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 What is a Futon?
Definitions of futon on the Web:

  •   A mattress, a quilt Futon are the bedding used in the tatami rooms of traditional houses.
      They're stored in cupboards, called oshiire, which are the perfect size for two sets of
      futon, and brought out every night. The shikibuton, or mattress, is covered with sheets
      and blankets, which in turn are overlaid with the kakebuton, or quilt. In the morning, the
      futon are returned to the cupboard or are hung outside and aired in the sun. There's
      nothing like a good night's rest sandwiched in a couple of solar-heated futon.

  •   A cotton batting, or similar, filled mattress placed on the floor, raised platform or folding
      wooden frame.

  •   Traditional mattress laid out on the floor for sleeping.

  •   Padded quilt used for bedding.

  •   A Japanese-style mattress placed on a folding frame, which can be used as both a
      seating piece and a bed.

  •   Mattress consisting of a pad of cotton batting that is used for sleeping on the floor or on
      a raised frame

  •   A futon is a type of mattress that makes up a Japanese bed.

 About Futon Cover
When you are hunting for the best and trendiest upholstery for your futons at the lowest
possible price, there is only one place to go - Futon Covers USA. For a guarantee of quality, a
vast range of options and unbeatable prices, there is simply no other choice.

Futon Covers USA is the oldest futon organization operating
out of the Washington DC metropolitan area and has a
phenomenal record of success. The Diamond family, which
also operates five futon furniture stores, owns the company.
We leverage that wealth of experience to bring you the best,
most practical and economical options.

Futon Covers USA guarantees you the lowest possible
price. We say that with complete confidence because we supply futon covers directly from
manufacturers based in the United States. This makes available to you futon covers of the
highest quality at unmatched prices. Should you find a competitor willing to sell you the same
futon cover for a lower price than what we quote, we promise to beat that by five percent.

Visit for the smoothest shopping experience you will ever have. Our
website is designed to facilitate easy browsing and purchasing. All products sold by Futon
Covers USA come with a one-year guarantee. We ship anywhere in continental United States
for free, our merchandise reaching your door within 10-14 days from when you order.

Futon Covers USA has a variety of design options to suit every
taste. Choose from our range of attractive abstracts, bold animal
prints, soothing Asian patterns, the Southwest collection of
traditional Native American designs, stylish retro, classy solids,
eye-catching plaids and stripes as well as leather and suede futon
covers. Our theme collection allows people to bring a slice of their
favorite pastime into their homes with designs that golfers, sports
fans, fishing enthusiasts, boating addicts, stargazers and
bibliophiles simply love.

Our covers are made to fit full size, queen size, twin size, chair size, ottoman size, loveseat
size and loveseat ottoman size futons. All the covers have three-sided zips so they can be
easily fitted and removed. Our covers fit futon mattresses that are six to 10 inches thick. We
also sell covers for 20-inch and 24-inch pillows.

While Futon Covers USA lays the strictest emphasis on quality, should defective merchandise
reach a client we replace it free of charge. If you wish to return a cover for any reason even
though it is not defective, you can do so within 30 days of receiving the merchandise and get a
full refund.

Why wait? Give your home a classy facelift with the help of Futon Covers USA. Visit today.

 The Futon Essence
Space is at premium. Isn’t it? – A food for thought!
A futon is popular in Japan because, even in homes, space is at a premium. This means that
many rooms are used for different tasks, at different times of the day. So, in a two or three
room Japanese home, the same space can be used as a sitting room in the daytime and a
bedroom at night. How is this possible? Unlike the West, where beds are popular, the
Japanese use a mattress and quilt, which they spread on the mats in the room. The mattress
forms the bed, on which the sleeper lies, and the quilt is thrown over the sleeper. In the
daytime, both the mattress and the quilt are rolled away, and the room is used as a sitting
room or a dining room.

In the West, futons have become popular as more and more
people have moved out of houses and have started to live in
two-room or single-room apartments instead. Furniture
designers have created sofas, ottomans, and love seats that
can be used for seating during the day and transformed into
beds with a few discreet pulls and pushes at night. This is very
useful for a single person or a young couple, who need to put
up guests for the night, and do not have a spare bedroom.

Both in Japan and in the West, futon is a useful, space-saving
item of furniture. However, there is one difference between Western and Japanese design.
Instead of performing different tasks in the same space, as the Japanese do, the Western
designer gets the furniture to do the multitasking.

Futon Covers USA provides wide range of covers, which you
can use for sofas, chairs, ottomans, and love seats. We
provide a wide range of covers in abstracts, animal prints,
Asian and South West US designs, floral and retro prints,
stripes and plaids, and solid colored covers. You name it and
we have it. We can also provide covers with the leather or
suede look, and theme prints of various kinds. Our covers can
fit futons elegantly that are 6 inches to 10 inches in thickness.

We at Futon Covers USA, supply you directly from US-based
manufacturers, which make us the lowest priced futon covers
seller, whether you buy from us online or from our stores. If
you live in the continental United States and place an order with us, you will receive your order
within 10 days, and moreover will not have to pay any shipping charge. If unsatisfied with your
purchase, return the purchase within 14 days of receipt and get a full refund. If your cover
should be defective, you return it to us within a year of its purchase - you will be given a full

Whether joint or nuclear families, if you have a futon at home & are looking for a colorful and
stylish cover, why not check us out at Futon Cover USA?

 Futon Advantage
You have just graduated, got your first job, and have rented
your first one-room apartment. You've bought all the necessary
furniture, linen, crockery, cutlery, and gadgets-a bed for
yourself, a refrigerator, a cooking range or a microwave, a
toaster, and a coffee maker. And yes, you also bought a futon
that doubles as a sofa in the daytime. You can now receive
guests and even offer a visiting friend or family member a
comfortable place to sleep. However, you decided to save on
the purchase price by not buying a futon cover. Maybe you
didn't like the designs or colors-these didn't go with the color scheme in your apartment or the
selection was just not that extensive-or maybe you thought you'd run up a sofa-cum-futon
cover on Mom's sewing machine. We have no doubt about your creative abilities with the
sewing machine, but it is apparent that you have not checked the Futon Covers USA Web site.

We at Futon Covers USA are a Washington D.C.-based discounter
of futon covers. We purchase high-quality futon covers from US-
based manufacturers-this enables us to give you the finest, high
quality, an d most reasonably priced range of futon covers. We sell
all over the US-if you live in the continental United States and buy
futon covers from us, you will not have to pay shipping charges.

We can provide you a range of futon covers in solid colors, or with abstract, animal, retro,
Asian, or floral prints, in stripes and plaids, with Southwestern designs or a leather/suede look.
Our futon covers are designed to fit futons that range in thickness from 6 inches to 10 inches,
in width from 28 inches to 60 inches, and in length from 21 inches to 80 inches.

We provide a one-year guarantee on all our products against any and all defects should a
futon cover that you have purchased from us show signs of defect within a year of its
purchase, you can send it back to us and receive a refund. However, if you want to return a
non-defective futon cover please do so within 14 days of receipt, without using or damaging
the cover, to receive a full refund. In this case, you will just have to pay the minimal shipping

Futon Covers USA values its association with all its customers. We provide the best designs &
quality of futon covers and we also guarantee to be the lowest price on the internet…Try us
yourself at

 Taking Care of Your Futon Covers
Futon Covers are made from some of the unique & supreme upholstery fabrics produced in the
home furnishings industry.

Futon covers allow the customers with the exclusive opportunity of changing their room decor
by changing the futon covers. The futon cover also facilitates in grand way to get customers at
least peep back into the store for repeat business. Proper care and washing will greatly extend
the life & beauty of your futon cover and protect your valuable deal.

The futon cover is primarily decorative but it also serves the very important function of
protecting the mattress and furniture from dirt & spills. The futon covers come in wide range of
prices, variety of colors and styles.

How to take care of your precious futon covers?

   •   Wash monthly: The covers should be washed at least once a month by using a sponge
       and a mild solution of liquid ivory soap and clear lukewarm water. The solution should
       be applied to a clean wet sponge and the cover should be washed and rinsed well.
       Then it should be towel dried.

   •   Do not use: Saddle soaps, oils, abrasive cleaners, furniture polish, varnish or ammonia
       based products should never be used for futon covers. The futon cover is already
       preserved in the tanning process and needs no maintenance other than the simple
       cleaning recommended

   •   The Sun can be harmful: The new cover should be kept out of direct sunlight. Sunlight
       can dry and possible fade the cover, much like a sun's effects on our own skin.

   •   Use cotton covering: When you store, it should be placed in a cotton covering. Proper
       breath ability is essential because it will give a long life to the futon cover.

   •   No oils or chemicals: Keep the futon cover out of the way of harsh chemicals.
       Hairsprays, perfumes, and the like can contain alcohol and/or other chemicals that are
       detrimental to the lifespan of the futon cover.

   •   Turning: To equalize wear and maximize comfort, turning your futon cover over and
       turning from end to end every other month is recommended.

   •   Fluffing: Fluffing the covers allows air into the fibers and evens out the peaks and
       valleys from sitting and sleeping. Fluffing enhances the product’s comfort and resilience.

At Futon Covers USA you get the extraordinary shopping experience with features like high
quality, trust, honesty, customer value and a guarantee to be the lowest price on the internet –
as the arrows in the quiver. To read more just give us a KNOCK…

 Variety Futon Covers
Variety is the spice of life and nobody knows it better than Futon Covers USA. We love to add
that special zing to our customers’ lives, so we make sure that we always have plenty of
variety on offer. Elegant, chic, trendy, sober, plain, sophisticated, fashionable, funky, cool, hip,
simplistic, suede, leather, – the styles are endless and the choices, countless.

The biggest futon retailer in the Washington DC metropolitan, Futon Covers USA boasts an
unbelievably huge selection of covers for your futon furnishings. From flower and foliage to
animal and archetypal, our covers represent variety at its best. Nowhere else will you find such
a collection as colossal as ours – you’ll be so spoilt for choice that you’ll need all the time in the
world to decide!

We at Futon Covers USA keep the customer in mind when designing our products. With so
many buyers to look after, we understand that every customer is unique, and as such, so
would their taste be. Age, background, gender, and style statement – these are but a few
concepts we think carefully about before producing our covers. For instance, we are sure that
your granny’s futon would look completely different from yours, wouldn’t it? You’d probably go
for our totally rad leather covers, while granny may prefer one of our floral prints. Then again,
maybe it’s your granny who’d opt for the funky leather cover – one never knows!

There are so many different people out there, with different desires that constantly change.
That’s why Futon Covers USA believes in offering a wide and varied collection of covers, so
that there’s something for absolutely everyone. From suede, solids and sophisticated prints to
exotic patterns like jaguar, Feng Shui, and dragons our range includes a theme for every
dream. And speaking of dreams, our prices and standards of quality are dreams come true.
Designed to suit every kind of pocket in the world, Futon Covers USA is surely the one to add
that dash of spice in your futon-furnished lives!

 Floral Futon Covers
If you are looking for futon covers with floral prints, then you have come to the right site online.
We have a range of pastels, bright shades and various floral designs to suit your interiors.

Where do florals suit
Floral prints can be used for any type of futons. You can opt for floral prints for decorating your
sitting room, the bedroom or your daughter’s room. It is best suggested to leave out floral
prints and opt for solids or retros while decorating a boy’s room or in corporate houses.

Types of florals
There are wide ranges available today. One can opt for self-prints, where the floral print is of
the same color but a different texture. It may be a shade darker also. One can choose bright
florals that can add to the brightness of a room. One can opt for soft shades for a look of
elegance and class. You can choose among uniform print of similar flowers or an abstract
design. You can also opt for prints with different colored flowers.

Types of materials
Floral prints are available in most kinds of materials today. You can get florally printed cottons,
polyesters, mixture of materials, silks or brocades. You can also get embroidered floral prints if
you desire. Silks and brocades can add a touch of class to your living room while cottons may
be a good option for the bedroom.

Types of covers
We have covers in standard sizes for mattresses of single beds, twin beds, king bed and
queen beds. You can also get covers for cushions of all standard sizes. We also undertake
custom-designing for bulk orders. If you need to get the chairs at your office fixed with futon
covers, we can take up the assignment and deliver within short time schedules.

Our prints are high quality and do not run color. All the more, most futon covers come with
stain resistant fabric treatment that prevents the covers from getting spoilt. Besides this we
provide high quality service in the form of free shipping and samples of fabric swatches for bulk

Futoncoverusa has a wide range of materials and prints. What’s more, all this comes at much
lesser costs too. The organization has a rich history of satisfied clients and a quality guarantee
that few can offer. Check our catalogs for lovely floral prints or other designs.

 Suede Futon Covers
Suede futon covers from Futon Cover USA can impart an air of regality to any room. With a
smooth texture and a range of attractive colors, now you can easily transform the look and feel
of your home. And, you don't have to spend a fortune for this. Our affordable suede futon
covers offer you value for money - they are beautiful, stylish, comfortable and durable.

Chairs, Ottoman chairs, beds, pillows and bolsters - wrap them up in our suede futon cover,
and see the effect for yourself. Our suede futon covers come in a range of sizes to suit your
every need. All the covers are manufactured with a three-sided zipper for easy fit and removal.
Choose from an array of attractive colors ranging from pastels to darker shades. Find shades
of green, brown, black mahogany, peach and more in many textures. With a host of designs,
colors and fabric to choose from, you are sure to find your pick here.

Our suede futon covers are easy to maintain and can withstand stress of use. Most of these
high quality covers can be machine washed in warm water, but a few of them need to be dry-
cleaned. Following fabric instructions ensures that they last longer and serve you better. Our
covers are made of an array of fabrics, such as cottons, chenille's, micro-fibers, denims,
polyester and nylon among others to give you maximum comfort and functionality.

It is not just our futon covers ; our prices are equally attractive. We guarantee to be the lowest
price and if you find a competitor's price for the same cover at a price, which is less than ours,
we guarantee to beat it by five per cent. This is possible as our materials are directly supplied
from USA based manufacturers. All products also have a one-year guarantee. Clearance
pricing and year round discounts, offer quality products at breakthrough prices. We also take
pride in our high standard of product and customer service.

Merchandise is delivered free of cost at your home, in 10-14 days after you place an order. If
you find it damaged or defective, it will be replaced free of charge. Also, if for any other reason
you want the merchandise to be returned, you can return it with in 30 days of receipt. Shopping
online is easy and you can find all information about product care, online.

You will be surprised at how our suede covers dramatically transform your ordinary room into a
glamour room. And, you will find it hard to keep your hand off it!. Please visit our website, for more details.

 Leather Futon Cover Care
It’s the world’s strongest upholstery material, it’s durable, and it’s stylish – it’s leather, of
course. Are you one of the many millions of leather lovers out there? Have you always desired
for that hot leather look for your futon furniture, but chose not to afford such extravagance? If
all your responses are in the affirmative, read on!

Futoncoverusa is the answer to your dreams – owning a appealing leathered lounge or living
room can be very much a reality. Our mammoth range of futon covers come in all kinds of
patterns and styles – and the leather cover collection is one of our most popular. The range
includes a wide array of designs and colors, so that you can simultaneously own classic
leather and be different too. For those with that wild Dundee streak, our crocodile and outback
prints will surely appeal. If you’re into a more classic feel, check out the alpine, butter, tobacco,
cigar, or midnight shades. No matter what you choose, you’re guaranteed the best of quality,
affordability, and choice.

Our catalog has been specially designed to make your selection and shopping that much
easier, and every item on display comes with detailed information on the product’s price and
maintenance instructions. Leather is long lasting for sure, but obviously you need to look after
your leather futon covers. That’s why our covers come with three-sided zippers, so that they’re
easy to remove for cleaning. When it comes to cleaning, each cover needs different degrees
and methods of care. While some, like our midnight and onyx covers, should just be wiped
clean, others, like the croc and dusty covers, require spot cleaning with cold water. The
crocodile cover also requires a spot clean, but with a mild detergent. The much sought-after
outback range is designed for a machine wash with warm water, while our brown leather
covers are easily washable. Maintenance is really no big deal, because our online guide to
shopping for futon covers is your perfect salesperson – helpful and informative.

With a range like ours, you don’t need to look to other options. Being the oldest futon retail
organization in the Washington DC metropolis, we’ve got the experience. And our experience,
coupled with our passion for futon, gives us the essential knowledge to understand the pulse of
our customer. Once you shop at , you won’t want to stop – so love
thy leather and fashion up with futon!

 Futon Shopping
“Shop till you drop” is one adage that doesn’t literally apply to online shopping, but at Futon
Covers USA, you’ll feel you’ve experienced that oh-so familiar fun and wild shopping spree.
Shop to your heart’s content at futoncoverusa because buying doesn’t get easier than at our
online hub for futon covers. We’re the ultimate one-stop shop for futon fashion, and the
experience we offer to our customers makes for a shopping spree that’s a perfect ten. The
oldest futon organization in the metro area of Washington DC, we enjoy the edge of patronage
from the highly regarded Diamond family, who own five different futon furniture stores.

Our website will prove to be surprisingly simple for those who hate the hassles of all things hi-
tech. Browse, select, and order – it’s as easy as making purchases at any store in your locality.
So what’s that something special you get by shopping online, you wonder? Well, if comfort and
convenience aren’t enough to entice you, our prices and deals surely will!

At our online store, it’s as easy as ABC to buy a cover for your futon furniture. Choose from our
11 different categories of covers, neatly divided according to theme and pattern. With enlarged
views of cover samples and details of their fabric, our online catalog doesn’t leave you wanting
for more information or a feel for the real thing. Once you’re done browsing, add them to your
cart and then follow the instructions to pay. That’s it – you’re done shopping! And you don’t
have to wait too long either – you’ll get your package within 10-14 days.

If you’re thinking, “online shopping is not safe”, think again. We guarantee products of the
highest quality, so you’re definitely not going to find a substandard cover when you open that
parcel. What’s more, at the prices we offer, you won’t look elsewhere. If you do find a
competitive price, we promise to beat it by five percent. All our products also come with a one-
year guarantee, and we’ll replace any product with even the slightest defect for no extra cost –
but mind you, defects are highly unlikely!

Futon Covers USA also provides the largest variety of covers, which come in patterns like
animal, floral, suede, leather, striped, oriental, retro, plaid, and solid styles. With the greatest
variety, the most established name, and the most relaxed experience to offer, shopping
doesn’t get better!

 Futon Covers Online
Why is online shopping so popular with consumers nowadays? Let's state the reasons. When
you are shopping online, it's your fingers, not your feet, which do the walking, so you end up
saving on shoe leather and energy. Online shopping is also environmentally beneficial-think of
not driving your car from your house to the local mall! Another reason why online shopping is
so popular is that you could be sitting in the middle of Antarctica, the Pacific Ocean, or the
Sahara and purchase goods from a merchant in London, Paris, or New York. Finally, think of
the wide variety of choice-if you don't like the selection on a certain Web site, you can just click
on the next one available on the list. This also implies that online shopping is totally consumer-
driven-if people don't like your site or the goods you have for sale, you are out of business.

These are just some of the reasons why we at Futon Covers USA have gone online. We are
one of the largest discounters of US-manufactured futon covers. We are based in Washington
D.C., but sell to customers all over the US. Our prices are reasonable, because we only buy
futon covers that meet our high standards of workmanship and quality from US-based
manufacturers, to give you pricing benefits. We can give you a one-year guarantee on our
products against any and all defects, and ship our covers free all over the US. If you buy a
futon cover from us, and it turns out to be defective in any way, we will replace it free of

However, if you wish to return a non-defective futon cover, you should do so within 14 days of
its receipt to be credited the full purchase price. You should not have used or damaged the
futon cover you return, and you will have to pay the shipping charges.

When you purchase futon covers from our Web site, you can be assured of a wide selection,
with regard to designs and size. Our futon covers fit futons that range in thickness from 6
inches to 10 inches, range in width from 28 inches to 60 inches, and range in length from 21
inches to 80 inches. You can find futons to match every taste, from abstract, animal, Asian,
and animal prints, to solid colors, a leather or suede look, stripes and plaids, as well as
Southwest and retro patterns.

       Why Us?

There are many different on-line cover sites to choose from, so why buy from FUTON
COVERS USA. Here is the answer:

•   We supply you directly from USA based manufacturers to be able to give you the best
    possible pricing.

•   We give a 1 year guarantee on all products advertised on our website. Quality is our

•   We guarantee to be the lowest price. If you find a competitor’s price for the same cover at a
    price which is less than our price, we guarantee to beat it by 5%.

•   The website has been set up by professionals to facilitate your ordering requirements and
    provide you with a relaxed and easy shopping experience.

•   You will find us to be a no nonsense company who delivers exactly what we promise.

You can call us at 888-388-6687 for any queries or information.


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