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S.No.   District   Type Hospital Name                       Company
  1     Amritsar   Private Rippan Hospital, Gujjarpur     IFFCO-TOKIO
  2     Amritsar   Private Chunnilal Memorial Gulati      IFFCO-TOKIO
 3      Amritsar   Private Uppal Neuro Hospital           IFFCO-TOKIO
 4      Amritsar   Private Jain Nursing Home, Jandiala    IFFCO-TOKIO
 5      Amritsar   Private Aashirwad Hospital             IFFCO-TOKIO
 6      Amritsar   Private Bhatia Hospital                IFFCO-TOKIO
 7      Amritsar   Private Ranjit Hospital                IFFCO-TOKIO
 8      Amritsar   Private Sukhbir Hospital               IFFCO-TOKIO
 9      Amritsar   Private Deep Hospital, Fateh Churian   IFFCO-TOKIO
 10     Amritsar   Private Jai Kamal Eye Hospital         IFFCO-TOKIO
 11     Amritsar   Private Vaneet Hospital                IFFCO-TOKIO
 12     Amritsar   Private Sandhu Life Care Hospital      IFFCO-TOKIO
 13     Amritsar   Private Jeevan Jyot Hospital           IFFCO-TOKIO
 14     Amritsar   Private Daljit Singh Eye Hospital      IFFCO-TOKIO
 15     Amritsar   Private Bajwa Hospital                 IFFCO-TOKIO
 16     Amritsar   Private Life Line Hospital             IFFCO-TOKIO
 17     Amritsar   Private Sandhu Hospital                IFFCO-TOKIO
 18     Amritsar   Private Shoor Hospital                 IFFCO-TOKIO
 19     Amritsar   Private The New Hope Hospital          IFFCO-TOKIO
 20     Amritsar   Private Dr. Shakeen'S Eye & Dental     IFFCO-TOKIO
 21     Amritsar   Private S.Waryam Hospital              IFFCO-TOKIO
 22     Amritsar   Private Chandan Hospital               IFFCO-TOKIO
 23     Amritsar   Private Namita Hospital                IFFCO-TOKIO
 24     Amritsar   Private Ohri Hospital                  IFFCO-TOKIO
 25     Amritsar   Private Arora Hospital                 IFFCO-TOKIO
 26     Amritsar   Private Chikitsa Hospital              IFFCO-TOKIO
 27     Amritsar   Private Choudhary Hospital             IFFCO-TOKIO
 28     Amritsar   Private Badrinath Hospital             IFFCO-TOKIO
 29     Amritsar   Private Sareen Hospital                IFFCO-TOKIO
 30     Amritsar   Private Mahajan Hospital               IFFCO-TOKIO
 31     Amritsar   Private Carewell Hospital              IFFCO-TOKIO
 32     Amritsar   Private Preet Hospital                 IFFCO-TOKIO
 33     Amritsar   Private Mata Kaulan Ji Hospital        IFFCO-TOKIO
 34     Amritsar   Private Dr. Om Prakash Hospital        IFFCO-TOKIO
 35     Amritsar   Private Dr. Pawan Gupta Hospital       IFFCO-TOKIO
 36     Amritsar   Private Hartej Hospital                IFFCO-TOKIO
 37     Amritsar   Private Hargun Hospital                IFFCO-TOKIO
 38     Amritsar   Private Surjit Hospital                IFFCO-TOKIO
 39     Amritsar   Private Mrs. Khushbir Kalra Hospital   IFFCO-TOKIO
 40     Amritsar   Private Nayyar Hospital                IFFCO-TOKIO
41   Amritsar    Private DR. PARMINDER SINGH              IFFCO-TOKIO
                         PANNU MEMORIAL JANTA
1    Gurdaspur   Private Oberai Hospital                  IFFCO-TOKIO
2    Gurdaspur   Private Publiic Hospital                 IFFCO-TOKIO
3    Gurdaspur   Private Batala Hospital                  IFFCO-TOKIO
4    Gurdaspur   Private Kalyani Hospital                 IFFCO-TOKIO
5    Gurdaspur   Private Sh. Bawa Lal Dyal Hospital       IFFCO-TOKIO
6    Gurdaspur   Private Tung Hospital                    IFFCO-TOKIO
7    Gurdaspur   Private Chuhan Hospital                  IFFCO-TOKIO
8    Gurdaspur   Private Chuhan Multispecilist Hospital   IFFCO-TOKIO
                         & Troma Center
 9   Gurdaspur   Private Bhatia Hospital                  IFFCO-TOKIO
10   Gurdaspur   Private RAAVI MULTISPECIALITY            IFFCO-TOKIO
11   Gurdaspur   Private Sukh Sadan hospital & trauma     IFFCO-TOKIO
12   Gurdaspur   Private B J S BAL MEMORIAL               IFFCO-TOKIO
13   Gurdaspur   Private NEW MAHAJAN HOSPITAL             IFFCO-TOKIO
1    Ludhiana    Private Om Eye Hospital & Maternity      IFFCO-TOKIO
2    Ludhiana    Private Arora Nursing Home               IFFCO-TOKIO
3    Ludhiana    Private Chawla Nursing Home              IFFCO-TOKIO
4    Ludhiana    Private Bassi Nursing Home               IFFCO-TOKIO
5    Ludhiana    Private Dhami Eye Care Hospital          IFFCO-TOKIO
6    Ludhiana    Private Toor Hospital                    IFFCO-TOKIO
7    Ludhiana    Private Dr. Ramesh Superspeciality Eye   IFFCO-TOKIO
                         & Laser Centre
8    Ludhiana    Private Aastha Kidney Hospital &         IFFCO-TOKIO
                         Superspeciality Centre
 9   Ludhiana    Private Sirish Hospital                  IFFCO-TOKIO
10   Ludhiana    Private Walia Hospital                   IFFCO-TOKIO
11   Ludhiana    Private Karan Hospital                   IFFCO-TOKIO
12   Ludhiana    Private Hunjan Bone and Joint Hospital   IFFCO-TOKIO
13   Ludhiana    Private Preet Hospital                   IFFCO-TOKIO
14   Ludhiana    Private Jeevan Jot Hospital              IFFCO-TOKIO
15   Ludhiana    Private Jeevan eye and meternity         IFFCO-TOKIO
16   Ludhiana    Private Ashirwad Hospital                IFFCO-TOKIO
17   Ludhiana    Private Avasthi Bone & Joint Clinic &    IFFCO-TOKIO
18   Ludhiana    Private DEOL HOSPITAL                    IFFCO-TOKIO
19   Ludhiana    Private SIDHU HOSPITAL PVT. LTD.         IFFCO-TOKIO
1        Mansa         Private   Raikhy Nursing Home &             IFFCO-TOKIO
                                 Endoscopic Surgical Center
2        Mansa         Private   Pardeep Eye Care Center           IFFCO-TOKIO
3        Mansa         Private   Kulwant Nursing Home &            IFFCO-TOKIO
                                 Endoscopic Surgical Centre
4        Mansa         Private   Dumeli Hospital & Saurgical       IFFCO-TOKIO
5        Mansa         Private   Brar Hospital                     IFFCO-TOKIO
6        Mansa         Private   Gurunanak Mission Hospital        IFFCO-TOKIO
7        Mansa         Private   Raj Nursing Home & Surgical       IFFCO-TOKIO
1       Barnala        Private   BHIM NURSING HOME                    ICICI
2       Barnala        Private   SANDHU NURSING HOME &                ICICI
                                 SURGICAL CENTRE
3       Barnala        Private   DEEP NURSING HOME                    ICICI
4       Barnala        Private   Bharat Surgical And Maternity        ICICI
5       Barnala        Private   Noor Multispeciality Hospital &      ICICI
                                 Trauma Centre
6       Barnala        Private   Dr. Rakesh Surgical Centre           ICICI
1       Bathinda       Private   GROVER NURSING HOME                  ICICI
2       Bathinda       Private   WADI HOSPITAL                        ICICI
3       Bathinda       Private   Aman Hospital                        ICICI
4       Bathinda       Private   GEM HOSPITAL                         ICICI
5       Bathinda       Private   Major Gupta Bone & Joint             ICICI
 6      Bathinda       Private   SRA Eye Hospital                     ICICI
 7      Bathinda       Private   Bansal ENT Hospital                  ICICI
 8      Bathinda       Private   Nagpal Superspeciality Hospital      ICICI
 9      Bathinda       Private   Badyal Multispeciality Hospital      ICICI
10      Bathinda       Private   Gupta Hospital                       ICICI
11      Bathinda       Private   Bombay Clinic and                    ICICI
                                 Multispeciality Hospital
1       Faridkot       Private   KUMAR HOSPITAL                       ICICI
                                 &ULTRASOUND SCAN
2       Faridkot       Private   SHRI SHYAM HOSPITAL &                ICICI
                                 ULTRASOUND CENTRE
3       Faridkot       Private   BANSAL NURSING HOME &                ICICI
                                 NEW BORN CARE CENTRE

                                   Fatehgarh Sahib
1    Fatehgarh Sahib   Private BAJAJ NURSING HOME                     ICICI
2    Fatehgarh Sahib   Private BAWA NURSING HOME                      ICICI
3   Fatehgarh Sahib   Private RAM HOSPITAL                         ICICI
4   Fatehgarh Sahib   Private Sandhu Hospital                      ICICI
5   Fatehgarh Sahib   Private Mahesh Hospital                      ICICI
6   Fatehgarh Sahib   Private Sohal Hospital                       ICICI
7   Fatehgarh Sahib   Private Karam Hospital                       ICICI
8   Fatehgarh Sahib   Private Rana Clinic & Hospital               ICICI
1     Ferozepur       Private ASIJA EYE AND CHILD CARE             ICICI

2     Ferozepur       Private GURU RAM DASS HOSPITAL               ICICI

3     Ferozepur       Private KALIA EYE & MATERNITY                ICICI
4     Ferozepur       Private AMAR HOSPITAL                        ICICI
5     Ferozepur       Private OSAHAN HOSPITAL                      ICICI
6     Ferozepur       Private Dr. Chalana Eye Hospital             ICICI
7     Ferozepur       Private Anil Baghi Hospital                  ICICI
1       Moga          Private G S MEMORIAL PREM                    ICICI
                              HOSPITAL PVT. LTD
2       Moga          Private SINGLA NURSING HOME                  ICICI
3       Moga          Private RAJEEV HOSPITAL                      ICICI
4       Moga          Private Dr. Satya Pal Mittal Hospital        ICICI
5       Moga          Private Rajindra Hospital                    ICICI
6       Moga          Private Sood Nursing Home                    ICICI
1       Mohali        Private CHAUDHARY HOSPITAL                   ICICI
2       Mohali        Private KESHAV                               ICICI
                              HOSPITAL AND DIGNOSTIC

3       Mohali        Private J P EYE HOSPITAL                     ICICI
4       Mohali        Private KAUSHAL HOSPITAL                     ICICI
5       Mohali        Private ADITYAJ HOSPITAL & LAB               ICICI
6       Mohali        Private AMAR HOSPITAL                        ICICI
7       Mohali        Private Cheema Medical Complex               ICICI
8       Mohali        Private Harmony Healthcare                   ICICI
1      Muktsar        Private JINDAL HOSPITAL & HEART              ICICI
2      Muktsar        Private SRI GURU NANAK HOSPITAL              ICICI

3      Muktsar        Private   Dr. R.P. Singh                     ICICI
4      Muktsar        Private   Patiala Eye & Maternity Hospital   ICICI
5      Muktsar        Private   Gawri Nursing Home                 ICICI
6      Muktsar        Private   Aashirwad Hospital                 ICICI
7      Muktsar        Private   Sachdeva Nursing Home              ICICI
                                    Nawan Shahar
1    Nawan Shahar   Private   KARAN HOSPITAL &                    ICICI
                              MATERNITY HOME
2    Nawan Shahar   Private   Navnoor Hospital & Maternity        ICICI
3    Nawan Shahar   Private   Mittal Hospital                     ICICI
4    Nawan Shahar   Private   Sarb Hospital                       ICICI
1       Patiala     Private   NEW PATIALA HOSPITAL &              ICICI
                              MATERNITY HOME
2       Patiala     Private   Nitin Nursing Home                  ICICI
3       Patiala     Private   Sawhney Hospital & Maternity        ICICI
4       Patiala     Private   Neelam Hospital & Maternity         ICICI
5       Patiala     Private   Sehat Medicare                      ICICI
6       Patiala     Private   Arora Hospital                      ICICI
7       Patiala     Private   Soni Hospital                       ICICI
8       Patiala     Private   Gian Sagar Medical College &        ICICI
9       Patiala     Private   Singla Hospital And Maternity       ICICI
10      Patiala     Private   Simrita Nursing and Maternity       ICICI
1       Ropar       Private   KIRAN NURSING HOME                  ICICI
2       Ropar       Private   PANNU EYE AND GYNAE                 ICICI
3       Ropar       Private   SANGHA HOSPITAL                     ICICI
4       Ropar       Private   Kakkar Hospital                     ICICI
5       Ropar       Private   Kumar Hospital                      ICICI
6       Ropar       Private   Sri Guru Teg Bahadur                ICICI
                              Multispeciality Hospital
7       Ropar       Private   Sharma Eye Hospital & Laser         ICICI
1     Hoshiarpur    Private   Sant Baba Rangi Ramji Hospital   IFFCO-TOKIO
2     Hoshiarpur    Private   Narad Hospital                   IFFCO-TOKIO
3     Hoshiarpur    Private   Gursimran Hospital               IFFCO-TOKIO
4     Hoshiarpur    Private   Gautam Eye Hospital              IFFCO-TOKIO
5     Hoshiarpur    Private   Modi Nursing Home                IFFCO-TOKIO
1      Sangrur      Private   SIBIA HEALTHCARE (P) LTD         IFFCO-TOKIO

2      Sangrur      Private SINGLA SURGICAL                    IFFCO-TOKIO
3     Sangrur     Private SANGRUR SURGICAL AND             IFFCO-TOKIO
                          LAPROSCOPIC CENTRE
4     Sangrur     Private Vishwas Hospital                 IFFCO-TOKIO
5     Sangrur     Private Hind Hospital                    IFFCO-TOKIO
6     Sangrur     Private Rajan eye Heart & Laser centre   IFFCO-TOKIO
1    Jalandhar    Private Tagore Hospital                     UIIC
2    Jalandhar    Private Jammu Hospital                      UIIC
3    Jalandhar    Private Orthonova Hospital                  UIIC
1    Kapurthala   Private City Hospital                    IFFCO-TOKIO
2    Kapurthala   Private Advance Ludhiana Eye Hospital    IFFCO-TOKIO
                                   Tarn Taran
1    Tarn Taran   Private Trehan Hospital                  IFFCO-TOKIO
2    Tarn Taran   Private Pandit Nathu Ram Hospital        IFFCO-TOKIO
3    Tarn Taran   Private Aulakh Bone & Joint Centre       IFFCO-TOKIO
4    Tarn Taran   Private Rai Hospital                     IFFCO-TOKIO
5    Tarn Taran   Private Kamal Hospital (Maternity        IFFCO-TOKIO
6    Tarn Taran   Private Jeevandeep Multispeciality       IFFCO-TOKIO
7    Tarn Taran   Private Dhawan Nursing Home              IFFCO-TOKIO
8    Tarn Taran   Private Guru Amardass Cheritable         IFFCO-TOKIO
 9   Tarn Taran   Private Khara Hospital                   IFFCO-TOKIO
10   Tarn Taran   Private Agnihotri Hospital               IFFCO-TOKIO
11   Tarn Taran   Private Gupta Hospital                   IFFCO-TOKIO
12   Tarn Taran   Private Sri Ram Hospital                 IFFCO-TOKIO
S.No.   District    Type      Hospital Name                          Company
  1     Amritsar    Public    Civil Hospital Lopoke                IFFCO-TOKIO
  2     Amritsar    Public    J.B.M.M. Civil Hospital              IFFCO-TOKIO
  3     Amritsar    Public    Chc Majitha                          IFFCO-TOKIO
  4     Amritsar    Public    Sdh Baba Bakala                      IFFCO-TOKIO
  5     Amritsar    Public    Sdh Ajnala                           IFFCO-TOKIO
  6     Amritsar    Public    Chc Mannawala                        IFFCO-TOKIO
  7     Amritsar    Public    Chc Tarsikka                         IFFCO-TOKIO
  1     Gurdaspur   Public    Dh Gurdaspur                         IFFCO-TOKIO
  2     Gurdaspur   Public    Sdh Pathankot                        IFFCO-TOKIO
  3     Gurdaspur   Public    Sdh Batala                           IFFCO-TOKIO
  4     Gurdaspur   Public    Civil Hospital Kahnuwan              IFFCO-TOKIO
  5     Gurdaspur   Public    Chc Kalanour                         IFFCO-TOKIO
  6     Gurdaspur   Public    Chc Bham                             IFFCO-TOKIO
  7     Gurdaspur   Public    Chc Badhani                          IFFCO-TOKIO
  8     Gurdaspur   Public    Chc Ghorta                           IFFCO-TOKIO
  9     Gurdaspur   Public    Chc Nasehra Majja Singh              IFFCO-TOKIO
 10     Gurdaspur   Public    Civil Hospital, Quadian              IFFCO-TOKIO
 1      Ludhiana    Public    Civil Hospital                       IFFCO-TOKIO
 2      Ludhiana    Public    Sub Divisional Hospital Khanna       IFFCO-TOKIO
 3      Ludhiana    Public    Sub Divisional Hospital Jagraon      IFFCO-TOKIO
 4      Ludhiana    Public    Community Health Centre Manupur      IFFCO-TOKIO
 5      Ludhiana    Public    Sub Divisional Hospital Samrala      IFFCO-TOKIO
 6      Ludhiana    Public    Community Health Centre Guru sar     IFFCO-TOKIO
  7     Ludhiana    Public    Community Health Centre Machiwara    IFFCO-TOKIO
  8     Ludhiana    Public    Community Health Centre Malaud       IFFCO-TOKIO
  9     Ludhiana    Public    Community Health Centre Pakhowal     IFFCO-TOKIO
 10     Ludhiana    Public    Sub Divisional Hospital Raikot       IFFCO-TOKIO
 11     Ludhiana    Public    Community Health Centre Sahnewal     IFFCO-TOKIO
 12     Ludhiana    Public    CHC SIDHWA BET                       IFFCO-TOKIO
 13     Ludhiana    Public    SUB DIVISIONAL HOSPITAL, PAYAL       IFFCO-TOKIO
 1       Mansa      Public    Sub- Divisional Hospital Budhlada    IFFCO-TOKIO
 2       Mansa      Public    Community Health Centre Bhikhi       IFFCO-TOKIO
 3       Mansa      Public    Sub Divisional Hospital Sardulgarh   IFFCO-TOKIO
 4       Mansa      Public    Chc Khiala                           IFFCO-TOKIO
 5       Mansa      Public    Civil Hospital                       IFFCO-TOKIO
 1       Barnala    Public    District Hospital Barnala               ICICI
 2       Barnala    Public    Community Health Centre Bhadaur         ICICI
 3       Barnala    Public    Community Health Centre Dhanaula        ICICI
 4       Barnala    Public    Community Health Centre Tapa            ICICI
1       Bathinda       Public WOMEN & CHILD HOSPITAL          ICICI
2       Bathinda       Public SUB DIVISIONAL HOSPITAL RAM     ICICI
                              PURA PHUL
3       Bathinda       Public SUB DIVISIONAL HOSPITAL         ICICI
                              TALWANDI SABO
4       Bathinda       Public COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE         ICICI
5       Bathinda       Public COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE         ICICI
6       Bathinda       Public COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE         ICICI
7       Bathinda       Public COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE         ICICI
                              RAMAN MANDI
8       Bathinda       Public COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE         ICICI
                              MAUR MANDI
9       Bathinda       Public COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE         ICICI
10      Bathinda       Public Civil Hospital Bathinda         ICICI
11      Bathinda       Public COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE         ICICI
12      Bathinda       Public COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE         ICICI
                              BHUCHO MANDI
1       Faridkot       Public Civil Hospital Kotkapura        ICICI
2       Faridkot       Public Civil Hospital Faridkot         ICICI
3       Faridkot       Public SUB DIVISIONAL HOSPITAL JAITU   ICICI
                                      Fatehgarh Sahib
1    Fatehgarh Sahib   Public CIVIL HOSPITAL FATEHGARH        ICICI
2    Fatehgarh Sahib   Public SUB DIVISONAL HOSPITAL MANDI    ICICI
3    Fatehgarh Sahib   Public COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE         ICICI
4    Fatehgarh Sahib   Public COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE         ICICI
                              BASSI PATHANA
5    Fatehgarh Sahib   Public COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE         ICICI
1      Ferozepur       Public CIVIL HOSPITAL FEROZEPUR        ICICI
2      Ferozepur       Public CIVIL HOSPITAL ZIRA             ICICI
3      Ferozepur       Public CIVIL HOSPITAL JALALABAD        ICICI
4      Ferozepur       Public CIVIL HOSPITAL FAZILKA          ICICI
5      Ferozepur       Public CIVIL HOSPITAL ABOHAR           ICICI
6      Ferozepur       Public CHC GURUHAR SAHAI               ICICI
1       Moga        Public   CHC Dhudike                                   ICICI
2       Moga        Public   Civil Hospital Moga                           ICICI
3       Moga        Public   PHC Darolibhai                                ICICI
4       Moga        Public   PHC Kot lse Khan                              ICICI
5       Moga        Public   CHC Nihal Singh Wala                          ICICI
6       Moga        Public   CHC Baghapurana                               ICICI
1       Mohali      Public   Civil hospital Mohali                         ICICI
2       Mohali      Public   CHC Kurali                                    ICICI
3       Mohali      Public   COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE                       ICICI
                             DERA BASSI
4       Mohali      Public   SUB DIVISIONAL HOSPITAL                       ICICI
1      Muktsar      Public   Civil Hospital Muktsar                        ICICI
2      Muktsar      Public   CIVIL HOSPITAL MALOUT                         ICICI
3      Muktsar      Public   Civil Hospital Gidderbaha                     ICICI
4      Muktsar      Public   Civil Hospital Badal                          ICICI
                                       Nawan Shahar
1    Nawan Shahar   Public   District Hospital Nawanshahar                 ICICI
2    Nawan Shahar   Public   Community Health Centre Banga                 ICICI
3    Nawan Shahar   Public   Community Health Centre Saroya                ICICI
4    Nawan Shahar   Public   Sub Divisional Hospital Balachaur             ICICI
5    Nawan Shahar   Public   Community Health Centre Mukandpur             ICICI
1       Patiala     Public   Civil Hospital, Mata Kaushalya Hospital,      ICICI
 2      Patiala     Public   Civil Hospital, Ghanaur                       ICICI
 3      Patiala     Public   Civil hospital Rajpura                        ICICI
 4      Patiala     Public   Civil Hospital , Samana                       ICICI
 5      Patiala     Public   Civil Hospital, Model Town, Patiala           ICICI
 6      Patiala     Public   Civil Hospital, Nabha                         ICICI
 7      Patiala     Public   Civil Hospital, Dhudan Sadhan                 ICICI
 8      Patiala     Public   Civil Hospital, Kalo Majra                    ICICI
 9      Patiala     Public   Civil Hospital, Bhadson                       ICICI
10      Patiala     Public   Civil Hospital, Banur                         ICICI
1       Ropar       Public   District Hospital Ropar                       ICICI
2       Ropar       Public   Sub Divisional Hospital Anandpur Sahib        ICICI
3       Ropar       Public   CHC Nurpur Bedi                               ICICI
4       Ropar       Public   PHC Chamkaur Sahib                            ICICI
1     Hoshiarpur    Public   C.H. Hoshiarpur                            IFFCO-TOKIO
2     Hoshiarpur    Public   Civil Hospital Ghanshankar                 IFFCO-TOKIO
3     Hoshiarpur    Public   Civil Hospital Mukerian                    IFFCO-TOKIO
 4   Hoshiarpur   Public   Civil Hospital Dasuya                    IFFCO-TOKIO
 5   Hoshiarpur   Public   Civil Hospital Bhunga                    IFFCO-TOKIO
 6   Hoshiarpur   Public   Civil Hospital Mand Mandher              IFFCO-TOKIO
 7   Hoshiarpur   Public   Civil Hospital Bhudha Bar                IFFCO-TOKIO
 8   Hoshiarpur   Public   Civil Hospital Hajipur                   IFFCO-TOKIO
 9   Hoshiarpur   Public   Civil Hospital Tanda                     IFFCO-TOKIO
10   Hoshiarpur   Public   Civil Hospital Mahilpur                  IFFCO-TOKIO
11   Hoshiarpur   Public   Civil Hospital Sham Chaurise             IFFCO-TOKIO
12   Hoshiarpur   Public   Civil Hospital Bhol Kalota               IFFCO-TOKIO
1     Sangrur     Public   Civil Hospital Malerkotla                IFFCO-TOKIO
2     Sangrur     Public   SDH Sunam                                IFFCO-TOKIO
3     Sangrur     Public   SDH Dhuri                                IFFCO-TOKIO
4     Sangrur     Public   CHC Lehragaga
5     Sangrur     Public   CHC Longowal
6     Sangrur     Public   CHC Bhawanigarh
7     Sangrur     Public   CHC Amargarh                             IFFCO-TOKIO
8     Sangrur     Public   CHC Ahmedgarh                            IFFCO-TOKIO
9     Sangrur     Public   CHC Kauhrian                             IFFCO-TOKIO
1    Jalandhar    Public   D.H.Jalandhar                               UIIC
2    Jalandhar    Public   Nakodar                                     UIIC
3    Jalandhar    Public   Phillaur                                    UIIC
4    Jalandhar    Public   Nurmahal                                    UIIC
5    Jalandhar    Public   Kala Bakra                                  UIIC
6    Jalandhar    Public   Shahkot                                     UIIC
7    Jalandhar    Public   Bundala                                     UIIC
8    Jalandhar    Public   Bada Pind                                   UIIC
9    Jalandhar    Public   Kartarpur                                   UIIC
1    Kapurthala   Public   District Hospital Kapurthala             IFFCO-TOKIO
2    Kapurthala   Public   Sub Divisional Hospital Phagwara         IFFCO-TOKIO
3    Kapurthala   Public   Sub Divisional Hospital Sultanpur Lodi   IFFCO-TOKIO
4    Kapurthala   Public   Community Health Centre Kala Sanghian    IFFCO-TOKIO
5    Kapurthala   Public   Community Health Centre Begowal          IFFCO-TOKIO
6    Kapurthala   Public   Community Health Centre Panchat          IFFCO-TOKIO
7    Kapurthala   Public   Community Health Centre Tibba            IFFCO-TOKIO
                                      Tarn Taran
1    Tarn Taran   Public   District Hospital Taran Taran            IFFCO-TOKIO
2    Tarn Taran   Public   Sub Divisional Hospital Patti            IFFCO-TOKIO
3    Tarn Taran   Public   Community Health Centre Ghariala         IFFCO-TOKIO
4    Tarn Taran   Public   Community Health Centre Khem Karan       IFFCO-TOKIO
5    Tarn Taran   Public   Community Health Centre Sur Singh wala   IFFCO-TOKIO
6    Tarn Taran   Public   Community Health Centre Sarhali          IFFCO-TOKIO
7    Tarn Taran   Public   Community Health Centre Naushera         IFFCO-TOKIO
8   Tarn Taran   Public Community Health Centre Mainwind   IFFCO-TOKIO
9   Tarn Taran   Public Community Health Centre Kairon     IFFCO-TOKIO
S.No.   Distric           Enrolment   Private Hospital   Govt. Hospital   Total
  1     Amritsar            11046            41                7           48
  2     Gurdaspur           14399            13                10          23
  3     Ludhiana            10490            19                13          32
  4     Mansa               12227             7                5           12
  5     Barnala             5257              6                4           10
  6     Bathinda            8181             11                12          23
  7     Faridkot            4063              3                3            6
  8     Fatehgarh Sahib     6456              8                5           13
  9     Ferozepur           20455             7                6           13
 10     Moga                7208              6                6           12
 11     Mohali              4722              8                4           12
 12     Muktsar             8926              7                4           11
 13     Nawan Shahar        2488              4                5            9
 14     Patiala             18750            10                10          20
 15     Ropar               4115              7                4           11
 16     Hoshiarpur          3606              5                12          17
 17     Sangrur             22497             6                9           15
 18     Jalandhar           6739              3                9           12
 19     Kapurthala          2520              2                7            9
 20     Tarn Taran          18790            12                9           21
          Total            192935           185               144          329

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