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                                COMPANY PROFILE
                                    TASAA and SAGE
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        •    Sales, Implementation as well as Development Partner of SAGE since last 2 years.
        •    One of the few SAGE Partners who work on all products offered by Sage in India -
             MANUFACTURING modules like Autosimply and Batchmaster.
        •    We have also developed products which integrate with SAGE ACCPAC for local Indian
             market needs, like Service Tax, Fringe Benefit Tax, Quality Control and Students
             Information Management System.
        •    Apart form India, currently already servicing a couple of customers UK and USA for
             their Sage Development needs.
        •    Built on the foundations of industry knowledge, solution expertise, delivery excellence
             and a strong Sage partnership, our Sage Practice is uniquely positioned to address your
             business and IT challenges quickly and cost-effectively.
        •    Proven record of handling complex implementation projects spanning various
             industries including Engineering, Manufacturing, Service and Infrastructure companies.
        •    Our services for SAGE Accpac ERP include Implementation, Customizations, User
             training and support.
                                   TASAA and SAGE
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             Partial SAGE Customer list
             Liquipack Systems Pvt. Ltd.           Mech India Pvt. Ltd
             Kumar Metal Industries Pvt. Ltd       Electrolab India Pvt. Ltd
             Prime Focus Ltd                       Supreme Infrastructure
             Statomat Specialty MachinesSea Bird Resorts
             Neural Integrated Systems Pvt Ltd     Kids Animation India Pvt. Ltd
             Zorastrian Bank                       Neil Extralumipack
             SAS India                             Orkla India Pv.t Ltd

        •    Tasaa has a team of about 15 manpower resources dedicated to the SAGE ACCPAC ERP
             practice. This includes the Project Manager, Technical architects, Developers and
             Testers. Our functional Consultants are having exposure to domains such as Finance,
             Accounts, Purchase, Sales, Manufacturing and HRMS. This team also helps map the
             customer’s customization requirement and ensure deliverables are in sync with the
             expected functionality.
                                TASAA – other SBU`s
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        1. Microsoft Gold Certified Partner :
             • Business Application Development
             • Process and Integration
             • Data Management Solutions

        2. Preferred Solution Partner for Autodesk Media & Entertainment Products

        3. Authorized Reseller for PTC, Adobe, Corel

        4. Authorized Training Partner for Autodesk, Adobe, Corel

        5. Customized Software Solutions – bespoke development.

        5. Multi-Media Development :
             • Web Design & Development
             • Logo and Brand styling
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                    Introduction to Sage India
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      What Sage Does
                                          Sage is a leading supplier of
                                             business management
                                          software and services to 5.8
                                          million customers worldwide.
        We aspire to be the most             From small start-ups to
         admired and respected              larger organisations, we
     business software and services       make it easier for companies
          provider in the world            to manage their business

 Key facts about

Global company with over 14,500 employees worldwide
5.8 million customers worldwide
One of the market leaders in the UK, US, Europe and South Asia
Made over 40 acquisitions since 1991
Work with over 30,000 reseller partners and over 40,000 accountants
Market capitalisation of approximately £2.1 billion
Revenue of £1,295m for FY2008
Manage around 36,000 customer calls each day
Provide advice to customers through 1.7 million support contracts
How we work?

   Our business is guided by
   our five principles, which
    shape everything we do
       and how we do it.

           Financial performance fiscal years 2003 - 2008


Millions of Pounds

                                           688         Revenue

                                                       283       300
                                           202   249

                           Statutory revenue

How do we measure up to our competitors?
                                                              In the small business
   Business management
                                                           market* Sage is regarded as
    solutions providers
                                                              a clear market leader

                              SAP                                                         Sage
                               28%                                                             21%

 41%                                                    49% Others                             Microsoft
                                       14%                                                    Oracle
         Microsoft                                                                                  9%
           4% Infor Sage                                                             Intuit
                                                                                  SAP 6%
                    6%         7%                                                  3%

 Gartner, August 2007, Worldwide ERP licence and           *IDC, October 2006, Worldwide ERP applications 2005
          maintenance revenue by vendor                    vendor shares, based on ERP revenue small business;
                                                                             <500 employees
Sage’s decentralised model provides local focus,
with the support of global scale

 Local focus
                                             Global scale
  Empowered local management
                                             • Successful innovations are shared
  teams can respond quickly to local           quickly between Sage businesses
  competitive and market changes
                                             • Global technologies can be shared
  Products and services are                    between local markets
  developed locally to meet unique
  fiscal, legal and regulatory               • Sage can easily take advantage of
  environments (not “globalised”)              lowest cost producer markets

  Time to market for innovation in           • Sage’s global brand and presence
  products, services and the business          makes it a key business partner
  model is substantially reduced

The customer experience

                                 We stand apart through:

                                   The breadth and depth of
                                 our offering
     By being local, by
                                   The flexibility of our
     building long-term          solutions
   powerful relationships          Providing services of the
  with customers we can          highest standard from the
                                 best people
    deliver outstanding
                                 We aim to:
      service which we
  believe is unmatched in        • Exceed expectations
        our industry             • Deliver extraordinary
                                 customer experiences
                                 • Enable our customers to be
                                 truly successful

Sage in India
  Sage has been present in India since 2001
  Head office in New Delhi with branches in Mumbai, Bangalore and
  Over 50 employees in India across Sales, Pre Sales, Technical
  Support, Professional Services, R&D and Finance
  Sage has over 50 partners in India who sell and implement its
  Over 1000 customers use Sage products in India
  Sage products in India are,
     Sage Accpac ERP
     Sage SalesLogix
     Sage CRM
     ACT! by Sage
     Sage Pocket
                   Sage Accpac ERP
Over 40,000 customers worldwide
Built on world class, object oriented, multi tiered architecture making
it highly configurable and scalable
Works on MS Windows
Multiple database options that include MS SQL & Oracle
Deployment options include Client Server with Remote access via
Terminal Services/Citrix
Product is a fully integrated application that includes,
     Accounting and Operations
     Project & Job Costing
     Business Analytics
     Enterprise Reporting
                Sage Accpac ERP

Focus on Manufacturing Segment in India with
  Accpac Optipro for Discrete
  Accpac Autosimply for Discrete
  Accpac Batchmaster for Process
Sage Accpac ERP has over 150 customers in
Our customers include
  Barco Electronics
Sage Accpac ERP Modules
               General Ledger - Features
Setup the Chart of Accounts that suits your Business

Define Departments, Divisions, Costs Centres and other Accounting Sub Divisions
as per your requirements

Structure your Account Numbers the way you require now or may require in the

Define your own account groups and assign them to your General Ledger

Budget Maintenance & Inquiry

Multi-currency enabled

Process Recurring Journals

Auto Allocations & Control Accounts Features
          General Ledger Workflow

 Bank           AR              AP            IC
entries      Sub Ledger      Sub Ledger   Sub Ledger

  GL                        Trial
Voucher                    Balance


General                    Financial      GL Reports
Ledger                    Report Writer
    Account Payables (AP) - Features
• Prioritise Payments, Negotiate Terms and Reduce Bad Debts

• Set the terms for each vendor

• Rapid Entry of Vendor Invoices

• Flexible Cash Disbursement

• Full Cheque Reconcilliation using Bank Services

• Setup and schedule recurring payables with reminders

• Generate and Print Cheques

• Comprehensive Analytics including Ageing Reports , Cheque Registers
  and G/L Transactions

• Pre-pay invoices, Re-instate invoices, Withhold payments
                Account Payables Workflow


       AP                                   General
Create Payments                             Ledger

Control Payments

          Account Receivables - Features
• Manage Customers and fine-tune Customer Relations

• Easily Apply cash to outstanding invoices

• Create recurring Charges for quick Invoicing

• Fully Integrated with Bank Services for complete Bank reconciliation

• Create Summary or detailed invoices and Calculate Taxes on summary or a
  line by line basis

• Unlimited number of Ship To locations for each customer

• Track Sales statistics for each sales person

• Perform On Screen Ageing and preview customer transactions

• Process refunds for customers
       Account Receivables Workflow



    AR                 Posting


      Inventory Control (IC) - Features
Complete Multi-Location Inventory Management System

Tracks Stock Levels, Inventory Receipts, Shipments , Goods-in-Transit, Returns and

Different Units of Measure for purchasing, selling and stock keeping

Set up multi-level bill of materials

Set pricing by percentage/amount & by customer type/quantity purchased

Record Manufacturer’s/ Vendors Item number master

Receive both stock and non-stock items

Maintain multi-period reorder information and sales projection by location

Print stock ageing reports for all costing methods, reports on stock movement, Slow moving
Items, Over stocked Items, Item Valuation/ Status
             Inventory Control - Workflow



                            Posting         General
  BOM/                                      Ledger

                Purchase Order- Features
• Provides comprehensive fully integrated purchasing system

• Combine multiple PO’s on single receipt, multiple receipts on a single

• Enter Active, Standing, Future and Blanket Purchase Orders

• Set up contract pricing for each vendor.

• Allow specific users to view costing information in Receipt Entry.

• Getting PO on-screen inquiries like Purchase History & Purchase

• Partial receipt of goods against PO

• Automatically create PO from Inventory control, reorder information or
  from Order Entry orders
                   Purchase Order Workflow

   Purchase            Sale Orders      Inventory
   Requisition                            Status

Purchase Order

Purchase Receipt              Posting

   Purchase                                             General
                              Posting       AP Ledger
    Invoice                                             Ledger
                         Order Entry- Features
• Enter Active Orders, Future Orders, Standing Orders and Quotes

• Inquire on sales orders by customer based on order status.

• Include multiple orders on a single shipment and multiple shipments on a single

•Send partial shipments or Ship items with or without first entering orders for those

• Specify a discount for the entire order as well as detail lines.

• Allow authorized users to view item costs during order entry.

• Receive a warning if a credit note has been previously posted for an invoice.

• Print packing slips, order confirmation and Invoices and send them by email.

• Automatically determine available item quantities while entering Orders
              Order Entry Workflow

 Sales                Future            Standing
Quotation          Sales Orders       Sales Orders

Sales Order

Shipment            Posting

  Sales                                          General
 Invoice            Posting       AR Ledger
             Right fit for your enterprise

Sage Accpac ERP-Three Editions

   Sage Accpac ERP 500(Enterprise)
      Perfect for any medium to large sized business. Enterprise Edition
      is highly scalable tool that offers support for an unlimited number of

   Sage Accpac ERP 200(Corporate)
      Affordable and expandable business management application for
      medium sized environment. Designed for as many as 20 concurrent
      users, offers powerful analysis and reporting tools.

   Sage Accpac ERP 100(Lite)
      Built from the same open, multi-tiered technology, designed to
      support as many as 10 concurrent users, allowing you to increase
      the power of your software as your business grows.
             Sage Accpac Hardware and
               Software Requirement
   Needs standard server with minimum 2Ghz speed with 2GB Ram. In case of
    more concurrent users single Xeon Processor is advisable

   Either windows or Linux operating systems

   Microsoft 2003 server will be required for server and XP for nodes

   Accpac is written in VB,VB.Net and ASP.Net on the front and is backend

   Customizable with the help of tools like VB,VB.NET and ASP.Net

   Customized reports can be written by crystal report writer
Sage Accpac Select Global Customers
Sage Accpac Select Customers in India

                                 THANK YOU

We take this opportunity to thank you for your time invested in knowing about
Tasaa and the services offered by us.

To know more about us, Kindly visit :

Kindly feel free to contact us if you have any further queries:
Address : 15, Chanchal Smruti, 25 G.D.Ambekar Road, Wadala, Mumbai – 400031.
Email : , Tel : +91-22-42121717 , Fax : +91-22-42121718

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