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Global Warming


									Global Warming

 Written Case Analysis
        Team 1

    Megan Myers
  Alexa Dominguez
    Sarah Longee

      MKTG 350
      Whitt 208
     June 9, 2008
Problem/Opportunity aka Thesis Statement

       Global warming is a leading concern amongst consumers. There are various

alternatives that we can implement to reduce this vital problem of pollution. With the use

of problem recognition, consumer behavior patterns and thorough information research, it

is sure to give us an insight as to what we can do to help.


       The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines global warming as “an increase in the

earth's atmospheric and oceanic temperatures widely predicted to occur due to an increase

in the greenhouse effect resulting especially from pollution.” This problem of global

warming has begun to rise in recent decades. Predictions state that if we, the consumers,

do not do anything about this problem it will only get worse. Our goal is to help reduce

global warming through a list of alternatives. Some suggestions we have found are the

use of hybrid cars, using alternate energy sources, and recycling. [1]

Alternatives Available

       Hybrid vehicles have a great deal of advantages that can help reduce global

warming. One of the advantages is that they are made to use less gas by using an

electrical motor. Gas is a non-renewable resource so owners of hybrid vehicles will

reduce the consumption. Hybrid vehicles also produce less pollution than other vehicles.

Car manufactures are currently coming up with all different models available in hybrid

form. [2]

       Hybrid vehicles also have some disadvantages. One of their major drawbacks is

that they are more expensive that regular vehicles. Along with the initial price being
more, it also costs more to replace parts in the cars because they are more unique. They

also may require more mechanical attention because they have more complicated

systems. Another disadvantage is that they do not have as good acceleration as regular

cars. [2]

        Another alternative that can help the issue of global warming is recycling, reusing

a product’s raw materials to make another product instead of using virgin materials. The

most basic advantage of recycling is a cleaner environment. Some other positive effects

that go along with recycling are; we prevent the waste of materials that otherwise could

be useful, we slow the usage of natural resources that may be scarce; also we reduce

energy and air and water pollution. By doing this we minimize the need for original waste

disposal methods, which ultimately lowers greenhouse gas emissions. [3]

        There are also some aspects of recycling that can be disadvantageous. Some

consumers may argue that recycling is not always cost-efficient. Consumers also feel

that we are only being resourceful when we recycle aluminum because reusing metals is

practical and tends to not be as complex, versus recycling plastic and paper that can be

expensive. [4]

        With global warming being such a threat to our environment, another alternative

to help this problem is reusing energy. Advantages with this alternative would be that the

climate would change due to less pollution in the air. Reusing energy will limit the

amount of electricity needed. Air and water quality will improve as well as saving

money. Ways that reusable energy is helping to limit global warming from becoming an

even bigger issue are having a system that is called “Green Power” which is using

electricity from the environment. Some of the ways that we, as consumers, can use the
environment to help are by the use of solar panels to heat your homes, wind turbines,

biomass power plants and other geothermal means. [5,6,7]

       Even with all the advantages there also come some disadvantages. Many people

are not aware of global warming, or just do not take the time to do things to help. Unless

there is a 75% turn around with energy usage by the year 2050 global warming will reach

its most dangerous point. Consumers are not well informed about the alternatives they

can use to reduce global warming; therefore they are still going about their daily routines

and not focusing on their responsibility towards our environment. [5,6,7]


       After analyzing the three alternatives above as possible solutions for global

warming, we felt that recycling would be the most resourceful option. We choose

recycling because after considering the advantages and disadvantages of our three

alternatives, this choice is the most efficient and reasonable solution for our society to


Action Plan

       In order to put into action our plan for recycling we have developed a step-by-step

process.     First, consumers must be aware of the benefits of recycling. Spreading

awareness can be done through many venues. By firms advertising and marketing their

new environmentally conscious products, businesses can stress the importance of reusing

raw materials to avoid excess waste. We feel that once consumers are aware and

educated of the options that exist, they will be more likely to become environmentally

       Our second step is getting consumers interested in participating in purchasing

environmentally safe products. We plan to do so by displaying the benefits these

products provide and comparing them to statistics about the damage being caused.

According to the National Science Foundation, “The average U.S consumer produces an

average of 4.4 pounds of waste per day, which is about 220 tons of waste that is being

generated each year.” As consumers, we should choose reusable products instead of

disposables and buy products that have minimal packaging to help reduce waste that is

being created. [8]

       Our third step is to provide options for consumers to evaluate. By firms

producing environmentally safe products consumers have a choice to measure the pros

and cons of harmful products versus the products that use less material and are

recyclable. Office Depot is an example of a company that offers Envirocopy Recycled

Copy Paper which is made up of 35% post consumer recycled fibers with green colored

packaging to demonstrate it being environment friendly. [9]

       Our fourth step is the trial stage. In order for consumer’s to adopt a product they

need to be able to sample the recyclables available to them. By experiencing and testing

out the eco-friendly products we feel consumers will be more likely to become repeat

purchasers. An example of a product that has gained consumer loyalty would be Deer

Park’s Eco- Shaped water bottles that use 30% less plastic and therefore have less of an

impact on the environment. [10]

       Our fifth and final step is getting consumers to adopt recyclable products. By

providing enough information and environmentally safe products our plan of action is to
change consumer’s habits about recyclable items. With the steps we have provided we

guarantee over time this will yield a solution to global warming.

Anticipated Outcome

       Based on our action plan, our goal is to instill in consumer’s minds the

importance of purchasing recyclables and adopting environmentally friendly habits. By

tracking statistics and measuring the growth rate of eco-friendly products we will have

insight to the success of our plan. We anticipate over time that firms will only produce

environmentally safe products, causing an eco-friendly purchasing trend.


       We felt a rising problem in today’s society is global warming. After researching

this problem we found three alternatives to global warming. One alternative is

consumers purchasing hybrid cars. A second alternative was recycling. Lastly we felt

that reusing energy would help with this environmental problem. Developing an action

plan gave us several steps to implement recycling in our society. With our goal being to

change consumer’s lifestyles, with respect to the environment, we are sure to see a

successful turnaround. We strongly feel that with consumers being knowledgeable about

global warming they will be more likely to get involved.


[1] Merriam-Webster Encyclopedia Online

[2] All Hybrid Cars Official Website

[3] Zeller, Tom Jr. (January 2008)
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[4] Environmental Protection Agency
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Appendices - A

            Thursday, May 15 all three group members met in the library to learn how

             to find articles from academic or trade journals.

            Thursday, May 22 all three group members met from 12pm-2pm and

             worked on our status report we were planning on presenting the following

             Monday in class. We each found an alternative and researched advantages

             and disadvantages of each.

            Sunday, June 1 all three group members met from 5pm-7pm and worked

             on our SWOT Analysis.

            Tuesday, June 3 all three group members met from 5pm-7pm to work on

             sections five and six, the Recommendation and Action plan of our case


            Thursday, June 5 all three group members met to work on our Anticipated

             Outcome and our summary.

            Sunday, June 8 all three group members met to finalize our paper and

             work on our presentation.
Appendices – B
SWOT Analysis – Global Warming

Internal Factors         Strengths                        Weaknesses

Housing                  Green roof, florescent light     People are too reluctant to
                         bulbs, solar panels, wind        change, not adapting well,
                         turbines helping reduce          unaware of alternate options
                         energy overuse
Transportation           New awareness from               Consumers too attached to
                         companies to make hybrid         their SUV’s, hybrids are not
                         cars, less greenhouse gas        as popular as any other car,
                         emission, use of carpools,       people not willing to carpool
                         public transportation            or ride the bus
Recycling                Better if products are           Collection and disposal
                         biodegradable, helps             issues, not enough people
                         environment                      caring about environment
Resource Consumption     Resources such as coal and       Causing heat-trapping of
                         oil are being used to operate,   greenhouse gasses needed to
                         reductions can save money        help the planet keep warm
External Factors   Opportunities                  Threats
Competition        Not many customers are         If consumers are not actively
                   actively involved, gaining     involved then competition
                   awareness will help            will lack, companies will not
                   companies develop new          produce proper needs for
                   products                       helping prevent global
                                                  warming from continuing
Regulation         Government involvement to      Government unwilling to
                   make limitations on certain    enforce laws or not focusing
                   goods or means of              enough time on this issue
Economic           With production of             Consumers are not as aware
                   economically friendly          of new environment saving
                   products, there are money      trends, gas is rising,
                   saving ideas arising           resources becoming scare,
                                                  economy is somewhat in a
Social             Society as a whole has         Too materialistic to cut back
                   potential to take action,      on harmful consumption
                   every little bit helps, gain   tactics, uneducated in what
                   awareness, Earth Day           to do to help or even what is
                                                  going on
Technology         Newly developed                Consumers not adapting to
                   technologies are helping       new advances in technology,
                   reduce emissions               unaware of the benefits,
                                                  costs money to design and
                                                  implement new ideas

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