Team Gato Loco to Loreto by jizhen1947


									 “Team Gato Loco” Cruises to Loreto Baja Mex..

                               Lunar Eclipse during the Cruise

Gato Loco partners have a Team effort sailing      Hermosillo from Phoenix then flying to Loreto
Gato Loco from La Paz to Loreto and back to La     to join Gato Loco in Puerto Escondido. Bill will
Paz. May 1 – 18, 2003.                             drive from Puerto Penasco and join us in
Rick and crew Al (his dad) and brother Steve,
are currently sailing the La Paz to Loreto leg.    We will sail the Loreto area until Tuesday
Rick’s father kept his boat in La Paz for years    morning when Dave, Ellen and Eric fly back to
but never made this                                                                        Hermosi
trip. He jumped at                                                                         llo
the chance to go                                                                           returnin
with his sons and                                                                          g home.
should be having a
great time. We hope                                                                         Bill,
to hear from them                                                                           Frankie
soon on their leg to                                                                        and
Loreto. They left La                                                                        Lowell
Paz last Friday May                                                                         will
2nd and plan on                                                                             head
arriving in Puerto                                                                          south
Escondido near                                                                              back to
Loreto Monday or                                                                            La Paz
Tuesday of this                                                                             on
week. They are                                                                              Tuesday
keeping logs of their                                                                       morning.
trip and we should be                                                                       The plan
able to forward them                                                                        is to sail
when we arrive later                                                                        Tuesday
this week.                                                                                  thru
 Dave, Ellen and son                                                                        y
Eric, Bill, Lowell and                                                                      returnin
Frankie are flying in                                                                       g home
to Loreto to return Gato Loco home to La Paz.      on Sunday. Lowell and Frankie will fly La Paz to
                                                   Tucson and Bill will fly La Paz to Hermosillo,
Logistics for this trip continues to be
interesting. Dave, Ellen, Eric, Lowell and          Gato Loco will venture north about 1/3 of Baja
Frankie will leave on Friday May 9th driving to

                                Team Gato Loco – The Loreto Cruise                                    1
                                                   Some of the Gato Loco gang in Ensenada

                                                  Until the next update..

                                                           Loreto waterfront over wing

   Routes to Hermosillo

Here’s some links to the Loreto area…
Puerto Escondido
Baja map

There’s sure to be some interesting stories so
stay tuned for updates over the coming week.
                                                              Loreto hotel courtyard.

                               Team Gato Loco – The Loreto Cruise                           2
         “Team Gato Loco” cruising May 2          kill those American "bugs." Little did we know
                                                  that the Mexican "bugs" would attack us all at
                                                  the La Paz airport. There were swarms of
                                                  mosquitoes everywhere, including waiting for
                                                  our luggage. Taxi fares were buggin' too, $25
                                                  for the short ride to town.

                                                  Loaded all our gear on Gato Loco and headed
                                                  out for dinner. Since it was May Day, a holiday
                                                  here, not much was open. Across from Marina
                                                  La Paz, we had a nice dinner to ourselves at the

                                                  Lots to do before taking off. Got a late start.
                                                  Rick and Steve had a leisurely cup at the Ciao
                                                  while doing chores followed by a nice breakfast
                                                  at the Marina. The place was pretty much
                                                  packed with locals. Don't remember seeing any
                                                  yachties while we were there. Must have been
                                                  a big day (Friday the 2nd). It took us 20
                                                  minutes to get a cab. Good news once that
                                                  Raphael showed up, he offered to wait at the
                                                  Supermercado while we shopped. No thawing
                                                  while waiting! Raphael charged $16 and got a
                                                  $4 tip.

                                                               Home berth in La Paz
Hi All
                                                  Rick made necessary arrangements for clearing
Al, Rick and Steve Quant left Albuquerque on      with Yolanda. Filled out a form and had to
May Day for a Gato Loco adventure on Baja.        check in with the port captain via Channel 16
With stops in LAX and Loreto it was a most of     while we were exiting the town. Cleared the
the day trip. Had to deplane in Loreto to clear   marina about 2:30 pm. Powered out the
customs and walk thru some sort of solution to    channel. Many large ferries about. Had a great

                               Team Gato Loco – The Loreto Cruise                                  3
sail to Caleta Partida, including about 20
minutes with the screacher.                        The area around this island and the southern
                                                   end of Isla San Jose promise to be great areas
Anchored in about 20' toward the north shore       to explore - maybe a future trip.
not too far from the isthmus. Rick cooked
some great cabrilla and we all turned in happy
boys. A light breeze from the west came up
during the night, made for good sleeping.


“Team Gato Loco” in San Evarista May 3

Hi All

                                                             Southerly cove San Evarista

                                                   After a few hours, off to Punta San Evarista.
                                                   The breeze had built and was just about on the
                                                   nose so we motor-sailed the eight miles. A
                                                   great anchorage, with two choices. Nearer the
                                                   sandy beach on the southerly cove or up against
                                                   the headwall on the northerly cove. We chose
                                                   the northerly cove, guessing that the beach
                                                   area may have more bugs. There were two
                                                   cruising sailboats already at anchor when we
           Rick and Steve’s father Al
                                                   arrived, but were joined by a sportfisher that
                                                   came in after dark. The night was dark and the
After a pleasant night at anchor, we headed up
                                                   water fairly deep, and after a number of
to Isla San Francisco. We motored some and
                                                   attempts, finally got their hook to set. Took
sailed some on the way. Gato Loco dropped
                                                   them at least an hour and a half to get settled.
anchor at the cove on the southwest side of
                                                   A great example to try to get in before dark!
the island. It is truly spectacular, with sandy
bottoms and crystal clear turquoise waters.
Rick said the snorkeling was great off the
                                                    The northerly wind died off a couple of hours
rocky point where the lighthouse is located.
                                                    after sunset. Things were pretty still most of
The beach is great for a long stroll.
                                                                      the night.


         Anchored at isla SanFrancisco

                                Team Gato Loco – The Loreto Cruise                               4
Hi All                                              Although Bahia Agua Verde was our original
                                                    destination, we dropped anchor a few miles
Gato Loco weighed anchor about 8:30 this fine       short at the cove on the south side of Punta
May 4 day. Rick went for a swim. Dad enjoyed        San Marcial. The protection looked better
hanging out and watching the activity in the        than Agua Verde given the wind direction, and
                                                                             the little corner of
                                                                             Agua Verde that is
                                                                             well protected could
                                                                             have been filled up.
                                                                             The cove worked out
                                                                             great and offered
                                                                             excellent protection
                                                                             from the north winds.
                                                                             It is exposed to
                                                                             southeast winds
                                                                             however. There is a
small village of San Evaristo                                                shoal that extends
                                                    almost two-thirds of a mile southeast from the
By the way, there are dirt roads along the          point. Don't be tempted to cut across! Leaving
shore and up the mountainside of Baja south of      the next morning, we could see how far it
San Evaristo. There was quite a bit of traffic      reached.
yesterday, and it was interesting
watching the dust clouds come up
off the Baja. Best guess is the
traffic was
motorcycles/ATV's/dune buggies,
though the roads can handle
regular vehicles.

The motor north thru the Canal
de San Jose was quite a
spectacle. Lots to see of a very
rough and rugged coastline. Once
we got to the north end of the
Canal the wind piped up. We
sailed for an hour or so as the
wind continued increasing – of
course, just about due north,
from right where we were needing
to go. The last 26 miles were quite a slog – 18     Dad did great on this rough passage,
to 25 knot winds. We motor-sailed into them,        alternating snoozing and watching the
taking waves over the cabin top from time to        unbelievable Baja coastline from the port hull
time. This was making for a longer day than we      window as we pounded past. Rick made scallops
wanted, even given it was our most mileage for      for dinner. Sure were tasty, but sure were
a day – a little over 40 miles.                     rubbery! The night passed uneventfully, though
                                                    it got quite chilly and everything was soaked
                                                    from condensation when we woke up.
         Nopolo village in Canal de San Jose

                                 Team Gato Loco – The Loreto Cruise                              5
May May 5 / 6                                     Rick went for a swim at Agua Verde while Dad
                                                  and I checked out the the local situation on the
Hi All                                            beaches. There were quite a number of pangas

                                                  and shacks used by the local fishermen, not to
                                                  mention a number of vehicles.
               Honeymoon cove

After a quiet night at the cove behind Punta
San Marcial, we pulled up anchor early and
motored in the almost calm waters toward Agua
Verde. There were still swells left from
yesterday's blow and they were breaking over
the shoals and shelf that extends at least
1,000 yards to the southeast of the point. This
shoal deserves a wide berth.

Agua Verde was a short distance away and
there were a number of boats anchored in the
northwest cove, including a big 60 foot power                  Village in Agua Verde
yacht that came up to coast after we did
yesterday. (After seeing it pound and take        Next stop Honeymoon Cove on the northwest
waves over the deck, we felt a little better      side of Isla Danzante. Had a nice lunch and
about our passage.)                               were tucked in another beautiful cove with sand
                                                  and turquoise blue water, but there were bugs.

                                                  Later we had a great sail up the coast toward
                                                  Loreto, then tacked over toward Isla Carmen.
                                                  Unfortunately, the day was getting on so we set
                                                  the screacher and had a hot ride in about 16
                                                  knots of breeze. As we rounded the point in
                                                  the outer bay of Escondido there were quite a
                                                  number of boats in the outer bay, known as the

                              Team Gato Loco – The Loreto Cruise                                   6
"waiting room." Dropped sails and motored into
the bay where there were probably 60 or 70          Rick’s Update
boats anchored, mostly sail.                        May 7th

The water was pretty deep. We anchored in a
little less than 40' and were at the end of our

After a great night, we got up and lounged
around for awhile. Then it was all business
wrapping the boat up and making sure things
were ship shape for the next crew.

           Bay entrance to Escondido

We caught a taxi to Loreto and stayed at an
older hotel, vintage early 60's, at the south end
of the malecon named The Oasis. It was a
great place, a little dated, but beautifully
landscaped with an interesting bar and
restaurant. I was expecting to see Frank
Sinatra walk by at any time.

Had no problem making our flight Wednesday                           Loreto Church
morning. Lots of fishermen with coolers of fish
were the majority of our travelling mates.          Here’s some links to the Loreto area…
We all had a great time and each of us had seen
a part of Baja we had never seen before, the        Puerto Escondido
stretch between Isla San Francisco and Agua
                                                    Baja map
Verde. Here's to Gato Loco for making it

Ahoy   Steve..

                                Team Gato Loco – The Loreto Cruise                               7
                                                    w/approx 80-100ft of chain and well backed in.
                                                    the anchor light is on. ask saturday morn in the
                                                    office for Romolo or Lupita, they have the 4
                                                    gas cans with gas for gato loco already paid for.
                                                    also water is full and the head is pumped out.
               Loreto ocean front
                                                    tell dave we trolled with just about every one
Rick’s news from Loreto May 7th                     of his lures but no luck. the fishing guide says
We had a great time, arrived in escondido           smoke, bleeding red lues, rappallas or live bait. i
monday afternoon after a great sail. only bad       caught a ton of fish at anchor however. loretto
day was sunday, an 8 hour beat from san             is a nice peacefull town, should be a super
evaristo to san marcial, just 2 miles shy of agua   mercado to stock up. taxi fare is $25 plus each
verde. started out dead calm then we sailed a       way and approx 30 min. drive. we stayed at the
                                                                                            oasis, a
                                                                                            very nice
                                                                                            old hotel
                                                                                            on the

bit then motored then sailed a bit more then
                                                    The full Puerto Escondido Bay
20+knot wind on the nose for about 5 hours. we
were glad to pull into the anchrage at san
                                                    we left scraecher cover off, stowed in forward
marcial. when rounding this point, stay way
                                                    compartment. check chain when raising anchor
clear at least one plus miles as there are 3
                                                    as bottom of larger bay was muddy and we had
submerged rocks. they are on the charts. steve
                                                    to scrub chain as we raised anchor.. if your
left a detailed voyage in the outmail of your
                                                    staing in loreto area until tuesday, suggest you
laptop. absolutely no probelms with gato loco as
                                                    can day anchor right at loretto and dingy or
she performed brilliantly. The boat is in the
                                                    swim ashore, then overnight in honeymoon bay
inner harbor of escondido, you see her as you
                                                    on isla danzante or bondello bay???on isla
drive up in the taxi. only a 1-2 minute swim.
                                                    carmen. agua verde is approx 20 miles away and
mstival, anchored neraby will keep an eye on her
                                                    is an excellent stopover.
along with the people in the internet cafe/
                                                    weather was perfect not too hot hot. water was
                                                    ok for me, icould snorkel 30 mins no problema
                                                    without wet suit. items i suggest you bring with
                                                    you. NOT MUCH!! i wore swimsuit and t shirts
                                                    whole time. sunscreen and more snorkeling
                                                    equip. wash out mask with prell, to keep from
                                                    fogging and lube fins to put on. works great!
                                                    bug spray for la paz airport as they were nasty,
                                                    bit only at airport. I already miss Gato Loco.
                                                    have fun!

                   Inner bay                        scurvy dog ricardo.

it will be dark when you arrive at the boat, but
you can motor her right up to the wharf wall,
just fend her off, as we brought her alongside
to unload. she is in about 20 ft of water

                                Team Gato Loco – The Loreto Cruise                                   8
May 9, 2nd Crew arrives in Loreto

                                                   The Hermosillo airport was easy to find. Bill
                                                   even found it and was waiting. He was able to
                                                   drive from Puerto Penasco in 4 4/3 hours. Tom
                                                   might be able to do it faster. Our Loreto flight
                                                   was on 33 seat SAAB 340 commuter which only
                                                   took ~1 hour.

                                                   We jumped into a taxi that took us in to Loreto
                                                   for a quick stop at the Mercado for ice, water
                                                   and beer before heading to Puerto Escondido.

               View from my seat

                                                   We lucked out when arriving at the boat. Still
                                                   good light and a dingy was just ready to leave
                                                   the dock as we pulled up. In short order we had
                                                   Gato Loco at the dingy dock and gear on board
                                                   then back anchored before dark.

                                                   Good nights sleep after the trip. Dave and Bill
                                                   retrieved gas from the tienda and we were off
                                                   to sail to Loreto.

Loreto Airport
                                                   Rick.. Big news. Dave had 3 hookup as we
Drive from Phx to Hermosillo went smoothly
                                                   rounded the point and headed north to Loreto.
(except the road new Hermosillo). Dave drove
                                                   First was a 15 lb bonito that was half eaten by
the distance and says it was an easy drive. The
                                                   a 5’ shark before we got it to the boat. 2nd was
border crossing was a fire drill but simple once
                                                   18 lb bonito (same fish Walt caught at Partida).
we got all the copies for needed docs.
                                                   3rd was a huge dorado that we reeled to the
                                                   steps before it got free.

                                Team Gato Loco – The Loreto Cruise                                9
Heading into Loreto. We will tie up a the docks
inside the breakwater to go to port captain and

We will be sending Steve’s emails on their
passage up from La Paz in the next emails.

Until our next update…

Saturday afternoon May 10

                                                                  Eric in Italian hotel

                                                    After Dave finished reeling in fish we pointed
                                                    Gato Loco towards Loreto. Wind was building
                                                    and pretty much on our nose. We decided to go
                                                    inside the breakwater in Loreto and find a place
                                                    to secure Gato Loco out of the waves. We’re
                                                    living right as there was an open dock and some
                                                    fisherman indicated it was ok to leave the boat
                                                    there. Local kids volunteered to keep and eye
                                                    on her while we went to the port captain’s
                                                    office and looked for previsions. Little did they
                Loreto Mission                      know they would be there for a

                                 Team Gato Loco – The Loreto Cruise                               10

                                                                Anchored Ballandra
Historic park in Loreto
Like most Baja towns we were impressed. Lots      Ballandra is a large bay with good north/south
of thatched roofs and very clean. We found the    protection. 12 boats were resting comfortably
port captain office just off the breakwater       when we arrived. We made our way inside into
marina BUT you guessed it.. Not open. Off to      shallower water with a F31 (Tri to Fly). Lots of
Loreto center which has a mission founded in      kyackers camped on the beach. No eatable fish
1696 by the Jesuits. What we found was totally    caught so it was spaghetti with lots of fixens.
unexpected. Old town was very very well           Winds flattened for the night for another cool
maintained with great spaces. The streets near    restful night.
the mission were tree covered and groomed
with perfect arches. We stopped by a beautiful    Until the next Update
hotel recently built by Italian’s. Frankie and
Ellen arranged a tour by a proud employee.
Photos tell the story here..

                                                         Pool reflections from above lobby

 Hotel Posada de Los Flores A stop for
margarita’s and then to the Mercado for
supplies. Poncho the taxi driver gave us a lift
back to the boat where the boys had the boat
in good order. They quickly helped us load
supplies and we were off to Ballandra bay with
18kts of wind on a broad reach.

                                                                 Old Town Loreto

                               Team Gato Loco – The Loreto Cruise                               11
                Sunday May 11                      Winds improving so we headed south to round
                                                   the south end of Danzante and then up the
No wind in the morning. Bill and Eric went sight   west coast to Honeymoon cove. As we neared
seeing in the bay and came back with a good        the south end we got another hookup and it
snorkeling report. Moved Gato Loco to the          was Frankie’s turn. Another bonito to release
south point of Ballandra entrance where we all     but it was a handful for Frankie.
did some snorkeling.

No promise for wind so Dave was excited to
troll just off shore (isla Carmen) as we motored
south. Isla Carmen is 17 miles long and we         We made our way into Honeynoon cove. Two
started at the north end. No luck 2/3rds of        other boats already in. Set anchor and went
the way south so we moved to deeper waters         hiking. Islands are national parks with well
where we saw surface action.                       organized trails.

 Wind up to 8kts so we decided to head east         After spending some time anchored we
along the turquoise south shore of Carmen.         decided the bugs would be more than we could
Finally dinner. Bill caught a 8 lb pargo that      handle so we pulled anchor and moved to Puerto
made 4 nice filets.                                Escondido. Great sail to Escondido with the sun
                                                   setting on the steep mountain scapes. We’re in
                                                   a theater of mountains basically 360 around
                                                   with islands and Baja. A picture doesn’t do it
                                                   justice. Escondido is still busy but seems to
                                                   have fewer boats.

                                                   Until the next Update

                                Team Gato Loco – The Loreto Cruise                                12
Monday May 12

Dave, Ellen & Eric’s last day before we head
south tomorrow. We left anchorage early after
Lowell, Frankie and Bill went into the internet
café to send email. Cell phone still not working
for email. Small café only thing here, small
coffee/pastry and 2 computers.

We decided to head south 12 miles for a day
trip to Bahia Candeleros on the Baja coast.
Large shallow bay, Mexican camp on the east
end an Eco camp in the middle and resort
perched on top of a near by hill.

                                                                     After dinner

                                                   Anchored back in inter bay next to Mystical
                                                   where we found Gato Loco when we arrived.
                                                   Mystical gave us directions to a Mercado in
                                                   walking distance so we loaded up the crew and
                                                   off to the store for supplies. Mercado turned
                                                   out to be in a trailer park with a good
 We took a hike to checkout the resort hoping      restaurant. Margaritas, dinner and a walk back
for margaritas, no luck, but talked to the owner   to the boat under moon light. Great end to the
from Bull Head City. Very interesting.. Before     Redden leg…
leaving the area we went another mile south to
Candeleros south, a small north facing bay with
one sail boat anchored. Everybody hit the water
for a cool down. Eric discovered fishing and
puts a line in every time we stop now. He hasn’t
caught anything yet but loves trying.

We’re on our way back to Puerto Escondido for
the night so Dave’s can head out first thing
tomorrow. Wind was from the south for the
first time today. I think this means the
southwest is finally warming. Great down wind
sail back to Escondido but we could have wind
on our nose tomorrow heading south.                       Dave, Ellen and Eric off to airport

                                                   Gato Loco is off to Bahia Agua Verde. Not sure
                                                   emails will work in route so don’t be surprised if
                                                   you don’t hear from us until we arrive in La Paz

                                                   Until the next Update…

                               Team Gato Loco – The Loreto Cruise                                 13
Team Gato Loco in Bahia Agua Verde
Tuesday May 13

Reddens heading home

Frankie cooling off

                                                   We left Escondido around 9 am and based on
                                                  weather report we planned a light wind beat to
                                                  Agua Verde. Motored to the south end of isla
Bill and Lowell Bahia Candeleros                  Danzante and stopped for swim break. Winds up
                                                  to 5 out of S-SE and slowly built to 9 later in
                                                  the day (as report indicated). Gato Loco's
                                                  speed peaked at 6kts as we sailed into Bahia
                                                  Agua Verde. We picked up lots of gnats as we
                                                  pulled in the bay so finding a spot without gnats

                               Team Gato Loco – The Loreto Cruise                               14
was a priority. 8 boats setting in the west
anchorage as we took a pass. Crew was
concerned about gnats so we moved to the east
bay. One huge (100') power cruiser and one sail
boat here. Shallower water (14') just what we
need -- home for the night.
 Here's the story for Dave... On the way in to
the bay we had a hookup on a huge 15 lb
cabrillo. It was a massive fight to land but the
Gato Crew was up for it...

                                                             View as we munch the Cabrillo

                                                    This morning we were woke up by goats on the
                                                    cliff near by and fisherman setting nets in the
                                                    bay. I think they were catching batt fish. We
                                                    made way by 8:30 and have enough wind to set
                                                    sails by 9. Forecast is for wind today as there
                                                    should be a low on the pacific side that should
                                                    spill over and give us wind. Barometer doesn't
                                                    indicate the low however... We're hoping...

                 The big catch

Story for all others... After anchoring we
motored over to the small village in the middle
of the bay. We took a stroll thru and found
woman and children busy with house and dinner
activities. Men who had probably been up early                  Until the next update..
fishing were all relaxing in shady spots. Most
houses had a small pig and a goat and were very
small, built with local materials (lots of cactus
limbs)... On our way back to the boat we asked
some men if we could buy a fish... After some
negotiation on their part on who was going to
get up to take us to the fish locker (plywood
box full of fish and ice) we were able to buy a
huge 15 lb cabrillo.

Needless to say dinner was great with fresh
fish for a change! Just kidding Dave your pargo
                                                           Rock protecting Bahia Agua Verde
fish was excellent. We have enough fish for a
couple more nights.

                                 Team Gato Loco – The Loreto Cruise                               15
Wednesday afternoon May 14
To Bahia San Evarsito

                                   Well the weather low didn't arrive with big winds. We had a
                                   typical day with light breezes from S-SE that slowly built to
                                   9kts steady. This held until we sailed into the channel with isla
                                   San Jose where as expected we were headed with even
                                   stronger winds (12kts). This actually turned out great as we
                                   fell off the wind and sailed toward grand cliffs as the Baja

                             Team Gato Loco – The Loreto Cruise                                   16
mountains jet right out of the at sea side.          state probably makes this view more routine.
Great colors but being from the grand canyon
                                                     west at night. This is the beginning of season
                                                     for them and heavy south winds called
                                                     cornwell's. These conditions should be
                                                     considered when anchoring. Good local
                                                     knowledge is always appreciated.

                                                          Walt he also said that Bonita (skip jack) is
                                                          good eating. He says first you have to cut
                                                     them behind the gills and then tie a line on the
                                                     tail and drag behind the boat to bleed them
                                                     (the key to get rid of gamy taste). Clean and
                                                     fillet them and cut fillets into chucks. Steam in
                                                     foil with veggies, butter and spices. Meat will
                                                     steam up white, tender and tasty. Next time we
Cliffs near Nopolo fishing camp                      will know.

Soon after entering the channel we approached           Good peaceful night (no elephant'es or
an interesting fishing village surrounded by            Cornwell's). No we're not paranoid....
these huge mountains. Obvious they bring all
supplies by boat. There are marginal anchorages      Bill fixed french toast and we are off to isla
here, still had time to move to a secure             San Francisco then maybe on to Partida
anchorage so we pressed on to San Evaristo.          depending on the winds.

Arriving in San Evarsito we found 6 boats
anchored. Fairly large fishing camp with a road
in. We took anchorage in the SE bay in 10' of
water. Soon after we were treated to hundreds
of pelicans feeding all around the boat. The
water as boiling with small fish and the feeding
frenzy was on. This continued until full

                                                                 Until the next update...
Pelican frenzy
Bill was fishing off the bow with no luck.
Neighbor boat came by with a dingy full of fish.
He cleaned and gave us a barracuda and a
trigger fish (dinner tomorrow night).
Interesting person.. Lives in La Paz full time
and works as a boat captain. He warned us
about the possibility of strong winds from the

                                  Team Gato Loco – The Loreto Cruise                                  17
Team Gato Loco        Francisco. Entering the channel we found wind from the north at 8kts
going to Partida      (not noticeable at anchor). Engines off and a down wind run 5 miles to
Thursday May 15       the island. Cruised through a underwater reef with rocks surfacing at
                      some distance. Bill could see the bottom and big fish at one point. Not
                      to long after a Mexican official boat with sirens on came speeding by
                      and approached pangas fishing in the area. Officials escorted them out
                      of the area. I suspect no commercial fishing is allowed in the area. We
                      quickly put our fishing gear away as we are not totally legal. Everybody
                      on board should have a lic. Lowell and Frankie's have expired.

                                      Bay on south end of Isla San Francisco

                      Isla San Francisco has a big west facing bay with long beach and
                      tortoise waters. We went ashore for exercise. Bill climbed to the top
                      of a hill near where Gato Loco was anchored and took some photos.
                      Frankie and Lowell walked the beach. Longer walk then it looked but we
                      needed the exercise. Some final swimming and then we headed south to
                      isla Espiritu Santo & Partida.

                      On the beach at Isla San Francisco
                                                                       Winds have picked up
                                                                       to 12kts and moved to
                                                                       the east allowing us to
                                                                       fly two head sails
                                                                       (screacher and jib)
                                                                       bouncing between 6
                                                                       and 7 kts with fairly
                                                                       smooth seas. Couldn't
                                                                       ask for better
                                                                       conditions. Arriving at
                                                                       Partida we sailed in to
                                                                       bahia Ensanada Grande
                                                                       with gusty winds.
                                                                       Anchored boats were
                                                                       scattered across 3
                                                                       areas. All anchorages
                                                                       are exposed to the
                                                                       west and based on
Definitely our best                                                    local knowledge we will
wind day yet.                                                          opt for better
We pulled anchored                                                     coverage in Celeta
around 8:30 and                                                        Patida where Rick
headed to isla San                                                     stopped on his way to

                      Team Gato Loco – The Loreto Cruise                                    18
Loreto. Gusts continued at anchorage but we're
well protected. This anchorage actually has a
channel to open water on the east off the
island so we jumped in the dingy and checked it
out. There's a fishing camp setting on the
dunes separating the east/west bays. As we
approached the channel we see kyackers coming
from the west into the wind planning on
spending the night on dunes.

Fishing camp in Celeta Partida

In the evening we were treated to a special
show as there was a full lunar eclipse. Bay went
from full moon to full darkness as we played
hearts and checked the progress after each
hand. Wind gusts continued as we retired with
the anchor drag alarm set on the GPS. No
problems and if finally quieted down and YES
the moon came back later in the night.

Until the next Update…

To cool…
Four shoots edited to from the sequence.

                                 Team Gato Loco – The Loreto Cruise   19
Team Gato Loco in Partida Friday May 16
                                                   Finally mustered the courage to pull the hook
Lazy morning since we only have to make La Paz     and quietly sailed down wind out of
(18 miles). Slept late and relaxed until 11        the deep bay with winds at 12kts. Once exiting
before departing. Only two other sail boats        the slot between the islands forming the Celeta
anchored and one left before we got up.. Great     Partida winds were less focused and became
breeze coming through the channel to the west      shifty and light..
making it very comfortable and we don't want
to leave because we know this is the last leg of   Motor on while we wait for winds.. Time to
this trip (boo hoo)..                              finish the hearts tournament from last night.
                                                   Lowell's the winner but Frankie made a big push
                                                   in the last hand.

                                                   1:30 Winds back up from S-SE at 10 and we
                                                   should be in the La Paz channel by 4.. Sailed to
                                                   Marina Palmira before dropping sails and
                                                   motoring into fuel docks. Fueled and motored to
                                                   Marina De La Paz by 5..

                                                   First order of business was a pitcher of margs
                                                   at the Dock Cafe. Things went down hill from
                                                   there. No cleaning work on the boat today..
                                                   Long hot showers and up the street to the local
                                                   street taco shack for a feast. Highly
                                                   recommended and well deserved.. Great dinner
                                                   for 4 bucks. On to the internet bar for drinks
                                                   and computers (strange combination). Rick and
                                                   Marilyn received an interesting email from us.
                                                   We were able to send the past days emails (still
                                                   not able to send from the boat)..

Waterfront from peer

                               Team Gato Loco – The Loreto Cruise                               20
                                       Waterfront near marina..

                                  Lights on the waterfront Malaccan..

Waterfront Malaccan very busy with lots of people out. A stop at the ice cream shop and then stumble
back to the boat. Way to much exercise but we need it.. Slept like a log with a cool breeze most of the

It feels good to be back in La Paz.

                                Team Gato Loco – The Loreto Cruise                                  21
   On the peer down town La Paz..

        Boat cleaning today.

         Until the next Update

Team Gato Loco – The Loreto Cruise   22
“Team Gato Loco” La Paz – Loreto Cruise             Introduction Email about the Cruise
May 1 – 18, 2003                                    May 9 – Traveling to Loreto
 The La Paz - Loreto cruise is now memories,        May 10/11 – Team Gato Loco in Loreto
                                                    May 12 – Last days in Loreto (Puerto Escondido)
great ones at that. We all had a great time and
                                                    May 13 – Sailing to Bahia Agua Verde
visited many beautiful places. We're especially     May 14 – Sailing to San Evaristo
happy that Rick & Steve's 82 year old father        May 15 – Sailing to Celenta Partida
Al got to do the trip and had a great time. Ellen   May 16/17 – Returning to La Paz
and Eric also did their first extended cruise
and had a very good experience. All travels         Steve’s logs on the La Paz to Loreto leg…
home went smoothly. We are already planning         May 2 – The Quant’s arrive in La Paz
the next adventure in early July when we hope       May 3 – Sailing Partida to San Evaristo
                                                    May 4 - Sailing San Evaristo to Punta San Marcial
to move Gato Loco to San Carlos, Sonora
                                                    May 5/6 – Gato Loco Arrives in Puerto Escondido
Mexico on the mainland about 7 hours south of       May 7 – Rick’s report on the trip
Phoenix.                                            Read more about Gato Loco at:
Opposite you will find links to trip email
updates. We've reviewed pictures from the trip
and have added additional pictures that better
set the mood. Also we've given the text a 2nd
read and fixed some of the gibberish.. Follow
the links and enjoy.

Lowell’s Updates for the Loreto to La Paz leg…

                                Team Gato Loco – The Loreto Cruise                                      23

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