentations for offices. We feel that direct mailing will be our best option for
marketing. Our marketing plan goes like this:

Week 1: Send out intro letter to select customers with magnetic business card

Week 2: Customers will receive a post card; this will mix with seeing our truck in and
out of the neighbor hood giving estimates and doing jobs.

Week 4: Customers will receive a flier, this will be the final piece to go out and these
customers will be the smaller portion of the neighbor hood. Most work will be done
between weeks 2 and 3.

This is a proven method used by several other successful businesses in the industry.

This type of marketing is more expensive that usual but I feel it will have a better ROI.

To combat with the high price of direct marketing we will do e mail blast along with
SEO work to get ranked better on Google. As of now we are number one for all our
services in the areas we work in. We are one the whole first page for roof cleaning in
our areas. This is all done for only $12 a month which is for hosting fees with yahoo.

We want to be the Porsche of our industry. With that being said we will make sure to
back the name up with the high quality work people expect from a big price tag. A
study showed that 79% of people relate high price to high quality. We want those

In addition to advertising, we have company uniforms, letter heads, logos, and lettered
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Promotional Budget

Our budget for 2009 is going to be right at $20k

A large majority of that will be spent at the begging of the year to help push our name
and to buy initial marketing materials. Close to 5k will be spent with in March and

After that we will target a new area each month. This will help with the cost and keep
our business steady.


Our pricing will vary from one side of things to the other. As of now our pricing
structure is very solid. We are covering all expenses and making good margins on
profit. We are one of the highest priced companies, but as stated before that is because
our price tag is backed with high quality and professionalism! We sell on benefits and
value to our customer so price is really not an object and is one of the last things I speak
about when selling. Customers shopping based on price are not our customers.

With our pricing is a 100% satisfaction guarantee! We also bill accounts in net 15, 30,
and 60.
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                               VI.       Operational Plan

We are a service based business so the job is taken care of at the work site.

As of now the company is ran from my house. This doesn’t mean we will not grow and
need a location in the future, there for we will add this to our budget.

Legal Environment
Describe the following:

   •   We have state and city licenses

   •   All OSHA requirements and standards are followed and met.

   •   We have 1 million dollars worth of insurance per occurrence

   •   1 full time (owner) 1 part time

   •   We will find employees when the time comes for them through temp agencies.

   •   The staff will be required to wear uniforms and

   •   Intro Pay is $10/hr with a $2 raise after one year. The owner salary is taken out
       weekly and for next year will be $200

   •   Employees will be given a “training day” which is where they will learn about
       the equipment and will learn to use it. OJB will follow the next day

   •   I handle all office work such as the books and scheduling

   •   For certain functions, will you use contract workers in addition to employees?
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Identify key suppliers:

   Pressure Tek

   •   Pressure washing and roof cleaning supplies

   •   Net 30 and next day shipping

   •   Very Reliable

   Craig’s Do-It Center

   •   General Supplies and Lawn Care Supplies

   •   Net 30 and Local store pick up

   •   Reliable

   John Deere Landscape

   •   Landscaping supplies

   •   Cash and Carry or Net 30

   •   Great Service

Credit Policies
   •   We accept credit cards, and also provide net 15, 30 and 60
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                       VII. Management and Organization

I will be managing the business for the first five years. On the sixth year I will hire an
operations manager to take my place in the field. I have over 3 years in the property
maintenance industry. I have also studies sales as a hobby and feel very confident in
my ability to sell work.

For the first few years we will be running as a solo operation with helpers. When the
time comes to grow and hire employees, they will be hired on through a temp agency.
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Professional and Advisory Support

  •   Management advisory board

         o Jeff Mud

                   SCORE Representative

                   Louisville, KY

  •   Attorney

         o Nicholas Marsh

                   Monk and Marsh PSC.

                   Carrollton, KY

  •   Accountant

         o Dennis Raiser

                   Raiser, Zap, & Woods CPA

                   Carrollton, KY

  •   Insurance agent

         o Mark Smith

                   Mark Smith State Farm

                   Carrollton, KY

  •   Banker

         o Matt Lipe

                   Farmer’s Bank of Milton

                   Carrollton, Kentucky
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•   Mentors and key advisors

       o Ken Fenner

                Pressure Pros, Inc.

                Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

                   •    Business Management and Marketing

       o Michael Kreistle

                First Choice Power Washing

                Lexington, Kentucky

                   •    Residential Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning

       o Carlos Gonzalez

                California Heartlands

                Bay Area, California

                   •    Lawn Care & Landscaping

       o Russ Spence

                Pro Kleen Power Wash

                Birmingham, AL

                   •    Commercial Pressure Washing

       o Jeff LeCours

                JL Pressure Washing

                Myrtle Beach, SC

                   •    Condos, HOA, and Apartment Pressure Washing
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                      VIII. Appendices

•   Company Flier

•   Digital Designs

•   Logo

•   Letter Head

•   Truck

•   Winter Ad
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 EasyPro Property Services is your easy solution for
          professional property services!

Our services range from commercial to residential, and

House/Building Washing, Lawn Care & Landscaping,
 Roof Cleaning, Concrete Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning,
        Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning and More!
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Every Landscaping Job Gets a Detailed 3-d Render of
                   Their Property
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Letter Head

Truck Decals
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Winter Ad

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