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Detailed programme


									Detailed programme
                              NuGOweek 2004 program
                                  Wednesday 8 September
time    speaker                      title
9.00    Jean-Marc Chourot (EU)       Opening
        and Ben van Ommen
9.40    Jan van der Greef, TNO       Keynote lecture 1: Nutritional Systems Biology
10.30   Coffee break
11.00   Plenary session 1: Nutrition, life stage and metabolic stress
        Chair: Helen Roche and Harry McArdle
11.00   Karianne Solaas, Oslo        Liver X receptor signaling pathways in liver and adipose
11.30   Sander Kersten,              Use of microarray to determine the function of nutrient-
        Wageningen                   activated transcription factors
12.00   Bill Rees, Rowett            Gene expression and metabolic stress in differentiating
12.30   Teake Kooistra, TNO          Resolution of inflammation and metabolic health
13.00   Lunch and poster viewing time
14.15   Poster discussion
        chairs: Wilma Steegenga and Rob Stierum
15.15   Plenary session 2: New technologies and bioinformatics
        Chair: Ruan Elliott and Heiner Boeing
15.15   Ruan Elliott, IFR            Technology integration within NuGO
15.55   Susanna Sansone, EBI         The other side of Bioinformatics - Standardizations and
16.25   Charlotta de Filippo,        RNA amplification in microarray experiments, potentials and
        Florence                     perspectives
16.45   Age Smilde, TNO              Linking statistics, bioinformatics and nutrigenomics
17.15   Free time
19.00   Dinner
                                    Thursday 9 September
8.30    John Hesketh, Newcastle     Keynote lecture 2: Genotype, nutrition and benefit-risk
                                    chair Jaap Keijer
9.10    Plenary session 3: Risk benefit and nutrigenomics
        Chair: Catalina Pico and Jaap Keijer
9.10    Jaap Keijer, RIKILT         Risk-benefit assessment: nutrigenomics based identification
                                    of a marker for gut health
9.40    Duccio Cavalieri,           Reconstructing regulatory networks through the integration of
        Florence                    whole genome expression in cellular pathways
10.05   Aldona Dembinska,           Risk/benefit of beta carotene
10.30   Coffee break
11.00   Plenary session 4: Nutrition and prevention of chronic diseases
        Chair: Mike Gibney and Harry McArdle
11.00   Rui-Dong Duan, Lund         Intestinal alkaline sphingomyelinase, a potential gene product
                                    inhibiting colon cancer
11.30   Joost van Delft,            Identification of mechanisms at the genome level for
        Maastricht                  protection against colon cancer by vegetables
12.00   Richard Planells,           Diet, lipid metabolism and genes: interactions in the aetiology
        INSERM                      of cardiovascular disease
12.30   Kevin Cashman, Cork         Gene polymorphisms and osteoporosis
13.00   Lunch and poster viewing time
14.15   Poster discussion
        chairs: Wilma Steegenga and Rob Stierum
15.15   Parallel workshop 1: Metabolic health
        Organizer: Helen Roche and Catherine Philips
15.15   Catherine Phillips/Helen    Defining research priorities relevant to metabolic health
        Roche, Dublin
15.45   Edith Feskens, RIVM          Molecular epidemiology of the metabolic syndrome
16.15   Nicole Franssen, RIKILT      Gene expression in adipose tissue
16.45   Patrick Schrauwen            Nutritional Aspects of the Metabolic Syndrome MSX
17.15   Andreas Pfeiffer, DIfE       Metabolomic investigations in human blood
17.45   Denis Lairon, INSERM         Research projects on human nutrition and lipids;
                                     bioavailability, metabolism and regulations
18.15   Free time

        Parallel workshop 2: gut health
15.15   Organizer: Piero Dolara and Ian Johnson
15.15   John Mathers, Newcastle DNA methylation and bowel cancer
15.45   Marina Ziche, Siena         Antiangiogenic effect of diet polyphenols and their
16.15   Michael Müller,             The fatty acid-dependent transcriptome of the small intestine
        Wageningen                  and the role of PPAR
16.45   Dirk Haller, Munich         Intestinal bacteria talking to the epithelium using knock-out
17.15   Free time
19:30                                    Dinner and NuGOparty

                                     Friday 10 September
8.30    Andreu Palou, Palma de       Keynote lecture 3: The real challenge: Linking food to
        Mallorca                     nutrigenomics
                                     Chair: Aldona Dembinska
9.15    Plenary session 4: Novel Models in nutrigenomics
        Chair: John Mathers and Gunilla Önning
9.15    Rune Blomhoff, Oslo          Molecular Imaging of Gene Expression in Transgenic Mice
9.40    Andreas Pfeiffer, DIfE       Metabolomics in human studies
10.10   Ian Johnson, IFR             Diet, gene-expression and colorectal cancer: Use of
                                     proteomic techniques to characterise the vulnerable gut
10.40   Coffee break
11.00   Plenary session 5: Nutrition and genetics
        Chair: Michael Muller and Hans-Georg Joost
11.00   Leif Groop, Lund             Dissection the genetic complexity of type 2 diabetes?
11.30   Hans-Georg Joost, DIfE       Animal models for identification of the genetic basis of the
                                     metabolic syndrome
12.00   Anne Minihane, Reading       Apolipoprotein E polymorphisms, CHD and Alzheimer’s: lipids
                                     and beyond
12.30   Lunch
13.30   Parallel workshop 3: Life stage nutrition
        Organizer: Harry McArdle and Martine Armand
13.30   Uwe Wenzel, Munich           Caenorhabditis elegans as a model in ageing research
14.00   Aldert Piersma RIVM          Fatty acid metabolism and long term health
14.30   Harry McArdle, Rowett        Dietary fatty acid composition during pregnancy in the rat
                                     programs growth and glucose metabolism in the offspring
15.00   Suzanne Klaus, DIfE          High protein diet and long term health

13.30   Parallel workshop 4: Bioethics and communication
        Organizer: Sue Southon and Christien Enzing
13.30   Introduction by Vilhjalmur Arnason, University of Iceland, Centre of Ethics: Ethics of
        databases in the light of ELSAGEN
14.15   Plenary discussion chaired by Sue Southon and Christien Enzing
15.30   Closing of the NuGOweek
        Hannelore Daniel, Munich Closing lecture: Nutrigenomics, ten years after
16.15   Closing

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