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famous affiliate networks by panadol.merah


									How to find profitable affiliate programs
A successful website can easily make thousands of dollars for you every month. We are
providing you with the links of some affiliate networks that will give you the ads to place
on your website. First of all they will visit your website and check that either your website
has the capacity to get the visitors on it. If they are satisfied, they will give you their
product ads of their merchants to promote on your website. The ads may be in the text
format or it can be a banner. Place them on your website where you want and then sit
back and earn a good amount just for doing nothing.

It is not difficult to find profitable affiliate programs. A good option is to search in regular
affiliate networks like Click Bank and Commission Junction.

Following is the list of some good, reliable and reputable online affiliate networks that
can provide you the best affiliates. You can join many affiliate networks at a time so that
you can make a good income.


Join for free. This affiliate network is acting as an intermediate between the publisher
(you the webmaster) and the advertisers. You are required to register here. Your website
will be checked and if accepted, then you will be allowed to get the ads. Hundreds of
advertisers are there from which you can choose the best according to your website
nature. Get the ads or banners of the advertisers and place them on your site.

For every action that is done on these ads e.g. a visitor goes to the advertiser's website,
registers there or makes any purchase; all this is recorded by the The revenue is
collected from all of your advertisers by the and is paid to you every month. Good
websites      are     earning     10,000      to    15,000     dollars    every     month.
Their famous advertisers are, Quick Loans,, Crucial
Technology, Expedia, etc

The well known publishers are, MyPoints, Ebates etc.


Join for free. This affiliate network is acting as an intermediate between the publisher
(webmaster) and the advertiser. Choose the advertisers which you want to be an
affiliate. Every advertiser offers you different incentives for every sale, visit or signup to
their websites through your website.


Join for free. Look at this website and check all the advertisers and their offers. Choose
the best ones according to the nature of your website and start earning today.


Join for free. Element5 enables you to build partnership with software publishers and
begin marketing their products. Each sale will generate revenue for you.
There are many other affiliate networks available on the internet but above mentioned
are reliable and have been in business for many years.


This is a very well known affiliate network. It only markets products that are
downloadable, especially software products and e-books. ClickBank is very easy to join
and is very inexpensive. If you are an affiliate, then you will pay 7% and $1 for each sale.


It has more than 600 merchants and 10,000,000 affiliates. If you are an affiliate then you
have the chance to promote a larger number of different products. Some famous
merchants are Dell, American Express, Disney and others.


It is a big network with more than 400 merchants. They pay good commissions. The fee
for affiliate to use their service is 20% of affiliate revenue. You don’t need to buy any
additional software.


This network has more than 1200 merchants and 2500 programs. All applications are
accepted at the time of submitting application so entry is very easy. Usually small and
medium level affiliates like to join this network. It offers 2-tier referral payment system for
affiliates. Advance payment is collected from the merchants so there are no chances of
commission theft.


There are many other networks available on the internet, but above mentioned are more

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