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Sales Survey Worksheets


Sales Survey Worksheets document sample

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									                    Scenario for Worksheets
                 using the EmploySat Dataset

                        Employee Satisfaction Survey

The medical sales industry is highly competitive with high
levels of staff turnover. This means that, to attract the best
people, companies must be sure that the pay and conditions
they offer are competitive. Since 2001, Pharmaceutical Field
( have commissioned the
Royal Statistical Society Centre for Statistical Education to
investigate the remuneration, motivation, satisfaction,
perception and recruitment of the sales force. Analysis of the
data provides a benchmark for the industry and enables
individual companies to investigate how they compare to
their competitors. It is hoped that the data collected will help
develop the working environment for the sales force.

The study
In the year 2001, over 9,000 questionnaires were sent to medical sales representatives and
managers in the UK; it is estimated that the entire industry has just over 10,000 sales
representatives and managers. From these 9,000 questionnaires 1,758 responses were
obtained (a response rate of approximately 20%). Expert opinion was obtained to verify that
the returned information was representative of the industry. The dataset available for this
study contains a selection of the original variables for the entire dataset.

The STARS project team would like to express its thanks to Pharmaceutical Field for their
permission to base the STARS worksheets on data collected from their Company
Remuneration, Values and Perception Survey.

Scenario                                                                        EmploySat
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Data description
The dataset EmploySat contains 17 variables. To ensure confidentiality the names of the
participating companies have been removed from the dataset.

For each respondent the information recorded is, and the 17 variable names used within the
data files are, as follows.
                                 Description                                    Variable Name
Code identifying each individual                                             ID
Gender (1 = female, 2 = male)                                                Gender
Age (1 = under 25, 2 = 25-34, 3 = 35-44, 4 = 45-54, 5 =older than 54)        Age
Primary role within organisation (1 = Dedicated field trainer,               Role
2 = Dedicated NHS advisor, 3 = Head of training,
4 = Head office training manager, 5 = Hospital only sales manager,
6 = Key account manager, 7 = Nurse advisor,
8 = Primary and secondary care rep, 9 = Primary care only sales rep,
10 = First line field sales manager,
11 = Second line field sales manager, 12 = Other)
Self rating of sales achievement relative to others in the same              Relative_sales
(1 = lowest, 2 = below average,
 3 = average, 4 = above average,
 5 = highest)
How long have you been in your current job?                                  Time_in_job
(1 = less than 6 months, 2 = 6 months but less than 12,
 3 = 1 year but less than 2, 4 = 2 years but less than 4,
 5 = 4 years but less than 8, 6 = 8 years or more.)
How long have you worked in the medical sales industry?                      Time_in_med_sales
(1 = less than 6 months, 2 = 6 months but less than 12,
 3 = 1 year but less than 2, 4 = 2 years but less than 4,
 5 = 4 years but less than 8, 6 = 8 years or more.)
Level of highest qualification achieved (1 = O-level/GCSE,                   Education
2 = A-level, 3 = HNC, 4 = HND, 5 = Degree, 6 = Postgraduate
degree, 7 = Nurse qualified, 8 =Other)
Number of previous medical sales companies worked for                        Prev_companies
Full part time (ft = full-time, pt = part-time)                              Fulltime
Basic gross salary (£) excluding bonus and incentive payments                Gross_salary
Increase in salary (£) during last 12 months                                 Salary_increase
Average of monthly bonus (£) paid in addition to salary                      Monthly_avg_bonus
Do you have a company car? (Yes/No)                                          Company_car
Satisfaction with current salary (1 = very dissatisfied, 2 = dissatisfied,   Sat_salary
3 = no opinion, 4 = satisfied, 5 = very satisfied)
Satisfaction with company’s car policy (1 = very dissatisfied,               Sat_car
2 = dissatisfied, 3 = no opinion, 4 = satisfied, 5 = very satisfied)
Make of car (1 = VW, 2 = Mercedes, 3 = BMW, 4 = Audi, 5 = Other)             Car_make
Individuals who did not have a company car have missing data

Scenario                                                                                 EmploySat
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Questions of interest
The worksheets developed concentrate on the characteristics of pharmaceutical sales
representatives and managers.

Some possible questions, and the worksheets in which they are addressed, are:

                  Question(s)                                     Worksheet
Qualifications, salary and satisfaction levels:
• How old are the staff?
• How do they perceive their sales
                                                   Charts (to investigate the characteristics
                                                   of the sales representatives and
• How qualified are the employees?
• What is the distribution of the salaries?
• Is there a difference between males and
Salaries and bonus payments in the medical
sales industry:
                                                   Descriptive Statistics (using summary
The biggest incentive for most sales people is
                                                   statistics and frequency tables)
money – but what are the best summary statistics
to describe salaries and bonus payments?
Salaries and experience in the medical sales
                                                   Non-parametric tests
What factors influence the salaries and
satisfaction levels of the employees?
Satisfaction levels in the medical sales
                                                   Tests of association (to investigate
                                                   satisfaction levels reported by employees
• Are employees happy with their salaries?
                                                   in different categories)
• Are they happy with their company cars?

The dataset
With 1,758 respondents and 17 columns, the dataset is too large to show here but a flavour
is given in the following table.

Scenario                                                                          EmploySat
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