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					Providing “professional” lighting design and visual planning
services……...introducing our capabilities .
Shows and Special Events
  Architectural Projects

Downtown Houston Texas 1999
Themed Retail
Corporate Exteriors
Office Interiors
         House of Worship

Before             After
Lighting and sustainable design…
creating a consciousness for the future
Sustainable design :
Getting the Green Light

“Sustainable design meets the qualitative
needs of the visual environment with the least
impact on the physical environment”

I A L D / Sustainable Design Committee
November 2001
             IALD SDC Goals create an expanded awareness and consciousness of
    important global design issues in lighting, through
    educational seminars, articles and policy statements

Topics include:
•   Energy efficiency
•   Daylighting integration
•   Lighting Control programs
•   Light pollution and light trespass
•   Visual performance and productivity factors
•   Durability and Maintainability of lighting systems
•   Eco-Friendly Products / recognition to manufacturers
What is the best strategy to create
an awareness of the value of good
lighting design?

  R.O.I / Return on investment

 Lighting is a technology that can actually provide
 a payback on an initial investment over time !
Cost$ Associated with Lighting
•   Equipment
•   Installation / labor
•   Energy / Maintenance / life cycle costs
•   Daylighting design
•   Aesthetics / of the design and fixture
•   People !
•   Fees …. liability and the cost of doing it right the 1st time

… lets take a look at a few of these issues
• Establish budgets early

• Have the involvement early in the design of the
  project owner / operator

• Do “value engineering” during the design phases

• Specify systems that reduce site labor costs

• Provide clear and concise specifications

• Manage the design and Control the specification

• Follow the IALD / LIRC Guidelines for Lighting Specification
         Energy and Efficiency
• Life cycle cost analysis will demonstrate an easy 15%-30%
  return on investment when specifying an energy efficient
  system of lamps, ballast and high performance luminaires

Eco-friendly lamps / little or no mercury   Induction lamps / 100,000 lamp life
        Illumination Aesthetics
 • Creative lighting techniques brings award
   winning value added to any project …..

Regent Court/Dearborn Mi.   Disney 5th Ave / NY NY   WB Doner Offices/Southfield Mi
Integration of architecture, daylight and electric lighting systems to
   improve performance and reduce operations costs

                                                          Scale Model Study

    Glare Index

                                         Computer Model
     Annual Illuminance Table
       Lighting Control System
• Save energy and..reduce peak demand
• Cut maintenance costs by increasing lamp life
• Integrate daylight and electric light with control
  systems / photocells
• Increase productivity in offices with personalized
  control in private areas
• Attract attention in retail
• Create ambience in restaurants
 Light Pollution and….quality
• Billions of $$ are wasted
  each year from light
  directed up into the sky

• White light is 2 to 20 times
  more efficient than yellow
  light for human nighttime
  visibility in certain

  Visit the Dark Sky
  Association web site at
                                 A view from the space shuttle
        The Human Factor

• Visibility and customer perception in retail
• Improved speed and accuracy of workers in critical
  inspection areas
• Increased commerce in downtown districts
• Improved perception of city image
• Reduction in crime after dark
• Reduced liability risk from accidents
• Office lighting and productivity
             Office Productivity
• Research is underway to prove what we instinctively
  already know……

• The quality of illumination affects mood, attitude,
  performance, health and productivity….

    Design…using lighting qualities
•   Illuminance and luminance
•   Color / Color Kelvin and CRI
•   Brightness / measured, perceived and visual comfort
•   Illuminance contrast
•   Movement and patterns
  The Cost of Office Productivity

• Lets do the math…

• Cost of an office lighting system… $2.50-$6.00 sq/ft
• Cost of salaries / typical office  $140-$160. sq/ft
• Cost to improve lighting quality   $1.00-$3.00 sq/ft

 Now.. what IF… using proven lighting techniques could
 improve productivity by as little as … 5 percent ??
Case Study / Automotive Retail…
Attraction.....a discussion of the illuminance criteria for
specific visual tasks... a new paradigm for the industry.

•   Pat Moran GMC / Rochester Michigan. site lighting by Gary Steffy L.D., facility lighting by Illuminart
Automotive showroom or…showcase?

        •   Auto Show lighting conditions prior to 1992
A new way to think about lighting cars…
DCX Product Evaluation
    Styling Dome
…that applies to new car showrooms.
A touch of theatrics ?… not

• Glass wall illuminated with linear fiber optics

• Audi Park Ave. / NY, NY
Improving visual comfort, reduction of visual distractions,
directing focus of attention, creating a quiet “showcase”

          Pat Moran GMC, Rochester Mi. / glare control
Service area illumination concepts…
 • Improve mechanics visibility to increase productivity and
   improve quality control.
 • Create an environment that amplifies an image of quality,
   technology and customer satisfaction.
 • Provide design solutions that will provide a minimum 7 year
   payback on initial investment.

 • Provide daylight and decrease operations costs and create a
   superior environment
 • Provide good uniformity and color rendering
 • Specify permanent, individually controlled task lights for open
   hoods and under body inspection
Who offers “lighting design” services?

 •   Interior Designers
 •   Electrical Engineers
 •   Equipment Distributors
 •   Electricians
 •   Architects
 •   Theatrical Designers
 •   Sales “Consultants”
     Most lighting specifications are provided by sales consultants
• Experience and project diversity
• Continuing education / Attends and provides seminars
• Fee for service / Does not profit from equipment
• Product Knowledge / Trade shows & research
• Does not use sales consultants to provide design
• Human factors / Study of human visual process and
  psychological factors
• Design Awards / Publication in trade journals
• Credentials to be aware of:
   – PE / Professional Engineer
   – LC / Lighting Certified by technical exam
   – IES / Illuminating Engineering Society
   – IALD / Member of the International Association of Lighting
 When should you consider using a
 professional lighting designer ?

• When client expectations are important
• If controlling costs is a benefit
• In permanent installations where life cycle costing
  or ROI is an important consideration
• In projects where good „visual dynamics‟ and
  visibility is essential
• To limit your risk of poor design quality
    Thank you for attending !
We hope you found this informative

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