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Lighting and sustainable design…
creating a consciousness for the future
Sustainable design :
Getting the Green Light

“Sustainable design meets the qualitative
needs of the visual environment with the least
impact on the physical environment”

I A L D / Sustainable Design Committee
November 2001
             IALD SDC Goals
..to create an expanded awareness and consciousness of
    important global design issues in lighting, through
    educational seminars, articles and policy statements

Topics include:
•   Energy efficiency
•   Daylighting integration
•   Lighting Control programs
•   Light pollution and light trespass
•   Visual performance and productivity factors
•   Durability and Maintainability of lighting systems
•   Eco-Friendly Products / recognition to manufacturers
What is the best strategy to create
an awareness of the value of good
lighting design?

  R.O.I / Return on investment

 Lighting is a technology that can actually provide
 a payback on an initial investment over time !
Cost$ Associated with Lighting
•   Equipment
•   Installation / labor
•   Energy / Maintenance / life cycle costs
•   Daylighting design
•   Aesthetics / of the design and fixture
•   People !
•   Fees …. liability and the cost of doing it right the 1st time

… lets take a look at a few of these issues
• Establish budgets early

• Have the involvement early in the design of the
  project owner / operator

• Do “value engineering” during the design phases

• Specify systems that reduce site labor costs

• Provide clear and concise specifications

• Manage the design and Control the specification

• Follow the IALD / LIRC Guidelines for Lighting Specification
         Energy and Efficiency
• Life cycle cost analysis will demonstrate an easy 15%-30%
  return on investment when specifying an energy efficient
  system of lamps, ballast and high performance luminaires

Eco-friendly lamps / little or no mercury   Induction lamps / 100,000 lamp life
        Illumination Aesthetics
 • Creative lighting techniques brings award
   winning value added to any project …..

Regent Court/Dearborn Mi.   Disney 5th Ave / NY NY   WB Doner Offices/Southfield Mi
Integration of architecture, daylight and electric lighting systems to
   improve performance and reduce operations costs

                                                          Scale Model Study

    Glare Index

                                         Computer Model
     Annual Illuminance Table
       Lighting Control System
• Save energy and..reduce peak demand
• Cut maintenance costs by increasing lamp life
• Integrate daylight and electric light with control
  systems / photocells
• Increase productivity in offices with personalized
  control in private areas
• Attract attention in retail
• Create ambience in restaurants
 Light Pollution and….quality
• Billions of $$ are wasted
  each year from light
  directed up into the sky

• White light is 2 to 20 times
  more efficient than yellow
  light for human nighttime
  visibility in certain

  Visit the Dark Sky
  Association web site at
                                 A view from the space shuttle
        The Human Factor

• Visibility and customer perception in retail
• Improved speed and accuracy of workers in critical
  inspection areas
• Increased commerce in downtown districts
• Improved perception of city image
• Reduction in crime after dark
• Reduced liability risk from accidents
• Office lighting and productivity
             Office Productivity
• Research is underway to prove what we instinctively
  already know……

• The quality of illumination affects mood, attitude,
  performance, health and productivity….

    Design…using lighting qualities
•   Illuminance and luminance
•   Color / Color Kelvin and CRI
•   Brightness / measured, perceived and visual comfort
•   Illuminance contrast
•   Movement and patterns
  The Cost of Office Productivity

• Lets do the math…

• Cost of an office lighting system… $2.50-$6.00 sq/ft
• Cost of salaries / typical office  $140-$160. sq/ft
• Cost to improve lighting quality   $1.00-$3.00 sq/ft

 Now.. what IF… using proven lighting techniques could
 improve productivity by as little as … 5 percent ??
Case Study / Automotive Retail…
Attraction.....a discussion of the illuminance criteria for
specific visual tasks... a new paradigm for the industry.

•   Pat Moran GMC / Rochester Michigan. site lighting by Gary Steffy L.D., facility lighting by Illuminart
Automotive showroom or…showcase?

        •   Auto Show lighting conditions prior to 1992
A new way to think about lighting cars…
DCX Product Evaluation
    Styling Dome
…that applies to new car showrooms.
A touch of theatrics ?… not

• Glass wall illuminated with linear fiber optics

• Audi Park Ave. / NY, NY
Improving visual comfort, reduction of visual distractions,
directing focus of attention, creating a quiet “showcase”

          Pat Moran GMC, Rochester Mi. / glare control
Service area illumination concepts…
 • Improve mechanics visibility to increase productivity and
   improve quality control.
 • Create an environment that amplifies an image of quality,
   technology and customer satisfaction.
 • Provide design solutions that will provide a minimum 7 year
   payback on initial investment.

 • Provide daylight and decrease operations costs and create a
   superior environment
 • Provide good uniformity and color rendering
 • Specify permanent, individually controlled task lights for open
   hoods and under body inspection
Who offers “lighting design” services?

 •   Interior Designers
 •   Electrical Engineers
 •   Equipment Distributors
 •   Electricians
 •   Architects
 •   Theatrical Designers
 •   Sales “Consultants”
     Most lighting specifications are provided by sales consultants
• Experience and project diversity
• Continuing education / Attends and provides seminars
• Fee for service / Does not profit from equipment
• Product Knowledge / Trade shows & research
• Does not use sales consultants to provide design
• Human factors / Study of human visual process and
  psychological factors
• Design Awards / Publication in trade journals
• Credentials to be aware of:
   – PE / Professional Engineer
   – LC / Lighting Certified by technical exam
   – IES / Illuminating Engineering Society
   – IALD / Member of the International Association of Lighting
 When should you consider using a
 professional lighting designer ?

• When client expectations are important
• If controlling costs is a benefit
• In permanent installations where life cycle costing
  or ROI is an important consideration
• In projects where good „visual dynamics‟ and
  visibility is essential
• To limit your risk of poor design quality
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