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               By Mike Moore
                      HOW TO WRITE, AND SELL
                           YOUR OWN
                      INFORMATION PRODUCTS

                    Copyright (c) 2006 by Mike Moore

   All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or
  transmitted in any form without the expressed permission of the author.

             Published by Motivational Plus/ Lifeline Publications


       In “ How to Write and Sell You Own Information Products” I will be
sharing with you ideas, techniques and suggestions that really do work.
Everything you read here is something I do on a regular basis. I have my own
online stores where I sell my information products. I am not making millions from
them, but I sell consistently and can see the number of sales increasing all the time.
I recently sold three copies of my popular manual Public Speaking for Profit and
Pleasure at $ 30.00 each overnight. It was great getting up in the morning to find
$90.00 worth of sales waiting for me. The potential for making an excellent
income from this kind of venture is fantastic, but it doesn’t happen over night.

        The internet is filled with experts who promise incredible financial rewards
for selling your writing online. They give the impression that when you create
something and make it available on the web, huge numbers of people will rush to
buy it immediately. This just isn’t so. It takes time and patience to build a
reputation on the internet. Never give up trying no matter how discouraged you
become. Success could be just around the next corner. I hope my manual helps cut
some of these corners for you thus making success come a bit faster. GOOD


       My name is Mike Moore and I am a Professional speaker and writer. I have
my own website stores where I sell a number of information products all written
and produced by me. Http:// and You won’t find my material in
books stores. I stopped even considering that option when one publisher who had
expressed an interest in my first book “ Embracing the Mystery” said I would have
to wait over one year for them to get around to publishing it. And when it was
published I would receive 20% of the retail cost per copy. All marketing of the
book would have to be done by me. It seems that most publishers are only willing
to spend money on promoting books by established authors.

      These terms were unacceptable although I was pleased that my book was
even considered. Publishers receive an enormous number of unsolicited
manuscripts each week and publish very few of them.

        I was faced with a problem. I wanted my books, reports and manuals
published so I could offer them for sale as back of the room items at my speeches.
If this was to happen I would have to publish them myself. Thus began a venture
into self publishing that is growing daily and providing me with income when I am
not on the road speaking. In this manual I will share with you how I was able to
successfully start this self publishing business and how I continue to make it grow.
Follow my advice and you too will be able to write and produce information
products which will sell well and earn you extra income. Your financial output
will be minimum and in no time you will have the thrill of seeing your creative
efforts published and purchased by people everywhere. My products are
purchased throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, Africa and Australia.

       Many of us have the desire to write, have our writing published, sold, read
and appreciated by millions earning us a nice income in the process. Very few ever
realize their dream for a number of reasons. Frequently we start off with high
enthusiasm to conquer the literary world but with our first rejection slip our
creative get up and go, gets up and leaves. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can
write, produce and sell your writing to people all over the planet and get well paid
for your efforts. You don’t need a professional editor or book publisher to tell you
your material isn’t good enough to publish.

       We seem to have the idea that unless our writing receives the approval of
magazine editors or publishers, it isn’t worth reading and we aren’t really writers. I
think that if I write, I am a writer. If I can find an audience for my work and am
able to sell it to that audience I am a professional writer. Your audience will be
your judge.

       If you have a message people want to hear or an idea that will meet a need
or solve a problem you have a receptive audience out there just waiting to buy
your writing. Now, with the internet, you can reach huge numbers of potential
buyers if you know how to go about it.

                           HOW TO GET STARTED


       Many of you know what you want to write about. You have an urgent
message boiling on your creative back burner just waiting to be unleashed. Some
of you have an urge to write but have no idea what to write about. Here are a few
suggestions both groups will find helpful in getting ideas for information products
that sell.

                    GIVE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT

      You can only hope to be successful selling your writing if you write about
what people want to read. The most important rule for you to keep in mind is, Give
the people what they want. If you don’t take this into consideration you will be
writing for yourself, and that won’t sell. You must write with the wants of the
reader in mind. What is the reader looking for?

       This doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t write to share your passion and
interests with the world. It just means that you must seek to package and present
your passions and interests in a way that meets the wants of your niche market.
This is called lookin
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