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					   N E W Y O R K S TAT E B A R A S S O C I AT I O N

                                    Tuesday, November 18, 2008
                                    New York City

                                         MCLE          See inside for
                                        Credits        more details.

The Sale of Stock in a Closely-Held
Business to an “ESOP” (Employee
Stock Ownership Plan):
A Diversification Strategy for
Business Owners
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Program Description
   We are pleased to present a well-rounded program on key                     that may be otherwise illiquid or has no established market,
practical and strategic aspects of employee stock ownership plans              thereby permitting the business owner to diversify his asset
that business owners, and their counsel, may come to contemplate               holdings and significantly reduce investment risk. An ESOP is
and implement.                                                                 also an employee benefit plan that allows a business owner to
                                                                               attract and retain key personnel.
   An ESOP is a qualified, defined contribution employee benefit
plan that invests primarily in the stock of the employer company.                 In this program, a highly experienced faculty from diverse
ESOPs are “qualified” in that in return for meeting certain rules              professional backgrounds will explain the overall structure
designed to protect the interests of plan participants, ESOP                   of a leveraged ESOP transaction, including the objectives in
sponsors receive substantial tax benefits. Alone among qualified               establishing an ESOP, the tax benefits available in an ESOP
employee benefit plans, an ESOP can also borrow money from or                  transaction, the financing aspects of an ESOP transaction and the
on the credit of the employer, provided the ESOP uses the money                special ESOP valuation requirements.
to buy employer stock.
                                                                                  The program will include ample opportunity for panel
  Most significantly, an ESOP provides a highly tax-efficient                  discussion and audience questions.
vehicle for a business owner to sell all or a portion of his business

8:30-9:00 a.m.                                                                      D.    Senior debt
REGISTRATION (outside meeting room)                                                       1. Asset-based financing
                                                                                          2. Borrowing base
                                                                                          3. “Overadvance” financing
I. Overall Structure of a Leveraged ESOP Transaction
                                                                                          4. Pricing
    A. Basic Structure of an ESOP Transaction
                                                                                          5. Covenants
         1. Flow of funds at closing
                                                                                          6. Lenders
         2. Bank financed vs. seller financed transactions
                                                                                    E.    Subordinated debt
         3. Outside loan/inside loan
                                                                                          1. Gamut of sources: from second lien to classic
         4. Debt servicing
    B. Statutory and regulatory requirements
                                                                                          2. Typical features: current interest, PIK interest,
         of an ESOP including:
         1. General benefit plan requirements
                                                                                          3. Pricing
         2. Specific ESOP requirements including voting rights
                                                                                          4. Subordination matters
              and distribution requirements
                                                                                    F.    Seller note
         3. Allocation of shares acquired with loan proceeds
                                                                                          1. Interest income for the shareholders
         4. ESOP loan exemption
                                                                                          2. Principal amortization deferred until out of
         5. Diversification rules
    C. The tax attributes of an ESOP including:
                                                                                    G.    Typical timeline
         1. Section 1042 tax deferral on sale of stock
              to an ESOP                                                       11:45-12:35 p.m.
         2. Deductibility of contributions to an ESOP                          III. Valuation Aspects of ESOPs
         3. Employer dividend payments                                              A. What is value?
         4. S Corporation ESOPs and tax-shield                                      B. Definition of fair market value
    D. ERISA fiduciary rules for ESOPs including:                                       1. Revenue Ruling 59-60 of the Internal Revenue
         1. Exclusive purpose and prudence rules                                             Service
         2. Exemption of sales to ESOPs from the prohibited                             2. Department of Labor regulations
              transaction rules                                                         3. Adequate consideration
         3. Adequate consideration                                                  C. Premises and levels of value
         4. Independent trustee                                                     D. Special ESOP Valuation Issues
                                                                                        1. S corporation valuation
                                                                                        2. ESOP transactions involving minority shares
Coffee Break
                                                                                        3. ESOP transactions involving controlling interests
10:55-11:45                                                                             4. Preferred stock transactions
II. Financing Aspects of an ESOP Transaction                                            5. Lack of marketability discount
    A. ESOP - as a “do it yourself” LBO                                                 6. The valuation process as it relates to an ESOP
        1. Tax deductions instead of the equity sponsor                                      transaction
        2. Creative techniques for qualified replacement                            E. Pre/Post valuation differences
    B. Capital structure: senior debt, subordinated debt,
                                                                               Audience Questions and Panel Discussion
        seller note
    C. Impact of the current economic environment                              1:00 p.m.
        on the ESOP deals                                                      Adjournment

                                                          4.5 TOTAL CREDITS
                     4.5 credit hours of practice management and/or professional practice
                             This advanced-level course may be used for New York MCLE credit by all attorneys,
                                        except those who are newly admitted (less than 24 months).

  This program has been approved for MCLE credit by the State Bar of California in the amount of 3.5 hours, and by the Pennsylvania Continuing
  Legal Education Board for 3.5 credit hours of substantive law. All inquiries regarding MCLE credits may be directed to (518) 487-5586.
  This course includes 4.5 hours of credit for the continuing professional education requirements of New York and New Jersey CPAs. New York sponsor
  number: 000026; New Jersey sponsor number: 20CE 00099900.
  The New York State Bar Association’s Committee on Continuing Legal Education has been certified by the New York State Continuing Legal
  Education Board as an accredited provider of continuing legal education in the State of New York.
  Regulations and Guidelines, attendees at CLE programs cannot receive MCLE credit for a program segment unless they are present for the entire segment.
  Persons who arrive late, depart early, or are absent for any portion of the segment will not receive credit for that segment.
Program Faculty
Overall Planning Chair            Speakers (in alphabetical order)
Stanley E. Bulua, Esq.            Stanley E. Bulua, Esq.
   Danziger &                        Danziger & Markhoff LLP
   Markhoff LLP                      White Plains
   White Plains                   Jay A. Fenster, Esq.
                                     Danziger & Markhoff LLP
                                     White Plains
                                  Larry Kaplan
                                     Managing Director and Founder, Corporate Solutions Group, LLC
                                     New York City
                                  Kenneth J. Pia, Jr., CPA, ABV, ASA, CBA
                                     Meyers, Harrison & Pia, LLC
                                     New Haven, CT

Information and Policies
Pre-registration Strongly Advised: You can save money and guarantee              Discounts and Scholarships: NYSBA members may apply for a discount
your seat and course materials by registering early. Registrations               or scholarship to attend this program, based on financial hardship. Under
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registrations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. If you plan         the program, explaining the basis of his/her hardship, and, if approved,
to pre-register within 10 days of the program or to register at the door,        may receive a discount or scholarship, depending on the circumstances. For
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will be refunded if you give us notice no later than the close of business
                                                                                 487-5577 and an application will be sent to you.
(4:45 p.m. EST) on the day prior to the date of the program for which you
registered. To cancel, write the CLE Registrar’s Office at One Elk Street,       Tape Recording of NYSBA Seminars is not permitted.
Albany, New York 12207; or fax (518) 487-5618; or call (800) 582-2452.                   Accommodations for Persons with Disabilities: We will make
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                                                                                                                        more details.
                                                                                                                        See inside for      Credits
   Strategy for Business Owners
   Ownership Plan): A Diversification
   Business to an “ESOP” (Employee Stock
   The Sale of Stock in a Closely-Held
                                                                                         presents      NYSBACLE
                                                                                          See our Fall 2008 schedule online at
                                                              (212) 736-5000
                                                              New York, NY 10001                                                    New York City
                                                              401 Seventh Avenue (between 33rd and 32nd Streets)                    November 18, 2008
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