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Connecticut State USBC Association by niusheng11


									              Connecticut State USBC Association
           4th Annual Women's Championship Tournament

                                                 To Be Held At:

                                    AMF SAYBROOK LANES
                                        925 Boston Post Road
                                       Old Saybrook, CT 06475
                                           (860) 388-3488                                            Opening
                         Hosting Association: New London USBC WBA
   Entries Close                                                                                   May 7, 2011
     Monday                        CT STATE USBC TEL. (203) 527-5410                                10:15 am.
   April 25, 2011
                       Web site:

* Teams bowling on May 7th for Opening Ceremonies will receive a special gift from New London USBC WBA *

                  Team or            Team or       Team or
    Day           Doubles            Doubles       Doubles                               In
     &                &                  &             &                            Honor Of Our
    Date           Singles            Singles       Singles
    2011                                                            Service Men and Women
                * 11:00 am *
   Sat. 5/7    TEAM ONLY              2:30 pm.
              No Doubles/Singles                                      Tournament Director
  Sat. 5/14      10:30 am.            2:00 pm.                                  Pollyann Spring
                                                                                    (860) 464-6416
  Sun. 5/15      10:30 am.            2:00 pm.
                                                                  Division I                             160 and Over
                                                                  Division II                          159 and Under
  Sat. 5/21      10:30 am.            2:00 pm.      5:30 pm.                 Entry Fee Breakdown:
                                                                  Bowling Fee: ......................................$6.45
                                                                  Tournament Expense Fee: ...................$5.00
  Sun. 5/22      10:30 am.            2:00 pm.                    Prize Fund ........................................$13.55
                                                                  Total Per Woman Each Event .............$25.00
                                                                      All Events Optional – See Rule No. 15
                                                                   $5.00 Scratch A.E. - $5.00 Handicap A.E.
                                                                     Average Breakdowns by Divisions
                                                                                        Div. I                 Div.II
Directions to AMF Saybrook Lanes, Dress code,                     Team             640 and Over          639 and Under
Restaurants, Motels and Churches will be sent with                Doubles          320 and Over          319 and Under
                                                                  Singles          160 and Over          159 and Under
the confirmation letter.                                          All Events       160 and Over          159 and Under
             This portion is to be retained by the team captain – please read carefully

                                                                       Tournament Rules
1. This is a Two-Div ision Handicap Tournament. Handicap will be 100% of 220.             10. ENTRANTS MAY BE REQUIRED TO KEEP THEIR OWN SCORE. IF SO,
                                                                                          PAYMENT SHALL BE MADE TO TEAM CAPTAIN FOR DISTRIBUTION.
2. To Be eligible to enter the 4th Annual CT State USBC Association Women's
Championship Tournament an entrant must be a member of CT State USBC                      11. In order to enter Doubles or Singles, you must enter both. Doubles ev ent
and hav e bowled at least 21 games in a CT USBC certif ied league. Bowlers shall          shall be bowled f irst f ollowed by singles ev ent. If an entrant is late f or the
use their highest USBC/YABA (collegiate) certif ied av erage of at least 21 games         doubles, by the time the singles ev ent is f inished and a substitute cannot be
as of 09-10 winter season. If no prev ious winter league av erage , use highest           f ound, the entrant present shall be permitted to bowl her games in the doubles
certif ied 09-10 summer league av erage of at least 21 games. USBC rule 319a2,            ev ent in order to qualif y f or all ev ents.
(10 pin rule) does not apply. Rule 304, will apply.
                                                                                          12. Prize money shall be returned 100% on a ratio of one prize in ev ery 8
Where av erage records are published by local associations the book av erage shall        entries. Cash awards shall be distributed to winners within 30 day s af ter
be recognized as of f icial prov iding:                                                   completion of tournament. For All ev ents, one prize in ev ery 10 entries will be
                                                                                          awarded. (see Rule 309,)
2a. The av erage books list the highest av erage of all USBC certif ied leagues,
including mixed leagues, regardless of whether bowled as a regular member or a            13. Contestants tied f or f irst place in teams, doubles, singles or all-ev ents,
substitute.                                                                               shall be declared co-champions, with f irst and second place prize money
                                                                                          div ided equally and duplicate award(s) and magnets awarded. Prize money f or
2b. Av erage based on 21 games or more.                                                   all other ties shall be combined and equally div ided among positions tied.

IF NO PREVIOUS WINTER OR SUMMER LEAGUE AVERAGE use the highest                            14. In both div isions, Awards and Magnets shall be awarded to the handicap
current certif ied league av erage of at least 21 games as of 3-28-11. Do not hold        and scratch f irst place winner(s) in each ev ent, including all-ev ents. If a bowler
up application f or current av erage. Entrant must have back page filled in and           or team wins both handicap and scratch div isions, 1 award will be presented.
signed by league secretary.
                                                                                          15. ALL EVENTS: Div ision I – 160 and ov er; Div ision II – 159 and under. Each
Grade and unmarried students who hav e not attained the age of 18 shall f urnish          Div ision must hav e its own separate prize list f or both handicap and scratch.
written consent signed by their parent or guardian. The consent shall be on a             To be eligible f or position in the all-ev ents cash prize, list an additional f ee of
USBC approv ed f orm and shall be on f ile with the tournament of f ice. Unless the       $5.00 f or either handicap or scratch is required or $10.00 f or both prize lists.
student is accompanied by her parent or legal guardian in which case the parental-        This must be paid by the closing date of entries. Please put a check mark
consent f orm may be f iled up to the time the student starts to bowl.                    ( ) in column H or S. If pay ment f or both, put a check mark ( ) in both
                                                                                          columns H and S.
3. Play ing Rules – USBC Certif ied Tournament Rule 311 shall apply and Rules
319c, 319d, and 319e shall not apply .                                                    15a. Div ision I scratch All Ev ents Champion shall be awarded an entry into the
                                                                                          USBC Queens Tournament.
4. This tournament shall consist of a (4) Women teams and doubles/singles
ev ents. AN ENTRANT SHALL BE PERMITTED TO BOWL DOUBLES TWICE                              16. Entries shall be scheduled in the order receiv ed. NO CHANGES SHALL BE
TWO (2) OF THE SAME ORIGINAL ENTRANTS. PACERS SHALL NOT BE                                17. CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES IS 4-25-11 except those postmarked the
ALLOWED IN THIS TOURNAMENT.                                                               f irst post of f ice business day af ter the entry closing date shall be eligible.
                                                                                          ALL LATE ENTRIES WILL BE RETURNED
5. If a duly - scheduled entrant is not present to bowl, the captain shall hav e the
right to substitute a bowler prov ided the substitute does not v iolate rule number 2.
                                                                                          18. Tournament Director has the option of scheduling two or three sets of
A substitute shall take the place in the lineup of the original entrant f or the three
                                                                                          doubles to a pair of lanes.
games in the ev ent. TEAM LINEUP SHALL NOT BE CHANGED. All substitutions,
accompanied with the properly signed af f idav its, shall report to the tournament-
                                                                                          19. Full entry f ee shall accompany each entry f orm. Make check or money
substitute committee at least one hour bef ore scheduled time of bowling.
                                                                                          order pay able to CT STATE USBCA. There will be a $30.00 f ee f or checks
                                                                                          returned f or non-suf f icient f unds. All squad times will be issued on a f irst-
A substitute shall be allowed, if one is av ailable, in case of disability and/or
                                                                                          come, f irst-serv e basis.
emergency af ter a game has started in the team and doubles ev ent only , subject
to the approv al of the tournament director. Only the actual score of the f rames
                                                                                          20. The 4th Annual CT State USBC Association Women's Championship
bowled shall count if a substitute is not av ailable. When av erage of the substitute
                                                                                          Tournament shall be bowled in strict accordance with the rules, which hav e
changes the classif ication of an entry in any ev ent, the entry shall be reclassif ied
                                                                                          been adopted by USBC and CT STATE USBC Association.
accordingly , except when a written request is made prior to participation, that the
entry remain in the higher div ision.
                                                                                          21. Any protest af f ecting eligibility or general-play ing rules must be conf irmed
                                                                                          in writing to the tournament director bef ore the tournament prize pay ments are
6. A substitute shall not be required to reimburse the original entrant with the entry
                                                                                          made. Errors in scoring shall be reported to the tournament director within 24
f ee paid, nor shall the substitute be expected to giv e the original entrant any prize
                                                                                          hours. Any protest see play ing rules, Chapter VI, Rule 329, Certif ied
money or award(s) she may win.

7. An entrant arriv ing late (who has not been replaced) must receiv e zero f or
                                                                                          22. When play ers are scheduled on a pair of lanes and bowling unopposed,
f rames missed.
                                                                                          they must bowl in the f ollowing manner; the anchor play er completes one
                                                                                          f rame on one lane bef ore the lead-of f play er begins the next f rame on the
8. All entrants shall report ONE HOUR bef ore scheduled time f or presentation of a
                                                                                          adjoining lane.
USBC membership card and lane assignments.
                                                                                          23. Smoking by participants is strictly prohibited during practice and
9.Each entrant shall hav e a bowling ball not to exceed 16lbs in weight FOR HER
                                                                                          competition either inside or outside of the bowling establishment.
                                                                                          24. THE TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE HAS THE AUTHORITY TO MAKE
                                                                                          DECISIONS ON ANYTHING NOT COVERED IN THESE RULES.
                            Connecticut State USBC Association
                             4th Annual Women's Championship Tournament
            Division I & Division II          Tournament Dates            Make check or money order             All Events Fee
                                                      2 01 1             payable To: CT State USBCA
                 Team Entry Fee                                                                                  See Rule 15
                    $100.00                          May 7
                                                                          Mail To: Susan Kogelis
                                                    May 14-15             299 Peach Orchard Road            Scratch A.E. - $5.00
          Double & Singles ( Per Entrant )
                     $50.00                                                 Waterbury, CT 06706            Handicap A.E. - $5.00
                                                    May 21-22
                                                                              (203) 527-5410

        T EAM FEE                            DO NO T W RITE IN SPACE BELO W                                    M AN D AT OR Y BOW L ER
  $25.00 PER ENT R ANT                                                                                          IN FOR M AT ION T O BE
                                             Team     D&S       A.E.      Amount Remitted   Entry No.
                                                                                                              COM PLET ED ON BACK OF
                                                                                                                     T H IS FOR M

 1st Choice: Date _________ Time _________       2nd Choice: Date _________ Time _________      3rd Choice : Date _________ Time__________

  USBC NO. / MM       Average          Print or Type All Names In Full       AE AE          Complete Address Including Zip        Telephone
   Assoc. Initials                    No Changes in Lineup of Members        H S                                                   Number
                                               Last Name First





Total of Averages __________________ Please Circle One:                     Division I – 640 & Over                Division II – 639 & Under

                                                                          Team Name _________________________________________
In the capacity of Team captain and on behalf of its members,             Captain ( signature ) __________________________________
I Hereby enter the named team and all agree to abide by the
Tournament and United States Bowling Congress rules and                   Address ___________________________________________
regulations.                                                              Zip ________ Home Tel# ____________ Work# ____________
                                                                          Email Address_______________________________________

   DOUBLES & SIN GLES FEE                                                        DO NO T W RITE IN SPACE BELO W
     $50.00 PER ENT R ANT                                                      DOUBLES & SINGLES            Amount Remitted      Entry No.

 1st Choice: Date _________ Time _________       2nd Choice: Date _________ Time _________      3rd Choice: Date _________ Time__________

  USBC NO. / MM       Average          Print or Type All Names In Full       AE AE          Complete Address Including Zip        Telephone
   Assoc. Initials                    No Changes in Lineup of Members        H   S                                                 Number
                                               Last Name First





                                      ENTRIES CLOSE MONDAY APRIL 25, 2011
                                   MANDATORY BOWLER INFORMATION

             Entrant's name                                    Name of league                             Local Association Name
                                                            where entrant is certified

    New Entrant's Name          Name of league Where Entrant      Average as of    Number          League Secretary's         Local
                                   had Highest Average              3/28/11        of Games            Signature            Association

            New entrant shall have her average and current membership number verified by the secretary of the league
           where she held her highest average. Please write in the number of games rolled and the average. 2010-2011
              verification shall be sent to CT STATE Association Manager before entrant bowls. Refer to Rule 2B.

The entrants whose names appear heron or their authorized replacements hereby agree the CT State USBC Association, it's
officers and agents shall be liable only to the extent of returning entry fees if and when these entrants shall be prevented from
bowling any event in the tournament through premature termination of the tournament, which may be brought about war,
national emergency or emergencies or causes relating thereto or resulting there from fires, strikes, lockouts, labor difficulties
or other causes beyond the control of the CT State USBC Association.

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