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BlackHatting With Revtwt


									   Blackhatting With Revtwt

Well this guide will teach you how to earn from Revtwt the blackhat way.

                              By Kushagra
Well I have done lots of blackhat with Revtwt in the past and now it’s your turn
                                to do the same.

  Well with the original Revtwt system you won’t earn more than dimes!

                            Lets FCUK that System
Go To and login into your account and check the POST ADS section

Find an ad that has been there for some days

And then Post that ad into any of your account!

Now when you haven taken that url out.

Now login into your twitter account and delete the original ad. And then after
some time post something like.

    Michael Jackson last video THATURL
    Osama bin laden Dead THATURL

Be creative.

Now don’t just stick to that

I have provided a script with this book that will automatically post tweets you
will specify.

So you just have to make 20-30 tweets like that and then enter in that script and
then upload it to your server and automate its posting (Instructions are with the
script readme.)

And start earning much more than before!

Will I get banned by Revtwt for doing this?

No, I have got payed by them 8 times doing the same thing but before the
payout day I just stop the script so that everything looks normal to them.

What will I tell others where are these ads located in Revtwt?

If fellow Revtwt users ask you where did you find these ads tell them they are
CPT ads and only available for certain users only!


Sorry can’t show the payment and date I don’t want them to track me if they
bought this book !LOL!

Now what you are waiting go and start earning WOHAHA!!

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