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									! .

T 41S, R 11W

T 41S, R 10W

T 41S, R 042W

T 41S, R 4W

T 41S, R 3W

T 41S, R 2W

T 41S, R 1W

T 41S, R 1E

T 41S, R 2E

T 41S, R 3E

T 42S, R 9W T 42S, R 11W T 42S, R 10W

T 42S, R 8W

T 42S, R 7W

T 42S, R 6W

T 42S, R 5W

T 42S, R 042W

T 42S, R 4W

T 42S, R 3W

T 42S, R 2W

T 42S, R 1W

T 42S, R 1E

T 42S, R 2E

T 42S, R 3E

T 43S, R 9W T 43S, R 11W T 43S, R 10W

T 43S, R 8W

T 43S, R 7W

T 43S, R 6W

T 43S, R 5W

T 43S, R 042W

T 43S, R 4W

T 43S, R 3W

T 43S, R 2W

T 43S, R 1W

T 43S, R 1E

T 43S, R 2E

T 43S, R 3E

! .


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T 44S, R 9W T042N, R006W T042N, R005W

T 44S, R 8W T042N, R004W

T 44S, R 7W T042N, R003W

T042N, R008W

T 44S, R 6W T042N, R002W

T042N, R007W

T 44S, R 5W T042N, R001W

T 44S, R 042W T042N, R001E

T 44S, R 4W T042N, R002E

! .

Colorado City

T 44S, R 3W T042N, R003E

T 44S, R 2W T042N, R004E

T 44S, R 1W T042N, R005E

T 44S, R 1E T042N, R006E

T 44S, R 2E

T 44S, R 3E T042N, R007E

T041N, R008W

T041N, R007W

T041N, R006W

T041N, R005W

T041N, R004W

T041N, R003W

! .


T041N, R002W

T041N, R001W

T041N, R001E

T041N, R002E

T041N, R003E

T041N, R004E

T041N, R005E

T041N, R006E

T041N, R007E

T040N, R008W

T040N, R007W

T040N, R006W

T040N, R005W

T040N, R004W

! .

Pipe Spring

T040N, R003W

T040N, R002W

T040N, R001W

T040N, R001E

T040N, R002E

T040N, R003E

T040N, R004E

T040N, R005E

T040N, R006E

T040N, R007E

T039N, R008W

T039N, R007W

T039N, R006W

T039N, R005W

T039N, R004W

T039N, R003W

T039N, R002W

T039N, R001W

T039N, R001E

T039N, R002E

T039N, R003E

T039N, R004E

T039N, R005E

T039N, R006E

T039N, R007E

! .

Jacob Lake

T038N, R008W

T038N, R007W

T038N, R006W

T038N, R005W

T038N, R004W

T038N, R003W

T038N, R002W

T038N, R001W

T038N, R001E

T038N, R002E

T038N, R003E

T038N, R004E

T038N, R005E

T038N, R006E

T038N, R007E

T037N, R008W

T037N, R007W

T037N, R006W

T037N, R005W

T037N, R004W

T037N, R003W

T037N, R002W

T037N, R001W

T037N, R001E

T037N, R002E

T037N, R003E

T037N, R004E

T037N, R005E

T037N, R006E

T037N, R007E

T036N, R008W

T036N, R007W

T036N, R006W

T036N, R005W

T036N, R004W

T036N, R003W

T036N, R002W

T036N, R001W

T036N, R001E

T036N, R002E

T036N, R003E

T036N, R004E

T036N, R005E

T036N, R006E

T036N, R007E

T035N, R008W

T035N, R007W

T035N, R006W

T035N, R005W

T035N, R004W

T035N, R003W

T035N, R002W

T035N, R001W

T035N, R001E

T035N, R002E

T035N, R003E

T035N, R004E

T035N, R005E

T035N, R006E

T035N, R007E

T034N, R008W

T034N, R007W

T034N, R006W

T034N, R005W

T034N, R004W

T034N, R003W

T034N, R002W

T034N, R001W

T034N, R001E

T034N, R002E

T034N, R003E

T034N, R004E

T034N, R005E

T034N, R006E

T034N, R007E

T033N, R008W

T033N, R007W

T033N, R006W

T033N, R005W

T033N, R004W

T033N, R003W

T033N, R002W

T033N, R001W

T033N, R001E

T033N, R002E

T033N, R003E

T033N, R004E

T033N, R005E

T033N, R006E

T033N, R007E

T032N, R007W

T032N, R006W

T032N, R005W

T032N, R004W

T032N, R003W

T032N, R002W

T032N, R001W

T032N, R001E

T032N, R002E

! . T032N, R003E

T032N, R004E

T032N, R005E

T032N, R006E

T032N, R007E

T032N, R008W T032N, R007W T032N, R006W T032N, R005W T032N, R004W T032N, R003W T032N, R002W T032N, R001W T032N, R001E T032N, R002E T032N, R003E T032N, R004E T032N, R005E

T032N, R006E

T032N, R007E

T031N, R008W

T031N, R007W

T031N, R006W

T031N, R005W

T031N, R004W

T031N, R003W

T031N, R002W

T031N, R001W

T031N, R001E

T031N, R002E

Grand Canyon Village

T031N, R003E

T031N, R004E

! .

T031N, R005E

T031N, R006E

T031N, R007E

T030N, R008W

T030N, R007W

T030N, R006W

T030N, R005W

T030N, R004W

T030N, R003W

T030N, R002W

T030N, R001W

T030N, R001E

T030N, R002E

T030N, R003E

T030N, R004E

T030N, R005E

T030N, R006E

T030N, R007E

T029N, R008W

T029N, R007W

T029N, R006W

T029N, R005W

T029N, R004W

T029N, R003W

T029N, R002W

T029N, R001W

T029N, R001E

T029N, R002E

T029N, R003E

T029N, R004E

T029N, R005E

T029N, R006E

T029N, R007E

T028N, R008W

T028N, R007W

T028N, R006W

T028N, R005W

T028N, R004W

T028N, R003W

T028N, R002W

T028N, R001W

T028N, R001E

T028N, R002E

T028N, R003E

T028N, R004E

T028N, R005E

T028N, R006E

T028N, R007E

T027N, R008W

T027N, R007W

T027N, R006W

Petition / Application for Withdrawal

T027N, R005W

T027N, R004W

T027N, R003W

T027N, R002W

T027N, R001W

T027N, R001E

T027N, R002E

T027N, R003E

T027N, R004E

T027N, R005E

T027N, R006E

T027N, R007E

BLM Indian Lands NPS
T026N, R003W

Grand Canyon Game Preserve
T026N, R006W T026N, R005W

Scale = 1:170,000 Date = 7/14/09
T026N, R002W

T026N, R008W Nevada

T026N, R007W

State Boundary Monument Boundary Township & Range
T026N, R004W

Private State USFS


USFS Wilderness BLM Wilderness


T026N, R001W

T026N, R001E

T026N, R002E

T026N, R003E

T026N, R004E

T026N, R005E

T026N, R006E

T026N, R007E


T025N, R008W

T025N, R007W

T025N, R006W

Map Location

T025N, R005W

T025N, R004W



Miles T025N, R003W 16

No warranty is made by the Bureau of Land Management for the use of the data for purposes not intended by BLM. T025N, R002E T025N, R002W T025N, R001W T025N, R001E

T025N, R003E

T025N, R004E

T025N, R005E

T025N, R006E

T025N, R007E

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