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					Westward Movement Project

Name: __________________

                                          Sales Pitch!

It’s 1850 and people are moving west! Pick one of these three characters below and make a sales
pitch as to why people should join in the western movement.

The American Politician
You’re an established politician in the U.S. government who is concerned about securing the
west for American democracy. Draw or paint a poster or flyer that would convince people to
travel west and settle the new lands.

The Wagon Train Leader
Advertise in the local newspaper about how you’re forming a wagon train. Explain what trail
you’re taking, where you’re going, why you’re the best leader for the job and why other settlers
should form your wagon train. Also, don’t forget to include other advertisements and an article
or two about the events that were happening at the time!

The New Mayor
You’ve just become the mayor of a city or town out West. Create a pamphlet explaining to
people why they should settle in your town. Remember to pick a name and location of the town.

As savvy business-minded people make sure that you advertise well. Your final product should
have these check boxes in mind.
   Your Name
    Includes key information
   Everything is easy to read
   Proper spelling & grammar
   Aesthetically pleasing
           Easy to navigate
           Holds the viewer’s eye
           Imparts non-text information
           Flow of design
           Unity of graphics
   Drafts & Revisions
           Planning & ideation attached to report
           Self-critique attached to report
           Student critique attached to report
   Sources placed at the bottom of the product (Sources can be written small so that they can
only be read up close)
 Final Product Due January 19, 2010
Bring in materials to begin creating your final product on Friday, January 8th and January 15th

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