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					AN/GVS-5 Laser Rangefinder: Army Night Vision Laboratory's work in lasers also resulted in the AN/GVS-5 Laser
Infrared Observation Set in 1980. This piece of equipment significantly increased the probability of hitting a stationary or
airborne target with the first round fired. The AN/GVS-5 is a lightweight, hand-held, binocular-like laser rangefinder used
for observation and target acquisition. It contains a panel assembly, optical assembly, and laser transmitter module. It can
use either battery or vehicle power (using an adapter cable). The rangefinder provides the operator with the capability to
accurately determine range to targets. The AN/GVS-5's special features include: 7 x 15 sighting optics, a multiple target
indicator, and minimum range adjustment. The rangefinder can take one ranging per second. It can take approximately
100 rangings before requiring a new battery. Weight 3 kg, Price $5400

AN/PAQ-1 Laser Target Designator (LTD): The AN/PAQ-1 Laser Target Designator (LTD) is a near infrared laser
rangefinder/designator used to obtain target range. It is also used with homing weapons such as the Copperhead 155
mm, HELLFIRE and Maverick missiles and guided bombs. They home in on a laser spot from this shoulder/ tripod-
mounted1 Weight: 7 kg Price: $5000

AN/PAQ-3 Modular Universal Laser Equipment (MULE): The MULE is a man-portable tripod-mounted or shoulder-fired
unit which incorporates a laser range-finder/target designator which works with all laser-guided weapons now under
development. It is used to locate targets and to guide laser-guided projectiles to their targets. It can track moving targets
and combine range, azimuth, and elevation into a digital message to be sent to the tactical fire control center. The major
components are the Laser Designator/Rangefinder Module and the Stabilized Tracking Tripod Module. A supporting item
of equipment is the North Finding Module. Weight: 50 kg Price: $200,000

AN/PVS-6 Mini Eyesafe Laser Infrared Observation Set (MELIOS): The MELIOS provides the individual soldier with
accurate range azimuth and vertical angle determination to provide target acquisition data for direct and indirect weapons
systems in eye safe mode. MELIOS replaces the AN/GVS-5 Laser Infrared Observation Set. AN/GVS-5 is not eye safe.
MELIOS is designed for ranges out to ten kilometres with plus or minus five meter accuracy. It operates in the eye safe
wavelength region allowing maximum use by units in training and tactical exercises. The system is capable of operating
on 24 volt DC rechargeable batteries, or from 24 volt DC vehicle power using an external power adapter. It can effectively
range a moving target to 3,000 meters, and a stationary target to 5,000 meters. Weight 2 kg Price: $5000

AN/PEQ-1 SOF Laser Marker (SOFLAM): The An/PEQ-1 SOF Laser Marker (SOFLAM) is the SOF-specific laser range
finding and designating unit for Special Operating forces providing the capability to locate and designate critical enemy
targets for destruction using laser guided ordnance. The unit is lighter and smaller than current laser markers; better
reliability and availability than current system. The Army began to take delivery of 296 units in May 1996. The SOFLAM is
currently in use with Army Special Forces and Rangers, Navy SEAL’s, and Air Force Special Tactics Squadrons. Weight 5
kg, Price: $8000

AN/TVQ-2 Ground/Vehicular Laser Locator Designator (G/VLLD): This near infrared laser is used in the same way as
the AN/PAQ-1 Laser Target Designator (LTD), and is operated on a tripod mount or the Fire Support Team Vehicle. Its
greater power and accuracy allow for spotting targets at distances up to 5 km. Weight: 25 kg, Price: 10,000

AIM-1 - Infra-red laser aiming device. Projects a 70 cm tall laser line on target visible only with IR vision devices, Shooter
determines height of line to use based on estimated range. Weight: 2.6 kg, Price: $500

Commercial Laser Range Finder: This can range up to 300 yards to a target, much farther for some other objects. It is
compact and lightweight, is easy to handle with its no-slip rubber covering, and comes with a carrying case, sold in most
sporting goods stores, Weight Nil, Price $300

Laser Pen & Target Designator: Available in two different models to choose from, one stylish "pen-style" laser pointer,
and one ultra-compact "keychain style" unit. The perfect devices to accurately and clearly point out what you're pointing to
whether it's an exact map location on a distant wall, or building down the street, both models produce a brilliant ruby red
laser dot up to 700 yards away, powered by two AAA batteries. $40

Portable Laser RF: Powered from internal batteries. Reads out distance to a designated object, Wt: .2 kg, Price: $1000.

Vehicle Laser RF: Vehicular powered. Wt: 5 kg, Price: $1500.

Vehicle Laser RF with Ballistic Computer: Vehicular powered. Feeds target correction data directly into on-board
targeting computer. Wt: 5 kg, Price: $10,000.

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