LOCAL ELECTION

              Dungannon & South Tyrone Borough Council

           Election of Councillors for the District Electoral Area of
                     NOTICE OF POLL
 1. The following persons have been nominated:

                          PERSONS NOMINATED
      1.             2.                 3.                    4.                    5.                         6.
   Surname      Other Names           Address           Description             Subscribers          Decision of Deputy
                                                          (if any)                                  Returning Officer that
                                                                                                     nomination paper is
                                                                                                       invalid, or other
                                                                                                    reason why a person
                                                                                                    nominated no longer
                                                                                                      stands nominated
Campbell       Patricia           39 Derryvarne       Independent           ROSALEEN CAMPBELL,
                                  Road, Coalisland,                         MAUREEN LONEY,
                                  BT71 4QP                                  MARGARET CARBERRY,
                                                                            SHEILA CECILIA MCKEE,
                                                                            ROSEMARY SCANLON,
                                                                            BRIAN ARTHURS,
                                                                            PETER SEAMUS
                                                                            SIOHBHAN MARGARET
                                                                            J NUGENT, ROISIN
                                                                            CATHERINE GORMLEY,
                                                                            JOHN GERARD PATRICK
Cavanagh       Jim                223 Coalisland      SDLP (Social          JOSEPH GERVIN, JOHN
                                  Road, Gortin,       Democratic &          FRANCIS CORR, MARY
                                  Dungannon, BT71     Labour Party)         TERESA CAVANAGH,
                                  6EP                                       BERNARD JOSEPH
                                                                            (BRIAN) CAVANAGH,
                                                                            MICHAEL GERALD
                                                                            DALY, ANN ELIZABETH
                                                                            SHIELDS, JOHN
                                                                            MALACHY MCCULLAGH,
                                                                            JAMES MCCULLAGH,
                                                                            EUGENE JOHN
                                                                            CARSON, BERNADETTE
Chartres       Johnny             1 Neville Drive,    Democratic Unionist   PAUL MELVIN KENNETH
                                  Moygashel,          Party – D.U.P.        CRANSTON, JOHN
                                  Dungannon, Co                             GARY WILSON, SAMUEL
                                  Tyrone, BT71 7NU                          JOSEPH MCMULLAN,
                                                                            LINDA PARKE, DAVID
                                                                            JAMES HARRISON,
                                                                            SARAH MOIRA
                                                                            ESTELLE EVANS, JOHN
                                                                   CONNELL SHILLIDAY,
                                                                   JENNIFER CRANSTON,
                                                                   GARY JOHN PARKE
Donnelly    Dessie    13 Glen Park,        Sinn Féin               SEAN DONNELLY,
                      Coalisland, Co                               CATHERINE ANNE
                      Tyrone, BT71 4PP                             DONNELLY, PHILIP
                                                                   PATRICK DONNELLY,
                                                                   CONOR JAMES
                                                                   DONNELLY, COLM
                                                                   DESMOND DONNELLY,
                                                                   DONNA MARIE
                                                                   DONNELLY, MALACHY
                                                                   O’NEILL, DAMIAN
                                                                   PATRICK CLANCY,
                                                                   THOMAS THADDEUS
                                                                   DONNELLY, KATHY
                                                                   MAIRE DONNELLY
Gillespie   Mickey    10 Beechline,        Sinn Féin               SEAMUS GRIMES,
                      Galbally,                                    FERGAL PATRICK
                      Dungannon, BT70                              O’DONNELL,
                      2NJ                                          MARGARET JOSEPHINE
                                                                   QUINN, JAMES GERARD
                                                                   MCELROY, PATRICK
                                                                   BRENDAN HURSON,
                                                                   BRENDAN JOSEPH
                                                                   KANE, SEAMUS JOHN
                                                                   MARY MCCABE,
                                                                   ANDREW HUGH
                                                                   VINCENT, PATRICIA
O’Neill     Joe       11 Gortgonis Park,   Sinn Féin               CATHAL JOSEPH
                      Coalisland, BT71                             CAMPBELL, ANTHONY
                      4PY                                          OWEN ROE O’NEILL,
                                                                   URSULA DONNELLY,
                                                                   MARY BRIDGET
                                                                   (MAUREEN) O’NEILL,
                                                                   PATRICK MARTIN
                                                                   DORIS, GERARD
                                                                   DILLON, LINDA DILLON,
                                                                   ELAINE MARY
                                                                   KATHLEEN ELLEN
                                                                   MCMAHON, DAVID
Quinn       Pádraig   44 Derryveen Road,   Sinn Féin               MICHAEL PETER
                      Derryloughan,                                MCGRATH, HUGH
                      Coalisland, BT71                             QUINN, BERNADETTE
                      4QR                                          MARY QUINN, ALANNA
                                                                   CAMPBELL, PAUL
                                                                   DONNELLY, COLLETTE
                                                                   DONNELLY, GERARD
                                                                   JAMES RAFFERTY,
                                                                   SHAUNA RAFFERTY,
                                                                   PATRICIA ROSE
                                                                   MCGRATH, CATHAL
                                                                   PAUL QUINN
Reid        Kenneth   21 Whitetown Road,   Ulster Unionist Party   FRANKLIN HAMILTON
                      Newmills,                                    KELLY, ALFRED MARK
                      Dungannon, BT71                              MCLEAN, JOSEPH
                      4ES                                          GORDON HEGARTY,
                                                                   MAY ELIZABETH
                                                                   BADGER, ALISTAIR
                                                                   WINSTON BADGER,
                                                                   RONALD SMYTH,
                                                                   ROBERT THOMAS
                                                                   ABERNETHY, MADELINE
                                                                   MARGARET NOLEEN
                                                                   ABERNETHY, FRANCES
                                                                   ANNA STEWART,
                                                                   ROBERT JAMES
Walshe      James     121 Washingbay       Independent             JAMES JOSEPH
                      Road, Annaghmore,                            RAFFERTY, KIERAN
                      Coalisland, Co                               DESMOND O’NEILL,
                                  Tyrone Northern                      MARY ANN O’NEILL,
                                  Ireland, BT71 4QE                    BERNARD CAMPBELL,
                                                                       MICHAEL O’NEILL, NOEL
                                                                       FRANCIS MCGRATH,
                                                                       TERESA MARY
                                                                       ELIZABETH CULLEN,
                                                                       DOMINIC JOSEPH
                                                                       QUINN, JOHN FRANCIS
                                                                       CORR, ITA CANNING

   The persons opposite whose name no entry is made in Column 6 have been and stand validly nominated.

2. A poll for the above election is to be taken on Thursday 5th May 2011 between the hours of 7:00am and 10:00pm
   together with the poll for an Assembly election in the Constituency/Constituencies of Mid Ulster and the poll for
   the Referendum. The situation of each polling station and the description of voters entitled to vote there is
   available on and may be viewed at the Council Office during office hours.

3. The number of Councillors to be elected for the District Electoral Area is SIX.

4. The Poll will be taken by secret ballot in accordance with the principle of proportional representation, each
   elector having one transferable vote.

Dated : Thursday 7 April 2011
                                                                                  Alan Burke
Dungannon & South Tyrone Borough Council,                                         Deputy Returning Officer
Council Offices, Circular Road, Dungannon,
BT71 6DT

   Published and printed by Deputy Returning Officer, Dungannon & South Tyrone Borough Council, Council Offices, Circular
                                                Road, Dungannon, BT71 6DT.

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