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									                                                                             FA L L 2 0 0 8


Third Street’s Philharmonia
Hosts Swiss Youth Orchestra
“il mosaico”

       hird Street families, faculty, staff and friends
       opened their arms, and their apartments, to host
       a leading Swiss youth orchestra for 11 days last
       May. The 60 members of “il mosaico,” making
 their first-ever trip to the U.S., were greeted with great
 anticipation by the 30 members of our Philharmonia
 orchestra. The Third Street students had been preparing
 since the fall to perform two concerts with their Swiss
 counterparts: one at Washington Irving High School
 and one in White Plains, each with a professional
 guest soloist. Another concert by “il mosaico” would
 feature a Third Street student soloist.
    “That first rehearsal at Washington Irving was
 remarkable,” said Min Sun Kim, Chair of Third Street’s
 Strings Department. “It was as if they had been playing
 together for years.” Maestro Hermann Ostendarp, Music
 Director of “il mosaico,” conducted the combined             More on Page 4
 orchestras. The repertoire—selections from Bizet’s Carmen    2008 GRADUATING SENIORS
 Suites, Saint-Saëns’ Violin Concerto No. 3 in B Minor        in the Chamber Music Program
 and Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 3 in C Minor,             FRONT ROW: Ben Loffreddo,
 Op. 37—was challenging.                                      Maya Harakawa
                                                              MIDDLE ROW: Alex Klein,
    “I was a bit nervous to meet so many talented musi-
                                                              Meagan Callahan, Julie Singer
 cians,” confessed one Philharmonia member. Another           BACK ROW: Magee Capsouto,
 observed that the level of teamwork needed could             Koh Kazama, Craig Gordon
 seem “daunting.” But three inspiring concerts and one
 fantastic farewell party later, all proclaimed the inter-
 national youth exchange a resounding success.
                                                              PHILHARMONIA AND
   “I had high expectations, but the exchange was even        “IL MOSAICO” perform together
greater than I expected,” said violin student Camellia        at Washington Irving High School
                                        continued on page 6   on Sunday, May 4, 2008.

2                                                                                                      T H I R D ST R E E T M U S I C S C H O O L S E T T L E M E N T
                                                                                                               BRINGING THE ARTS TO LIFE SINCE 1894

                                                                                                         235 EAST 11TH STREET • NEW YORK, NY 10003
                                                                 Welcome to the 114th school            TELEPHONE       212-777-3240 • F A C S I M I L E 212-477-1808
                                                                 year! This year began with a                E - M A I L info@thirdstreetmusicschool.org

                                                                                                                           TT HIR D STR EE T MU SI C SCHO O L THIRD TLEME NT MUSIC SCHOOL SET TLEMENT
                                                                 special sense of renewal and
                                                                 excitement. At our fall faculty and
                                                                 staff meeting, I spoke about Third
                                         Street’s dual commitment to access and excellence.                       OFFICERS AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                         Our faculty firmly believes in excellence, and in
                                                                                                              David M. Huggin                                                                                                                           Jeannie Park
                                         challenging all students, regardless of their career aims,              Chairman                                                                                                                             Vincent C. Perro
                                         to reach their full artistic potential. And, our board
                                                                                                             Nicholas L. D. Firth                                                                                                                     Ponchitta Pierce
                                         members and contributors help to ensure that every                    Vice Chairman

                                                                                                                                                              L SET STREET
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Harold Prince

                                                                                                                                              MUSIC SCHO OSET TLEME N T
                                         child, regardless of financial circumstances, has access
                                                                                                              Erik D. Lindauer
                                         to high quality music, dance and art instruction. These                  Secretary
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Stella Sichel
                                         dual goals are an important part of what makes Third                                                                                                                                                      Ellsworth G. Stanton III
                                                                                                            W. Curtis Livingston
                                         Street so special.                                                      Treasurer                                                                                                                           Jacquelyn H. Sykes
                                           Here are some updates and highlights since our    Third                                                                                                                                                    Frederick A. Wise
                                                                                                                 Byron Bell
                                         last issue of the Third Street Beat:                  Street          Robert M. Carr                                                                                                                        Anna-Maria Kellen
                                           Summer is usually a time for making building repairs                                                                                                                                                      Chairman Emeritus
                                         and sprucing things up a bit. This summer, the efforts               Gerald D. Cohen

                                                                                                                            HI R D STR EE T
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Stowe C. Phelps
                                         were far more extensive. From May until August, our                   Fred M. Filoon
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Chairman Emeritus
                                         building was shrouded in mesh and scaffolding as                     Terry A. Hueneke
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Ellsworth G. Stanton III
                                         engineers probed for any possible water damage                      Roni Kohen-Lemle                                                                                                                         President Emeritus
                                         underneath the bricks. Fortunately, very little repair             Yukiko Kubo-Gatheral
                                                                                             Third                                                                                                                                                 Lee Koonce (ex officio)
                                         work was required. An upside of the probe was a                        Joan C. Long                                                                                                                         Executive Director
                                         much-needed washing. Now, we’re sparkling inside
                                         and out!
                                           At our Stowe C. Phelps Annual Student Concert in
                                         May, nearly every area of the School—music, dance
                                         and the visual arts—had a moment in the spotlight.
                                         We congratulate the students who worked so hard
                                         throughout the year and made Third Street shine.
                                                                                                        PRODUCED BY THE DEVELOPMENT AND COMMUNICATIONS DEPARTMENT
                                         Next May, we will record and issue the concert on CD.
                                                                                                                EDITOR :Karen Haight, Communications Manager
                                           If you’ve never attended a faculty recital, you’re                          GRAPHIC DESIGN :Red Herring Design
                                         really missing something special. Third Street’s faculty      PHOTOGRAPHY: Carolyn Starry (“il mosaico,” chamber music seniors,
                                         members are some of New York City’s top performing                Genaro Mancero, trombone student); Nora Szilagi (Music and
                                         artists. This year, we chose a new recital series name—       Movement); Juliana Sohn (Grown-Ups Night Out); Viorica Morris-Stan
                                                                                                         (students draw mandalas); Timothy Lomas (student with painting)
                                         Artist Performance Series—to better communicate
                                         our faculty’s exceptional talent to the public.
                                           I believe a not-for-profit organization can only be
                                         as strong and effective as its board. We are delighted
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Thank You!
                                                                                                          We are grateful to the many individuals, foundations,
                                         to welcome two new board members since the last                  corporations and government agencies that make our
                                         edition of this newsletter: Jeannie Park and Roni
                                                                                                       programs possible through their generous financial support.
                                         Kohen-Lemle. You can read more about them on
                                                                                                                                                                                                           THIRD STREET MUSIC SCHOOL SET TLEMENT

                                         page 3.
                                           There’s a lot to look forward to this year and I am
                                         thrilled that you are a part of the Third Street family.

                                         Withall best wishes,

                                         Lee Koonce
                                         Executive Director                                                   All contributors in 2007–08 are acknowledged on pages 8–11.
                                                                                                                              NOVEMBER 18, 2008
                                                                                                                                      MARKS OUR

                                                                                                                           Lunc eon
                                                                                                                              RANDI AND FRED FILOON
                                                                                                                             YUKIKO AND JIM GATHERAL
                                                                                                                                     LUNCHEON CO-CHAIRS
 ADULT NEW HORIZONS BAND MEMBERS shared a rehearsal with middle school beginners from Technology, Arts,
 and Sciences Studio, one of our partner public schools, at Third Street in March 2008. Jimmy Valentino (second                         HONORING

 from right, front) had a great time with his fellow clarinet students. “Music is a great equalizer,” he said. “They can          ORPHEUS CHAMBER
 help me just as much as I can help them. It’s not about ‘Am I young, am I old, am I black, am I white,’ whatever.                   ORCHESTRA
 We are all looking for a “C” and we need to find that note at about the same time. When we do, that’s a high five.”              AWARD FOR DISTINGUISHED
                                                                                                                                  ACHIEVEMENT IN THE ARTS

                                                                                                                                     ROBERT BASS
                                                                                                                                  AWARD FOR DISTINGUISHED

Third Street Welcomes Two New Board Members                                                                                        LEADERSHIP IN THE ARTS
                                                                                                                                        IN MEMORIAM

                                                                                                                                 MARY FLAGLER CARY
                                                                                                                                  CHARITABLE TRUST
                       As a Third Street mom,                                         Roni Kohen-Lemle’s love                     AWARD FOR DISTINGUISHED

                       Jeannie Park really                                            of all things musical                         SERVICE TO THE ARTS

                       knows Third Street!                                            began as a student at                      MASUMI PER ROSTAD
                                                                                                                                     RISING STAR AWARD
                       Her children study                                             Third Street in Miss                         THIRD STREET ALUMNUS
                       piano, violin and                                              Gertrude Barlow’s                         AND VIOLIST, PACIFICA QUARTET

                       saxophone, and play in                                         Orff/Kodály class when                       MASTER OF CEREMONIES

                       ensembles. She herself                                         the School was actually                         JIM WATKINS
                                                                                                                                   CW11 NEWS AT 10 ANCHOR
                       studied music at the                                           located on 3rd Street.
                       Wasson Piano Studio                                            After graduating from                   Held each year at The Pierre,
                                                                                                                              proceeds from this important
                       in Ohio. A Harvard                                             Oberlin College, where
                                                                                                                                fund-raising event provide
graduate with a degree in biochemistry, Jeannie               she met husband Robert Lemle, she earned a                         need-based financial aid,
spent 22 years at Time Inc. as a journalist,                  law degree from Benjamin Cardozo Law                            merit-based scholarships and
where she championed diversity within the                     School. She co-founded the Long Island                           course subsidies, benefiting
company and in the news media at large. In                    Children’s Museum and recently designed its                          more than 75% of all
                                                                                                                                    students served.
2007, she left her job as executive editor of                 music gallery. Through classes in New York
People to devote more time to family and                      University’s graduate program in music therapy,
volunteering. Jeannie is the founding president               Roni developed her respect for music as a
of the Asian American Journalists Association’s               powerful healing tool. An avid jazz vocalist,
New York chapter, a board member of Little                    she never misses a chance to sing. She enjoys
Red/Elizabeth Irwin (LREI), and an advisory                   scatting with toddlers and parents in her
board member of the Women’s Media Center.                     music and movement classes, and she has
She lives in Greenwich Village with children                  also recorded a CD of poetry set to music,
Ella and Ryan and husband David Chan, a                       Recuerdo. “Joining the Third Street Board
fellow music lover and graduate of Juilliard                  at this point in my life is a truly special
Pre-College. Jeannie loves Third Street for “its              opportunity,” she says. “It’s a chance to return
inspiring and caring faculty, its commitment                  to a magical place and help it grow. In a
to musical access for all and its true embrace                world that has become chaotic and often
of all kind of kids and talents.” Plus, she says,             precarious, we need music more than ever.
“the performances are so amazing that I have                  And it’s right here.”                                         ORPHEUS CHAMBER ORCHESTRA
                                                                                                                            recipient of this year’s Award for
no need to attend concerts anywhere else!”                                                                                  Distinguished Achievement in the Arts
    A Night to Remember                                                                                        Talented tap student Julian Carey,
                                                                                                   Class of 2008, with his teacher Yvonne Curry
                                                                                                            (“Miss Yvonne”) and Third Street tap
                                                                                                              friends Eva Coruzzi Schneider (left)

      t wasn’t summer yet, but summer
                                                                                                                            and Rita Tuitt (right)
      was in the air. Our
      graduating high
      school seniors took
    their minds away from
    caps and gowns and plans for the future                                              M
                                                                                         “ y Third Street experience
    to share one last evening as Third Street
    students with their teachers, families                                               was the best experience of my life.
    and friends. The Anna-Maria Kellen                                                  I was able to learn new things
    Auditorium was buzzing with                                                         and express myself to everyone.
    excitement. Video cameras were                                                      Third Street showed me that there
    being adjusted on tripods. Young                                                    are many opportunities available
    siblings were settling into their
    seats on the bleachers beside                                                         no matter what kind of talent
    parents and grandparents. Senior                                                       you have.”—Julian Carey
    students dressed in recital-wear
    were milling about with                                                                    As the audience looked on, each senior
    nervousness, sharing happy                                                            received a Third Street certificate, signed and
    glances with family and friends, or wearing a pensive,                             presented by Executive Director Lee Koonce and
    far-away look while inwardly running through their music             Associate Director Mary Lou Francis. And then, joined
    or dance steps.                                                      onstage by their teacher(s) and family members, they posed
      It was June 10, 2008: Senior Night at Third Street. But it         for a photograph—a souvenir filled with a lifetime of memories
    was unlike any other from the past. More family and friends          at Third Street.
    were present than ever before. Some seniors asked to be                 Although Third Street is 114 years old, a new tradition
    added to the program at the last minute, realizing that              began that night. The joy was palpable and—at least among
    something special was about to happen. And as anticipated,           the grown-ups—there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. It was a
    the program of music and dance was wonderful and varied,             night to remember. Forever.
    with music ranging from voice to violin, guitar, drums and
    beyond, and dance including tap and ballet. But it was
    what took place in between each performance that touched
    everyone’s hearts.                                                                                          GRADUATING SENIOR Genaro
                                                                                                              Mancero posed beside his
                                                                                                            photograph as a 7-year-old
         IF YOU ARE GRADUATING FROM HIGH SCHOOL THIS YEAR                                                 violin student at Third Street.
             please sign up for Senior Night 2009 by contacting
         Daniel Blakemore (212-777-3240, ext. 126 or dblakemore@
          thirdstreetmusicschool.org). The Third Street Senior Book,
        a new publication launched last year, will include one page on
        each student, including a photograph with his/her Third Street
        teacher(s), a brief profile, a note about the student’s future
                plans and a quote to be remembered by.
 A PAINTING by a preschool student
      of Rita DeSilva-Johnson in the                                                                                                                                                              5
            Summer Arts Day Camp

   Jazz at Third Street

                                                                                                                                                                               In the Spotlight
   B Y M I C H A E L LY D O N

                                                                                                                      M A S U M I P E R R O S TA D — V I O L A A L U M N U S
                                                                             iola students had a special treat last

        few years ago, “jazz at Third Street” was a handful                  March: a master class led by Third
        of wind and brass students who came intermittently                   Street’s own alumnus, Masumi Per
        to a Thursday Jazz Wind Workshop and who played                      Rostad. A Juilliard graduate and a
        jazz songs and tried a little improvising at once-in-         member of the acclaimed Pacifica Quartet,
  a-blue-moon Blue Winds concerts. From these seeds, a                Masumi has been heralded as headed for
  flourishing jazz program has grown.                                 “the big career” by New York Magazine. It
     Last year 13 students enrolled in the School’s two               all started at Third Street, where he was a
  weekly jazz ensembles, and at the now twice-yearly                  student from age 3 through high school
  Blue Winds concerts. We had student pianists, guitarists,           graduation. “Third Street Music School
  bassists and drummers backing up flutists, trumpeters,              Settlement was like a second home for
  saxophonists and clarinetists, and even a violinist or two.         me,” he writes on the quartet’s Web site.
     “Third Street jazz is jumping,” says Micah Killion, a            “[It] was like a family. My brother [cellist
  trumpet teacher who coordinates the woodwind, brass                 Egil Rostad] and I would go there every
  and percussion departments. “Third Street students can              Saturday and spend the entire day, and
  get the full spectrum of the jazz experience” from les-             then we’d go once a week
  sons to ensemble playing to performance coaching and                for lessons.”
  training to playing gigs. As a result, Third Street student
  jazz trios have played background music at several                  Masumi Per Rostad is the
  School functions this past year.                                    recipient of Third Street’s
                                                                      Rising Star Award at this
     The Tuesday evening and Saturday afternoon ensembles             year’s Anniversary
  are the heart of Third Street jazz, led, respectively, by           Luncheon.
  pianist Neal Kirkwood and guitarist Scott Anderson.
  Both teachers work with the students on song forms,
  sight-reading, ear training, rhythm and improvisation,
  but they also keep their sessions informal so the students
  feel the fun and freedom of jazz. In just two years, the
  ensembles have evolved distinct styles: the Tuesday group
  has a big band sound; and the Saturday group has a cool
  jazz style—members wear all black in performance.
     The Thursday Jazz Wind Workshop is continuing this
  year, led by Killion and saxophonist Loren Stillman, now
  retooled as “farm team,” in Killion’s words, preparing
  younger players to join our jazz ensembles.
     Jazz at Third Street is growing. We have 9 students
  returning and 6 students just getting started. For more
  information, contact the Registration Office, 212-777-
  3240, ext. 130.
                                                                                                                      A N D R I S I N G S TA R

  Michael Lydon is a faculty guitarist and composer who also sings,
  whistles and writes about music.

Help Us Find the Missing Score
      ome twenty years ago, Avra Petrides, daughter of pioneering woman conductor
      Frédérique Petrides, contributed several boxes of books and music to Third Street. By mistake, she included
      David Diamond’s Concerto for Chamber Orchestra, a precious manuscript that had been part of her mother’s
      library and that she had intended to donate to a museum. If you have this missing score or know of its
whereabouts, please call 212-777-3240, ext. 126. We would like to return it to its rightful owner. Thank you.
                                                                                                                         children to accompany themselves on instruments like metal
6                                   Music & Movement                                                                     glockenspiels and wooden xylophones. He believed that
                                                                                                                         music, like language, should be taught by hearing and making
                                    BY NANCY MORGAN                                                                      it first, then by reading and writing it later.
                                                                                                                            Monika, dressed in a colorful t-shirt and jeans, says that

                                        n early childhood classrooms across Manhattan’s Lower                            she first came to Third Street in 1976 to meet her husband
                                        East Side, children are singing, dancing and playing                             after his opera rehearsals in the auditorium. “I was a flight
                                        percussion and recorder through Third Street’s Music                             attendant back then and used to wear a raccoon fur coat
                                        & Movement classes, a component of our School                                    and smoke cigarettes in the lobby.” Monika stopped flying
                                    Partnership Program. The program’s coordinator and                                   when her son, Johann, was born. (She had long since quit
                                    master teacher is Monika Linkweiler. Monika teaches 26                               smoking and wearing fur!) Since she had loved singing in
                                    classes per week and trains Third Street’s early childhood                           opera choruses near her home town of Vlaubeuren, Germany,
                                    music instructors in a method drawn from the teachings                               she was determined that Johann should study music. She
                                    of Carl Orff. (Back in the late 1950s, Third Street was the                          enrolled him at the age of three in an early childhood class
                                    first music school in the U.S. to employ Kodály and Orff                             at the Bloomingdale House of Music and happened to pick
                                    musical education methods.) Orff used songs, games, poems                            up a flyer there advertising an Orff teacher training class.
                                    and dances as the basic materials of music education, teaching                       Taking that class changed her life. In September of 1985,
                                                                                                                         Monika was hired to teach three Music & Movement classes
                                                                                                                         at Third Street. She has been here ever since.
                                                                                                                            Watching Monika and her colleagues teach is a joy.
                                                                                                                         Their students, many of whom struggle to meet the academic
                                                                                                                         demands of their schools, relish their 45 minutes of music
                                                                                                                         making. Every year, Monika receives hundreds of handmade
                                                                                                                         cards from appreciative students. One of her favorites said
                                                                                                                         “Monika, you are the beast!”
                                                                                                                            The most rewarding aspect of Monika’s work is seeing
                                                                                                                         Music & Movement become the catalyst that prompts
    Nora Szilagi www.galanora.com

                                                                                                                         children to join Third Street’s free after-school program for
                                                                                                                         public school students. Veronica Parrales, for example, started
                                                                                                                         out in Music & Movement, graduated from Third Street’s
                                                                                                                         after-school program, earned a Master’s degree at Hunter
                                                                                                                         College and now teaches cello, violin and piano in Third
                                                                                                                         Street’s partner schools. The cycle continues.

                                    Monika Linkweiler leads Music & Movement students at the Earth School,               Nancy Morgan is Third Street’s Director of School and Community
                                    one of Third Street’s partner public schools.                                        Partnerships.

                                    Philharmonia and “il mosaico” continued from cover
                                                                                                                                                                   A     S A M P L I N G
                                    Hartman. “I was surprised at how well our groups interacted,” said Mei-Ling

                                    Roberts. “It turned out that they’re just like us,” said Dahlia Amade, “except they
                                    live a couple thousand miles away in a place that is very famous for chocolate!”
                                       Third Street’s Sinfonia orchestra, conducted by Steven Rochen, opened the
                                    concert at Washington Irving High School. Guest violinist Nurit Pacht also
                                    performed at that venue. At the Community Unitarian Church in White Plains,

                                    guest pianist Adam Kent gave a masterful performance. Third Street student soloist
                                    Leo Singer played a movement from Shostakovich’s demanding Cello Concerto
                                    No. 1, Op. 107 both there and at St. Mark’s Church-in-the-Bowery.
                                       A tour highlight was hearing violinist Sarah Chang and the Orpheus Chamber
                                    Orchestra perform at Carnegie Hall. For the Swiss and for several Philharmonia
                                    members, it was their first time to see the world-famous venue.
                                       By the time “il mosaico” left, fast friendships had been forged. It was hard to
                                    say good-bye, but the young musicians have continued their friendships online.
                                    A concert tour to Switzerland is now number one on Philharmonia’s wish list!
                                    Congratulations! We salute all those who, thanks to their talent, care, generosity and tireless efforts, made
                                    this international exchange possible. Special thanks to “il mosaico” tour patrons Ambassador Christoph
                                    Bubb, Consul General of Switzerland in New York, and Maestro David Zinman; to Anna Maria Baeza
                                    (woodwinds faculty), Ted White, “il mosaico” hosts, the farewell party hosts, Two Boots Pizza and Whole
                                    Foods. Extra special thanks to Min Sun Kim and Sibylle Johner for their extraordinary leadership.
                                                                      Joelle Duffy (far left) and Heidi DeRuiter (far right), Co-Chairs of GROWN-UPS
                                                                      NIGHT OUT 2008, with Lee Koonce, Executive Director, and Karen Judnich
                                                                      Booth, Director of Preschool Programs

                                                                         Wednesday Winds                                                               7

                                                                                or nearly a decade, Third Street has sought to develop
                                                                                a woodwinds, brass and orchestral percussion program
                                                                                equal in size and quality to its strings and piano
                                                                                programs. In 2007, we rolled out a Woodwinds, Brass
                                                                         & Percussion Initiative that now includes partnerships with
                                                                         five public schools and enriched offerings on site. The newest

Grown-Ups Night Out!                                                     component, Wednesday Winds, kicked off on September 17,
                                                                         2008 at Third Street. Students—from beginners on up—are
                                                                         meeting after school every Wednesday to play in a band

      his fund-raiser, planned by and produced for parents and           appropriate to their skill level. More advanced students
      families of Third Street’s preschool programs, was a huge          participate in sectionals and, if they wish, a jazz ensemble.
      success by all accounts. Grown-Ups Night Out, held on              Instruction begins at 4:00 p.m. and concludes by 7:30
      April 17, 2008, included an auction and raffle, which              p.m., with a pizza break in between.
grossed more than $18,000! Proceeds from the event provided                 Third Street is delighted to welcome Tony Mazzocchi to
support for tuition assistance for families in need, as well as          the faculty as Band Director of Wednesday Winds. Tony
professional development for staff, consultants for special              is a wonderful musician and educator who built
child development needs and materials to help enrich the                 one of the city’s most celebrated band programs
school curriculum. One hundred lots were auctioned off that              at Marine Park Middle School in Brooklyn.
night from Yankees tickets to a Ferragamo handbag, and the                  Wednesday Winds costs just under $25 per
raffle prize was a state-of-the-art iPhone. The food, music,             week, and is free of charge to students from our
conversation, and even the “bidding wars,” were fabulous!                partner schools and to those who take individual
And that’s not all— the kids in the babysitting rooms had a              lessons at Third Street. Instruments include flute,
blast, to quote one child who enjoyed “playing at school                 oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, French
when it’s dark out!” It took more than 40 parent volunteers,             horn, trumpet, trombone, baritone horn and
and Joelle Duffy and Heidi DeRuiter as GNO Co-Chairs, to
plan and produce this event, and we thank them all for their
                                                                         tuba. Percussion instruments are also
                                                                         welcome. Beginners start on snare drum,
time, effort, ingenuity and endless enthusiasm. Planning for             bass drum and bells. Wednesday Winds                           have a
this year’s Grown-Ups Night Out, set for April 30, 2009,
begins this fall. Please contact Karen J. Booth, Director of
                                                                         will help build a strong community among
                                                                         woodwind, brass and percussion students
Preschool Programs, at 212-777-3240, ext. 116, if you are                at Third Street.
interested in volunteering or would like to learn more about                Interested? Call the Registration Office at
donating items to the auction.                                           212-777-3240, ext. 130. It’s never too late to sign up.

O F   S P E C I A L         A C T I V I T I E S          A N D      S T U D E N T            A C C O M P L I S H M E N T S

At our Piano Certificate Program Awards         José Pietri-Coimbre were already taking          results in Third Street’s lobby this
Ceremony at Steinway Hall on May 19,            Third Street on the road. Tiffany Chai,          November.
2008, we recognized the accomplishments         David Deterville, Tiger Louck, Bianca
of all 39 participating students. Honors        Marcelino, Sofia Mateu-Asbury, Tiffany           Broadway Lights! Ten-year-old Izzy
students Paul Handorff, Martin Jacobs,          Sanchez, Jean Carlos Suarez, Miguel Angel        Hanson-Johnston, a tap student of Yvonne
Lila Low-Beinart, Violet Low-Beinart,           Suarez, Matthew Wang performed with              Curry and a voice student of Dale Smith,
Kelvin Ma, Stone Ng, Elvis Vanterpool-          grace and poise for an appreciative              was chosen from a pool of more than
Krajˇ ak, Isidora Vladic and Juliet Weis gave   audience at the FAB! Festival on East            1,000 talented young hopefuls to join the
musical, mature performances, and guest         4th Street on Saturday, September 27.            original Broadway cast of Billy Elliot.
artist Ian Parker thrilled the audience with                                                     The show opens in November at the
selections from Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an     Third Street art teacher Timothy Lomas           Imperial Theatre on West 45th Street.
Exhibition. Students also had fun trying        has built houses and led children’s art
out a roomful of superb grand pianos.           workshops for the last three summers in                                               n
                                                                                                 Eleven-year-old Elvis Vanterpool-Krajˇ ak, a
The Program attracts and challenges             Southeast Asia, mostly in tsunami-stricken       piano student of Mary Jo Pagano, will be
motivated piano students.                       areas. This summer, he taught at the Reyum       a featured student performer in a Chamber
                                                Art School in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.              Music Society of Lincoln Center Meet the
Less than three weeks into the new school       He shared our students’ art and Reyum            Music! concert in February 2009 (see Save
year, violin students led by faculty member     students reciprocated. View the inspiring        the Date, p. 12).
                                                             DONORS                                Randi and Fred Filoon /
8                                                            (July 2007 – June 2008)                 Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn, LLC
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas L. D. Firth
                                                                                                   Terry A. Hueneke
                                                             $50,000 and above                     The Hyde and Watson Foundation
                                                             Carnegie Corporation of New York      JPMorgan Chase
                                                             Sidney E. Frank Foundation            Yoko Ono Lennon
                                                             Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen

                                                                                                   The Anne Boyd Lichtenstein
                                                               Foundation                            Foundation
                                                             New York City Department of           Mr. and Mrs. W. Curtis Livingston
                                                               Cultural Affairs                    Pierre and Maria-Gaetana Matisse
                                                             Edward John Noble Foundation, Inc.      Foundation
                                                                                                   National Endowment for the Arts
                                                             $25,000 – $49,999                     Evelyn Stefansson Nef Foundation
                                                             Altman Foundation                     The Henry Nias Foundation, Inc.
                                                             Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust    Vincent C. and Karin M. Perro
                                                             The Y.C. Ho / Helen and Michael       Hal and Judy Prince
                                                               Chiang Foundation                   The Ridgefield Foundation
                                                             The E.H.A. Foundation, Inc.           The Shelley and Donald Rubin
                                                             Yukiko and Jim Gatheral                 Foundation

            hird Street Music School Settlement thanks       David M. Huggin                       Patricia Sakona
            the following individuals, foundations,          Lisa and Erik Lindauer                The Scherman Foundation, Inc.
                                                             Music for Youth / An Initiative of    Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. F. Sichel
            corporations and government agencies for           UJA-Federation of New York          Mr. and Mrs. John M. Sykes III
    their generous support of the School’s operations,       New York State Council on the Arts    UBS
    programs, activities and special endowment funds.        The Pinkerton Foundation              The Edward and Sally Van Lier
                                                             The Starr Foundation                    Fund / New York Community Trust
    These contributions enable Third Street to provide       Frederick A. Wise                     The Wasily Family Foundation
    need-based financial aid, merit-based scholarships,
                                                             $10,000 – $24,999                     $5,000 – $9,999
    free instructional programs and instruments to
                                                             The Theodore H. Barth                 Arnhold Foundation
    deserving students, attract and retain the finest fac-     Foundation, Inc.                    The ASCAP Foundation
    ulty, provide high-quality instructional programs,       Basic Element, Inc.                   Susan L. Baker and
                                                             The Brenner Family Foundation           Michael R. Lynch
    maintain the facility and augment the endowment.         Fred J. Brotherton Charitable         The Barker Welfare Foundation
                                                               Foundation                          The Bay and Paul Foundations
    We are also grateful to those who have contributed       Bessie Chiang, M.D.                   Gerald and Katherine Cohen
    instruments, musical scores and other material           Consolidated Edison Company           Colgate Palmolive Company
    items to the School, and to those who make                 of New York, Inc.                   The Max and Victoria Dreyfus
                                                             Dancing Tides Foundation                Foundation, Inc.
    donations at our concerts throughout the year.           Richard and Barbara Debs              The Lily Palmer Fry Trust


                                                                                                  9%                 3%
                                            4%                          4%                        Manhattan          Outside
                                           Other                      Age 21 +                    above              of NYC
                                                                                                  20th Street

                                     16%                           15%
                                    Asian                         Under                                  21%
                                                     29%                                                Other
    TOTAL NUMBER                   descent          Latino        Age 5
    OF STUDENTS                                                                                        Boroughs
    Main School 1,775              18%                       14% Age
    Public School Partnerships   African                     14 to 20
    2,301                        descent       33%                                                              67%
                                            European                   Age 5 to 13                         Manhattan below
                                             descent                                                         20th Street
    Music 1,817
    Dance 168                        ETHNICITY*                          AGE*                            GEOGRAPHIC*
    Preschool 289
    Summer (2007) 290                                                                        * Main School + Public School Partnerships
    Visual Arts 59
  Ann and Gordon Getty                 Kingdon Capital Management, LLC     Debra Granik and                       United Way of New York City
    Foundation                         Ronay and Richard Menschel             Jonathan Scheuer                    United Ways of the Greater           9
  Lola Lloyd Horwitz                   Joyce Singer and Peter B. Milburn   Ms. Rebecca Hai and                      Tri-State Area
  Marilyn and Alan Korest              Mr. and Mrs. Stowe C. Phelps           Mr. John McCullough                 Eric John and Ellen Weinstein
  Mimi Levitt                          Norma and Vince Rooney              David and Sandra Joys                  Mark and Rosanne Welshimer
  LLL Foundation                       Mr. and Mrs. Saul Rosen             Dr. Attallah Kappas                    Hope and Alan Winters
  Arthur L. Loeb                       Rush Philanthropic Arts             Lee Koonce                             Judy Francis Zankel
  Mrs. Joan C. Long                      Foundation                        Robert D. Krinsky /                    Anonymous (1)
  Ellen and James S. Marcus            Jennifer and Jonathan Soros           The Segal Company
  The Miller Family Foundation, Inc.   Ellsworth George Stanton III        The Elroy and Terry Krumholz           $500 – $999
  Councilmember Rosie Mendez /         Michael P. Stewart                     Foundation                          10th & Stuyvesant Streets
    New York City Department of        Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo D. Weisman     The Kurr Foundation, Inc.                Block Association
    Youth and Community                Anonymous (1)                       Loeber and Barbara Landau              2nd Avenue Delicatessen
    Development                                                            Joseph E. LeDoux and                   William Abrams and Julie Salamon
  Assemblymember                       $1,000 – $2,499                        Nancy Princenthal                   June and Ronald Ahrens
    Deborah H. Glick /                 The Licia Albanese-Puccini          Che King Leo                           M. Bernard and Elsie V. Aidinoff
    The New York State Assembly           Foundation                       Ann Lewis                              Isabelle Autones
  The New York Times Company           The Annenberg Foundation            Mr. Andrew J. Malik and                Richard C. Bailey
    Foundation                         ASCAP                                  Ms. Liz Smith                       Mr. and Mrs. George B. Beitzel
  New York University Community        J. Truman Bidwell, Jr.              Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc.   Mrs. Roger Berlind
    Fund                               Broadcast Music, Inc.               Achim and Collette Moeller             Dike Blair
  Nordstrom                            Mrs. Sheldon M. Bryan               Nancy Morgan and Mark Broadie          Caspar Luard and Frances Boswell
  Jeannie Park and David Chan          William J. and Jane Hays Butler     Barbara Mosbacher                      James J. Boyle
  Partners for Arts Education          Capital One Bank                    Sheryl Nelson and Charles Gushee       Susan S. Braddock
  Steinway & Sons                      Cathy Caplan                        Liz and Jeff Peek                      Mr. and Mrs. James P. Brophy
  Mrs. Frank E. Taplin, Jr.            Robert M. Carr                      Mr. and Mrs. Oscar S. Pollock          Carroll and Elvira Brown
  Michael Tuch Foundation, Inc.        Louise and Anthony Caviglia         Dale L. Ponikvar                       Bob Buckholz and
  The Alice Tully Foundation           The Center for Arts Education       Sidney Lee Posel                         Lizanne Fontaine
  Mrs. James P. Warburg                Centre Group Holdings Ltd.          Jennifer G. Presto                     Mr. and Mrs. James H. Carney II
                                       Natasha H. Chriss                   Lora Price                             Ted Chapin and Maxyne Lang
  $2,500 – $4,999                      Laura A. Coruzzi and                Stuart B. Rekant                       Alice and Theodore Cohn
  ACMP Foundation                         Robert J. Schneider              Steven H. Rich                         Marina Couloucoundis
  Jody and John Arnhold                Mary Sharp Cronson                  Philip Scaturro                        Chris and Jim Cowperthwait
  The Beatman Foundation               The Honorable Ruth E. Denk          John and Mami Sheehy                   Gerald and Daphna Cramer
  Mr. and Mrs. David Bull              Jennie L. and Richard DeScherer     Annaliese Soros                          Family Foundation
  David Bushler                        Chris and Molly Dillon              Robert G. Strachan                     Pierre and Ellen de Vegh
  Diamondston Foundation               Mary Lou C. Francis                 William and Karen Tell                 Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. DeRosa
  Mrs. Raymond B. Gary                 Mrs. Michel Fribourg                Alice and Tom Tisch                    Rose W. Dobrof
  Agnes Gund and Daniel Shapiro        The Gilder Foundation               Barbara and Donald Tober               Jennifer and Yonathan Epelbaum
  Muriel McBrien Kauffman              Sam Glazer                          Litsa D. Tsitsera
    Foundation                         Rita† and Herb Gold                 U. S. Trust Company of New York                             † in memoriam


  PROGRAM ACCOMPLISHMENTS                                                  INCOME & EXPENSES FOR THE
• Access to high quality instruction in music, dance and visual art        FISCAL YEAR ENDED JUNE 30, 2008
  to nearly 4,000 students, age 11/2 to 88, through more than
  44,500 lessons and classes taught by a faculty of 130 artists.            TOTAL SUPPORT & REVENUE:                           $   4,848,479

• First-time access to music and the arts for school children,
  through 17 Public School Partnerships.                                    PROGRAM EXPENSES:
                                                                            Instruction                                        $   2,646,245
• Comprehensive training in music for more than 300 students,
  ages 6 –18, through chamber and ensemble programs.                        School & Community Partnerships                    $     693,099
• Cultural enrichment for the broad community through 250                   Financial Aid Tuition Assistance                   $     501,123
  free-to-the-public concerts and recitals at Third Street and at other     Performances                                       $      78,877
  venues around the city.                                                   Management & General Expenses                      $     402,465
• Life-long learning opportunities and social connectedness to 136          Fundraising Expenses                               $     518,670
  adults through music lessons, chamber music, performance work-
  shops, movement classes and a New Horizons Band program.                  TOTAL EXPENSES:                                    $ 4,848,479
• More than 75% of all Third Street students benefited from a               TOTAL ASSETS:                                      $ 12,214,403
  generous program of need-based financial aid, merit-based                 TOTAL LIABILITIES:                                 $ 2,433,410
  scholarships and free instruction valued at more than $750,000.
                                                                            NET ASSET BALANCE:                                 $ 9,779,992
     Richard L. Feigen and
10     Isabelle Harnoncourt Feigen
     April Fey
                                           HELP MEET THE CHALLENGE!
     Barbara E. Field                      The Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust, which is closing in 2009, has been a
     Mr. and Mrs. Irvine D. Flinn
     Donald T. Fox                         staunch supporter of Third Street for more than a quarter century. The Trust
     Lady Barbara Fox-Bordiga              awarded Third Street two generous $250,000 challenge grants to ensure that its            Will be b+w silo
     Bart Freundlich and                   support continues in perpetuity. We met the first challenge—a grant to help
       Julianne Moore                      establish the Barbara E. Field Chamber Music Fund—within less than a year.
     Helmut N. Friedlaender                   Now, we are asking for your help to meet the second $250,000 challenge.
     Peter H. Ghee
     The Nomi Ghez Foundation              No donation is too small. And because the Cary Trust will match your gift dollar for
     Susan Zises Green                     dollar, your gift is worth double to Third Street! Funds will go to our endowment in
     Barbara R. Greenberg /                support of the general purposes of the School.
       The Philanthropic Group, Inc.          As we go to press, we have identified more than 85% of the goal, and must raise an
     Judith Greene                         additional $35,000 to meet the challenge.
     Pamela B. Hanson
     Robin R. Henry                           Please consider making a special contribution today—over and above your annual
     David Hirschfeld                      giving—to help secure Third Street’s future. Contributions by check and credit card are
     Paul and Suzanne Isherwood            welcome, as are gifts of securities. Please use the enclosed remittance envelope
     Barbara A. Jobo                       (write “Cary Challenge” inside) or call the Development Office at 212-777-3240,
     Kanter Kallman Foundation, Inc.       ext. 126 for more information. T H A N K YO U F O R YO U R S U P P O RT !
     Herbert Kasper
     Brad M. Kurtzman
     Lutz and Carr LLP
     Wendy MacKenzie and                   D O N AT E      ONLINE          AT     www.thirdstreetmusicschool.org
       Alexander Cortesi
     James and Marie
       Nugent-Head Marlas                  $250 – $499                          Christine Leise                       Jeffrey H. Tucker
     Michael and                           Arthur E. Abrams                     Mary K. Libby                         Marcia Brady Tucker Foundation
       Deborah B. McCarthy                 Steve Aronson and Marilyn Singer     Carmen Manoyan                        Arete and William Warren
     Hugh and Barbara McGovern             Mr. and Mrs. Reinhard R. Augustin    Anne K. McCann                        Betsy and Ron Weis
     Raymond Mendez                        Beverly J. Bartow                    Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Mercy, Jr.        Sean P. Wilsey
     Colette Michaan                       David W. Beer                        Louis Miano                           Mary Collins and Tony Yarborough
     Valar and Lisa Mihan                  Byron and Susan Bell                 Yuriko Mita                           Monica and David Zwirner
     Mr. and Mrs. Lester S. Morse, Jr.     Dr. and Mrs. Sylvanus G. Bent        Sarah L. Morgan
     Thomas H. Patrick, Jr.                Eva and Tobias Bermant               Etsuko O. Morris                      Up to $249
     The Maurice Pechet Foundation         Theodore and Dorothy Bleecker        Adele R. Moskovitz                    Dayan Abeyaratne
     Mrs. Robert L. Peterson               Harvi T. Bloom                       John Hargraves and                    Mimi M. Abrons
     Patrick J. Pierre                     David B. Bowen /                       Nancy Newcomb                       Martin and Joan Adickman
     Sue and Bob Plotz                        Bowen & Company                   Peter H. Nicholas                     Suzanne Gaba Aisenberg
     Susan B. Plum                         Ildiko Butler                        Rochelle S. Ohrstrom                  Mark Alberici
     Bette G. Pounds                       The Ed Lee & Jean Campe              Mrs. Constance Old                    Robert Almgren
     Jane Quinn and Carll Tucker              Foundation, Inc.                  Alison Overseth                       Lauren Alter-Baumann and
     Armando Rico                          Elizabeth C. Cryer                   John Perazich                            Philippe Baumann
     Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Robinson, Jr.   Lori and David Damrosch              Michelle Pham and                     Nancy B. Aragon
     Irwin Z. Robinson                     Joan K. Davidson                       Michael Ashworth                    Mr. and Mrs. Seymour R. Askin, Jr.
     William M. Roth                       Kim Dooley-Kittay                    Benita Potters                        Elizabeth Calhoun Baker
     Jennifer Russell                      James H. Duffy                       Annabelle F. Prager                   Kenneth C. Baron
     Berelle K. Samuel                     Bruno Dupire                         Renata Propper                        Mr. and Mrs. Franklin L. Bass
     Carolee E. Shubert                    Exaktime                             Allison Simmons Prouty                Ms. Jayne Bentzen
     The Shubert Organization, Inc.        Fiona Morgan Fein                    Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Radcliffe     Mrs. Mortimer Berkowitz, Jr.
     Josephine M. Simon                    Barbara G. Fleischman                Ragu Raghavan                         Elizabeth Bernbach
     Katherine A. Homans and               Ella M. Foshay and                   David Robakidze and                   Ann Berson
       Patterson Sims                         Michael B. Rothfeld                 Natalia Arsentieva                  Ellen B. Binder and
     Paul Sirotkin                         Molly O'Neil Frank                   James R. Roe                             Robert G. Sussman
     Vera Stern                            Gordon Gano                          Felice T. Ross                        Susan A. Bloom
     Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas               Dr. Mary Weitzel Gibbons             Charlton Rugg                         Ramona E. Bourdier
     Mr. and Mrs. Willard B. Taylor        Sherwin M. Goldman                   Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rugg               Dr. Allen S. Brings
     Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Thomas, Jr.    Mrs. Kirby S. Graham                 Janet and Peter Saint Germain         Philip A. Bromberg
     Mrs. Petr A. Thorson                  Kerry Greene and Brian Washburn      Christie C. Salomon                   Alice C. Brown
     Donald J. Toumey and                  Beatrice H. Guthrie                  Judy Goetz Sanger                     Iruka Brown
       Paul Loong Foo Chan                 Henry Hansmann and                   Bernice Saperstein                    Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Lyons Brown, Jr.
     Helen S. Tucker /                        Marina Santilli                   Robert Schwartz                       Katherine F. Brush
       Gramercy Park Foundation, Inc.      Jayne Haynes                         Kira Sergievsky                       Lorraine Buch
     Paul A. Volcker                       Richard R. Howe                      Andrew P. Siff                        Kathleen T. Butera
     Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Wickham        Thomas J. Hubbard                    William and Lavinia Simon             Mary M. Cahill
     Laura J. Wilson                       Linda L. Janklow                     Emily Simonis                         William H. Canham
     Thomas Wong                           Jay E. Kerig                         Frances Walker Slocum                 Joanne Caruso
     Antoine and Michelle Zemor            Solange Landau                       Sorosis, Inc.                         Mrs. William L. Cary
     Anonymous (1)                         Jill L. Leinbach                     W. Gene Story                         Rosalia G. Cassar
March and Philip Cavanaugh          Nancy Holmstrom                      Elena Naughton and Peter Hunt         Susan M. Slote
Pamela Chait                        Jackie Taylor Holsten                Joni Wehrli and                       Beverly Sokoloff                  11
Claire Chan                         Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Hoopes, Jr.      Michel Negroponte                  Laurence T. Sorkin
Anthony P. Checchia                 Angela and Anthony Hopenhajm         Matthew Nerzig                        Annette A. Southwood-Smith
Vivia Chen and Eric Gilioli         Clarice G. Horelick                  Marjorie E. Nesbitt                   Katherine and Matthew Sperling
Enid Clott                          Barbara J. Houser                    David H. Newman                       Mae Rosalind Stark
Joanne Coco                         Frederic K. Howard                   Daniel and Janice Nimetz              John F. Steeves
Dr. Albert Cohen                    Yu-Hsin Hsu                          Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. O'Connor, Jr.   Betty L. Steinweg
Peter and Coco Comitini             Anita Hyams                          Fran Onne-Fong                        Margaret L. Stevens
Rama Cont                           Anne E. Impellizzeri                 Maria Orengo                          Sasha F. Stoikov
Allyson and Stephen Cook            Sheryl L. Jarvis                     David C. Osler, M.D.                  James E. Stothers
Dr. Edgar E. Coons                  Mrs. William N. Jeffers              Hannah Pakula                         Jessie Sweeney
John Corigliano and Mark Adamo      John Kander                          Laura and Thomas Pallister            Thomas J. Sweeney
Joanne Hubbard Cossa                Jeanette Kaplowitz                   Muriel Selden Paris                   Abby Taylor
Mrs. Sophie Coumantaros             Eri Kawahara                         Marsha Patelson                       Risa and Ryan Teksten
Anna E. Crouse                      Mr. and Mrs. D. Scott Ketner         Michele H. Bogart and                 Teriananda
James V. Czajka                     Daniel and Susan Kincaid                Philip J. Pauly                    Peter M. Thall, Esq.
Ms. Sonali Das                      Marie-Louise and Karl Kirchner       Linda Y. Peng                         Gladys R. Thomas
Rev. John E. Denaro                 Samuel and Pauline Kirdahi           Jeanne S. Poindexter                  Mrs. Marian Thorman
Heidi DeRuiter                      Thomas and Kelley Kissane            Samuel S. and Anne H. Polk            Christina T. Tokar
Amina Dickerson                     Julia P. Knowlton                    Doris Princenthal                     Ruth and Saul Towers
Jason Dietz and                     Edgar R. Koerner                     Sally Ellis and Andrew Quale          Lucille Uranic
   Katherine Fleischer              Dr. Edward L. Kottick                Anna and Jay Rabinowitz               Victoria von Arx
Jean and Arnold Dobbins             William G. Kring                     Walter and Nancy S. Raquet            Arthur Wallander, Jr.
Mark C. Donoghue                    Barbara L. Kupferberg                Peter and Barbara Rauch               Felicia Warshawsky
Aleksandra Duranovic                Jill Lafer                           Frazer C. Rice                        Joan T. Washburn
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ebenstein       Man-Ying Lam                         Frederick N. Robin                    Mary Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Edersheim         Wendy Lamb and Paul Moravec          Jeannette Rohatyn                     Joseph Weisbord and
Robert J. Egan                      Anne-Sophie Langlois                 Elvie P. Roman                          Joyce A. George
Dixie Blackstone Eger               Elaine A. Langone                    Douglas and Alison Rosa               Andrea L. Weiss
Ethel Elkin                         Elizabeth C. Langwith and            Mitchell Rosendorf                    Mrs. Robert Weller
Charles H. Erhart, Jr.                 Toby Ross                         Beth B. Rosenthal                     Fred and Jacqueline Wertzer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Erskine      Bernard Latuchie                     Ms. Linda Rubes                       Dr. Anne Wigglesworth
Mrs. Harriet A. Feiner              Dr. Roberta Leff                     Karen and Lee Ruelle                  Mrs. Harriet Wingreen
Melanie Fitzpatrick and             Alice and Milton Leist               Lisa R. Sack                          Mr. Frederic Withington
   Michael Arad                     Mr. and Mrs. Olivier Lemaigre        Mariam C. Said                        Philip S. Wong
Peter H. Flint                      Wing Gee Leo                         Ilse Sander                           Claudia Wu and Michael Fortgang
Beth Flusser                        Mr. and Mrs. Edwin                   Alla Savransky                        Lan Zhu Xiao
Raphael Ford                           Deane Leonard                     Amy and Mark Schaefer                 Peter Yarrow
Dany Forgeois                       Professor Edward R. Lerner           Celeste Schneider                     Helene Yektai
Eliisa Frazier                      Deborah G. Levine                    Laura F. Schoen                       Dr. Mary Yepez
Barrett B. Frelinghuysen            Neil and Jodi Levy                   Zelig Schrager, Ph.D.                 Anonymous (1)
Frederick and Susan Fruitman        Elise M. Hurley and                  Beatrice and Robert Schultz
Rumiko Fukazawa                        Jonathan W. Levy                  Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth I. Schultz
Carolyn L. Gaines                   Marcia L. Levy                       David Schwartz
Victor Garbarino                    Robert Liebowitz                     Dennis F. Schwartz
Ms. Maria Garcia-Rodriguez          Susan E. Linder                      Walter Schwarz
Dr. and Mrs. Lee J. Garvin          George M. Liss                       Jane Scovell
Eileen Gellerman                    Robert Littman                       Ira Fox and Sallie S. Scripter
Larry and Susan Gerstein            Lois Livezey                         Reina A. Seedarnee
Romita Ghosh                        Stephen Loffredo and                 Douglass J. Seidman
David and Judy Gilberg                 Helen Hershkof                    Amee Shah and Andrew Carrigan
Holly and Philip Glass              Norma G. Loonan                      Dr. Leo H. Siegel
Edward and Milena Gobetz            Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Lowenstein      Joseph and Marylin Silverman
Samantha Green                      Carla E. Lynton                      Evelyn Simon
Thomas J. Griffin                   Suzanne Mac Lear                     Ruth Friedman Simring
Robert and Marilyn Gritz            Mr. and Mrs. Curtis J. Macomber      David V. Skoblow
Jane A. Gross                       Susan A. Marchlen
Hans and Doris Grunwald             Lesley McBride
Genevieve Haggard                   Harold Meltzer
Jining Han                          Myra and Dan Miller
Tara and Peter Hannert              Samuel C. Miller
Ann F. Harakawa                     John and Judith Miodownik                                   Check out our Web site at
Kathryn Lynn Haw
Vincent Hayley
                                    Robert N. Mollinger
                                    Valerie Morel
Inge Heckel                         Adviti Muni and Glen Swindle                        for information about upcoming events,
Mary W. Heller                      Linda Musser                                          registration and other school dates,
Anita and Doug Herron               Asako Nagakura and
Brian Burnett and Kay Hershberger      Jeffrey Binstock
                                                                                          course descriptions and much more.
Helen D. Hobart                     National Music Publishers’
Mr. and Mrs. Phelps Hobart             Association, Inc.

12    Save the Date                                               M O R E E V E N T S A T W W W. T H I R D S T R E E T M U S I C S C H O O L . O R G

     Following is a list of selected
     special events. For a complete list,
                                                              December                           Tuesday, December 16, 7:00 pm
                                                                                                 Thursday, December 18, 7:00 pm
                                                                                                                                       Saturday, January 31, 4:30 pm
                                                                                                                                       Chamber Music Concert
     visit our Web site.                                      Thursday, December 4, 7:00 pm      The Nutcracker                        Student ensembles play
                                                              Eclectric Guitar Recital           Presented by the Dance                masterpieces of the classical
     Artist Performance Series

                                                              Guitar, bass and drum groups       Department                            repertoire
     Third Street’s outstanding faculty                       Two Saturdays                      Saturday, December 20, 1:30 pm
     members and their guests perform                         December 6 & 13, 3:30 pm           Holiday Music Hour                    February

     on most Friday evenings at 7:30                          Orpheus Chamber Orchestra          Student music and dance
                                                              Coaching Sessions                                                        Saturday, February 7, 4:30 pm
     pm. Call or visit the School to                                                             ensembles                             Chamber Music Concert
     obtain a series flyer.                                   Members of the acclaimed

     Every week!
                                                              ensemble coach student
                                                              chamber music groups
                                                                                                 January                               Sunday, February 8
                                                                                                                                       1:00 pm & 3:00 pm
     Student Music Hours                                                                         Saturday, January 10, 2009            The Chamber Music Society
     Students of all ages and levels                          Wednesday, December 10,
                                                              7:30 pm                            3:30 pm                               of Lincoln Center presents
     perform                                                                                     Chamber Music Master Class            Meet The Music! hosted by
                                                              Blue Winds Recital
     Unless otherwise noted, all                              Jazz originals and standards       with members of the Invert            Bruce Adolphe
     concerts are free of charge and                                                             string quartet                        Featuring Third Street pianist
     take place in our Anna-Maria                             Thursday, December 11, 7:00 pm                                                                n
                                                                                                                                       Elvis Vanterpool-Krajˇ ak
                                                              Guitar Showcase Recital            Saturday, January 31, 10:00 am
     Kellen Auditorium. Programs and                                                             String ’Stravaganza                   AT MERKIN CONCERT HALL, 129 WEST
     schedules are subject to change                          Classical guitar students                                                67TH STREET Tickets $15.
                                                                                                 AT ST. MARK’S CHURCH-IN-THE-BOWERY,
     without notice.                                                                             10TH STREET & 2ND AVENUE
                                                                                                                                       Call 212-875-5788 or visit
                                                                                                 150+ string students ages 4-18        www.chambermusicsociety.org.

                                                                                                                                                      NON-PROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                                                                        U.S. POSTAGE
                                                    THIRD STREET MUSIC SCHOOL SETTLEMENT                                                      THIRD STREET M
                                                                                                                                                        NEW YORK, NY
                                                    235 EAST 11TH STREET                                                                               PERMIT NO. 7251
                                                    NEW YORK, NY 10003

                                                    C H A N G E S E RV I C E R E Q U E S T E D

                                                    Families of alumni:
                                                    if your children are no longer
                                                    living with you, please notify us
                                                    of their current addresses.
                                                    Contact Daniel Blakemore in the
                                                    Development & Communications
                                                    Department at 212-777-3240 x126 or
                                                    Thank you.

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