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2131 River Road
Bainbridge, PA 17502

Change of name and/or address reminder

If your name and/or address changes, send the corrections
to the following addresses within 10 days:

                  State Board of Dentistry
                 P.O. Box 2649
                 Harrisburg, PA 17105-2649

                  PDHA Central Office
                 P.O. Box 606
                 Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

                  ADHA                                          Deadline for Fall SmileLine :
                 444 N. Michigan Avenue                          July 15, 2011
                 Suite 3400
                 Chicago, IL 60611

                          Please visit our website at:
President’s Message                                   Winter 2011

I just wanted to take a few moments to share with all of you my hopes and goals as your
local component President. It is my intention to help lead us into a more open and access-
able member focused component. I would be delighted to increase membership numbers,
but more important to me is to increase our current member participation. There are many
ways we can have an impact in our own local areas and I would like to see more involvement
from each of us in having that profound of an effect in our communities. Each member and
nonmember has something special to offer and I want to see what you want from us to
better serve you and meet those goals. We are attempting to offer a variety of wonderful
continuing education opportunities and by providing these choices help you become even
better hygienists. What I would like is for each of you to take a moment and email me with
some information about yourself about what you would want offered. I know many will not
take the time because I know we are all busy with work, kids, family and many other
responsibilities, but for those who would, I will personally respond and attempt to find a way
to meet your requests. I would encourage everyone to stop and talk to me if you see me or
shoot out an email or text. I am always available to respond and answer questions or even
just be a listening ear should you so desire. As many of you know LLYADHA is available on
Facebook and while we try to make all information as available as possible on the website,
there are times when it can be quicker to check our Facebook page for the most up to date
information on courses, activities and general information. So just 'like' us and you will be
one of the first to be in the know!

It is my goal to do my best to further our association, be accessible to everyone and meet
your needs! I want to work together to achieve these goals!

Thank You all so much for your support and I look forward to hearing from many of you
soon! Together we can make our association awesome!

Barbara Rickrode, RDH
President             Barbara Rickrode       717-465-1855

Immed. Past Pres.     Diane Creme                    717-397-1502
Vice President         Karen Sherwood              717-892-7268
Secretary             Rosetta Mazurkewicz                     717-626-2761
Treasurer             Sue Smith                   717-569-2415
PDHA Trustee          Joy Brown    
Membership            Stephanie Merrifield                717-741-9163

Continuing Ed.        Barbara Rickrode       717-465-1855
                      Kathy Schlotthauer                 717-371-7494
                      Sue Smith                    717-569-2415
                      Mary Yohe                    717-560-2865
Community Dental
Health Chair      Kathleen Noone                  717-332-3359
Employment        Susan Horton                       717-581 1055
Newsletter        Cara Boring                      717-951-4876
Virtual Mentor    Karen Sherwood                    717-892-7268
Student Liaison   Barbara Rickrode             717-465-1855
                  Lisa Glackin
Domain site
“Like” us on Facebook        
Webmaster         **VACANT- if interested, please contact Barbara Rickrode**

                 March 2011 Re-licensure Requirements:
                       20 CEU’s, at least 10 must be classroom

                       3 of the required 20 hours may now be in communication skills

                       Current CPR Certification

                       Public Health Dental Hygiene Practitioner: 5 of the 20 hours must be
                        public health related
                      Local Anesthesia: 3 of the 20 hours must be related to the
                       n of
                       pharmacology. (Please note: course training does NOT count as CEU
                       requirement total)

                                     LLYADHA is sponsoring a
                                   New York City Bus Trip

                      2.5 CEU with Jane Balavage, RDH, BS
Title: The Columbo Approach to Oral Health: Investigating Biofilm and Much More
Date: April 30, 2011
Presenter: Jane A. Balavage, RDH, BS
Time: 2.5 hours
                   Discuss the differences of Aerobic, Micro-aerophilic, and anaerobic Biofilms.
                   Describe the environment of the gingival sulcus in regards to enabling bacterial
                   Analyze embrasure space and recommend effective biofilm disruption.
                   Consider hypo salivation and treatment options
                   Demonstrate how to build patient trust and compliance

Laugh with us all the way to NYC as Jane uses her versatile working experience and her innate creative
ability to capture an audience mixing information with humor resulting in an Educational Performance.

Jane Balavage, RDH, BS attended Temple University and Misericordia University where she received
education and degrees in Dental Hygiene and Higher Education. More than 30 years as a full time dental
hygienist, her working experiences have included group and private practice, public health in a rural
setting, adjunct clinical faculty, and an office specializing in periodontal surgery and implants. In addition
to extensive clinical practice experience she has presented numerous courses and lectures. Jane has been a
member of ADHA and PDHA since 1976.
Balavage is a two-time National award recipient and has appeared in National publications. In 2004,
Balavage received the National Award of Distinction: Healthy Gums/Healthy Life from Sunstar Butler.
Her most recent National award is the 2007 Mentor of the Year by Philips/Sonicare. Jane also traveled to
Russia and Poland in August 2007 with the People to People Ambassador Program to broaden and
exchange ideas and information with international colleagues in the study of medical and dental
educational systems and services. Jane is the 2010 Temple University recipient of the Distinguished Dental
Hygiene Alumni Award. Jane also was selected in 2010 as one of the “Great Women in Northeast

The bus will leave the parking lot of the Eden Resort at 7:30 a.m. and arrive in NYC approximately 10:30
a.m. The bus will leave NYC at 6:00 p.m. and arrive in Lancaster before 10:00 p.m.

A continental breakfast will be provided on the bus. The cost of the bus, including CEU is $75.
Members and nonmembers are invited. The day is yours to spend in NYC.

                                  REGISTRATION FORM
 Please use one form per person. (Form may be reproduced.) Register by sending check payable to:
                          LLYADHA and completed registration form to:

                     Susann Smith, RDH 2147 Sherwal Ave. Lancaster, PA 17601

                                     (Credit Cards not accepted)
             Confirmation by request ONLY with your self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Advanced Registration Required – LIMITED SEATING – Registration deadline – Postmarked by
April 25, 2011.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations and refund requests must be submitted IN WRITING to Susann
Smith, RDH at the above address. In the event of cancellation, a refund less a $20 administration fee
will be granted for requested received by April 25, 2011.

* PDHA Academy members and ADHA/PDHA members: Your name must appear on our
current roster. Please bring your ADHA and Academy membership card.

                       Registration Deadline postmarked by April 25, 2011

FEE: $75 for members and nonmembers

NAME: _________________________________RDH, DDS, EFDA, DA
                                                                  (Circle title)
HM Tel. #: (____)______________ Component: _________________

DH License # ________________________ (Required for CE credit)

Address: ___________________________________________________
           (Street, PO Box)
            (City)                                      (State)                    (Zip)
EMAIL: ___________________________@_______________________
(Your email address will not be distributed to any other person or organization.)

                 Spring 2011 Continuing Education

                 ** Please refer to for course
                 registration and further specifics**

Saturday May 7, 2011                                 HACC: Harrisburg Campus

                 “Radiology Facts: What You May Have Forgotten Over Time” and

                 “Improve Your Radiographic Technique”


  Other Community Service / Volunteer Opportunities
**Please refer to for further

Saturday April 16, 2011, 8:00a.m. to 10:00a.m.

        Adopt-a-Highway Service Project, meet at intersection of Rt. 462

        And Ducktown Road.
At your convenience, volunteers are needed and appreciated for:

       Volunteers in Medicine, Water Street Dental Clinic, and helping

       to instruct Dental Assisting students at York County School of


Monday, March 7, 2011 from 7:30p.m. to 8:30p.m.          $10.00

       Yoga on Orange in Lancaster City has invited the members of LLYADHA
       For a one-time class to teach us how to relieve the aches and pains associated
       With our jobs!

         129 East Orange Street, 4th Floor, Lancaster, PA     717-392-3992

Parking available on the street by the studio, or at the Duke Street Garage.

Please bring your own yoga mat or a large towel!

                       Please Visit
      Latest updates and news regarding our profession

      Information on Quarterly Payment Plan
   Membership applications and renewal

   Continuing Education, including 22 online courses (1-2 credits each) which

    are either free of charge, or at a reduced fee

   88th ANNUAL SESSION in Nashville, TN June 15-21, 2011