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        Don’t Sell Yourself Short —
 Copywriting for Marketing Materials

        he ability to write effective      piece, the same three parts will always    aged 18 to 45” is a more effective
         copy is an important skill to     be present.                                planning tool than the general
        acquire if you are part of your                                               “women aged 18-45.” If you can
company’s marketing team. In this          Similarly, the content consists of three   precisely define your target audience,
issue of PrintTips we will discuss the     parts: who, what and why. Who means        you will be able to write advertising
characteristics of effective copywriting   the audience the message is aimed at;      copy with definite appeal to that
and offer some techniques to improve       what means the specifics of the product    audience.
your skills.                               or service being sold; and why means
                                           the reasons for buying this particular     Define the Product in
The Building Blocks                        product or service instead of others.      Terms of the
of Effective Copy                          Before you can begin writing, you          Audience
Effective marketing copy has an            must have thought through the who,         Begin by spotlighting the features and
accepted form and predictable content.     what and why so you know how to            benefits of the product or service you
The form is in three parts: a headline     write the copy.                            are selling.
or attention-grabbing first sentence;
the development of the sales pitch; and    Define the Audience                        For each feature, develop an
a call to action.Whether you are           You may think that anyone (or              accompanying benefit – this will be
writing a sales letter, ad copy, a         everyone) is the potential audience for    used later to develop the appeal to
brochure or a direct mail marketing        your product or service. However,          your audience. For example, if your
                                           marketing to an audience that broad is     product is made of durable material
                                           not feasible. In fact, most businesses     (feature), the benefit is that the product
                                           derive about 80% of their sales from       will last longer, need replacement less
                                           about 20% of their customers. Find that    often and retain its attractive
                                           group in your own business, and see        appearance.
                                           what characteristics they have in
                                           common. Or study your competitors to       Benefit statements reflect how the
                                           see who they are targeting.                product or service affects the
                                                                                      customer’s life. Usually the benefits
                                           If you can’t decide who your               will make the customer’s life or task
                                           customers are, decide who they are         easier, faster or more desirable.
                                           not. It may be easier to decide who        Remember that cost and quality are
                                           you do not want to serve than who          major considerations when describing
                                           you do. Remember that a target             product benefits. Price + quality =
                                           audience is more than a statement of       value is a very persuasive benefit that
                                           demographics.Visualize a real person       most buyers are seeking.
                                           to represent the target audience, and
                                           be as specific as you can.To describe a    Differentiate
                                           target audience as “working mothers,       Most products or services are not
unique in the marketplace.To be                your copy – instead, they will move on
effective, the copywriting will have to        to some other activity. Make it easy for
differentiate between your product or          the reader to understand and keep up         Build A
service and the other choices the              with the copy.
customer could make.Without a                                                               Swipe
discernible and well-stated difference,        Call Them To Action
the only way customers will have to            Always include a call to action, and         File
differentiate is on price.                     consider creating urgency to act. A call

Support Your Claims
                                               to action might tell your audience
                                               what will happen if they buy your            A very effectiveastechnique
                                                                                               you can use       an idea
A discerning customer will require you         product or service, or could tell what       generator is a swipe file. A swipe
to support your benefit claims by              will happen if they don’t buy your           file is your collection of sales
providing some kind of evidence.This           product. If you use this version, select a   letters, ads, brochures, self-
could be scientific facts, user testimonials   problem your audience won’t be able          mailers, post cards, newsletters –
or the endorsement of a trustworthy or         to solve without your product.               anything you have received that
qualified individual. Do not fabricate                                                      catches your eye or positively
testimonials – ask current customers to        Other closings could be the offer of a       influences you.
provide them. Make it clear when you           guarantee or free bonus. If you
are asking that you want the truth, good       introduce a time limit to the offer or       You can create a swipe file
or bad. (After all, no rule says you have      bonus, you have created an urgency to
                                                                                            geared to whatever you want to
to use all the testimonials you gather.) A     act.You can also modify product
                                                                                            compose. One swipe file may be
happy customer is a powerful persuader         solutions by adding how long the
                                                                                            sales letters; another interesting
– nothing you write will be as                 solution will take.The statement
                                                                                            designs; yet another good
genuinely sincere as the praise of a           “Consolidate Your Overdue Bills” is
satisfied customer.                            less powerful than “Consolidate Your         examples of sales, advertising or
                                               Overdue Bills In Just Six Weeks.”            informational copywriting.Then
Start by Getting Their                                                                      when you are creating your sales
Attention                                      Use Language Wisely                          or promotional piece, you can
Realize that you have less than 10             To enliven the copy, use adjectives and      look through your swipe file to
seconds to grab the reader’s attention         adverbs to modify nouns. Consider the        get the ideas flowing.
and convince him that it is worth his          difference between offering a service        Remember, though, that a swipe
time to continue reading.Therefore,            and offering a quick, reliable service.      file is only for ideas.You still
headlines and first sentences have a           Or offering a program or a                   have to write the copy or design
disproportionate effect on the success         comprehensive program package.               the brochure yourself.
of the copywriting. Make your
headlines provocative to unhesitatingly        If you have room, include useful and         Here are some things to include
engage the reader.                             interesting information without getting      in a swipe file:
                                               too technical. Also, avoid technical         • Creative, attention-getting ads
Body Copy: Keep It                             terms, particularly when writing for a
Organized, Simple                              wider audience.                              • Competitors printed materials
and Focused                                                                                 • Great promotional ideas
Before you begin writing the body              Edit, Edit, Edit                             • Excellent examples of
copy, determine the primary message            Before you finalize your copy, read it         promotional and direct mail
or selling point and all secondary             over repeatedly to be sure it contains
selling points. If you use the primary         information that supports the main and
message as part of your headline, then         secondary selling points in language         • Reference or resource list
dedicate a few lines or paragraphs to          designed to appeal to the specific target    • Paper samples
expand the point.Then fit in the               audience. Remove anything that is not        • Graphics and cartoons
secondary selling points in order of           consistent with these goals.
importance. Move smoothly from point                                                        A swipe file costs nothing to
to point, using short sentences. Aim to        We’re Here To Help
                                                                                            create and may give you just the
keep all sentences to 12 words or less,        If you would like a “second eye” on
                                               your finished copy, we’ll be happy to        creative boost you need to break
and use sentence fragments as long as
                                               proof read, edit or give our opinion on      a writer’s block. And of course if
they will sound good to the reader.
                                               how well you have accomplished your          you are really stuck, please give
Stick with words that are simple and           objective. Call us at 330-567-2341 for       us a call at 330-567-2341 and
easy to understand.Your readers will           an appointment and we’ll start to            we’ll help any way we can.
not invest in dissecting or studying           work!
    Nothing obscures the message in a sales piece as much           “Go there at once.” or “You have completed
    as grammatical errors. Here are some homonyms – pairs           enough of the test; you may stop there.”
    of words with the same pronunciation but different             Their is a pronoun, the possessive form of they.
    meanings – that are often misused in writing.                   “They like their school and do their lessons well.”
    Affect, Effect                                                 They’re is a contraction of they are.
                                                                    “They’re spending the holidays at home.”
    Affect is a verb meaning to influence.
      “Cold weather can affect the health of elderly               Who’s, Whose
      people.”                                                     Who’s is a contraction of who is.
    Effect is most often used as a noun, meaning result.             “Who’s in charge here?”
      “The medicine had an immediate effect.”                      Whose is a pronoun, the possessive form of who and
    In formal English, effect can be used as a verb, meaning       which.
    to bring about or execute.                                       “Whose shoes are under the couch?”
      “The election results will effect a transfer of              You’re, Your
                                                                   You’re is a contraction of you are.
    It’s, Its                                                        “You’re one of the finalists in the spelling bee.”
    It’s is the contraction for it is or it has.                   Your is a pronoun, the possessive form of you.
       “It’s a girl!” or “It’s been raining for three days.”         “Your car is covered with dust from the
    Its is a pronoun, the possessive form of it.                     construction site.”
       “The dog wagged its tail.”                                  For online help with writing, consult these sources:
    There, Their, They’re                                 (online version of the Merriam-Webster
    There is an adverb indicating place (literally or              dictionary)
    figuratively).                                        (online version of Roget’s

Make It Convenient
C       onvenience. It is such an
        important part of the sales
process. Make it convenient for your
                                               Tip 2: Conform to your customer’s
                                               accounts payable practices.
                                               Find out what the purchasing and
                                                                                           Tip 4: Provide a way for customers to
                                                                                           contact you 24/7. For many
                                                                                           customers, the traditional 40-hour
customers to do business with you, and         accounts payable departments require        work week is a fiction. Give
they will! Here are a few tricks to help       to facilitate payment of your invoices      customers a way to contact you when
make things convenient for customers.          and how they like to receive invoices.      they are thinking about you – e-mail
                                               Find out what payment policies are so       is an excellent method for back-and-
Tip 1: Make it easy for customers to           you don’t waste time and annoy the          forth communication.
use the means they like best to reach          accounts payable department by
you. How will you know what mode               unnecessary followup.                       Tip 5: Keep your web site useful and
the customer prefers? You’ll have to                                                       interesting. Provide relevant content
ask! As part of the initial contact,           Tip 3: Be sure your store is easy to        on your web site so customers will
determine whether your customer                find. Review signage to be sure it is       think of it as a reference tool. Repeat
prefers personal visits, phone, FAX or         visible and in good repair. If your         visits by your customers for technical
e-mail as the usual means of contact.          location is off the beaten path,            information, tips and tricks,
Then make sure the customer has your           consider having directions printed on       frequently-asked questions and other
phone, FAX and e-mail information.             the back of your business card. Add a       useful material give you additional
                                               map to your web site.                       opportunities for contact.
Q. I’m not a very                                                                                                PRINT.
                                                                                                                 IT WORKS.

 strong writer. Do you                                                                                           There's nothing
                                                                                                                 experimental about
                                                                                                                 print. It just works.
 have any suggestions                                                                                            Whether direct mail,

 to help me be                                                                                                   branding materials,
                                                                                                                 investor relations
                                                                                                                 or your corporate

 more effective?                                                                                                 identity, a
                                                                                                                 well-printed piece
                                                                                                                 makes you look

A.                One of the best ways to write good, strong copy is to approach the task
with organization. Good copywriters always know both the audience and the desired
                                                                                                                 your best.
                                                                                                                 Give them something
                                                                                                                 tangible to keep
                                                                                                                 your message
action for the audience to take.This information is the basis for strong copywriting, so
determine the answers for your project right at the beginning.

                                                                                                                 Need help?
Next you need to list the benefits your audience will derive from using the product or
                                                                                                                 Call one of our Sales
service.This is related to, but different than, the product or service features. Usually the
features equate to a specific, intended customer benefit. Jot down the features, then
                                                                                                                 That's what we're
translate the list into benefits for the customer.When writing, mention the features but
                                                                                                                 here for.
emphasize the benefits.
With the audience, desired action and benefits identified, you are now ready to write a
first draft. Paint a picture or tell a story that will draw the reader to your point of view or
inspire the desired action. Realize that although you are writing for a specific audience,
the personalities of readers vary. Include just enough technical information to satisfy
readers who need to see data to make a decision. Keep copy simple and clear for readers
who like to get to the point quickly. Include bullet points for readers who like to skim.
Finish your writing with an attention-getting first sentence or headline that will grab the                      ROBIN SMUCKER          CARY BOWMAN
                                                                                                                 Mobile 330-466-3515   Mobile 330-466-3516
reader’s interest and keep him reading.

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