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									                                         LAKELAND HILLS ELEMENTARY PTA 9.2.19

                                                      CAT CHAT                                                       October 2010
                                                                                                                     Volume 5, Issue 2

                                                         Teacher Wish Lists
Some of our teachers are in need of a few extra                                   Mr. Richstad
things for their classroom. If you are able, please                               Snacks
send and item in with your child or drop it off in                                •    We need at least 27 of each item.
the office. Thank you!!                                                           •    Nonperishable items only
                                                                                  •    Individually wrapped or able to be distributed
Ms. Karow                                                                              in individual portions easily
Kids sized table and chairs                                                       •    Nutritional items are best (No Candy)
Ms. Alexander
                                                                                  •    Allergy Alert (No Peanuts)
2 electric pencil sharpeners
3 black injet cartridges
                                                                                  •    Finger foods are great (Avoid items that re-
                                                                                       quire spoons)
Mrs. Brewer
•    Large pump container of hand sanitizer
                                                                                  •   Suggestions: granola bars, fruit roll-ups, indi-
                                                                                      vidually wrapped rice crispy treats, trail mix,
•    Extra baby wipes                                                                 individual juice boxes/pouches, graham crack-
•    A few extra 1 inch binders                                                       ers, saltines, cereal bars, pretzels, goldfish,
•    Packages of colored markers/pencils                                              fruit snacks
                                                                                  Mrs. Rottle
•    Gently used books such as Junie B. Jones,
                                                                                  Please see my Swift web page for updates.
     Captain Underpants, Boxcar Children, Magic
     Treehouse, Amelia Bedelia, Berenstain Bears,
•    G-rated DVD's for 3rd grade events

                                                                 Dates to Remember
         Oct 8          Inservice Day — No School                              No hay clases
         Oct 14         Picture Day                                            Dia de Fotografias
         Oct 15         PTA Board Meeting (staff lounge)                       Junta del PTA (sala del personal)
         Oct 16         Parents Night Out (Roach Gym)                          Noche para Padres (Gimnasia Roach)
         Oct 19         Choral Festival — 5th grade                            Festival de Coros ( 5o. Grado)
         Oct 22         Waiver Day                                             No hay clases
         Oct 22         Cat Chat Deadline                                      Fecha de entrega para Cat Chat

         Oct 29         Reflections Due                                        Fecha limite del programa de Reflexiones

                                                               Lakeland Hills Elementary                             Editor
                                                                1020 Evergreen Way SE                               Cari Manry
                                                                  Auburn, WA 98092
                                                                                                                  Next deadline:
                                                                     253-876-7711                                October 22, 2009

Thank you to Lake Tapps Top Food and Drugs for its generous support of the staff and students of our school
    PTA Officers and Committee Chairpersons 2010-2011
Co-President         Becky Miller
                                                                                Sunshine Committee
                     Jodi McGraw
Co-Vice President    Tayde Reyes
                                                                             Kelsey Bonham and Melissa Poznanski
                     Elena Nelson
Secretary            Cindi Berkley
Treasurer            Darcy Middlebrooks         The Sunshine Committee would like to ask for a
                                                                       couple of donations. We are still looking for 70
STAR Reading         Keri MIddelburg     boxes of Jiffy corn bread mix.
                     Tom Marchant
AR Reading           Jodi McGraw       We have placed a wish list in the office and left a
                     Tom Marchant              donation basket in the office under the counter to
Art Program          Amy Sjoholm
                                                                       the left of the front desk.
                     Kiersten Bliss
Fundraising          Michelle Baker     Thank you in advance for your donations. With
                     Elena Nelson       our donations it makes it easier to give the teach-
                     Cari Manry 
Greenhouse           Vickie Leaf      ers the kinds of gifts they deserve.
                     Laurie Wood
Legislative Advocacy OPEN
                                                                       El Comite Sunshine desea pedirle la donacion de
Math Incentives      Michelle Baker
                     Tayde Reyes          algunos articulos. Se necesita lo siguente: 70 ca-
Membership           Michelle Baker     jas de Jiffy corn bread mix.
                     Felicia Brank
Newsletter           Cari Manry            Hemos puesto en la oficina una lista de los artícu-
                     OPEN                                              los necesarios y dejamos una canasta para dona-
Pat on the Back      Leanne Looney     ciones en la oficina debajo del tablero a la
                     April Gain 
                     Jackie Tew 
                                                                       izquierda del escritorio delantero.
                     Keri Middelburg
Popcorn              Cammie Reagan

                     Polly Fitzgerald
                     Polly Fitzgerald
                                                                                Family Literacy Night
Spirit Wear          Kelly Brown
                     Heidi Thornhill         We are still in need of new or gently used books
Staff Appreciation   Karissa Bailly
                     OPEN                                              for all ages. Mr. Foster will be sponsoring a Fam-
Sunshine             Kelsey Bonham
                     Melissa Poznanski
                                                                       ily Literacy Night where these books will be given
Yearbook             Cory Ruppert             to good homes. Please leave your donations on
Bilingual            Tayde Reyes
Book Fair            Michelle Baker     the table in the entry way of the school, or in the
                     Leanne Looney     office.
                     Vickie Leaf
Carnival             Kelly Brown
                     Jamie Penrod
Dinner Auction       Jodi McGraw
                     Becky Miller
                     Luanne Caudle
                                                                                   Treasurer Report
Family Nights        Kelly Brown
                     Elena Nelson
                                                                                      Darcy Middlebrooks
Financial Review     Cari Manry 
                     OPEN                                              It has been a busy month already:
Giving Tree          Heidi Thornill
                     Stacy Fairchild       Checking account balance is $8,470.70
Holiday Shop         Dana Morrell
                     Shannon Benthin           Total monies taken in: $4142.05
                     Lisa Nehren
                                                                       Total monies out: $6728.94
Open House           Becky Miller
                     Jodi McGraw
Reflection           Kiersten Bliss

Science Fair
                     Jen Anderson                            Reflections
                     Mindi Lippard
Spelling Bee         Caroline Sorensen         Remember to turn your entries in no later than
                     Becky Miller      October 29! No late entries will be accepted.
Summer Reading       Vickie Bates
                     Tarah Seehafer
Talent Show          Kiersten Bliss

Volume 5, Issue 2                                                                                            Page 2
                    President’s Message / Mensaje del Presidente
Fall is here! We hope you and your child(ren) are       ¡El otoño está aquí! Esperamos que usted y su
off to a great start at school. By the time you         hijo(s) hayan tenido un gran comienzo en la es-
                                                        cuela. En el momento de leer este boletín, tendre-
read this newsletter, we will have a good idea of
                                                        mos una buena idea de los resultados de nuestro
the results of our October 4th Walk-a-Thon fund-        Walk-a-Thon del 4 de Octubre para recaudar fon-
raiser. Thank you for your part in helping your         dos. Gracias por ayudar a su hijo(s) a recaudar
child(ren) raise funds on behalf of our school. It is   fondos en nombre de nuestra escuela. El objetivo
a goal of LHE PTA to only have one school-wide          de LHE PTA es tener sólo una recolección de fon-
                                                        dos para el año escolar, si es posible. Mantenga el
fundraiser per year if at all possible. Keep check-     contacto de la página web del PTA para que sepa
ing the PTA website for the final results. Our goal     los resultados definitivos. Nuestra meta es de
is $20,000!                                             $20,000.00
We wanted to offer a special thank you to those of      Queremos ofrecer un agradecimiento especial a
                                                        aquellos de ustedes que vinieron a la reunión de
you who came to the September general member-
                                                        los miembros en Septiembre. Apreciamos el
ship meeting. We appreciate the number of peo-          número de personas que vinieron. Los comenta-
ple who came. The feedback we heard from many           rios que hemos escuchado de muchos de ustedes
of you was that the meeting was both valuable           es que esta reunión fue a la vez valiosa Y entrete-
                                                        nida! ¡Estamos encantados de ofrecerle un poco
AND entertaining! We are happy to provide you
                                                        de risa! Nuestra próxima reunión general de
with a few laughs!! Our next General Membership         miembros es el 16 de noviembre de 2010 a las
meeting is on November 16, 2010 at 6pm.                 6:00 PM.
Finally, we just wanted to reiterate how the PTA        Por último, sólo queríamos reiterar cómo se comu-
communicates with parents. We have this won-            nica el PTA con los Padres. Tenemos este maravi-
                                                        lloso boletín, Cat Chat. En segundo lugar, tenemos
derful newsletter, the Cat Chat. Second, we have        nuestra página web del PTA que se actualiza casi a
our PTA website which is updated almost daily.          diario. Puedes accederla en:
You can access it at:                          Y, por últi-              mo, enviamos actualizaciones por correo electróni-
                                                        co via Grupo Yahoo, según sea necesario. Si usted
And, finally, we send out yahoo email updates as
                                                        no está recibiendo las actualizaciones de correo
needed. If you are not receiving the yahoo email        electrónico de Yahoo, pero le gustaría, por favor
updates but would like to, please contact us and        póngase en contacto con nosotros y lo agregare-
we will add you to the list. We try not to send         mos a la lista. Tratamos de no enviar a casa un
                                                        montón de volantes. Es nuestra intención de aho-
home a lot of flyers, etc. It is our intention to
                                                        rrar papel cuando sea posible. Por lo tanto, por
save paper whenever possible. So, please refer to       favor vaya a las fuentes de comunicación con más
the above communication sources frequently.             frecuencia.
Thanks and let us know if you have any questions.       Gracias y háganos saber si usted tiene alguna pre-
We are here for you!                                    gunta. ¡Estamos aquí para usted!

Becky and Jodi                                          Becky y Jodi
PS – we are in need of a chair or co-chairs for the     PD - Necesitamos que una persona o personas se
Wildcat Idol (Talent Show). Grab a friend and do        haga cargo del Show de Talentos. ¡Escoge una
                                                        amiga(o) y háganlo juntos! ¡Es un evento diverti-
it together! It’s a fun event!                          do!

Page 3                                                                                               Cat Chat
    Congratulations to 160 Wildcat Readers!
The following students and staff medaled in the 2010 Summer Reading Olympics, re-
cording a total of 308,252 minutes read! Lakeland’s Reading Olympians include 26
bronze medalists, 25 silver medalists, and 109 gold medalists. Each reader was recog-
nized at the September 20th assembly and received a certificate and a color-coded pin
for his/her personal school pennant.

Hailey Addison        Gracie Flynn        Gavin Bonham        Mrs. Humphries       Logan Miller
Kaitlyn Enrico        Courtney Lee        Brett Harvey        Nathan McGraw        Ben Tranberg
Kiana Kliskey         Chanel Otis         Anthony Lunde       Samantha Smith       Ryan Clifford
Faith Nehren          Mikaela Bautista    Delanie Seehafer    Parker Cacatian      Ms. Karow
Hope Addison          Peyton Fulmer       Jack Brandt         Thomas Hwang         Ella Miller
Nicholas Espiritu     Mrs. Lee            Elizabeth Harvey    Brenden McGraw       Anna Vitruk
Korban Kliskey        Aubri Poznanski     Connor MacDougall   Mattias Sorensen     Liam Conner
Brooklyn Nelson       Marianne Bautista   Carter Seehafer     Joey Cacatian        Michelle Kim
Isabelle Adolf        Kyle Gavin          Kyra Brandt         Joshua Hwang         Hanna Moon-Earle
David Essang-Ekpo     Jessica Leffel      Kelsey Heck         Hunter McInelly      McKenna Webb
Chloe Knox            Ashley Ray          Reis MacNeill       Faith Stober         Grace Couey
Tommy Nelson          Nathan Benthin      Abigail Shin        Jacob Casey          Jay Kim
Kelli Allen           Kimberly Gavin      Evan Brank          Corey Jansen         Jenna Moon-Earle
Lydia Evans           Zane Lippard        Adam Heck           Linsey McInelly      Miwa Womack
Madison Kominski      Carson Ricks        Noah Maier          Cade Stober          Logan Cyr
Chris Nelson          Drew Berkley        Grace Shin          Jonathan Casey       Michael Kim
Lexi Allen            Dylan Grenz         Dillon Brank        Kamalvir Jhajj       Jack Morrell
Shae Fairchild        Lexi Livingston     Ryan Hess           Emma McInelly        David Wong
Nia Lawson            Talia Samuelson     Chris Manry         Jacob Sullivan       Henry Dalrymple
Amy Nguyen            Allie Bilson        Isaiah Shin         Tommy Chandler       Jennifer Kim
Antonio Altamirano    Kayin Guerin        Madelyn Brown       Max Johnson          Erina Moxley
Isabella Fitzgerald   Jack Looney         Emma Hon            Madison McKeough     Rachel Wong
Therese Layacan       Nicholas Sanseri    Mr. Marcotte        Rylie Tew            Kassie Elliott
Fiona Nicolino        Aaron Bliss         Anna Sjoholm        Audrey Chang         James Kim
David Anderson        Ingrid Guillen-     Jezel Brown         Keight Johnstone     Mason Nagy
Carly Fletcher        Valenzuela          Evan Huang          Bridget Middelburg   Jake Woodey
Mrs. Leaf             Livvy Lumingkewas   Adeline Maurus      Conner Thornhill     Hailee Elliott
Ken Oh                Emily Scofield      Jeremy Smeltzer     Claire Cho           Jason Kim
Drew Bates            Eden Bliss          Siarah Brown        Nick Juangco         Alexa Nehren
Abigail Fletcher      Josh Hales          Parker Huang        Ian Middelburg       Isabel Yu
Morgan Lee            Joshua Lumingke-    Harrison Maurus     Linnea Thorpe
Kelly Oh              was                 Matthew Smeltzer    Kendal Cladek
Annalisa Battistar    Clara Scott         Jason Brown         Jordan Kamoto

Volume 5, Issue 2                                                                        Page 4
                                           Pat on the Back
                              Leanne Looney, Jackie Tew, April Gain, Keri Middelburg

Hey Parents and Kids!!! It's time to search your         Hola Padres y Niños!!! Es tiempo de buscar en su
closet, your dresser drawers, check under your           closet, en los cajones de su armario, de che-
bed and look for your "Pat On the Back Shirt!" Try it    car abajo de la cama por su playera de "Pat on the
on....does it still fit? Does it look a little dingy?    back"! Midansela...aun les queda? Se ve un poco
Maybe the dog ate it? Hmmm? Oh wor-            descolorida? Quiza el perro se la comio? Hmmm? oh
ries! You can order a brand new one for just $5.00.      bueno... no importa! Tu puedes ordenar una nueva
Please fill out this order form and send it along with   camiseta por solo $5.00. Los estudiantes del Jardin
cash or a check made out to LHE PTA and give it to       de Niños y los estudiantes nuevos recibiran una
your child's teacher by October 8, 2010.                 camiseta sin costo alguno al comenzar el año esco-

Student Name                                                 Teacher                      Grade

Shirt Size:    Youth Large  Adult Small  Adult Medium  Adult Large  Adult X Large

Cash Amount Enclosed:                                        Check #

                                         Community Events
                 Green Planet Day                                      Algona-Pacific Library
 Lakeland Living Community Center-Oct 10
                                                           Toddler Story Times
9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Lakeland Community Center.              Event Type: Children's Story Times
Bring your recyclable items, working or not, to this       Date: Tuesdays
FREE event! See for a list of
acceptable items.                                          Start Time: 10:15 AM
                                                           Library: Algona-Pacific Library
                                                           Description: Ages 2 to 3 with adult.
  Dia del Planeta Verde en el Centro                       Join us for stories, rhymes, music and fun.
      Comunitario de Lakeland -
                   10 de octubre                           Preschool Story Times
                                                           Event Type: Children's Story Times
09 a.m.-3:00 pm Centro comunitario Lakeland.
                                                           Date: Tuesdays
Traiga sus artículos reciclables, de trabajo o no, a
                                                           Start Time: 11:00 AM
este evento GRATIS! Ver para
una lista de artículos aceptables                          Library: Algona-Pacific Library
                                                           Description: Ages 3 to 5 with adult.
                                                           Enjoy stories, activities and music while children
                                                           develop pre-reading skills.
                                                           Age(s): Children & Families

Page 5                                                                                                Cat Chat
                   Roach           RG           ymnastics                                Fine Fashion Jewelry
                                     1627-45th St E # D-103                     Home/Office/Catalog Shows/Fundraisers

                                                                                Great Business Opportunity
                                       Sumner, WA. 98390                        Kelly Nassirian
                                                                                Independent Jewelry Consultant
                                                                                (206) 228-1495
Competitive and Recreational Gymnastics, Private Birthday Parties,
                                                Field Trips, Dance, Busy Bugs
                                                Preschool & Summer Camps                                                Adding Sparkle to
                                                                                New Customers’ Special Offer:

            Put your ad here and reach over 475 Lakeland Hills fami-
            lies, teachers and staff. $15 for a business-card sized ad,
            $30 for a 1/4 page, $60 for a 1/2 page and $120 for a
            full page.

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