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					                                                                          Summer Camps

Here is a list of summer camps that serve children with special health care needs in
Texas. The list is just for information and does not mean that the CSHCN Services Program
approves or endorses any camp. This list was correct as of March 2011. It does not include
all of the camps in Texas.

  Web sites you can use to look up camps for kids with special needs Use the “Find a Camp” feature. Click the “Special Needs Camps” link. Choose a state.

                          Camps for kids with special needs in Texas
American Diabetes Association camps                        Camp CAMP (Children’s Association for Maximum
Day camp for children with diabetes, ages 4 to 17          Potential)
Sponsor: American Diabetes Association                     People with disabilities, ages 5 to 45, and their siblings,
Three locations in Texas                                   ages 3 to 13
Check website for more details                             P.O. Box 27086
800-342-2383                                               San Antonio, TX 78227   210-671-5411
Camp Bluebonnet                                            210-671-5225 (fax)
Day camp for children with diabetes and their siblings,    E-mail:
Ages 4 to 17                                     
Sponsor: American Diabetes Association                     Camp El Tesoro
P.O. Box 12885                                             Children with mild physical and mental disabilities, ages 6 to 16
Austin, TX 78711-2885                                      Sponsor: Camp Fire USA First Texas Council
E-mail:                          2700 Meacham Blvd.                              Fort Worth, TX 76137-4601
Camp John Marc                                                     Epilepsy Foundation Texas
Children with disabilities, ages 4 to 12                           Children with epilepsy, ages 8 to 19
2824 Swiss Avenue                                                  Sponsor: Epilepsy Foundation Texas- Houston/Dallas-
Dallas, TX 75204                                                   Ft. Worth/West Texas
214-360-0056                                                       Three locations in Texas
214-368-2003 (fax)                                                 Check website for more details
E-mail:                                      888-548-9716                             
Camp Sanguinity                                                    Marbridge Summer Camp
Children with cancer, ages 6 to 16                                 Youth and young adults with developmental and learning
Sponsor: Cook Children’s Medical Center, Fort Worth                disabilities, ages 16 to 30
682-885-7989                                                       P. O. Box 2250                                             Manchaca, TX 78652
Camp Sign                                                          512-282-1144
Children who are deaf or hard of hearing, ages 10-16               512-282-3723(fax)
A counselor-in-training program is available to children who are   E-mail:
deaf or hard of hearing, ages 16-17                      
Sponsor: Office for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services,
Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS)         Sea Camp
Contact: Ann Horn                                                  Marine adventure camp; call to discuss your child’s needs
                                                                   Contact: Texas A & M University at Galveston
4900 North Lamar, Suite 2169
Austin, TX 78751                                                   P. O. Box 1675
                                                                   Galveston, TX 77553
512-407-3250 (voice)
512-407-3251 (TTY)
                                                                   Texas Lions Camp
Camp Summit                                                        Children with physical disabilities, Type 1 Diabetes,
Children, youth, and adults with disabilities, ages 6 to 99        Down Syndrome, and cancer
Contact: Lisa Braziel                                              Ages vary depending on specific camp
Corporate Office:                                                  Sponsor: The Lions Clubs of Texas
17210 Campbell Road                                                P.O. Box 290247
Suite 180-W                                                        Kerrville, TX 78029
Dallas, TX 75252
972-484-8900                                                       830-896-3666 (fax)
972-620-1945 (fax)                                       
E-mail:                                               Camp X-Treme
                                                                   Youth with physical disabilities, ages 8-21
Camp Sweeney                                                       Held at Camp For All
Children and youth with diabetes, and a limited number of
                                                                   Memorial Hermann Hospital
siblings or camper friends, ages 5 to 18
                                                                   1333 Moursund
P. O. Box 918                                                      Houston, TX 77030
Gainesville, TX 76241
940-665-2011                                                       E-mail: or
940-655-9467 (fax)                                       
                                                                   YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow
Elks Camp - Texas Elks                                             Children with learning disabilities, ages 8-15
Children with disabilities, ages 7 to 15                           Leadership development camp for youth, ages 16-17
Sponsor: Texas Elks Association
                                                                   P. O. Box 770
1963 FM 1586                                                       Hunt, TX 78024
Gonzales, TX 78629
830-875-5455 (fax)

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