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                                                            HC12          12CH Passive Combiner                                                                                                         S3x3 3Sat 3Out HUB
                                                                                                                                                                                                         • Automatic gain control
                                                             • 12 inputs • Low insertion loss • High isolation • Directional coupler design                                                               • Compatible with DISH
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Pro and diSH Pro Plus
                                                            HEF-1         Rack Mounted Cooling Fan
                                                            • Long narrow air flow path for efficient cooling • Brushless ball bearing motor for
                                                            long life • Quiet operation • Locked rotor protection • Low power consumption

Commercial Opportunities - Now is the Time to Jump Start Your Commercial Business
B y: somsRI poIndexteR                                                     2,700,000 lobbies & waiting rooms, and 17,000,000 other business               pitality Ultimate is ideal for any Bar & Grill. For the customers that love
P roduct M anager                                                          that may have a need to provide video viewing for customers and                High Definition, they’ll be excited to know that DISH Network offers a
                                                                           employees, representing the largest segment of the commercial                  substantial number of HD channels in the packages listed at no additional
   So you say you’re the local expert in residential satellite, but are    market. So, there is definitely major potential out there for you to           charge. But if that’s not enough HD, DISH offers an add-on package
you also the expert in commercial installations in your community?         increase your sales and expand your business throughout your com-              (PlatimumHD) that will give your customer 11 additional HD channels
expanding your services and products beyond residential customers          munity. Second, selling to the commercial public/ private market is            at a low cost of $10.
is the best way to maximize your company’s exposure and generate           really very easy with DISH Network, because it is a comprehensive
new business. DISH Network commercial products and program-                and affordable solution for local businesses. most importantly, it is            • Shop your competition… what is the local cable company of-
ming are the perfect place to start your expansions. I know there are      very similar to what you already know – installations are very simi-               fering? what does DirectV offer?
some of you out there asking the question, why should I get involved       lar to residential installations, and therefore is a very easy technical
with commercial properties? well, here are a few key points on why                                                                                        DISH Network’s commercial programming is extremely competitive. We
                                                                           transition for you. third, Public/Private retailers enjoy easy transi-         can meet or beat DirecTV’s pricing most of the time!! Knowing how com-
commercial:                                                                tion, market potential exposure, low turnover, and 15 % residuals!             petitive your price is makes it easier to sell!
   • Higher monthly residual (10 - 15% of qualified programming               So, where do you get started? this can actually be the easiest part.
      depending on plan).                                                  Start with the local people, professionals and businesses you cur-               • understand the promotion...DBA (Dish Business Advantage)
   • Diversify your business with quality commercial customers.            rently do business with, including your personal doctors, lawyers,             With DISH Business Advantage, your customer can be eligible to get up to
      “own your community!”                                                dentist, mechanics, gyms, banks, and anywhere else you frequent
                                                                                                                                                          100% digitally delivered satellite TV with no equipment to buy, complete
   • make more money per install.                                          that has a lobby or waiting room. Below are a few points you should
                                                                                                                                                          with a free standard professional installation with a two year commitment
                                                                           know when getting started:
   • You already have commercial contracts on file!!                                                                                                      and qualifying programming. Please see the Business Rules for complete
Now is the time to expand your business to include DISH Network              • learn the basics… what is the difference between Public                    promotion details or ask a Dow sales representative if you have any ques-
commercial and connect with a vastly untapped market in your                   and Private viewing areas?                                                 tions. You earn standard Incentives on activation of the receivers; you are
area-commercial businesses.                                                Public areas are places that serve food or alcohol to be consumed on the       reimbursed for the equipment; you are paid an Administrative Incentive;
   there are three types of commercial properties that DISH Net-           premises. Private areas are the retail stores, waiting or lobby areas, pro-    and, you may be eligible to receive enhanced monthly residuals.
work commercial programming can currently be offered to - Pub-             fessional or doctor’s offices, banks, daycares, auto service centers, etc.       After you’ve become comfortable with Public/Private sales, you
lic/Private, Bulk, and mDu (multiple Dwelling unit). Bulk and
mDu properties can require specialized design and experience. If             • Become familiar with the programming…what package                          can research opportunities in the Bulk (hotel/motels) and mDu
you don’t have this specialized skill and experience, don’t worry –            best ‘fits’ your customer?                                                 (apartments & condos) areas.
Public Private is still for you, and this should be your focus for your    Banks like the Business Essentials package at $39.99 per month. Some           remember, a Dow sales representative is always on hand to help you
commercial DISH Network business.                                          businesses just want DISH CD or Sirius Music for background music.             with your questions or concerns.
   why Public/Private? First, there are over 20 million Public/Pri-        The Kids & Education package is great for daycare facilities. Business           call the Dow sales group today and jump start your commercial
vate opportunities out there, including 700,000 bars & restaurants,        Preferred and Business Ultimate is perfect for offices of all types and Hos-   business 1-800-627-2900.

    VSAT - Very Small Aperture Antenna
                                                                                                                     Universal Integrated Transceivers
    VSAT is widely used in today’s commercial markets; you can                                                       All modems supported, Ultra high
    see them on top of banks, gas stations, restaurants, hotels,                                                     stability, fast and easy installation
    and apartment complexes. They range in size from 1.0m                                                            xR2
    to 2.4m. VSAT antennas can be used in receive only applica-                                                      2 watt Transceiver
    tions as well as receive and transmit applications. VSAT an-                                                     xR3
    tennas are also an added plus in any commercial DBS installation, helping to reduce any rain fade                3 watt Transceiver
    issues. For more information and pricing call Dow Electronics at 1-800-627-2900.

    1.0m Receive-Only                                     1.2m RxTx Class I                                          1.8m RxTx Class I                                               2.4m Ku-band RxTx Class III
    Antenna System                                        Antenna System                                             Antenna System                                                  Antenna System
    # 62-1000103                                          # 62-1235401                                               # 62-1805611                                                    # 62-2435611
                                                          1.2m Receive-Only                                          1.8m Receive-Only                                               2.4m Receive-Only
                                                          Antenna System                                             Antenna System                                                  Antenna System
                                                          # 62-1200304                                               # 62-1800311 (not pictured)                                     # 62-2430311 (not pictured)
                                                          (not pictured)

   C-band Rx Feed Assemblies                               Ku-Band Cross-Polarized RxTx
   # 611608002; SP Feed Kit                                Feed Assemblies
   # 611608003; SP Circular Feed Kit                       # 611678301; Feed Assembly
                                                           with JNC Blk
                                                                                                                      C-band Cross-Polarized RxTx Feed Assembly
                                                           # 611678302C; Feed Assembly
                                                                                                                      # 611608407L; Circular Left-hand Polarity Feed Assembly
                                                           with MTG Blk
                                                                                                                      # 611608421; Linear Feed Assembly

                                                        Call 1-800-627-2900                   to speak to an I nsIde sales R epResentatIve

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