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Promoting Contract for Small Buisness by nhn91591


Promoting Contract for Small Buisness document sample

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									                         OFFICE OF CONTRACT COMPLIANCE (OCC)

                                                                                      October 2008

                                                                                      Volume II, Issue II

                       Small Business Matters

  Inside this issue:
  Banks Project Attracts 2
                                Featured City Certified SBE
  Federal Funds                 OCC had the opportunity         valuable services and con-        private sector. “
                                to sit down with Karen Rei-     tinues to develop relation-
  Banks Inclusion Oppor- 2                                                                        As Reitor informed OCC
                                tor, owner of Communiqué        ships with key personnel,
  tunities                                                                                        about her involvement with
                                Productions. Communiqué         doing business with the
                                                                                                  different City projects, the
  OCC Outreach at MCAP 3        Productions offers training     City becomes easier.
                                                                                                  passion for her work and
                                and communication ser-
                                                                Reitor expressed gratitude        the pleasure of working
                                vices in the areas of inter-
                                                                in how OCC advocates for          with the City was very ob-
  City Joins SBA Outreach 3     personal communication
                                                                departments to use SBEs.          vious. Communiqué Pro-
                                skills, diversity training,
                                                                As Reitor stated                  duction is an epitome of the
                                writing, team building,
  SBE Spending Report    3                                      “departments need to rec-         success of the SBE pro-
                                succession planning, stress
                                                                ognize that you don’t have        gram.
                                management, etc. The City
                                                                to be big to be good.” Rei-
  City’s SBE Mission     4      has utilized this SBE numer-
                                                                tor also stated that SBE cer-
                                ous times since 1996.
                                                                tification has not only as-
  Publisher’s Corner     4      Departments of HR, Public       sisted Communiqué Pro-
                                Services, Community De-         ductions with contracts with
                                velopment, MSD and the          the City of Cincinnati, but
                                Budget Office of the City       with other entities as well.
                                Manager’s Office have all
                                                                “In addition to encouraging
                                accessed Communiqué
                                                                me to achieve certification
 Special points of              Productions to train City
                                                                as a Small Business Enter-
    interest:                   staff. Communiqué Pro-
                                                                prise with the City of Cin-
• Banks Project attracts fed-   ductions is now taking part                                        Karen Reitor, Owner
                                                                cinnati, I was also encour-
  eral funds                    in the City’s Charge for                                           Communiqué Productions
                                                                aged to become certified to
                                Change initiative conduct-
• Inclusion update on the                                       grant CEUs as an author-
                                ing training in soft skills.
  Banks Project                                                 ized provider of the Inter-
                                OCC asked Reitor if it was      national Association of
• City spends millions with     easy or difficult to do busi-   Continuing Education and
  SBEs                          ness with the City. She         Training. These certifica-
                                explained there was a six       tions have not only broad-
• OCC outreach efforts
                                year gap from the time of       ened Communiqué’s reach
                                her initial contract with the   across the City, but have
                                City until her second con-      also increased our com-
                                tract. However, Reitor          petitiveness with other
                                reported that once a busi-      government agencies as
                                ness provides the City          well as organizations in the
Page 2                                                                                                 Small Business Matters

Banks Project Attracts Federal Funds
The Banks Project draws federal funding through the Ohio Department of Trans-
portation (ODOT) . The Hamilton County Commissioners approved Local Public
Agency (LPA) agreements accepting $21.4 million in federal dollars. The funds
will be used to finance a segment of the public portion (construction of the ga-
rage and streets) of the development. These ODOT funds will be guided by the
Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) Program .

The DBE Program promotes contracting opportunities of federally funded pro-
jects to firms owned and controlled by minorities, women, and other socially and
economically disadvantaged persons. For more information on the DBE Program
and DBE application, go to

                                                                                               The Banks Project

Banks Inclusion Opportunities                                                        •   Each business owner’s personal
                                                                                     net worth cannot exceed $750,000;

Contracts have been let for the Banks      fice of Contract Compliance at 352-       •    Business owners must be a United
Project and presently there is 41.2%       3144.                                     States citizen or a naturalized citizen;
SBE participation. This equates to a                                                 •   The business must be certified by
little over $2 million that has been                                                 the City of Cincinnati.
contracted with SBEs.                      The most recent bid package, number
                                           four, was released and bids are due       Businesses that are currently certified
                                           on October 15, 2008 at the Hamilton       with the City of Cincinnati’s SBE Pro-
The City, County and its partners are      County Administration Building at 138     gram do not have to recertify under
working cooperatively to meet the          East Court Street. Bids will be re-       the Banks SBE Program. The certifica-
SBE goals of 30% for construction,         ceived up until 11:00 am. No bids will    tion requirements for the Banks SBE
15% for commodities and general            be accepted after this deadline. For      Program are the same as those for the
services and 10% for professional          more information regarding this bid       City’s SBE Program, except that any
services.                                  package, contact Messer Construction      requirement for the maintenance of
                                           Company at 242-1541.                      fixed offices within the geographi-
                                                                                     cal boundaries of Hamilton County
The inclusion consultant, Ellington
                                                                                     will not be applicable for the Banks
Management Services (EMS), has held        Highlights of the Banks SBE Program
                                                                                     SBE Program.
outreach events to attract businesses      include:
to get SBE and DBE certification
through the appropriate government
entities.                                  •    There are no geographical
                                           boundaries for business office loca-
The City of Cincinnati is the certifying
entity for SBEs on the Banks Project.      •   The business must have been in
ODOT certifies DBEs. The SBE and           existence for at least 1 year prior to
DBE certification processes can take       application;
up to 90 days. For an SBE application,
go to        •    The business must meet the defi-
cmgr/pages/-32952-/ or call the Of-        nition of small as defined by Section 3
                                           of the Small Business Act (PL 85-536);
Small Business Matters                                                                                               Page 3

  OCC Speaks at MCAP’s Bonding Workshop
 In September, the City of Cincinnati                                                     planned to be an annual event. Each
 was invited to speak at a bonding                                                        year, updated and vital information
 workshop hosted by the Cincinnati                                                        will be disseminated to construction
 Minority Contractors Business Assis-                                                     contractors regarding the process for
 tance Program (MCAP) regarding the                                                       obtaining bonds. There were several
 City’s SBE Program. Onnie Martin, the                                                    other speakers, including represen-
 Executive Director of MCAP, invited                                                      tatives from Messer and ACI at the
 the Office of Contract Compliance to                                                     workshop .
 share information and answer any
 questions pertaining to the City’s SBE                                                   For more information regarding fu-
 Program and the Banks SBE Program.                                                       ture training, contact MCAP at 631-
                                                                                          7666 or visit
 MCAP informed participants that the
 six-week training workshop is

 OCC Joins SBA with Annual “Keys to Success” Outreach
 For several years, the City of Cincin-     SBE Program.
 nati has participated with the Small
                                            This year’s event was held at Jungle
 Business Administration’s (SBA) an-
                                            Jims and included a panel of
 nual outreach event for women-owned
                                            “empowered” women business owners
 businesses. This event acknowledges
                                            who shared success stories and busi-
 the successes of businesses owned
                                            ness tips. The event
 and operated by women.
                                            also included             The main purpose of the SBA’s annual event is to match
 While the City’s SBE Program is gen-       “networking opportuni-
                                                                      companies looking to purchase goods and services with
 der and race neutral, OCC often times      ties with corporations as
                                                                      eligible and willing women-owned businesses.
 attend other organizations’ outreach       well as federal, state
 events as a means to attract such busi-    and local government
 nesses to certify through the City’s       procurement staff.”

 Money Well Spent!
 Data shows that in 2007, the City of       dollars spent. Of that amount                          cent of all dollars spent are to
 Cincinnati spent $26,315,781with           $22,590,539 was spent with                             be with SBEs. These figures
 SBEs. Each year OCC is required to         SBEs in construction;                                  demonstrate 19.1 percent of
 prepare a report to City Council re-       $1,351,391 was spent with SBEs                         the total dollars spent. The
 porting the City’s expenditures with       in professional services; and                          report shows total spending
 SBEs.                                      $2,373,851 was spent with SBEs                         with all firms in 2007 at
                                            in supplies/services.          How much did we         $137,961,581.
 The FYI report submitted in April,                                            pay you?
 2008, notified City Council of the total   The City has a goal that 30 per-
                                                                                                                         Page 4
                                                                                         Small Business Enterprise Program
   Office of Contract Compliance (OCC)
   805 Central Avenue
   II Centennial Plaza
                                                                         The purpose of the Small Business Enterprise Program of the City of
   Suite 222                                                             Cincinnati is to promote the economic welfare of the people of the
   Cincinnati, OH 45202
                                                                         City, to mitigate the effects of discrimination against Small Busi-
                                                                         ness Enterprises (SBEs) and to promote full and equal business
   Phone: 513-352-3144                                                   opportunity for all persons doing business with the City of Cincin-
   Fax: 513-352-3157
   E-mail:                           nati by assisting SBEs to actively participate in the City procure-
                                                                         ment process, and by working to eliminate SBE discrimination in
                                                                         public markets. (CMC Section 323-3)
   Promoting full and equal business opportunities.
                                                                         The City of Cincinnati’s annual goal for SBE participation shall be
                           We’re on the web!                             30% of the City’s total dollars spent for construction, supplies,                        services and professional services. (CMC Section 323-7)
                                                                                     Mark Mallory—Mayor
                                                                                     David Crowley—Vice Mayor
                                                                                     Y. Laketa Cole—President Pro Tem
                                                                                     Jeff Berding—Council Member
                            City of Cincinnati                                       Chris Bortz—Council Member
                                                                                     John Cranley—Council Member
                            Office of the City Manager                               Roxanne Qualls—Council Member
                                                                                     Leslie Ghiz—Council Member
                            Office of Contract Compliance                            Chris Monzel—Council Member
                                                                                     Cecil Thomas—Council Member

                                                                                     Milton R. Dohoney—City Manager
                                                                                     David Holmes—Assistant City Manager
                                                                                     Rochelle Thompson—Division Manager

Publisher’s Corner
I hope you find this edition of Small             requirement for the business to be
Business Matters informative and use-             located in Hamilton County should
ful for your business needs. Certifica-           remain; 36% believed that the manda-
tion through the City’s SBE Program,              tory subcontracting requirement on
the Banks SBE Program; compliance                 construction contracts allows for
monitoring of the Prevailing Wage                 greater inclusion for SBES; 71% re-
laws, Living Wage laws, and the Meet              ported that they believe the manda-
& Confer Ordinance all fall under the             tory subcontracting requirement has
responsibility of the Office of Contract          helped their firm; 59% believed that
Compliance. It is our goal to serve the           participating in the SBE Program has
public efficiently as we implement                provided more insight into City proc-
these programs and services.                      esses; and 37% stated that the great-
                                                  est need in training for SBEs is training
In doing so, OCC conducted a survey
                                                  on responding to an RFP.
this past June and received responses
from 96 SBEs out of 246.                          Thank you for your responses, and we
                                                  will use this information to better
SBEs informed us that 40% have re-
                                                  serve you.
ceived at least one to five contracts
                                                                                         Rochelle Thompson, Contract Compliance Officer
with the City; 59% reported that the

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