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Sales Presentation Web Design


Sales Presentation Web Design document sample

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									Product Configuration and CAD Generation

        The Needs of Mechanical Designers and Engineers

        How to Respond to the Demand – Configuration Tools

        Introduction to TechnASales‟s Solution

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TechnASales. Confidential
                            The Needs of Mechanical
                            Designers and Engineers

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TechnASales. Confidential
Designing Hydraulic or Pneumatic Systems


   Hydraulic Circuit Design
                                     Hydraulic Cylinder

                            Page 3
TechnASales. Confidential
The Current Method – Paper Catalogs

                            Page 4
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Specification Process

                                           Part Number

                                      Is catalog current?

                                      Is my part number correct?

                                      Is my part number valid?

                                      Am I missing data?

                                      How do I get 3D drawings?

                            Page 5
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Design Engineers Struggle to Get Product Information

                                     Design Engineers                      Productivity Gap
                                     on the Internet…
                                       …Exploding                       Spend More Time
                                                                         Searching for Parts,
                                                                         than Designing
                                                                        Unnecessary Cost
                                                                        Inefficient
                                                                        Error-prone
               Growth in usage
                of the Internet
                                                            PDF Files on
                                                             the Web
 Evolution of Media
      used to                 Paper-based
    disseminate                 Catalogs

                                            Page 6
TechnASales. Confidential
Demanding Web-based Tools for Product Data and CADs

        Rated „high‟ the importance of accessing information online
         and engaging in online bidding for RFQs.1

        2/3rds of engineers are designing in 3D vs. 2D.2

        Web-based availability of 3D models will influence their
         selection of preferred suppliers. By 2004, 70% of all
         discrete manufacturing enterprises will expect their suppliers
         to support 3D CAD web-based tools as a prerequisite for

       1 – GartnerGroup, Sharon Tan, The Mechanical Applications Market: Finding Growth Opportunities, August 2001
       2 – GartnerGroup, Sharon Tan, Meeting the Needs of Mechanical Designers, July 1999
       3 – GartnerGroup, Marc Halpern, CPC: Exploiting E-Business for Product Realization, February 2001

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TechnASales. Confidential
                 How to Respond to the Demand

                             Page 8
TechnASales. Confidential
Close the Productivity Gap for Your Customers

                                                                  Less Search, More Design

                                                                  Less Drawing, More Innovation
                                     Design Engineers
                                     on the Internet…             More Information, Faster
                                                                  Streamline Communications
                                                                   Manufacturer, Distributor, and Customer

                                                                  Reduce Errors, More Accurate

                                                                  Easy-to-use


                                                           PDF Files on
                                                            the Web

                                                  Page 9
TechnASales. Confidential
How Manufacturers and Distributors Can Respond

        Provide easy-to-use configuration tools (part #, accessories)

        Maintain up-to-date, accurate, “living” product information

        Deliver instant 2D/3D dimensioned drawings of the EXACT
         part configured – can be printed or downloaded

        Support multiple CAD file formats for use with any desktop
         CAD application (SolidWorks, Catia, Pro/E, AUtoCAD, etc.)

        Enable simple RFQs (with drawings attached) to be sent and
         responded to quickly

        Make product configuration, CAD generation, and RFQ
         creation accessible from your web site 24x7

                                    Page 10
TechnASales. Confidential
Realize Benefits for Yourself

         Save money – Reduce requests for paper catalogs

         Fewer mistakes – Up-to-date information, everyone on the „same page‟

         Speed/Streamline communications – get and give information electronically

         More sales – imbed automatic cross-sell recommendations as parts are

         Gain BOM-share – Impact decisions upfront, to generate more business
          downstream. Research suggests that 80-90% of components designed into an
          assembly enter production.

         Retain current and attract new customers – make it easy for people to do
          business with you (become a preferred supplier) by providing rich product
          information including 3D CADs.

         Stay ahead of the competition – Differentiate yourself

         Strengthen your distributors by arming them with the same tools, and extend
          benefits throughout the channel

                                            Page 11
 TechnASales. Confidential
               The Sales/Marketing Spectrum
                                                      Control of Information Flow
                                    Push                                           Interactive                                       Pull

                         Low               Advertising                                                                     Paper Catalogs
Personal Interaction

                                                                                     3rd Party                              CD-ROMS

                                                                                                     Sales Effectiveness
                         way)                 Direct Mail                                                                    PDF Files

                                                                 Cost Efficiency

                                                   Call Center                                                              Inside Sales /
                                                                                     Instant CAD
                                                                                                                            Call Center
                                                                                       line RFQs

                         (two               Field Sales                                                                     Service Call

                                                                                           Page 12
                       TechnASales. Confidential
                    Introduction to TechnASales

                                Page 13
TechnASales. Confidential
Web-based Tools For Distributors and Manufacturers

                             • Part #                               • Part #
           Engineer          • Technical                            • Technical
           Contacts            Drawing                Spec a Part     Drawing
          Distributor        • CAD File                             • CAD File
                             • PRICE                                • PRICE
                             • FULL                                 • FULL
                               QUOTE                                  QUOTE

                                    Distributor Web Site
                             • Part #
                             • Technical
          Spec a Part          Drawing
                             • CAD File
                             • List Price
                             • Quote

                            Manufacturer Web Site

                                            Page 14
TechnASales. Confidential
Key Questions Addressed by Our Solution
  Can I extend/integrate the configuration/CAD solution to my distribution
   network and their customers?
  Can my inside sales teams and engineers effectively use the solution to
   generate drawings and quotes for customers?
  What if I‟m not connected to the Web, will the solution run stand-alone on my     YES
   local PC, and the PC‟s of my sales team, distributors and customers?

  What if I already have an investment in CADs, can I leverage the work I‟ve        YES
   already done?

  Can the solution automatically calculate list prices? For my distributors only?   YES
  Is it easy to do RFQs?                                                            YES
  Can the solution automatically recommend accessories and other items?
  Can the solution integrate to my existing ERP and/or order-entry system?
  Can updates to my product line be made immediately across the channel?            YES

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TechnASales. Confidential

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