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Property Ii Contracts Ii Torts Ii Civ Pro


Property Ii Contracts Ii Torts Ii Civ Pro document sample

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									     Witkin Award for Academic Excellence Notice of Award Winners: SPRING 2010

Anthony Austin         APPELLATE ADVOCACY (LS1A)                Rose

Robert O'Neil          APPELLATE ADVOCACY (LS1B)                Dean

Susan Rados            APPELLATE ADVOCACY (LS2A)                McQuade

Penny Johnson          APPELLATE ADVOCACY (LS3A)                Schaaf

Jaime Smith            BANKRUPTCY LAW                           Wurms

Douglas Armstrong      BUSINESS ASSOCIATIONS                    Greenberg

Fayaz Rajani           BUSINESS OF PRACTICE OF LAW              Zilber

Rana Boujaoude         CALIFORNIA LEGAL RESEARCH                Diehl

Catharine Christian    CIVIL LITIGATN:PRE-TRIAL PHASE           Segal

Sarah Einhorn          CIVIL PROCEDURE II (LS2)                 Ramo

Melinda Sarjapur       CIVIL PROCEDURE II (LS3)                 Moscato

Kathryn Speraw         CIVIL PROCEDURE II (LSN)                 Moscato

Natalie Barker         COMMUNITY PROPERTY (LS1)                 Chang

Elizabeth Williams     COMMUNITY PROPERTY (LSN)                 Chang

Greg Bentley           COMPETITION - ADV MOCK TRIAL             Segal

Otis Landerholm        CONSTITUTIONAL ISSUES SEMINAR            Christiansen

Jay Melaas             CONSTITUTIONAL LAW I - HLP               Christiansen

Anthony Austin         CONSTITUTIONAL LAW II (LS1)              Keane

Phillip Schippmann     CONSTITUTIONAL LAW II (LS2)              Zamperini

Genevieve Coyle        CONSTITUTIONAL LAW II (LSN)              Moskovitz

Rebecca Self           CONTRACTS II (LS1)                       Sylvester

Christina Tetreault    CONTRACTS II (LS2)                       Sylvester

Melinda Sarjapur       CONTRACTS II (LS3)                       Chuang

Lucia Turpin           CONTRACTS II (LSN)                       Kosel

Stephanie Tobosa       CRIMINAL LAW (LS1)                       Cohen
     Witkin Award for Academic Excellence Notice of Award Winners: SPRING 2010

Paula Vielman-Reeves   CRIMINAL LAW (LS2)                       Chang

Melinda Sarjapur       CRIMINAL LAW (LS3)                       Cohen

Albert Hsueh           CRIMINAL LITIGATION                      Leff

Jay Melaas             CRIMINAL PROCEDURE I (LS1)               Calhoun

Bailey Bifoss          CRIMINAL PROCEDURE I (LSN)               Sepulveda

Eric Ryan              CRIMINAL PROCEDURE II                    Moskovitz

Francisco Silva        EVIDENCE (LS1)                           Calhoun

Holly Trief            EVIDENCE (LSN)                           Keane

Erica Treeby           FAMILY LAW                               Hendrickson

Jaime Smith            FEDERAL INCOME TAXATION                  Stanley

Brian Lee              INTERNET & SOFTWARE LAW                  Wilson

Susan Dautel           IP LAW SURVEY                            Greenberg

Daniel Devoy           PRACTICAL LEGAL WRITING (LS2)            Baskauskas

Jacob Stipp            PRACTICAL LEGAL WRITING (LS4)            Wolcott

Ferheen Siddiqui       PRACTICAL LEGAL WRITING (LS5)            Cole

Christopher Dayans     PRACTICAL LEGAL WRITING (LS6)            Miller

Jonathan Pickett       PRACTICAL LEGAL WRITING (LSN)            Cronin

Olga Grecova           PRIV INT'L LAW: TRANSNT'L LIT            Hartnell

Rebecca Cushman        PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY (LS1)        Benedetto Neitz

Christiane Holter      PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY (LSN)        Pagano

Peter Jensen-Haxel     PROPERTY II (LS1)                        Cadgene

Sarah Einhorn          PROPERTY II (LS2)                        Cadgene

Melinda Sarjapur       PROPERTY II (LS3)                        Van Cleave

Kevin Kitcey           PROPERTY II (LSN)                        Bernhardt

Hazel Bradshaw         REMEDIES (LS1)                           Schwartz

Michael Mercado        REMEDIES (LSN)                           Schwartz
     Witkin Award for Academic Excellence Notice of Award Winners: SPRING 2010

Mary Barnes            SALES                                    Kosel

Martha Perez           SPECIAL PROBLEMS: CIV PRO                Levin

Elisa Sapoff           SPECIAL PROBLEMS: PROPERTY (LS1)         La Puma

John Paul Visaya       SPECIAL PROBLEMS: PROPERTY (LSN)         La Puma

Jennie Culjat          TORTS II (LS1)                           Lumsden

Daniel Blom            TORTS II (LS2)                           Lumsden

Genevieve Hoffman      TORTS II (LS3)                           Zamperini

Nicholau Adams         TORTS II (LSN)                           Gallagher

Carrie Wipplinger      WILLS & TRUSTS                           Klein

Maryam Khorasani       WOMEN'S EMPLYMNT RGHTS CLNC & SEMINR     Seville

Nina Decker            WRITING & RESEARCH II (LS1A1)            McQuade

Fauzia Ghori           WRITING & RESEARCH II (LS1A2)            Koehlert

David Smith            WRITING & RESEARCH II (LS1B1)            Quan

Brendan Reilly         WRITING & RESEARCH II (LS1B2)            Waldner

Sarah Einhorn          WRITING & RESEARCH II (LS2A1)            Quan

Crystal Cole           WRITING & RESEARCH II (LS2A2)            Wong

Caitlin Emmett         WRITING & RESEARCH II (LS2B1)            Baskauskas

Melinda Sarjapur       WRITING & RESEARCH II (LS3A1)            Glassner

Antonio Valdez         WRITING & RESEARCH II (LS3A2)            Koehlert

Gregory Magnuson       WRITING & RESEARCH II (LS3B1)            McQuade

Harmony Groves         WRITING & RESEARCH II (LS3B2)            Waldner

Katy Kendig            WRITING & RESEARCH II (LSN1)             Mohit

Mark Allen             WRITING & RESEARCH II (LSN2)             Sicula

Jamil Newirth          WRITING & RESEARCH II (LSN3)             Tugade

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