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					Hyde Park United
 DECEMBER 2007                                                             A   S E N S E    O F    C O M M U N I T Y

A publication of the Hyde Park United Civic Association
P.O. Box 66422 ■ Houston, Texas 77266

President’s Letter

                       s we hurl through space and time, it’s hard
                      to believe that an entire year — though
                      fun-filled and memorable — has passed
us by. We still have two more traditional events coming up in
December: the Holiday Tree Lighting and the annual Holiday
Party at Riva’s.
     Each year, Dimitri Fetokakis of Niko Niko’s Restaurant
has a tree delivered to the Dolphin Fountain area and neigh-
borhood residents take part in decorating it. This year marks
a change from tradition: the Beautification Committee is now
completely in charge of decorating the tree.
     Chris Kyle McLain, Luis Rivas, and Sara Fernandez (all of
the giant “Hershey Kiss” for Valentine’s Day fame) have some
avant garde ideas concerning the art of tree trimming. Mark
your calendar for Monday, Dec. 3, and walk or drive by the
fountain area on Hyde Park at Waugh in the evening hours.
Check it out!
     Our next big event is Monday, Dec. 10, at 6:30 pm at Riva’s         Annual Hyde Park
Restaurant, 1117 Missouri St. Cash bar opens at 6:30 pm with             Christmas Party
excellent buffet-style Italian dishes ready to sample by 7:00
pm. The cost is $10 in advance and $15 at the door. Payments
                                                                               Monday, Dec. 10
can be made online at Click on                         Riva’s Restaurant
PayPal and save your receipt, although we will keep a list of                  1117 Missouri St.
those who paid online.
     Riva’s Owner Michael Sebouyeh does his very best to make                  Cash Bar at 6:30 PM
this a festive and splendid evening for all. Be sure to wear
                                                                               Buffet at 7:00 PM
your favorite party duds!
                                                                           Cost: $10 paid in advance
     For 2008 and beyond, LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!
                                                                           or $15 at the door
         Kathy Schipper, President, Hyde Park United

                                                                                   HYDE PARK UNITED • DECEMBER 2007    1
                                                                    Lionstone is a location-driven redevelopment group and seeks
HPU recommends Adams in                                             to buy assets in high-amenity urban areas. An email sent to
runoff for Houston City Council                                     their ‘director of urban assets’ asking what exactly Lionstone
     The race for City Council District D seat resulted in a run-   plans to do with the property has not been answered.
off between two candidates: Wanda Adams and Lawrence Allen.
In the first round, Adams got 6,501 votes and Allen got 5,026.
Adams’ 33 percent of the total vote fell considerably short of a
                                                                    Bids being accepted for
majority, making the Dec. 8 runoff necessary. Wanda Adams is        maintenance of Lamar Park
the HPU favorite for the runoff.                                         HPU is accepting bids for the maintenance of Lamar Park.
     Adams favors a reduction in property taxes while Allen         This includes mowing, edging, blowing, and picking up de-
sees no problem with raising them. Ms. Adams has expressed          bris along the central portion of the park as well as the foun-
a willingness to work with HPU and the Neartown Association         tain area and western endcap. Maintenance is performed ac-
in addressing problems that plague our area.                        cording to the following schedule: March through October
                                                                    (weekly) and November through February (biweekly). If you
                                                                    know of anyone interested, please ask them to submit a pro-
LEED project continues, shopping                                    posal to Hyde Park United Civic Association, PO Box 66422,
center sold to Lionstone                                            Houston, TX 77266-6422.
    The four-story LEED project proposed for the corner of
Hyde Park and Waugh is still on schedule. Developer Joey
Romano will speak to residents about the project when he
                                                                    Make tax-deductible contribution
moves closer to groundbreaking.                                     to Lamar Park Improvement Fund
    The shopping center (housing Half-Price Books, Spec’s,)              If you would like to make a tax-deductible gift to Lamar
bordered by Westheimer, Montrose, Lovett, and Waugh has             Park Capital Improvement Fund, please contact Kathy Schipper
been sold to the Lionstone Group, a developer of midrise, multi-    at or call 713-522-2538 and
use buildings. Word on the streets is that they paid top dollar     I will bring you a packet of information. This is separate from
and are currently negotiating lease agreements with existing        general maintenance funds.
tenants. As you may have noticed, much of the building is empty.

                                  Yesterday’s Service                    Property Taxes TOO HIGH?
                                  Today’s Technology                       I’m a Neartown resident and can help.
                                                                               Flat fee. Call for a free review.
                                  $14.95 Oil & Filter Change
                                         with this Ad                        Property and Other Tax Consulting
                                                                                            Laura Mullen
                                      1759 Westheimer                                  Mullen Consulting, LLC
                                     Houston, Texas 77098
                                      Fax 713-529-8065
                                                                                        1922 Lexington Street
       AAA Approved                    713-529-5855                                        (713) 526-5978

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         Dinner                                                                                  19

         Andrew Rebori - Chef                                          1311 Willard, Suite 1 ✦ Houston, Texas 77006-1111
         1915 Dunlavy Houston Texas 77006                                                713.522.4546
                                                                            FAX   713.529.9554 ✦ WEB
                                               713-304-8739                          HOURS Mon–Fri 8:30AM–5:30 PM

Home Tour, Art Sale combined into one event on April 5
     On Nov. 17, several residents and               The combined Home Tour and Art who have paid the $25 fee can go to the
artists got together at Niko Niko’s to dis-     Sale will work something like this. A church and choose where you want to
cuss a possible combined Home Tour ticket purchased for the Home Tour is a                 set up. After Jan. 15, space is first come/
and Art Sale. Why a combined Home ticket to the Art Sale. A table will be first serve. If anyone in the neighbor-
Tour and Art Sale? Because it is being placed outside of Grace Lutheran Church hood knows any artists who would like
administered by principals of the Home for Home Tour ticket purchases. The to take part in the event, have them email
Tour Committee and both events are la- artists will set up inside the meeting
bor-intensive, expensive to produce, and room of the church, much like last year.               Collectively, we have many friends
mentally exhausting.                            Artists will be charged a nominal $25 who are artists and are now waiting in
     After repeated requests throughout entry fee and are responsible for setting the wings for a spot. So, please respond
the year for artists to stage an Art Crawl up their exhibits. The only exception to early! We’d like to keep this event in the
this December, not one person came setting up shop at the church is in the Hyde Park family.
forth to chair the committee. Everyone event an artist’s home/studio is also on                 This newsletter is the vehicle for
is “too busy” — though a lot of artists the Home Tour. Artists keep all proceeds disseminating information. We are not
want to participate. Thus, we will have from the sale of artwork.                          going to personally email or call every-
an Art Sale instead of an Art Crawl on               Many artists have expressed inter-    one as we are also “too busy.” If you
Saturday April 5, 2008 with a rain date est in the Art Sale. We are asking that            want to receive late-breaking informa-
of April 12.                                    anyone who wishes to participate to tion, please email Allyson Wilkinson at
     First and foremost, we need six or PLEASE let us know by Jan. 15. Those
seven homes for the                                                                                           and ask to be put on the
Home Tour. If by Dec.            IMPORTANT HOME TOUR/ART SHOW DATES & DEADLINES:                              “email blast.”
31st we haven’t met this         Dec. 31, 2006: Deadline to offer your home for the Home Tour
critical number, the entire      (If six or sevens home not committed by then, tour tabled until 2009)             — submitted by
event is tabled until 2009.     Jan. 15, 2007: Artists commit to participating in Art Sale in April           Kathy Schipper

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                 (713 528-2791
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                                                                                       HYDE PARK UNITED • DECEMBER 2007             3
                        Our meeting in October featured a talk by Deputy         The purpose of PIP (Positive Interaction Program) is to facilitate
PIP                     Chief Terry Stone of the Houston Fire               an exchange of information between HPD and neighborhood residents,
Report                  Department’s (HFD) EMS (Emergency Manage-           using monthly community meetings as a forum. Hyde Park United falls
     OCT 2007           ment System) Team. Among the many items he          within the boundary of the Central Patrol/District One PIP Group, which
                        discussed were (a) HFD takes 250,000 EMS calls      meets the fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m at the Police
each year; (b) HFD has 87 fire stations; (c) all fire trucks (pumpers)      Officers Union Bldg, 1602 State St. The next PIP meeting is Jan. 23,
carry a paramedic. This person will rotate, so it’s a different person      2008. — Reported by Tom Greer
each week. He carries medical equipment.
      This is because fire trucks often beat ambulances to scenes, so        NEIGHBORHOOD CRIME STATS: SEPT 2007
                                                                                 Activity          Street/Block                    Premises                   Date/Time
there will always be a trained medic to help victims; (d) ambulances
                                                                             Murder                                             None Reported
have new $12,000 machines that do CPR – Houston is a testing ground          Rape                                               None Reported
for these machines. They weigh and measure you, and give appropri-           Robbery          1000 Westheimer              Unknown                         09/07 – 08:00 pm
                                                                                              1600 Montrose                Grocery Parking Lot             09/25 – 09:10 pm
ate pressure on chest and sternum, working the lungs and heart; and                           1200 Westheimer              Road/Street/Sidewalk            07/23 – 09:30 pm
(e) a Thermal Imager – these devices help firemen see in smoke.                               1400 Hyde Park               Apartment                       09/30 – 10:15 am
                                                                                              1500 Vermont                 Road/Street/Sidewalk             09/14 - Midnight
They detect objects 1/2 deg. F differences from surrounds, which is          Assaults                                           None Reported
                                                                             Burglary         1200 Willard                 Residence/House                 09/27 – 08:00 am
helpful when searching for victims, and also hidden fire and flames                           1700 Montrose                Residence/House                 09/06 – 09:30 pm
inside walls, etc.                                                                            2000 Waugh Dr.               Apartment                       09/26 – 03:00 pm
                                                                                              1400 Indiana                 Residence/House                 09/02 – 11:00 pm
      Chief Stone also discussed fire prevention in the home and included    Burglary of
                                                                             Mtr. Vehicle     1100 Welch St.               Road/Street/Sidewalk            09/17 – 07:00 pm
such subjects as (1) October Daylight Savings time ends – time to change                      1200 Jackson                 Road/Street/Sidewalk            09/12 – 02:45 am
your clocks and your smoke detector batteries; (2) space heaters in                           1300 Willard                 Road/Street/Sidewalk            09/28 – 11:00 pm
                                                                                              2000 Montrose                Other Parking Lot               09/30 – 01:55 am
winter – make sure they are UL approved and that there is nothing round                       2300 Montrose                Other Parking Lot               09/01 – 10:00 pm
the heaters – in fact, he recommended against space heaters because                           2500 Montrose                Apartment Parking Lot           09/07 – 11:30 pm
                                                                                              1100 Westheimer              Apartment Parking Lot           09/08 – 01:50 am
they are inefficient and dangerous; (3) most fires occur in residences –                      1400 California              Night Club Park. Lot            09/02 – 11:30 pm
                                                                                              1400 Fairview                Apartment Parking Lot           09/05 – 05:30 am
smoke detectors save more lives that anything else; (4) fireplaces and                        1400 Missouri                Church Parking Lot              09/07 – 08:12 pm
gas heaters – carbon monoxide danger. Symptoms are headache, feel-                            1500 Hyde Park               Apartment Parking Lot           09/06 – 09:30 am
                                                                             Auto theft       1200 Welch                   Apartment Parking Lot           09/25 – 10:30 pm
ing confused. Get out FAST. Carbon monoxide is FAST and kills FAST.                           2000 Montrose                Apartment Parking Lot           09/13 – 01:30 am
      The presentation was followed by a talk by Sergeant Richard Wil-                        1200 Westheimer              Restaurant Parking Lot          09/02 – 11:00 pm
                                                                                              1500 Missouri                Road/Street/Sidewalk            09/08 – 01:00 am
son of the HPD Storefront at 802 Westheimer. He let us know that they        Narcotics        1000 Westheimer              Unknown                         09/09 – 12:28 am
                                                                                              1000 Westheimer              Road/Street/Sidewalk            09/17 – 08:26 pm
had received 14 Differential Response Team (DRT) complaints from                              1000 Westheimer              Misc. Business                  09/20 – 02:45 pm
dispatch this past month. He wanted us all to know these tips, which         DWI              1100 Bomar
                                                                                              2400 Montrose
                                                                                                                                                           09/27 – 02:35 am
                                                                                                                                                           09/01 – 01:55 am
come from us, the citizens, are invaluable to HPD. He added that these                        1400 Westheimer              Road/Street/Sidewalk            09/10 – 11:45 pm
                                                                                              1400 Westheimer              Road/Street/Sidewalk            09/14 – 02:16 am
“tips” last month led to the arrest of five people on Vermont in one
drug bust. Also, HPD District 1A20, of which our civic association is a
large part, has the highest theft beat in the city, all due to crack co-    TRASH PICKUP AND RECYCLING SCHEDULE
caine. Sgt. Wilson said also that HPD will use some of their overtime            Garbage & Yard Trimming Collection: Every Monday (except holi-
funding to work on the homeless encampments.                                days) Recycle: Every other Tuesday (except as noted*).
                                                                                   December 2007                        January 2008                      February 2008
      We were also reminded about the P.I.P. Central One Holiday Party        Tuesday       Dec. 04             *Wednesday        Jan. 02           Tuesday      Feb. 12
which will be held at the Police Officers Union Building on December          Tuesday       Dec. 18             Tuesday           Jan. 15           Tuesday      Feb. 26
                                                                                                                Tuesday           Jan. 29
3 at 7:00 pm. Everyone is invited.                                               Please note – Your automated container & recycling bin should be at
      Please report or fax to the Storefront, your non-emergency com-       your curb by 7 a.m. and removed by 10 p.m., on your collection day. If it
plaints or problems using the Central District One PIP “Citizen Com-        appears it may rain, do not put out your newspapers for recycling, as the city
plaint Form,” a copy of which is available on our website. Fax the form     cannot recycle wet newspapers. Glass is NOT accepted curbside.
to HPD Storefront: (713) 284-8616                                                Heavy Trash: Second Tuesdays. Dec. 11, Jan. 8 and Feb. 12

                                                                                            Flowers Etc. by Georgia
                                                                                                                    All Occasions

                                                                                                                Georgia Lakey
                                                                                                      1818 Waugh Drive, Houston, TX 77006
                                                                                                       Cell 713-724-5391 Fax 713-526-1591


Hyde Park United Civic Association Meeting Minutes: Nov. 5, 2007
Hyde Park United Civic Association Meeting             Expert Company.                                       7-ish. Riva’s is located at 1117 Missouri.
Minutes: November 5, 2007                            • Planning for the 2008 Hyde Park Home                • Traffic management issues on Bomar
INTRODUCTIONS/OFFICER REPORTS                          Tour is well underway, with a new twist               were discussed. Attendees voiced concern
      November’s HPU meeting was held at               under consideration: a combined home                  about high-speed cut-through traffic. Cut-
Grace Lutheran on Monday, November 5th.                tour/art crawl. Organizers are currently              through issues. Speed bumps, additional
Vice President Margie Alexy stood in for va-           seeking assistance with art crawl planning.           stop signs, and a possible close-off at Waugh
cationing President Kathy Schipper.                    Per the October newsletter, a meeting was             were discussed as possible options. Robin
      Carlos Fernandez reported a net out-             scheduled November 17th to help that move             Holzer’s Traffic Calming Committee was
flow in HPU’s balances this month, but noted           forward.                                              suggested as a good channel for action on
that this was due to high attendance at the          • HPU’s Halloween in the Park was well                  this problem.
Block Captain Appreciation Dinner – the best-          attended, by grownups and kids alike. Next          ANNOUNCEMENTS
attended yet. (Other entries in the debit col-         year, HPU is considering running a hayride          • Hyde Park resident Andres Pereira (1212
umn included park maintenance, Paypal fees,            or a small parade down the esplanade.                 Bomar) is running for Judge. His first con-
and GHPA membership dues.) Carlos also               • This year’s Block Captain Appreciation                test will be the Democratic primary in
advised that HPU has a very strong balance             Dinner was the biggest ever. As Margie                March of ’08.
and that the net outflows are considerably less        Alexey is stepping down as Vice President,          • Grace Lutheran Church scheduled a spa-
than expected by this point in the year. More-         attendees discussed and undertook nomi-               ghetti supper/music concert November
over, because membership enrollments and               nations for her replacement. Alyson                   17th. Tickets are $5 at the door for 7 pm
renewals typically increase during the holiday         Wilkinson is therefore nominated for VP               sit-down dinner and ensemble perfor-
season, Carlos projects an increase in HPU’s           as of next January. Voting will take place            mance. Grace Lutheran is also offering
coffers over the next few months.                      during the HPU Christmas Party.                       coffee, etc. outside on Sunday mornings;
      The HPU Holiday Party is a great oppor-        NEW BUSINESS                                            neighborhood residents are invited to stop
tunity to begin or renew your membership!            • HPU’s Holiday Party/Christmas Dinner                  by and chat with the gracious people who
      The Treasurer’s Report was accepted as           will be held the first Monday in December             generously host our monthly meetings.
read, and the Secretary’s Report was accepted          (December 3) at Riva’s in lieu of a regular         • The Museum of Printing History here in the
as printed in the October newsletter.                  December meeting. Tickets are $10 in ad-              ‘hood is holding a Book Fair November
OLD BUSINESS                                           vance, $15 cash at door, and may be pur-              10 from 10am-6pm.
• Margie thanked Jean Garwood on behalf                chased via Paypal at the HPU website or by               MEETING ADJOURNED.
   of HPU for her role in securing a donated           check mailed to HPU’s PO Box (66422, zip            Minutes submitted by Val Schwebach,
   red oak for Lamar Park from Bartlett Tree           code 77266). Cash bar 6:30pm, dinner at             Secretary.

Can you be our “go to” guy or gal to distribute newsletters?
      Once upon a time, there were two wonderful ladies who dwelt in Hyde Park, Eva Laurel (now of Hawaii) and Libby Cook (still here and retired!). For
more than 15 years, their monthly contribution to the neighborhood was to be in charge of newsletter pickup, sorting and distribution to the block captains.
Many civic club presidents were spoiled from the selfless effort of these two remarkable women. Only after doing the work myself can I REALLY appreciate
their accomplishment. So, I am wondering if there is anyone out there who would like to take over where Eva and Libby left off. Duties include: 1) picking
up the newsletters from Kwik Copy, 2) sorting them into 26 stacks, 3) grouping stacks into four smaller bundles, 4) delivering the bundles to four homes,
and 5) dusting off your hands and giving yourself a big pat on the back — you’re done. Once you get a system down, it takes 1.5-2 hours. This is an ideal
job for a retired person(s), or someone who works from home or has flexible hours. It’s not terribly difficult, just somewhat time-consuming. If
interested, contact Kathy Schipper at or 713-522-2538. I would REALLY appreciate it!!!!

                                              Neal Boggiano
                                        32 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE

                                         DIRECT: 713.296.7793
                                          FAX: 713.296.5193
                                          CELL: 713.516.7510

                                                                                                     HYDE PARK UNITED • DECEMBER 2007                     5
Submit news to        Glitter, lights needed to decorate Christmas Tree
                                                          We still need silver glitter, clear spray-on varnish, white Christmas lights
PaperGallery features                                and a large bottle of Elmer’s Glue to complete decorations for our Christmas
unique, hand-made gifts                              Tree at the dolphin fountain, according to Beautification Committee Chair
      For the 10th year, Joan Son opens her          Christopher McLain. E-mail if you can help.
PaperGallery at 904 Welch for a little holiday            Many thanks to Niko Niko’s for their annual and much-appreciated gift of
cheer featuring her newest handmade works            our beautiful Christmas tree. And many thanks to McLain, Jan Goddard-
and those of visiting artists Betsy Siegel, Lee      Finegold and Sara Fernandez for decorating it Dec. 3. Christopher came up
Benner, Nanci Engle, Marguerite Belkin, and          with the design and worked with Sara to create the decorations. Since there is
Suzanne Starr. Check out the unique gifts, jew-      no budget for decorating, we each donated to the project. Jan donated $50
elry, ornaments, photography, delectabtes,           toward the garland and materials needed (thank you). We hope the tree bright-
surprises and magic on Dec. 7, 8 and 9th.            ens your holiday season. You can participate in future projects; look for de-
On Sunday, Joan will teach an origami Santa          tails in the next edition. — Kathy Schipper
model for free. For more information:
                                                  Alexy resigns as HPU vice president;
Constant Billy on YouTube                         Allyson Wilkinson nominated for VP
      Constant Billy has a short video on
YouTube from their March 29 performance                 With deep regret I must announce that Margie Alexy, our current Vice-President, had a
at The Artery in Houston. For upcoming gigs,      change in duties at work (for the better!) and must resign from her position as Vice-President
visit                     of Hyde Park United. She has benevolently agreed to stay until a replacement can be elected
      Check out their CD: Let Me In at            and instated. Margie — we love you and wish you the best!!! You can also               At the Block Captain Appreciation Dinner on Oct. 25th, Allyson Wilkinson was nominated
hear Emily and Bill hosting “Irish Aires” most    for the position of Vice-President. Allyson has proven her mettle many times over with her work
Saturdays from 6-7 pm on Houston’s KPFT           on the all-important Deed Restrictions Committee. She has an unfailing desire to improve the
90.1 FM. The show features a wide range of        look and feel of our neighborhood. Allyson has great ideas and the will to put them into action.
Celtic music. They will host the show Satur-      She will be a great asset to the team.
day, Dec. 15.                                           We will vote on her candidacy at the January 2008 meeting.

                                                                                                                 New Neighborhood
                                                                                     For Appointment: (713) 942-0956

                                                                                                 1329 Peden St., Houston 77006

                                                                                                      Licensed Master Barber
                                                                                                    Billie Bowman: Owner/Operator
                                                                           ART+SCIENCE=BEAUT Y

                                                                                                 Botox Restylane Laser Treatments Medi-facials
                                                                                                     Peels Microdermabrasions IPL-facials
                                                                                                               Acne Treatments

                                                                                                                 Medical Aesthetics
                                                                                                          Christine S. Cheng, M.D.
                                                                                                  810 Waugh Drive, Suite 204 - Houston, TX 77019
                                                                                                     Vo i c e ( 7 1 3 ) 5 2 6 - 1 2 2 0  Fax (713) 526-1265
                                                                                                                       N u v e a uM e d S p a . c o m

                                                1405 WAUGH DR.
                                                Houston, TX 77019
                                             Ph 713.526.2273
                                             Fax 713.521.0124

100 copies
   4      or
                                 .50                       B/W

  37 COLOR                           .50

From same originals, Letter size, Regular white paper

Authorized ShipCenter
                                                             HYDE PARK UNITED • DECEMBER 2007   7
Hyde Park Dec. 2007
  Yard of the Month:
   2402 VAN BUREN
            Congratulations to
            Tom Greer, owner
           of 2402 Van Buren.

 Keep those nominations coming.
  E-mail nominees for Yard of the
  Month to Chris McLain, Chair of
  the Beautification Committee, at
Help us honor the efforts of those
                  working to keep
             Hyde Park beautiful.
Donate materials or money for neighborhood art projects by e-mailing HPU Beautification Committee Chair Chris McClain at

Tis the season to renew your membership, donate
    December is the time of year when many folks renew their                      And we will gladly accept donations for two entities that
annual memberships and donate extra funds to Lamar Park                       are near and dear to our hearts: Lamar Park and Neighbor-
and Neighborhood Protection. The cost of membership in the                    hood Protection. Hyde Park United adopted Lamar Park from
association is $24 per person, whether you own or rent. We’ve                 the City of Houston and is totally responsible for the upkeep.
made it very easy to hand over your hard-earned cash via                      Neighborhood Protection funds help offset costs for title
PayPal. Go to, click on PayPal for                     searches and potential litigation fees. Please give as much as
Membership, and follow the instructions. You can also pay for                 you are able to these two important and necessary funds. Thank
the Holiday Party via this method.                                            you in advance!

Date: ___________________ ( ) New Member ( ) Renewal Cost: $24 annually for residents and renters

Additional donation(s) of __________ for Lamar Park and __________ for Neighborhood Protection
Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Home Phone: ________________________Bus. Phone: ____________________________             Thank you
E-mail: _____________________________________________________________________            for joining!
Community Interests / Concerns:_______________________________________________________________
One vote per membership. The bylaws of Hyde Park United define who can be a member. Your annual member-
ship fee insures your voice will be heard in all matters concerning the area you have chosen to call home.
Through our newsletter and monthly meeting, you can be part of this beautiful, historic and growing area. Thank
you for joining and helping us build a “sense of community.”

    Mail with your check with completed form to: Hyde Park United • P.O. Box 66422 • Houston, TX 77266
         You also can join online at or bring this form with you to the next meeting.


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