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5/25/2011 16:39:40        Ayan Pal            91-9748429307

5/25/2011 16:41:30    D.Senthil Kannan       +91 99949-20728

5/25/2011 16:43:36     Prasad Sovani         +91-98221-93445

5/25/2011 16:44:39   Rajnish Vyakaranam      +91 9985426211

5/25/2011 16:46:21      Rajesh Nair          +91 9980526150

5/25/2011 16:49:25        Pooja M            +91 99165 41151

5/25/2011 16:50:44      Rajan Sinha           +91 981030238

5/25/2011 16:52:05     Shridha Tyagi         +91 8015200333
                                            +91 80 23333604 /
5/25/2011 16:54:39     Dr.Chaya Nair           9900366833

5/25/2011 16:56:33   Aditya Maheswaran       +91 9841669414

5/25/2011 16:57:44      Brillian S. K.        +91982077802
5/25/2011 16:59:11        Suneel Agarwal            +91 9821037546

                                                   +91 44 26288710 ,
5/25/2011 17:04:04           Nina John               9884116530

5/25/2011 17:23:29       M.Rajeev Nambiar           +91 9444733288

5/25/2011 17:28:35         Kunal Ghotge               9972590331

5/25/2011 18:18:49         Kunal Khanna             +91 9967522448

5/25/2011 18:38:56        Sangeeta S bahl             9.1981E+11

                                                 +91 44 2834 1652 ; +91
5/25/2011 18:49:42       M Lalitha Giridhar           9445119703

5/25/2011 23:52:33    AGH Jayalath Edirisinghe      +94-71-4488058

5/26/2011 0:15:27    Mohammed Musthafa Azeez        +917845787931

5/26/2011 8:24:42       Deepa Bharatkumar           +91 9566076959

5/26/2011 11:15:30       Pabitra Mohapatra            7207826684
5/26/2011 11:20:59       Sugandh Rakha            9160003936

5/26/2011 12:16:49         Ravi Kumar            +91 9177335543

5/26/2011 12:37:34   Dananjaya J Hettiarachchi   '+94 773044410

5/26/2011 10.18 AM         M A Subadra            9952029804

     10:40:00          Deepa Bharatkumar          9566076959
                         Pawas Chandra           9880617969

                       Amit Suresh Karnik        8097793321

                          Sheryl Shibu           9545550266

                           Amit Kumar            9820148045

    5/26/2011           Chitra Raghavan          9820363311

5/26/2011 15:21:00   Dr Vijayashri Ravi.,Ph.D    9845943788

5/26/2011 19:23:59        Prabakaran R            9710408297
5/26/2011 22:01:46           Latha R            +91 9845692413

                        Anuraag Awasthi          9810068709

5/27/2011 9:20:12          Ajit Bopitiya        +94 772 283738

5/27/2011 9:44:13       Abhishek Bajpai         +91 9657508754

5/27/2011 12:46:30     Kumar Samanvaya          +91 9623441543
Manmohan S Vilkhu         9873434962
                        ' +94 4862355
Ajitha Goonewardene    +94 777 396900
 Saborna kumar Dey    '+ 91 9232379988
                                                         City of your    Availability for the
                        Topics                            residence          sessions

Evaluate To Motivate,
Benefits of Being a Toastmaster,
Applying LEAN in your workplace,
The Use Of Job Aids In Everyday Life,
Ways To Incorporate The Technology Of Education,
How To Convert a Subject Matter Expert Into a Trainer,
Learn How To Say It Right,
Essential Client Facing Skills,
Pet Peeves And How To Overcome Them,
How To Win A Friend,
Reading For A Reason,
How Many Is A Crowd?,
Spiritual Cleansing,
Unlocking The Secrets Of I Ching.
The Interpretation Of Dreams.                              Kolkatta          Weekends
Think Global- Act Local,
Goal Setting,
Task Management                                          Tuticorin, TN       Weekdays
Public Speaking,
Economics,                                                                 Weekdays and
Management                                                  Pune            Weekends
Presentation skills
 Communication Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Interview Skills                                         Hyderabad           Weekends
Behavioral                                                Bangalore          Weekends

None Selected.                                            Bangalore          Weekdays
All Soft skills,
selling skill,
process skills like goal setting etc                        Delhi            Weekdays
career counselling ,
women in technology , theatre , Fine arts ,
team building ,
Education system ,
student counselling ,
communication and leadership coaching                     Bangalore          Weekends

Stress management,NLP                                     Bangalore          Weekdays

(Verbal, Non-verbal, voice, listening skills),                             Weekdays and
Personality Development,                                   Chennai          Weekends
Soft skills, Personality development, Public Speaking,
Team management, HR, Compering, etc                        Mumbai            Weekends
Self Development,
Organization Development,
Team Building,
Branding,                                                             Weekdays and
Motivation                                                Mumbai       Weekends
Entrepresneurship,                                                    Weekdays and
Gender sensitization                                      Chennai      Weekends
Spoken English,
Anger Management,
Fear Management,
Public Speaking,
Personality Development                                   Chennai       Weekends
Public Speaking
                                                         Bangalore      Weekends
Have made the following workshops myself and
successfully conduct them at various corporate :
Happiness Unlimited
The Art of Impromptu Speaking
Connecting with the Audience
High Performance Enterpreneurship
The 10 Commandments of Public Speaking
How to become a humorous speaker
The Art of Speech Writing
Master the Interview                                      Mumbai        Weekends
Image management and branding
 Business Etiquette
Publc speaking
Self esteem and inner belief
Color and personality                                     gurgaon       Weekdays
Emotional Intelligence, Transactional Analysis,
Interpersonal skills, Team building and Team
management, Achievement Motivation, Goal Setting,
Time management, Stress management , etc                  Chennai       Weekdays

Time management, defensive driving for road safety,
communication skills for professionals                   Colombo        Weekends
Movies                                                    Chennai    Call me to confirm
Photography (at amateur / beginner / child levels),
Architecture, Planning, Sustainable / Green design and
building techniques, Green living, composting             Chennai    Call me to confirm
- Cooking
- Sambhalpuri Dance (Folk Dance of Odisa)                Hyderabad      Weekends
- Stammering
- Cloud Computing
- Software Design for Cloud and Web 2.0
- Linux Hacking                                                    Weekdays and
                                                       Hyderabad    Weekends

1. Personal Branding
2. Powering Careers Social Media
3. Living a creative life
4. Power of Story Telling
5. Presentation Skills

My flagship workshops
•     Workshops on honing creativity
•     Power of Social Media                                        Weekdays and
                                                       Hyderabad    Weekends
Value based Leadership
Competency Development
Achieving Potential
Behavior change                                                    Weekdays and
Organizational Change Mgt                              Colombo      Weekends
Soft skills training,
Technical presentations on genetic engineering and
Computer programming languages- C , C++, Statistics,
Human psychology, Psychometrics, Political science,
History, Motivational talk,
Quizzing.                                               Chennai     Weekends
Photography (at amateur / beginner / child levels),
Sustainable / Green design and building techniques,
Green living,
Composting                                              Chennai     Please call
General Awareness, Branding - the quintessential of
human's existence, Leadership in Modern World, Its
about Entrepreneurial spirit and not the
Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking, Understanding the
Modern human, Its not only about selling - Sales
Training                                                   Bangalore        Weekdays
Any other                                                Pune / Mumbai      Weekends
Social Issues,
Motivational speeches,
Debates                                                  Pune / Mumbai     Weekends
Communicate to Win, Present to Impress, Be the                            Weekdays and
Leader, Guide for Startups                                  Mumbai         Weekends
Office Productivity,
Presentation Skills,
Email Etiquette,
Work Place Grooming,                                                      A week's notice
Dress Etiquette                                             Mumbai       would be required.
Inter-personal Skills
Decision Making
                                                           Bangalore     Call me to confirm
Computer science related subjects and programming
                                                            Chennai         Weekends
                                                           Bangalore        Weekends
Process Improvement,
ISO 9001, ISO 27001,
Employee Engagement,
Time Management,
Body Language,                                                            Weekdays and
Soft Skills,                                               New Delhi       Weekends
Leadership & Teamwork
Managing Change
Strategic Human Respurce Management                        Colombo          Weekends
Anything barring technical topics. Specially preferred
topic are
Speaking skills,
Self help and motivational speeches.                         Pune           Weekends

Entertainment speeches,
Persuasive speeches,
Informative Speeches,
Role of ICT in Rural India,
Cross cultural communication,
Role of technology in contemporary lifestyle                 Pune           Weekends
Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Poductivity
                                                       Noida     Weekends
Business Etiquette / Business Etiquette for the New             Weekdays and
Workplace                                             Colombo    Weekends
Entreneurship , Motivatioal , Soft Skill              Burdwan    Weekends
Anything you wish organizers to know

Prefer to have transport provided to and from the venue

Need minimum of 15 days prior intimation, to plan

Prior confirmation necessary : Check out my website:

Available on special occasions / after office hours too.

Available to start in small manner. I have not done this before.
presently in Dubai on a series of speaking assignments.

Please visit

I work with IBM India Pvt ltd as
R&D Engineer for past 5 years . Prior to that I have 3 years of teaching
experience in college of Engineering .Actively involved in career
counselling and communication and leadership coaching of college students

Please confirm much in advance.

 I am a professional MC (Emcee) for various events. I can be leveraged as an MC for
your events.

Available for mumbai events - late evenings.
Available anywhere in india - based on prior confirmation

Please try and provide me atleast a two-weeks notice period

A week's advance intimation is required

Available after officehours on weekdays too

I am available on weekdays - with some prior planning. Would prefer weekends

I am a passionate speaker and loves what I do. You will find some of my videos on

I need a month's notice most times as my calendar is booked in advance.

I have trained at corporates like the Reliance Group, Avery India, Chemin, etc
Weekdays availability only by prior advance confirmation

Dr. Jayalath Edirisinghe
Senior lecturer- Civil Engineering
Director- Centre for Distance and Continuing Education
University of Peradeniya
Sri Lanka

I am a Second year student of Loyola College, currently a member of Chennai
Toastmasters Club for past one year.

Practicing Architect with a post-graduate degree, certified green building design
specialist, avid composter, reader and photographer.
I have been a regular organizer and speaker at Barcamp Hyderabad.
I have spoken at CloudCamp and

I gave a talk a Ignite Hyderabad - "I am a Person with Stammering" that should be
available on very soon
Ravi has delivered talks in various respectable platforms. He was a selected speaker at the Society of Technical Communication (STC)
Conference, Goa and New Delhi in 2006 and 2010. He was adjusted the best speaker at New Delhi STC. He was an invited speaker by the
Goa International Center to talk on Personal Branding and Social Media. He also was a speaker at Futures Conference, Orissa in 2010. He
spoke at CA India on the adventures of Second Life. He is also a regular speaker at universities across India on topics that range from career
choices, awareness of social media, and personal branding. He has delivered talks in KIIT University, Orissa, Bhavans College of Mass
Communication, Aurora College of Engineering, Avanthi College Hyderabad., Madhira College and others.
In addition to delivering lectures and speeches, Ravi also conducts private training seminars and workshops mostly for the youth.

His speeches and workshops have consistently received positive testimonials from the audience.
 His most unique qualities as a speaker, however, are his abilities to attune himself with the audience in front and sharing insights instead of
obvious truths. His diverse background and experience equips him with relevant insights.
5 reasons to invite Ravi to speak:
•	am 30. I bridge the gap between the young and the senior. Thus, I connect more with my younger audience.
•	educate and entertain simultaneously.
•	tell stories
•	am versatile.
•	am inexpensive.

Pick your topic for the lecture or workshop. I can design the sessions from a 2 hour lecture to a 2 day workshop according to your needs.

“Ravi’s creativity and strong communication capabilities reflect in his writing and presentations. He has a good sense of humor too.”:
Subramaniyan Venkataraman
CA India Technology Center
Vice President, Software Engineering

“Ravi is a dynamic speaker. He knows the pulse of the audience”: Venkat Shastri, Dean, KIIT University.

“Ravi never fails to impress””: Rahul Prabhakar, Sr Tech Pubs Manager, Samsung, Korea

“The inspiration I get through Ravi’s blog equals reading scriptures”: Dominic Edison, Tech Writer, CA India

“He has the inquisitiveness and curiosity of a child. He has amazing presentation skills”: Nilesh Parmar, Cisco.

“Excellent communication skills” Praneeta, Lead Emptoris

“Ravi has the power to transform things and unsettling zest for perfection”: Rajeev, Tech Comm, Siemens

“Ravi is a diamond: handsome, stylish, and shining. He is a catalyst. He is a Quantum of energy”: Nabayan, Sybase, Singapore

would prefer two weeks’ notice in advance

2 weeks Advance Notice in case of weekdays

Practicing Architect with a post-graduate degree, certified green building design
specialist, avid composter, reader and photographer.
2 Weeks Notice

Throughout week in Pune – may require leave from office during weekdays. At
Mumbai on weekends

I usually am in Mumbai on weekends. If there are any engagements there i would be

Please visit for more details.

Since most of the weekends are reserved by companies and institutes an advance
notice is compulsory to commit the date/s.

I have published a few papers on role of ICT in Rural India and how to bridge the
technical gaps between the rural and urban India at different International
conferences. I am available in Pune till 15th July and after which I will move to
different location to accomplish personal goals.

Please confirm if this program has a global reach, as in, can I be a part of this
program from anywhere in India or world ?
Presently working as Chief Operations Officer In CAMRI Hospital , Burdwan

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