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					                                             Dina Aminova
                                             366 East Bayside Drive
                                             Saratoga Springs, UT 84043
                                             Tel (801) 766-1951
                                             Cell (801) 243-6759

                                                   CAREER SUMMARY
Software Tester/QA Analyst with broadly varying experience throughout the software development lifecycle. Skilled in
reading code, database schema analysis and testing, including automated testing tools (WinRunner, SQA Robot). Specialized
in detail oriented black and white box testing. Have understanding and beginner’s experiance of networks and common
protocols and Security Principles. Persistent, with strong analytical skills. Quality oriented and adaptable to changing
situations. Excellent team player with extensive international experience. US citizen.

                                                  COMPUTER SKILLS
Operating systems:                  Windows NT/2000, 95, 98, MS DOS, Red Hat Linux 7.3 and 8.0
RDBMS:                              Oracle 8i (Release 8.1.7), Oracle 7.3(Personal), MS Access
Programming Languages:              SQL, PL/SQL, Visual Basic 5/6, Java, Fortran-4, Basic
Database Tools:                     SQL* Plus, SQL*Worksheet, TOAD, DBA Studio, ERwin
                                    Oracle Developer/2000 (Forms 4.5, Reports 2.5)
Testing tools:                      WinRunner 4.0, MKS Source Integrity and bug tracking,
                                    SQA Robot 6.1, AVT, E-Test Suite (RSW)
Software:                           MS Office (MS Excel, MS Word ) , TexPad, FDK 5.1, PFE32
Other Skills:                       C, Java, HTML, UNIX, dBase, Clipper, FoxPro, VAX/VMS

                                                 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
TBE (transition project for Utah Oracle Users Group)                                                  01/2003 to present
Sandy, Utah
         Thin Blue Edge students are designing and maintaining site for UTOUG (Utah Oracle Users Group).
         Programming language is JAVA, refering to JSP technology for controlling the content or appearance
         of Web pages through the use of servlets.Using web/application server is Tomcat. Using database is Oracle. Tester
         responsibilities is verification and validation user requirements for QC and QA testing implementation. Generate test
         data to support test conduct. Wrote database queries and used TOAD for checking INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE
         data of tables. Developing test plan and test cases are part of testing implementation.
Blue Pangea(transition program)                                                               02/2002 to present
Sandy, Utah
         Oracle DBA/Tester
         Responsibilities include consulting services for client: analyzing user requirements, designing and creating database
         tables for Personal Assessment Tool (PAT), creating tablespaces, tables constraints and triggers to implement the
         business rules. Created multiple, granted-privilege users, via SQL, PL/SQL and Oracle tools SQL*Plus, SQL Plus
         Worksheet, TOAD. Responsibilities also include migration Oracle database from Win2000 to Linux platform.
         Tester responsibilities are reviewing software requirements and design, planning software test activities, generating
         detailed software test procedures, tracking problem reports to closure. Design and document detailed test cases to
         cover all levels of test, including: functional, integration, and system. Generate/assemble test data to support test
ConsultNet, LLC                                                                                         01/2002 to 02/2002
Draper, Utah
         Gateway Technician
         The Gateway CyberSpot Powered by AT&T was Internet center for athletes, officials and media professionals
         during the 2002 Winter Olympic games in Salt Lake City. Worked in the Olympic Village CyberSpot with people
         from different countries. Helped them with Video-Email, Network games, CD Burning, Web browsing, Internet,
         radio, e-mail access and getting pictures from a digital cameras to CD. This kind work required excellent
         communication skill and understanding needs of clients.
emWare                                                                                                       12/2000 to 03/2001
Salt Lake City, Utah
         PQA Test Engineer
         Set up various devices to conduct stress, scalability, longevity and performance testing, for dual-voltage Ethernet.
         Used automated tool AVT to test embedded devices on Windows NT and Linux platforms. Some applications for
         embedded devices was coded on C. Reported bugs using MKS Source Integrity. Converted data from XML file to
         Excel format to create the graphic displays to view results. Flashed devices with FDK for fixing bugs. Worked with
         client and server side software QA tools. Configured TCP/IP on LAN for all machines.
Innovative Technologies Alliance                                                                             02/2000 to 08/2000
Toronto, Canada
         Software Tester
         Performed manual and automated GUI testing of the application which was developed on VB5.0. and used MS
         Access dB. Assisted in generating test plans by creating test requirements based on design documents and business
         requirements. Design manual test cases and test procedures. Modified automated test scripts that created by
         WinRunner’s RapidTest Wizard. Verified data acceptance, correctness, error handling. Contributed to verification,
         validation and acceptance testing. Performed bug tracking and created problem reports to improve quality (using
         TestDirector). Conducted regression testing (using WinRunner) and track all problem reports to closure.
         Generate/assemble test data to support test conduct.
East-West Property Management                                                                         01/1996 to 02/2000
Park City, Utah
         Database Developer
         Seasonal contract assignment to property management company developing and managing financial, reservations and
         operational databases. Created database on Excel, that improved office efficiency and reduced cost through office
CLAL, LTD. Malam Systems Division                                                                            09/1994 to 11/1995
Beer-Sheva, Israel
         CAD Engineer
         Prepared AutoCAD design of subdivision plats, electric utility maps and mechanical drawings on contract to
         PacifiCorp. Increased customer acceptance through QA process.
MOREX Software Development, LTD                                                                              05/1993 to 03/1994
Netanya, Israel
                             Software Tester/ Program Developer
         Designed GUI dialogs for financial application with single interface to create and maintain different accounts and
         account types. Application was developed on VB 4.0 and Win3.1 Performed manual tests to verify functionality,
         which improved productivity. Created test procedures, including test cases, test scripts, test data and expected
         results. Wrote technical documentation. Generate/assemble test data to support test conduct.
Science Academy of Gas                                                                                       01/1987 to 10/1992
Kiev, Ukraine
         Programmer/Data Analyst
         Coded in SQL Oracle report generator to perform human resources tasks, developed queries and reports. Created
         graphics for display of reckoning nodes to perform statistical analysis of air pollution around nuclear power stations.
         Coded in Basic, debugged and tested applications. Provided unit test, functional test and regression testing. Fixed
         the bugs. Generate/assemble test data to support test conduct.
Institute of Gas and Oil                                                                                     07/1978 to 01/1987
Kazan, Russia
         Programmer/QA Analyst
         Designed program packages for automated system of instrumentation and process control for the oil and gas
         industry, using FORTRAN 4. Coded and debugged programs for the system. Analyzed data for completed
         automated system. Provided the following tests: unit testing (to test functions or code module), integration testing
         (to test combined parts of system, to determine if they function together correctly), functional testing (black-box
         testing to verify a program by checking it against requirements). Wrote technical documentation.

                                              EDUCATION AND TRAINING

Bachelor’s Degree (major in Math, minor in Computer Science), Kazan State University, Kazan, Russia
diploma was evaluated by Educational Evaluation Services
Advanced course of "Linux Administration / Introduction to Information Security Principles" , TBE, Salt Lake City, UT
Advanced course of "Oracle Database Administration" , TBE, Salt Lake City, UT
Course of Java, UVSC, Salt Lake City, UT
Innovative Technologies Alliance, Toronto, Canada
Advanced computer training; in Beer-Sheva, Israel
AutoCAD on-the-job training, in Beer-Sheva, Israel

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