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									QuickBooks Premier

Property Management Edition
Powerful 5 user accounting
                                                                           NEW               2004
        Product Overview

        QuickBooks Property Management Editions 2004 has been custom built for property managers with
        1-20 employees. It includes the ability to set up and track your buildings and properties, set up and
        track tenants, and manage you building maintenance costs. It lets you consistently connect every
        transaction you make, such as rental payments, security deposits, maintenance expenses to a
        specific property and show you how profitable each property is.

        Key Features & Benefits

         Manage your finances faster and easier with the Property Management Menu
          and Navigator
          Find the tasks, reports, and forms you use most often - all in one place - through the new Property
          Management Menu. In addition, the new Property Management Navigator provides icons for one-
          click access to the features you use daily so you can quickly and easily manage your finances.

         Easily manage multiple properties, suites and tenants
          Set up QuickBooks to track your properties or tenants individually to give you more insight into
          which properties are your most or least profitable, assisting you to manage you portfolio more
          effectively. In one click, choose new reports specifically designed for property managers to help
          you gain insight into your business. See which properties, tenants, and suites are the most
          profitable now and over time.

         Learn from industry experts how to manage your finances using QuickBooks
          Industry tips from experts in property management explain step-by-step how to manage your
          finances using QuickBooks, so you can better understand, customise, and optimise QuickBooks
          Property Management Edition 2004 for your business.

                                                                                        The worlds best selling
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QuickBooks Premier

Property Management Edition                                                                                              2004
Powerful 5 user accounting

         Set up quickly using a customised Chart of Accounts
           Set up QuickBooks correctly, right from the start, with the new Property Management Chart of
           Accounts. The Chart of Accounts provides a recommended account set up specifically for your

         Define more rental rates for different properties
           Now you can have more flexibility to choose the rental rate structures that fits your needs. You can
           customize as many as 100 levels (compared to 20 previously) for high-volume or preferred
           tenants, offering discounts per item, by percentage or by dollar amount.

        System Requirements

          Recommended System Configuration
           Processor:          At least 350 MHz Intel Pentium II (or equivalent)
           Monitor:            At least 256 colour SVGA video; 1024x728 resolution with small fonts
           Memory:             96 MB of RAM

          Minimum System Requirements
           Processor:          200 MHz Intel Pentium (or equivalent)
           Memory:             64 MB of RAM
           Operating System:   Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
           Hard Disk:          400 MB of disk space for QuickBooks Installation
           CD-ROM Drive:       2x CD-ROM
           Monitor:            At least 256 colour SVGA video; 800 x 600 resolution with small fonts
           Modem:              All online features/services require Internet access with at least a 56 Kbps modem


        Recommended Retail Prices (Australian Dollars)                                 Full Version:        $1495      Advantage:         $650
        The Full Version product includes 12 months Advantage Membership               Upgrade:             $700       Subscription:      $499

                                                                                                                    The worlds best selling
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