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     Establishing Our Crown!

     Self Improvement Guide

“The harder you work, the harder it is to

Being the Best Player You Can Be

What are your individual goals as a player? To become a starter on your high school or
club team? To be chosen All Conference, All District, or All State, or go on to the college
level? Whatever your goals are as a player, one thing is for sure, you must spend quality,
focused time, on your own, with the ball to reach your goal. I have been fortunate during
my career to train with and play with very talented soccer players. Three of which now play
in the MLS for the Kansas City Wizards. Over my career in soccer playing and coaching, I
have read, participated in, and developed several self improvement plans.

The following packet is provided as a basic self improvement program for you to use.
When you leave the academy this week, you will receive an evaluation of your skills. This
evaluation is to serve as a guide for you in improving yourself as a player for this team. I
highly encourage you to look at this evaluation as a tool of growth, not a devastating grade. I
assure you no matter what your evaluation might contain, I will work with you to become
the best player you can be. I have divided this plan into sections according to your

I would like to challenge you to commit yourself to setting new goals each time you practice
and give your best effort at each practice. I guarantee you that after just 6 weeks of working
with this packet you will improve all important areas of soccer skills. I look forward to
working with you to achieve your goals. Don’t hesitate to contact me at the following
address and phone number:

                                    636-477-2400 (Work)


Seth Wilber
Boys and Girls Varsity Soccer Coach

                             Making the System Work

1. Do skill work everyday. If you only have fifteen minutes, do it. If you have an hour,
   do it. Don’t settle for a wasted minute.
2. Monitor your progress. Use the chart included in this packet to track your progress
   in certain skill areas. Strive for improvement each time you work on the ball. When
   you start seeing results, you will be motivated to continue on the right track
3. Don’t delay. Start today. Quit saying, “I will do it tomorrow.” Start saying, “I’m
   doing it now.” The more time you have on the ball, the better.
4. Get a friend. Working out with a friend is a lot more fun. You can push each other
   and even compete against each other. You will see greater results working with a
5. Reward yourself. When you reach your goals, reward yourself. Buy a pizza, be lazy
   one day, have a pool party, whatever it is, reward yourself.

              Rewards for the High School Program (80% attendance)

1. Personal water bottle during season. You don’t have to use the cups. You get a
    Zumwalt East High soccer water bottle.
2. 10 seconds added to fitness run segments. You get 10 seconds added on each
    segment of the fitness test segments for each full week of participation. If the whole
    team meets 80% attendance, we will skip the fitness run completely.
3. T-shirt. A custom designed t-shirt only made for athletes that meet their program
    goals, is yours free of charge.
4. Eat first. Eat first at team dinners and functions. No waiting in lines or missing out
    on mom’s pie because you were in the back of the line.
5. Design a practice. You will design a practice if you make the goal of 80%. Coach
    will tell you when, you tell us what to bring.
6. Long sleeve jersey/alternate jersey. If funds allow, the team will get use of a set of
    long sleeve jerseys/alternate jerseys. The team must reach the 80% goal.
7. More points toward captainship. You will receive major points for being a leader
    off the field by reaching the 80% goal. If you want to be a captain, act like one.
8. Equipment exemption. You will be exempt from picking up equipment at practices
    and games. You will be exempt from picking up the bus and putting up windows on
    the bus.
9. Choose your number. You complete the goal you get to pick your number first,
    regardless of age, time spent on team, captainship, etc.
10. Choose your songs. You put in the time, you can pick out the songs on the warm
    up CD.

About the Program .......................................................................................... 5

Strength............................................................................................................. 6

Agility/Endurance/Quickness ........................................................................ 10

Passing/Receiving/Dribbling .......................................................................... 21

Goalkeeping ................................................................................................... 26

Nutrition ......................................................................................................... 28

Compliments .................................................................................................. 32

                                    About the Program

        Vision – Fort Zumwalt East High School Soccer program strives to be widely
respected in our conference and in the St. Louis area, have a positive impact on students,
community members, and staff, and be competitive within our conference and district. We
will accomplish these goals through dedication, discipline, determination, and drive.

                       Dedication – To teammates, coaches, and teachers. We will be
expected to play soccer during season, and we will not jeopardize our ability to play during
season by participating in other sports (skateboarding, wakeboarding, biking, etc.). We will
also be responsible for off season work when we are not playing high school sports.
                       Determination – To compete at a high level every day. We will push
ourselves everyday on and off the field. We practice like we play and play like we practice.
                       Discipline – On and off the field. We will discipline ourselves so we
do not jeopardize our ability to play on the team. We will behave in class, at practice, and
at home. We will let nothing distract us from the task at hand.
                       Drive – Ourselves, our teammates, and our coaches. We won’t
accept anything but 100% from our team. We will motivate each other through positive
conversations and interactions.

         Our program is in its baby years. We were established the summer of 2007. The
boys began the program with off season training. They started out weight lifting on a daily
basis and playing soccer three times a week over the summer. When season began, we
prepared for one of the toughest conference and non – conference records I’ve been a part
of. With teams like DeSmet, St. Dominic, Duchesne, Zumwalt West, SLUH, and
Rockwood Summit, we had our work cut out for us. The season began with two a days, five
hours of practice, and a lot of hard work. The boys wound up starting the season strong,
going 3-1 with wins over Winfield, Zumwalt North, and Timberland. We battled through
injuries in the middle of the season and finished 8-11-2. We had wins against Ritenour,
Clayton, Elsberry, and Warrenton. Our team was led by a few sophomores, but made up
of freshman. We had several first year players on the JV team that actually helped us to
most of our victories. Brad Chapman and Mitchell Huebner led the team in goals, while
Brad Chapman, Mikey Vacarro, Josh Reeves, and Tim Lowrey provided the majority of
the assists. Our freshman level team went 0-4-1. They played tough competition like St.
Dominic (L 1-3), Ritenour (L 0-1), DeSmet (T 1-1), Howell Central ( L0-1), and St. Mary’s
(L 0-1). While we do have a lot of room to grow, the team has made great strides and plans
on being a contender for conference within the next 2-3 years. If our record would stand,
right now we would have taken third place in conference our first year out of the gates. Our
conference record in the GAC North was 4-2-2. We look forward to building on our youth
with hard work and dedication to the task at hand.


We believe that each athlete that comes through our program should be well equipped to
play an injury free and successful season. That’s why we believe each athlete that comes
through our program should lift weights properly on a regular basis. Our weightlifting
program is a four day per week program. You will lift for Base (1st 4 weeks), Power (2nd 4
weeks), and Strength (3rd 4 weeks). When you are complete with Strength, start over at
Base. You will then complete the entire cycle again. The weight room is open in the
mornings and the evenings, and our program is meant to be completed in 30-40 minutes
per day. Be sure to lift properly and follow the guidelines in this packet and listen to the
coaches in the weight room.

Safety Tips

    1. Use a spotter at all times. Spotters are needed for various reasons (attempting
       heavier weight, unfamiliar with weight lifting, or pushing yourself for one more
    2. When loading and unloading plates, remember to lift with your legs. Not lifting
       with your legs will lead to chronic lower back problems and a weak core.
    3. When lifting with a barbell, use weight collars. This keeps the weights from
       slipping and breaking toes, feet, etc. It also keeps the weight centered and causes
       you to develop a more balanced muscle.
    4. Breathe in on the push part of the lift, breathe out on the resist part of the lift. Not
       breathing properly can lead to hernias.
    5. Don’t drop the weights. You risk dropping them on your feet, other people’s feet,
       and damaging the weight lifting equipment.

Increasing Your Weight

If executing a particular lift becomes too easy and you can complete the required reps with
little effort, increase your reps first. Go on the basis of x + 3. X represents your repetition
amount at the given weight, three represents the increase in repetitions at that same weight.
So if you are currently performing 12 repetitions, and they have become easy, increase
your repetitions to 15. When 15 repetitions become easy, increase the weight by 10% and
start your repetitions over at 12. Do this for all your lifts.


    1.   Drink before, during, and after practices and games.
    2.   Drink 17 – 20 oz. of water 2 – 3 hours before exercise.
    3.   Drink another 7 – 10 oz. of water 10 – 20 minutes before exercise.
    4.   Within two hours, drink enough to replace any weight loss from exercise.
    5.   Drink approximately 20 – 24 oz. of water per pound of weight loss during exercise

*Make sure that if you feel ill, dizzy, or hurt to stop your exercise and consult a physician.
Your health is very important.                                   Don’t take it for granted.
                                 Lion Soccer Power - Base Program
Monday                   Date:                      Thursday              Date:
Squat                                               Front Squat
                 / /                2 X 20                          / /           2 X 20
Lunges                                              High Pulls
                 / /                2 X 20                          / /           2 X 20
Lat Pulls                                           Side Lunges
                 / /                2 X 20                        / /             2 X 20
Leg Curls                                           Reverse Lat Pulls
                 / /                2 X 20                        / /             2 X 20
Dumbbell Curls                                      Deadlifts
                 / /                2 X 20                        / /             2 X 20
Core                                                Leg Extensions
                 / /                3 X 25                        / /             2 X 20
Athlete Signature:                                                / /             3 X 25
Coach Signature:
                                                    Athlete Signature:
                                                    Coach Signature:

Tuesday                  Date:                      Friday                Date:
Bench Press                                         Incline Bench
               /     /              2 X 20                         / /            2 X 20
Incline Dumbbell                                    Dumbbell Bench
               /     /              2 X 20                         / /            2 X 20
Push Press                                          Shoulder Circuit
               /     /              2 X 20                         / /            2 X 20
Upright Rows                                        Tricep Pushdown
               /     /              2 X 20                         / /            2 X 20
Seated Rows                                         Straight Bar Curls
               /     /              2 X 20                         / /            2 X 20
Tricep Pulldowns                                    Core
               /     /              2 X 20                         / /            3 X 25
               /     /              3 X 25          Athlete Signature:
                                                    Coach Signature:
Athlete Signature:
Coach Signature:

                                  Lion Soccer Power - Power Program
Name:                            Lion Soccer Power - Strength Program
Monday                   Date:                        Thursday              Date:
Squat                    Date:                        Thursday
                                                      Front Squat           Date:
Squat           / /                  3 X 12           Front Squat     / /           3 X 12
Lunges          / /                  3X8              High Pulls      / /           3X8
Lunges          / /                  3 X 12           High Pulls      / /           3 X 12
Lat Pulls       / /                  3X8              Side Lunges     / /           3X8
Lat Pulls       / /                  3 X 12           Side Lunges   / /             3 X 12
Leg Curls       / /                  3X8                            /
                                                      Reverse Lat Pulls/            3X8
Leg Curls      / /                   3 X 12           Reverse Lat Pulls/
                                                                    /               3 X 12
Dumbbell Curls / /                   3X8              Deadlifts     / /             3X8
Dumbbell Curls / /                   3 X 12           Deadlifts     / /             3 X 12
Core           / /                   3X8              Leg Extensions/ /             3X8
Core           / /                   3 X 25           Leg Extensions/ /             3 X 12
               / /                   3 X 25           Core          / /             3X8
Athlete Signature:                                    Core          / /             3 X 25
Athlete Signature:                                                  / /             3 X 25
Coach Signature:
Coach Signature:                                      Athlete Signature:
                                                      Athlete Signature:
                                                      Coach Signature:
                                                      Coach Signature:

Tuesday                  Date:                        Friday              Date:
Bench Press              Date:                        Friday Bench
                                                      Incline             Date:
Bench Press     /    /               3 X 12           Incline Bench / /             3 X 12
Incline Dumbbell/    /               3X8                             /
                                                      Dumbbell Bench /              3X8
Incline Dumbbell/    /               3 X 12           Dumbbell Bench /
                                                                     /              3 X 12
Push Press      /    /               3X8                             /
                                                      Shoulder Circuit /            3X8
Push Press      /    /               3 X 12           Shoulder Circuit /
                                                                     /              3 X 12
Upright Rows    /    /               3X8                             /
                                                      Tricep Pushdown/              3X8
Upright Rows /       /               3 X 12           Tricep Pushdown/
                                                                     /              3 X 12
Seated Rows /        /               3X8                             /
                                                      Straight Bar Curls/           3X8
Seated Rows /        /               3 X 12           Straight Bar Curls
                                                                     / /            3 X 12
Tricep Pulldowns/    /               3X8              Core           / /            3X8
Tricep Pulldowns/    /               3 X 12           Core           / /            3 X 25
Core            /    /               3X8                             / /            3 X 25
Core            /    /               3 X 25           Athlete Signature:
                /    /               3 X 25           Athlete Signature:
                                                      Coach Signature:
Athlete Signature:                                    Coach Signature:
Coach Signature:
Athlete Signature:
Coach Signature:


Endurance Conditioning (Be sure to follow the warm up in this packet before any running)

1. 2 mile distance interval ladder run
        Sprint 100, jog 100 Repeat 4 times (2 laps)
        Sprint 200, jog 200 Repeat 3 times (3 laps)
        Sprint 300, jog 100 Repeat 2 times (2 laps)
        Sprint 400 (1 lap)
Try to build up to doing this twice for a total of 4 miles. Time: 4 miles=30 minutes

2. 2 mile time interval ladder run
        Sprint 30 seconds, jog 30 seconds Repeat 2 times
        Sprint 45 seconds, jog 45 seconds Repeat 2 times
        Sprint 60 seconds, jog 60 seconds Repeat 2 times
        Sprint 75 seconds, jog 75 seconds Repeat 2 times
        Sprint 90 seconds, jog 90 seconds Repeat 2 times
Once you hit a minute and a half, start over at 30 seconds. Try to hit a goal of being able
to run 4 miles like this.

3. 1 mile repeat
       Run 1 mile as fast as you can
       Walk a lap
       Run 1 mile as fast as you can
       Walk a lap
       Run 1 mile as fast as you can
       Walk a lap
       Run 1 mile as fast as you can
       Walk a lap
Total of four miles should be run during this time frame.
You should shoot to be able to do this in 30 – 35 minutes.

4. Trail Run
         Run a four to five mile path in a neighborhood or other place that has decent hills
built in. When you do it the first time record your time. Your goal should be to reduce
your original time by 5 minutes.

5. Fitness Run
       Run 4, 3 lap intervals (1st 8:30 minutes, 2nd 7:30 minutes, 3rd 6:30 minutes, 4th 5:30
minutes), then run 4 laps in 6:30 minutes. You should give yourself only 3 minutes in
between each interval. This will be the fitness test in the high school program

Quickness Drills

1. Ladders – Execute all of this using correct running technique. Your elbows should be
at a 90 degree angle. You should pump your arms hard with the opposite arm up while
opposite leg is up. See Page # for detailed instructions.
Do 2 Sets of 2 repetitions each:

One Touch
Two Touch
One Foot Out – Left foot out
One Foot Out – Right foot out
Dummy Step (Icky Shuffle)
Sideways Two Touch - Right foot lead
Sideways Two Touch - Left foot lead
Cross Step Front – Right foot lead
Cross Step Front – Left foot lead
Backward and Forward Steps Sideways - Right foot lead
Backward and Forward Steps Sideways - Left foot lead
Running Backward One touch
Running Backward Two touch
Two Footed Jumps Forward
Sideways Jump Across Ladder
One Footed Jumps without Alternation

2. Maneaters – Set up cones at 6 yd box, 12 yd box, 18 yd box, and half field. Sprint to
first cone and back, second cone and back, third cone and back, and fourth cone and back.
Repeat 10 times.





3. Polish Speed Drills – For the first ten yards of this drill you complete various activities
that will be listed. When you hit the first set of cones, sprint to the end. Jog back and start
next sequence. Repeat each sequence 2 times. Add hurdles for extra challenge.
                                                         High Knees
                                                         Butt Kicks
                                                         Two footed Hop
                                                         One Footed Hop – Right foot
                                                         One Footed Hop – Left foot
                                                         One Footed Hop – Alternating
                                                         Backward Jog
                                                         Shuffle to Right
   10 yd.Sequence         40 yd Sprint                   Shuffle to Left

4. Box Drill – You will complete each sequence listed twice.
    2                   3
                              1 – 2: Sprint, 2 – 3: Sprint, 3 – 4: Sprint, 4 – 1: Sprint

                   5             Reverse Previous Sequence

                                 1 – 2: Sprint, 2 – 3: Shuffle to Right, 3 – 4: Backwards, 4 –
                                 1: Shuffle to Left
     1                    4
                                 1 – 5 – 2: Sprint, 2 – 5 – 3: Sprint, 3 – 5 – 4: Sprint, 4 – 5 –
1: Sprint

Reverse Previous Sequence

2 – 3: Shuffle to Right, 3 – 1: Shuffle to Left, 1 – 4: Shuffle to Right

Reverse Previous Sequence

1 – 2: Backwards, 2 – 4: Sprint, 4 – 3: Backwards

Reverse Previous Sequence

4 – 5: Backwards, 5 – 1: Sprint, 1 – 3: Backwards, 3 – 5: Backwards, 5 – 2: Sprint, 2 – 4:

5. Field and a half – Complete ten of the following runs. Be sure to rest 2 minutes
between each field and a half
                                         Sprint entire field

Agility and Flexibility

Be sure to stretch properly at the end of every work out, not at the beginning. Stretching
before activity only makes you weaker for your activity. Follow the following for your warm
ups and cool downs.

Warm Up

Pick out a ten yard plot of ground and do the following back and forth through the ten yard
Butt kicks
High knees
Shuffle left
Shuffle right
Karaoke left
Karaoke right
Skip (swing arms crazy)
Skip for height
Backward jog

Cool Down

Do the following stretches after each activity.


Dribbling Self Improvement Workout

180 degree turns Sequence
   1. German – Step over ball/pivot in opposite direction
   2. Cryuff – Fake shot with right foot/pull behind left foot with right foot (repeat with
       left foot)
   3. Brazilian – fake pass/chop ball back with outside of same foot
   4. Leone – Sole of the foot pullback and touch

270 degree turns Sequence and Stop and Move
   1. Beckenbaur – Long step past the ball with the right foot/chop with right foot
   2. Roxborough – Step over the ball from outside in with left foot, pivot and bring the
       ball around with 270
   3. Bill – Stop ball with sole of right foot, step past the ball with both feet, go back the
       opposite direction with the outside of the left foot

Wing Moves
  1. Mathews Drag – Push the ball inside, push the ball outside with same foot
  2. Fake Mathews Drag – Push the ball inside, step around it with same foot (inside to
      outside of ball), and push it the same direction with the outside of the other foot
  3. Fake Mathews Drag Double Scissors – Same as Fake Mathews, instead scissor over
      the ball twice instead of once and push the ball to the outside

Create Your Own Shot Sequence I
   1. Left foot touch to outside of right foot. Touch ball to outside of body with outside
       of right foot and right footed shot
   2. Cryuff – Right foot fake, left foot shot
   3. Chop – Use laces of left foot to chop the ball across your body, right footed shot
   4. Back to Goal – Full body swerve to right touch ball with outside of your left foot,
       turn and shoot right footed
Create Your Own Shot Sequence II
   1. Dribble, outside of right foot chop, right foot shot
   2. Dribble, right foot chop across body, left footed shot
   3. Fake right foot shot, pull ball across body with sole of foot, left foot shot

Touches 30 Seconds on, 30 Seconds off
      Foundation – inside of one foot, inside of other
      Roller Skates – Roll out, touch back in with same foot
      Rollovers – Roll across body with one foot stop with opposite foot
      Triangles – Push in front with one foot, pull back with other foot
      Show the Bacon – Push out with one foot, pull back with same foot
      Scissors – Fake step over the ball from inside to outside of ball one way; take ball
      with outside of                                        opposite foot

      1. Footwork
              6 yd cones, shuffle 60 seconds on, 60 off
              4 yd cones triangle, shuffle around 60 seconds on, 60 off
              Plyometrics with benches
              Hop to crossbar, 2 footed, 1 footed
              Stagger cones, 1 foot hop to each
              Somersault to ready position
      2. Catching – Use medicine ball with weak hands
              Add catch to all of the above
              Throw to hands
              Kick to hands
              Bounce ball off ground while moving it all around body
              Stretch while moving ball around legs in various positions
              Back to opposing player, opposing player yells shot, turn and catch shot
              Shuffle through staggered cones, finish with kick to hands
              Goalie Wars
      3. Falling/Diving
              Add falls/dives to all of the previous drills
              Falls with correct technique without ball and transition to with ball
              Keeper lies on stomach at post, yell shot and keeper pops up shuffles
                  across box and falls/dives to make save
              Keeper tosses ball to falling/diving keeper, continue from side to side all
                  the way to top of eighteen box – start on bottom, move to knees, then
                  to standing
              Stack bags and play balls to side for work on power diving
              Play balls at feet, forward dive with correct technique
      4. Breakaways
              Roll ball forward, sprint out, hands to ball first while calling keeper
              Keepaway with team, keepers can use hands
              3 v 1, keeper is in middle of triangle, can use hands
              MLS shootout style shots
              Dribble at keepers, make bad touch to either side, must call and get hands
                  first on ball
      5. Corner Kicks
              2 Keepers on the six at each corner, toss ball in middle of six, set of 10
              Keeper in proper position, play balls to different areas of six yard box,
                  keeper must use punch, catch, or clear
              Same as above, add stationary obstacles (players, bags, etc.)
      6. Angles and Shots Overhead
              3 ropes (100 feet in length), tie one to each post and steak one in the
                  middle of goal line, have keepers walk around the six to develop their
                  arc, at different shot angles, they should drop a cone at each stop point
                  for a visual

While in arc, fire shots from all over the field, make sure keeper is set on
   right angle point, variations: keeper has to turn around to face shooter
   and their angle, have keeper on one post – yell shot and shoot from
   opposite side of box/field
Keeper sits on ground, partner tosses balls over shoulder, reinforce using
   top hand to tip ball out of danger
Keepers start at top of six yard box, partner yells shot, keeper power steps
   back and tips toss over crossbar

          Compliments to:

  Excel Sports and Physical Therapy

 St. Louis University Soccer Program

          Assistant Coaches

           Soccer players

    Fort Zumwalt School District


Washington University Soccer Program

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