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Clanfield What for Aug Sept 2011

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Clanfield What for Aug Sept 2011

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          Copy date for the                    Issue Number 168
           October issue:                                  August & September 2011
    Thursday 22nd September 2011               email:

        The WHAT? can also be viewed on-line at

Our Village Shop
Some of you may already know that Janet Dry is looking to retire in about eighteen
months time. After over 25 years working seven days a week in the shop she
deserves a well earned retirement, and who would deny her that!
As a village we have two options; we can let the shop close and join all those other
villages who have lost their heart and soul; or we can grab the opportunity and create
a Community Shop, for the village, run by the village and for the benefit of the village.
To do this involves commitment. We need people to run such a venture. I am sure the
village has talents we can tap into. We need volunteers to man the shop, people who
are good at accountancy, business planning, controlling and buying stock, logistics,
man management etc. We will also need money to start up the shop by donation or
fund raising.
The choice is yours!
Enclosed with this issue of The What is a short questionnaire to gauge the feeling of
the village. We want to find out if you want a village community shop, if you are
prepared to help run it, and if you are prepared to use it. Please return the
questionnaire to the village shop by the 31st August 2011.
We would like to set up a steering committee to see if this project is feasible
If you would like to help please contact:
                              John Greatrex 810609
                              Peter Farley    810604

Clanfield Midsummer Festival 2011
                             Summer Exhibition
The Third Summer Exhibition of Clanfield Artists was a great success. All those who
took part enjoyed showing their work to the village. The comments we received during
the exhibition were all very good, both the variety and quality of work on show was
excellent. People were amazed at the talent in the village.
We had 167 visitors over the four days, which was up on last year despite a slow start
on the first Saturday. The Primary School enjoyed visiting the show on the middle
Thursday. We sold more pictures and cards this year, which with the donations
meant we raised nearly £200 for village projects.
Lots of people voted for their favourite work of art and now the votes have been
counted (261 in total), the results were as follows:-
For the Adult prize, Caroline Crisp with her photo ‘Spaniel in the Snow’.
For the Children’s prize Holly Medic with her picture of a pirate.
Well done to both of them.
The Big Pirate Draw was great fun and we had lots of lovely pictures drawn on the
spot and put on display. If any children would like their pictures back they can be
collected from Brookside Cottage.
                                                                            Peter Farley

Thank you to all those that took part in the Scarecrow Festival on the weekend of
2nd and 3rd July. The winners are:-
      Joint 1st    Archibald the Lepidopterist
      Joint 1st    Royal Wedding Tribute
      3rd          Lady Gardener
The first place winners received a gift voucher.

                                   Village Quiz
Thank you also to those that took part in the Village Quiz. The winner of the quiz is:
      Sue Richardson – Mill Lane
Well done to Sue, who has received a gift voucher.
The answers can be seen on Page 4

                          ADVANCE WARNING
To be held at the Carter Institute Saturday 29th October, 4.00 – 6.00pm.

The following competitions will be held: -
            Carved Pumpkins (various age groups)
            Largest Pumpkin by Circumference
            Children’s Halloween Fancy Dress
            Adults’ Halloween Fancy Dress,
Janet Hickman will holding pumpkin carving classes for both children and adults, the
week prior to the pumpkin show. Details of these will be published in the October
Donations of pumpkins, squashes and round courgettes will be gratefully received.
For further information or to make donations of pumpkins please contact Melanie
Andrews on 810114.

Village Quiz 2011 - Answers
Part 1 – Name that House!

    1 Which 3 houses on the Bottom Green have a syrup, a muffin and       Maple, Blueberry &
      a cordial named after them?                                         Elderberry

    2 A ‘poultry’ house in Pound Lane?                                    Turkey House
    3 If Holly Tree House is on the Main Road and Holly Bush Cottage      Pound Lane
      is in Mill Lane, where is Ivy Cottage?

    4 At which house would you look for gold?                             Prospect House
    5 A new insect has arrived! Where does it reside?                     Bumblebee Cottage

    6 There is a lucky house on the Bottom Green. What is it called?      Clover Leigh

    7 Name 3 houses that are named after places a metal worker would      Farriers Forge, Forge
      work.                                                               House, Forge Cottage,
                                                                          Foundry House.
    8 Does Elizabeth (Liz) live here?                                     Hurley House
    9 There are 2 houses named ‘The Granary’ in Clanfield. Which          Main Street and Black
      roads are they on?                                                  Bourton Road

Part 2 – Village Knowledge

    11 Who and when donated the bench on the Bottom Green?                Clanfield Produce Show
                                                                          – 1991
    12 How many Royal Mail post boxes are there in the village?           Three

    13 What colour is Clanfield Football Club’s ‘King’?                   Green

    14 Which is older? Laburnum Cottage or Coronation Cottages?           Laburnum Cottage

    15 How many playground signs are there in Mill Lane?                  Two

    16 How many publicly displayed clocks are there in the village?       Two

    17 How many ‘No Parking’ signs are there in Pound Lane?               Six

    18 What year was the Radcot Road Stand built?                         1967

    19 Who is in the Bus Shelter?                                         Sir Winston Churchill

    20 How many lights are there leading the way up to The Lords front    Seven

Part 3 – The Decider!

    21 If a man cycled around the village twice and a woman walked        5.4 miles
    around some of the village to gather information for this quiz, how
    many miles, to the nearest 0.1 mile did they travel?

Clanfield WI
It wasn’t the time to be a vegetarian when members had the opportunity to taste up to
ten different varieties of tasty sausages, including the prize-winner breakfast sausage
containing black pudding, salt and onions, all made in Patrick Strainge butcher’s shop in
Everyone played guess the flavour – anything from venison, to chilli, and sage & onion.
Patrick gave an insight into how he became a butcher and how his shops have
developed over the years. Most of the meat sold is reared locally including on his family’s
farms. He gave statistics about the number of animals sold weekly, with pigs being used
the most, for pork meat, sausages, hams and bacon.
Clanfield WI provided the refreshments for the Cowbridge Male Voice Choir prior to their
concert on Saturday 9 July. Quite an achievement to feed 50 hungry Welshmen!
Our member Kari Beardsell had another beautiful garden that she designed for the RHS
Hampton Court Flower Show which was featured on the television programme about the
Show. Several members (and thousands of other people) had the chance to visit it.
Our next meeting is on Tuesday 9th August at 7.30 pm. This will be a wine tasting
evening given by Waitrose. Visitors are welcome but they had better leave their cars at
home! Details about Clanfield WI from Heather Clark – 01367 810655 or
                                                                               Liz Stevens

                                   LINDSEY ALLAN
                         Quality Cordon Bleu Cuisine
     I provide a flexible service tailored to meet all your
      requirements, from the simple supper party to the
                     more formal dinner.
                          My other services include –
                              Business Lunches
                               Cocktail parties
                   Telephone 01367 810340 mobile 07799 777107

Speeding in Clanfield
Members of the parish may be aware that your Council has determined that speeding
on the Bampton Road, both into and out of the village, is a matter of priority. Data
clearly shows that this is an increasing problem with more cars speeding out of the
village than into it; and with the increasing volume of traffic, the problem is getting
worse. A meeting was held a month or so ago with representatives from Thames
Valley Police (TVP) Traffic Division, Oxfordshire County Council, your local TVP and
members of the Parish Council to discuss what might be done against a background
of little or no money available to do it. A number of options were discussed:
    Vehicle parking in the road by householders – certainly two in the Bampton Road
    have volunteered to do this but reluctance on the part of others is well
    understood. It has been found, though, this can be the most effective way of
    slowing traffic.
    Back the present 30mph warning signs at the entry to the village with the
    fluorescent yellow backing as has been done for Bampton.
    3-2-100 metre warning signs of a speed limited area placed beyond the village
    entry point: yet more roadside furniture and may be of limited effect.
    Rumble bars, real or simulated; if real, then there may be an unacceptable noise
    penalty particularly with large farm machinery or HGVs passing over them.
    Chicane as per Bampton; these are expensive and must be illuminated. This
    would probably require works to provide the electricity for the illumination and
    there may well be some parishioners who feel that the lack of light pollution in the
    village is something to be valued.
    30mph repeater signs after the initial one at the village entry: these are essential
    if TVP deploys a radar speed check and, on catching a speeding motorist,
    prosecutes the same to a successful conviction. TVP has checked Clanfield for
    compliance with the regulations and, informally, has advised that this is lacking. A
    report is awaited.
    A vehicle activated sign (VAS) as on the Faringdon side of the village. This is also
    expensive – even more so if solar or wind power is used to generate the
    necessary electricity to drive it*.
    Community Speed Watch (CSW) – complete with the necessary kit and TVP
    cooperation, this detects and records offenders against the DNV database. A
    persistent offender, one with three recorded incidents of speeding and not just in
    Clanfield, will become of interest to TVP. It does require three committed and
    trained volunteers to operate it.
Once the PC has received the TVP report on compliance, we will press OCC for
action where it has responsibility and look to an affordable plan to tackle the problem.
                               Chris Scotcher, Parish Councillor for Traffic and Floods

Speeding in Clanfield - footnote
Just by way of a footnote: PC Richard Barnes’ article in the last edition of the WHAT?
was very apposite. I was returning to the village in a friend’s car from the Faringdon
direction. We had passed the VAS advising 30mph (and we were compliant!) when
we were overtaken by a small red car which shortly afterwards turned into High
House Close. If the driver was local, this rather illustrated the point of Richard’s
article: how can we expect others to respect our safety in the village if we don’t
comply ourselves?

                                APPLIANCE REPAIRS & SERVICE
           A PHONE CALL
               AWAY             ELECTRICAL/PLUMBING WORKS
                                CLANFIELD                01367 810512
                                MOBILE                   07711 427497

A Christmas Shopping evening will be held at the Carter Institute on
Thursday 24th November from 6.00pm – 9.00pm.
There will be a wide range of craft stalls selling a selection of unique gifts
for Christmas.
The Pottery Place from Witney will be bringing their mobile studio to the
hall for people to have a go at Decopatch and painting pottery.
Mulled wine and mince pies will be available during the evening to help you
get into the Christmas spirit!
If you would like to have a craft stall on the evening, please contact
Melanie Andrews 01367 810114.

     Further information will be in the October WHAT?

Big Butterfly Count 16th – 31st July
It may be too late to take part by the time you read this but you can still go to and find out all about this nationwide survey. Hopefully it
will happen again next year.
I mentioned to Brian Wallis that I had carried out the 15 minute survey up the gated
road. He told me that someone had contacted him recently to tell him that a rare
butterfly had been sited north of the village. I tracked it down on the butterfly
conservation site. It turns out to be the Barberry Carpet moth.
According to the website ‘This
medium-sized moth gets both its
scientific and English name from its
association with Barberry, a plant
that was persecuted in the past. The
forewings are greyish and brown
with two black lines on the basal half
and dark edged tooth-like markings
towards the wing tip. This species
has been recorded over southern
England and as far north as
Yorkshire. It is now believed to be
limited to a few small sites, mainly in
Wiltshire, with colonies also in
Gloucestershire, Dorset and introduced colonies elsewhere. A colony has also
recently been discovered in Oxfordshire.’
Barberry is the wild berberis which is a common hedgerow plant in this area. It has
yellow flowers and can be very fragrant. I certainly saw several pale moths very
similar but lighter in appearance and I recorded them as common carpet moths but I
recorded the fact that I was unsure. Perhaps I unwittingly saw some but I shall keep
a watchful eye out for them in future.
                                                                      Caroline Crisp

    St. Stephen’s Church, Clanfield

 When did you last go to

                                       Harvest Festival
  church—your wedding?
   Your child’s baptism?
 A funeral? Why not join in
the national event of ‘Back
   to Church Sunday’.

    Come and celebrate Harvest
  Festival with us as the Reverend
Roger Humphries leads the village in
     a service of thankfulness.

TIME: 10.30AM

St Stephen’s Church
The Clanfield Midsummer Celebrations have been very
enjoyable these past few weeks, if slightly marred by the low
numbers of people getting involved. Hopefully this will improve
next time. However, the church was packed out for the
Cowbridge choir concert and the audience thoroughly enjoyed
themselves – thank you, committee, for bringing the choir back.
The service at Clanfield School was also enjoyable and interesting: the children had
chosen the theme of “It’s our planet!”. The songs, prayers and talk all centred around
this topic and the children did a splendid quiz, the message of which is summarised in
the following prayer:
  Show us how to do things well today, so that others may not suffer,
  Here or there, now or in the future.
  Show us how to make our contribution as we change the way we live,
  Travel, make and consume, pack and unpack,
  Use, misuse and re-use energy, heating and lighting.
  Show us how to do simple things well in our home,
  Places of work and lifestyle choices.
  Show us how to protect the world you made, in all its diversity and goodness,
  From our carbon emissions, global warming and climate change,
  Rising temperatures and sea levels, the displacement of peoples, environmental poverty,
  Harm and destruction.
  Show us how and show us why, so that alone and with others,
  Our contribution will make a difference.
We are now looking forward to two big events in September. Firstly, the Historic
Churches Trust Sponsored Ride and Stride is on 10th September, where many
people, across the county and beyond, get on their bikes or get out their walking
boots to raise money to repair and maintain our churches. Many churches, like our
own, are medieval buildings, and it is important, not only to look after our cultural
heritage, but also to keep our churches at the heart of our communities, meeting
peoples’ spiritual and emotional needs, at birth, marriage, death, Christmas, Easter
and every Sunday in between. If you would like to take part in the Ride and Stride, or
would like to sit in the church that day to welcome visiting riders and striders, please
contact Liz Stevens on 01367 810255.
Secondly, Harvest Festival is being held on 25th September at 10.30am and this will,
as in recent years, coincide with ‘Back to Church Sunday’, a national event
encouraging people who haven’t been to church for a while to give it another go. We
at St. Stephen’s would be delighted to welcome one and all. As it is Harvest Festival,
there will be a collection of non-perishable food items which will be donated to Besom
Project, Witney. This is a local charity which collects furniture, food and other items to
give to local people who are in need. Please give generously to this worthwhile cause.

Services in August and September
Sunday 7th August: 10.30am        Family Service led by Judith Hillier.
Sunday 14th August: 9.15am        Holy Communion led by Rev. David Battersby.
Sunday 21st August: 10.30am       Family Service led by Rev. Ian Duffy.
Sunday 28th August: 10.30am       Family Service led by Dennis Piper.
Sunday 4th September: 10.30am     Family Service led by Judith Hillier.
Sunday 11th September: 9.15am     Holy Communion led by Rev. David Lloyd.
Sunday 18th September: 10.30am Holy Communion led by Rev. David Lloyd.
Sunday 25th September: 10.30am Harvest Festival (Family Service) led by Rev.
                               Canon Roger Humphries.
Sunday 2nd October: 10.30am       Family Service led by Judith Hillier.
Dates for your diary
Mondays: The soup makers, the servers and ‘washing-up-ers’ are taking their well-
earned summer break. Don’t forget to come back once they return in early September
to enjoy the delicious home-made soup and the friendly chit-chat.
Saturday 10th September: Sponsored Ride and Stride for Historic Churches Trust.
                         See Liz Stevens for more details (01367 810255).
Sunday 25th September:       Harvest Festival and Back to Church Sunday, 10.30am,
                             St. Stephen’s.
                                                                          Judith Hillier

   FREE ESTIMATES                         GUTTER REPAIRS

                                             LEAD/ASBESTOS/CAST IRON GUTTERING
   CLANFIELD (01367) 810380                  & DOWN PIPES FOR HOUSES/FACTORIES.
   SWINDON (01793) 527171                    DUTCH BARNS/BARNS & FARM
                                             BUILDINGS MAINTENANCE OR
   CHELTENHAM (01242) 26151                  REPLACEMENT OF
   WITNEY (01993) 841193                     ROTTING FASCIAS, BARGE BOARDS
                                             OR SOFFITS
   OXFORD (01865) 724127
                                             MAINTENANCE FREE UPVC


Clanfield Produce & Craft Show
A schedule of all the classes and information about the Produce Show will
accompany this August edition of the Clanfield WHAT?
As always we have tried to make some changes and keep the event as fresh as the
produce which will be on display. There is a new cup being presented this year in
memory of Tom Horne which has been kindly donated by his family. It will be
awarded for the best 7 runner beans. I expect that you veg growers will have noticed
how relatively easy it is to find 6 good beans – it’s always the seventh that sorts the
‘men from the boys’.
You will also be impressed by the bright and fresh venue provided by Oxford
German Car Specialists. Shaun and his team have transformed the old Tincknell’s
workshop. Come and see for yourself.
There is a new class in the Floral Art section for those aged 16 and under which we
hope will satisfy the younger flower arranger.
If anyone fancies some carrying of tables and chairs or something less strenuous we
always need help so please do not hesitate to offer. It’s all in a good cause –
Macmillan Cancer Support. Call any of us:-
      ALISON BARRETT                 Manor Farm, Little Clanfield (810543)
      MARY BUCKINGHAM                71 Mill Lane, Clanfield (810419)
      CAROLINE CRISP                 The Grange, Bourton Rd (810452)
      LIZ GAERTNER                   8 High House Close (810465)
      SUE HORGAN                     4 High House Close (810184)
      JANE MACPHERSON                Culfre, Bampton Road (810125)
      JUDY SCOTCHER                  Chestnut Grove, Bampton Road (810455)

West Oxfordshire Cats Protection have a number of cats & kittens looking for
new families. Can you help? If you are able to offer them a home or if you can
foster a cat of kitten in your own home while they are waiting for new families
to adopt them, we would like to hear from you.
We also need volunteers to help out at our many fund-raising events which can be fun and
rewarding. For information visit or please contact the
Branch on 01993 831350 or email

Playing Field Update
  The playing field sign in Mill Lane has been moved further up Mill Lane by the
  last bungalow toward The Mill at Little Clanfield.
  Quite a crowd turned out to see why the air ambulance landed in the playing
  field. Also two fire engines arrived after someone doing wheelies on a bicycle
  fell off and the handle bars went into his leg. He was later air-lifted to hospital
  A dustbin from Grafton was found burned out having been filled with wood and
  coal in the spinney.
  Someone dumped the contents of their fridge/freezer in the large bin in the
  playing field including sealed plastic containers of minced beef, also green
  beans plus a bagful of other items. Don’ t the people that do this kind of thing
  know about the food recycling bin that is picked up from your house? This also
  applies to the person who put barrows full of green waste in amongst the trees
  to hide it. Put it in your own bin next time!
                                                                      Tony Harrison

                    20 years experience
  Garden services provided                        Property Services
       Grass Cutting                                   Plumbing
         Clearance                                     Electrical
      Hedge Trimming                              Tiling, Decorating
       Leaf Clearing                                House clearing
          Fencing                          Kitchen & Bathroom Installation
                                                 Guttering, Odd jobs

         We provide a friendly & professional service for
               Private and Commercial properties.
  We use qualified tradesmen for Gas & Electrical work and
         certificates are issued where appropriate.
   Call Stuart or Karina on 01367 810397 or 07823 337029

Clanfield Football Club
I believe that details of our F A Cup and F A Vase opponents will be explained elsewhere in
Clanfield WHAT?, but I thought I would provide an article explaining how past Clanfield
managers Pat Quartermain and John Shuker, both former Oxford United players have
featured in one of the greatest F A Cup shocks in football history. Pat was an outstanding
Clanfield manager, and managed the Clanfield team in 1973/74, when they won the Hellenic
League cup, and were only one point away from winning the Premier Division (Hellenic
In 1964 Oxford United beat Blackburn to became the first Division 4 (now called League 2)
to reach the quarter finals of the F A Cup. It should be mentioned that Blackburn were at that
stage second in the top flight, and had England internationals in the shape of Ron Clayton,
Bryan Douglas and Fred Pickering, plus Welsh international Mike England. Blackburn also
had Eire international Andy McEvoy who was the leading scorer in football's top flight that
season, and another player who went on to play for England in Keith Newton was on the
club's books at the time, although he did not play in that particular match.
The Oxford v Blackburn match of 1964 vintage, in which Ron Atkinson was the Oxford
captain can be seen on youtube. It should also be mentioned that during his time at
Clanfield, Pat Quartermain was well liked by the players, while John Shuker holds the record
for the most number of league appearances for Oxford United.
I hope that with the season likely to be starting by the time you read this article, that as many
people as possible from the village will be following the fortunes of the football club, as they
attempt to build on what they achieved last season.
                                                                                  Malcolm Clarke

  Back row (left to right): Rev Goodacre; H Clark (secretary); P Bowl; W Barnett; F
  Goodway (capt); W Yeatman; R Jordan; W Hatton; W Farmer (trainer); J Pudwell.
      Front row (left to right): P Goddard; G Farmer; H Bowl; B Bowl; H Cross

Clanfield Clean-up – 18th June 2011
Twenty four volunteers responded to Alan Crisp’s call for for clean-up duty at 9am on
18 June. They were quickly divided up into teams to clean up parts of the brook
overgrown with weed, pick up litter and otherwise generally spruce up the village.
Halfway through the morning – and this looks as though it may well become a
“tradition”, bacon butties, coffee and tea were supplied by Glan and Bron, the new
license holders at the Clanfield Tavern. By the end of the morning, a sizeable pile of
rubbish had been deposited by the bin on the green and such water as there was in
the brook was flowing just that little bit more freely.
Thanks must go to Alan for organising us, to all who gave up their Saturday morning
to help and the Tavern for the second breakfast.
                               Chris Scotcher, Parish Councillor for Traffic and Floods

Clanfield (April 1985) Football Club
The official start of the Uhlsport Hellenic Football League Season is on August 13th
2011 and the release of the fixtures is imminent. However our Season has been
somewhat rocked by the news of the resignation of one of our Joint Managers Jason
Court. Jason and his family and indeed his Partner Jenny’s family have served the
Club for many years. Jason joined the Club as a player at the age of 14 and has been
involved on the playing or managerial (apart from a short period when he played
elsewhere) ever since. Jason and Jenny have a young family and they are growing up
to emulate Jason’s sporting achievements and Jason has found it increasingly difficult
to juggle his personal and work commitments with football commitments and thought
it would be better to stand down before the start of the Season. The Club would like to
thank Jason for his sterling service to the Club over many years and to wish him and
his family everything that they would wish themselves for the future. We hope that we
will see them at our Home Fixtures throughout the Season.
The Constitution of the Uhlsport Hellenic League has now been finalised and we will
again be playing in Division 1 West. We will have to play a total of 32 League
Matches. The Constitution would appear to be stronger than it was last Season and
we will be hard pressed to repeat our fourth place finish.
Our entry into the Football Association Challenge Cup has been accepted. The draw
has not been kind to us. We have been drawn in the Extra Preliminary Round which
will take place on August 20th 2011 (kick-off 3 p.m.) and we have been drawn away to
Staines Lammas who are of equivalent status to Clanfield 85 FC and play in the
Combined Counties League which is based in the Middlesex area. We understand
that their home games are played under a ground share agreement with Ashford
Town (Middlesex). The next two Rounds of the Competition have been drawn but we
will be looking no further than Staines Lammas on August 20th.
Our entry into the Football Association Carlsberg Vase has also been accepted. We
will not be taking part in the First Round Qualifying but in the Second Round
Qualifying the draw has not been kind to us in that we have been drawn away against
the winners of Holmer Green or Newbury. Holmer Green play in the Spartan South
Midland League whilst Newbury play in the Uhlsport Hellenic Football League Division
1 East. Again the next round has been drawn but we will be looking no further than
the match against Holmer Green or Newbury.
The first pre-Season Friendly took place on Saturday, July 16th 2011 when we
travelled to Shrivenham Town. After an erratic first 15 mins we began to play well and
eventually ran out comfortable 3 - 0 winners.
At the time of going to press the Club’s Annual Jim Newman Memorial Trophy is
about to commence. Following publication date the next games will be the first Semi-
Final on August 2nd (kick-off 7.30 p.m.) and the second Semi-Final on August 3rd (kick-
off 7.30 p.m.) with the Final on Saturday, August 6th (kick-off 5 p.m.). All of the games
will be played at Radcot Road and this is usually a feast of football in a fine

competitive pre-Season Competition.
Most of the pre-Season Friendlies will be played away from Radcot Road to enable
the pitch to be in pristine condition for the Jim Newman Memorial Trophy Competition
but we do have an attractive looking pre-Season Friendly on Thursday, August 4th
(kick-off 7.30 p.m.) when our visitors will be last Seasons Oxfordshire Senior Cup
Runners-Up Kidlington. All spectators will be very welcome at any home game and in
the Clubhouse afterwards.
Although there was a blip in the continuity of Clanfield Football Club and in
consequence we were reformed in April 1985 as Clanfield (April 1985) Football Club,
there is a rich tapestry of history surrounding the Club and this was emphasised
recently when Tony Harrison, who lives in the village, got in touch with our Chairman/
Secretary John Osborne to enquire whether the Club would be interested in some
archive material relating to the late Harry Bowl. Would we be interested? We certainly
would. We have looked through the material that Tony has kindly made available to
us. Henry Thomas (known as Harry) Bowl was born on April 16th 1914 and lived in
Radcot. He began his football career at Clanfield. The newspapers reports suggest
that he was a loyal and faithful player to the Club declining overtures to join others to
play for the village team. Eventually however Harry joined Stanford-in-the-Vale
Football Club where almost immediately he was picked up by the Manager of
Swindon Town FC and signed firstly Amateur Part-time Professional forms before
becoming a Full-time Professional. The newspaper cuttings supplied are extremely
interesting. We have been able to ascertain that from 1933 to 1936 Harry Bowl played
a total of 50 games for Swindon Town Football Club scoring 11 goals before being
transferred to Blackpool where it appears he made two appearances scoring 1 goal
and then was transferred to Exeter City where he played between 1937 and 1939
making 79 appearances and scoring 43 goals. There is a suggestion then that Harry
Bowl returned to Swindon in 1939/40 where he played 21 games scoring 11 goals. He
finished his professional career with Lancaster Town. The archive material also shows
that in 1955 (at the age of 41) Harry Bowl applied for and was granted a permit to play
as a former professional with permission from the Football Club to play in lower grade
football provided that he was not paid. He apparently rejoined Clanfield in 1955
because the permit provides for him to play for Clanfield only.
Readers will remember mention of Stan Horne who became a professional footballer
with Manchester City. The difference between Harry Bowl and Stan Horne was that as
far as we are aware Stan never appeared for Clanfield Football Club whereas Harry
Bowl did. We hope to bring you further extracts from the archive material in future
issues. The photograph shows the Clanfield Team in Season 1932/33. The trophies
they won are the Oxfordshire Junior Shield, the Witney Senior Challenge Cup and the
6 a side Cup.
The Clubhouse continues to host the Monday night bingo. On August Bank Holiday
Sunday the group Little White Lies will be playing from 8 p.m. Please feel free to join
us at matches or at any of the social occasions in the Clubhouse.

                             The Dilnot Proposals
As we live longer, many will become frail and in need of help, but this fact is
something many of us set aside to think about later, often too late.
The current situation is that if your health deteriorates and your need for care is
assessed as “substantial” you may be eligible to receive County Council assistance
with your care needs. You would then receive what is calculated to be an appropriate
amount of help. In other words, if you can no longer cope with basic needs you may
get help from the County Council if you qualify under a set of “eligibility criteria”.
Nowadays the cost of your needs, including residential care, would be assessed and
a sum of money allocated for you to buy the help you need.
Sounds good so far but here is the big snag. If you have capital (which includes the
value of your house) of more than £23,500, before you get the Council money you will
be expected to pay for all the help you need until your money runs out. Care is very
expensive and frequently all the assets are spent quite quickly and only then will the
Council step in with money.
But there is hope. Under the recommendations of the recently published Dilnot
Committee Report the capital sum you can hold before you have to pay for your help
is raised to £100,000.
Furthermore, when you have spent about a third of your assets (up to between
£25,000 and £50,000) your care is then provided free of charge and paid for by
Central Government. This money could be repaid to the Government after your
death. If, for example, you own a house and have other capital assets which are left
in your will, the Government could take out the appropriate sum spent on you up to
the limit described above, and the rest, is left to whoever you have decided are
In addition to the amount you have to pay for social care if you go into a care home, is
your “board and lodging”, and this is assessed as about £7000 to £10000 a year
which is roughly equivalent to the State Pension, which you would have spent if you
lived at home.
Opponents to the Dilnot Report say that;-
The cost to Government, assessed as between £1.5 billion and £2billion a year, is
more than the country can afford especially during a financial crisis... .
The very rich would benefit disproportionately, and those of us who are not rich
should accept the present system and be ready to spend whatever assets we have
accrued on our care, if that becomes necessary.
There is no reason why young people, who are often themselves well off, should
benefit from their parent’s legacy. (continued on page 19)

Supporters of the Scheme say that:-
The removal of worry to people as they
approach old age is a significant social
step forward which is worth the cost
There would be a reduced pressure and
cost to the NHS by very old people who
are not currently being properly looked
There would be a significant reduction of
pressure and stress on carers, many of
whom are approaching old age and
frailty themselves.
Insurance against the cost of old age
would be possible as Insurers would be
able to calculate a known financial risk,
currently not possible.
                   Councillor Don Seale

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         Clanfield                          Nick Rowland
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  Extensions           Closeboard              JOINERY
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About My Aunts
About this time of the year, in the 1920's, my Aunts used to go picnicking - my Auntie Nell,
Auntie Rose and Auntie Amy, all sisters of my father. Sandwiches were made - cucumber,
tomato, ham and chopped hard boiled eggs, and thickly buttered slices of my Auntie Nell's
Bara Brith (a Welsh fruit loaf) all packed into baskets. My cousin Willie, Auntie Rose's son,
and I would tag along. Willie carrying the kettle! I carried the tea, milk and sugar.
The favourite venue was Porth Dafarch, a sandy cove surrounded by open spaces and
golden gorse bushes not more than three miles out from Holyhead. A cloth was laid out.
Water was supplied from a nearby spring and both Willie and myself had to ferret around for
wood to light a fire to boil the kettle. There was usually plenty of driftwood at the high tide
line, there are very few trees on the west side of Anglesey.
A fire was lit and the kettle of water placed on top and by the time it had boiled the picnic
was spread out on the teacloth. Auntie Rose made the tea which was always good if slightly
My aunts never removed their hats. Auntie Rose favoured a hat trimmed with flowers, Auntie
Nell a dark velour with the brim pulled down slightly over one eye, "like Lady Astor" she
would say - she was an avid reader of The Tatler, a magazine much like the modern
"Hello" (she would have loved Prince William and Kate). All wore their skirts pretty much
down to their ankles.
I paddled and Willie hunted for crabs. I felt unbelievably happy. I remember other picnics but
none stay so clearly in my mind as those picnics with my aunts.                Dorothy Wise

                             PATRICK STRAINGE
                                 QUALITY MEAT
                             FROM OUR FAMILY FARMS
     National Finalist Sausage                        Voted Best Sausages in South Of
          Championships                               England as seen on National TV

                      Bridge Street, Bampton, Oxon, OX18 2HA
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Letter to the WHAT?
I have been reading in the Clanfield What? about Miss Hendrick. In the 1960’s. I
remember that she lived in the cottage next to the straw mill at Little Clanfield. She
had a black collie dog that used to chase us as we passed by to go to the mill to work.
When she finished working for Mr Wallis she came and joined us at the straw mill. We
knew her as Irene. I think she enjoyed being with us younger girls, and we one day
asked her why she never married and she said ‘To tell the truth I was never asked’.
She never owned a clock – she told us she used to tell the time by the trains which
then ran though Calcroft Lane. After she left the cottage next to the mill she lived for a
while with Frank Winfield until she then got her council bungalow. Anyone who knew
her would know what a hard-working and lovely lady she was.
Also in Little Clanfield lived Cyril Beesly and his sister Mabel. I used to work with Cyril
at Mr Wallis’s farm. When I started there we were sorting potatoes and as I was
unsure which potato went where so I used to ask Cyril. I always remember he told me
which went where and then added ‘but don’t hold an inquest on them’. One day we
were busy working away and the potato sorter moved (it was a large piece of
machinery). As I am quite short I always stood on a box and the sorter knocked me
clean over. I can remember Cyril looking down and said, ‘Ay up, who’s that rocking
the boat?’. Another day he came in and said, ‘Someone stole our washing off the line
last night.’ I couldn’t believe it as we were in the grip of winter. Anyway a few weeks
ent by and Cyril came in one morning and said, ’You know I said our washing was
stolen well it’s back’ When the snow had melted they saw that the line had broken and
the washing was on the garden. It had got buried in the snow. Cyril was lovely with a
dry wit.
I would also like to tell you about my sister Barbara Brogden now Barbara Hawkins
who lives in Queens Crescent. For many years she worked for Mr Ernest Pocock.
Older residents of Clanfield will remember her as she used to deliver the milk on her
bicycle. She had two hooks – one on each handlebar and had two big steel cans
which were so heavy even without the milk. They each held 3 gallons. She used to
call at the houses and measure the milk out. Some people would leave a milk can,
some with nets over and she used to go in and put it in the kitchen. One day she
                                            walked in and a man was having a bath in
           MALC NEWMAN                      a tin bath so she just walked back out after
                                            leaving the milk. She never once fell off
               TRACKS ETC                   the bike. Could you imagine that today?
   VERTICAL ROLLER AND VENETIAN             Health & Safety would soon have that bike
     BLINDS SUPPLIED ON REQUEST             in the bike shed!
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                                             I hope you enjoy these stories.
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Carterton, Bampton
and Burford
The Carterton, Bampton and Burford Neighbourhood includes the surrounding
villages and is covered by a team of police officers, police community support officers
and a sergeant. A Neighbourhood Action Group, led by local residents with
partnership organisations, sits alongside the team and together they tackle the
community’s top issues.
This year's resident engagement survey is currently being conducted. Have your say
on what you would like to see tackled over the next year by filling in the short survey
on the website:
July Update
Youth Provision: Bampton is still running youth services until September. The new
build is coming along nicely and the Parish Council recently had their first look inside.
There will be several clubs using the site and it’s hoped that youth provision will
continue well into the future.
Speeding: Several speed checks have been carried out within the area. Our Roads
Policing colleagues carried out enforcement on Buckland Road in Bampton which
resulted in several tickets being issued for offences ranging from speeding to not
wearing seatbelts. The neighbourhood team carried out speed indicator device work
in Alvescot and the results showed four vehicles were over the limit, however,
numerous vehicles went through the check. The Clanfield to Bampton Road, in both
directions, was subject to speed work and the results show that there is a problem. It
would be nice if the traffic lights recently used during some works carried out on the
road could not have been left behind by accident!
Litter/Dog Fouling: Litter continues to be a problem, and as said before, mainly on a
Saturday and Sunday morning. There are bins so please use them!
Other news: Representatives from the neighbourhood team visited Wootton Bassett
for an insight into how the repatriations work and the impact it will have. We are
working with RAF Brize Norton with the move of RAF Lyneham personnel to Brize.
On Thursday 23 June the team took part in a joint operation to raise awareness of
drug usage in licensed premises. Search dogs from RAF Brize Norton were taken into
premises while police officers swabbed surfaces for traces of drugs.
Contact Your Team
The Carterton, Bampton and Burford neighbourhood team can be contacted on: 0845
8 505 505. The police station on Burford Road, Carterton is open Monday to Friday
9.30am – 3.30pm.

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  property managed to avoid the financial downturn. If you
  really want to sell and move on you have to be realistic
  with price and flexible on timescales.
  For an honest appraisal of your property’s true value, call
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during term-time. Call Jane Brown on        abilities; bring soft shoes and a sense of
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Fiona 01367 810534'                         of a warm welcome! Homemade soup
     Women’s Institute                      and a roll, coffee/tea and biscuits.
                                            Contact John Greatrex - 810609
Meetings are held every second
Tuesday in the month at 7.30 p.m. in            Historical Society
the Carter Institute. Notices giving        Meets on the third Tuesday of the month
details of the meeting will be on display   between October and May at 7.30 pm at
in the Post Office and village notice       the Carter Institute.
boards. All welcome. Contact Heather
Clarke, 12 Manor Lane, Clanfield 01367          Carter Institute
810655.                                     For bookings contact Mrs.             Kate
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The Mobile Library will visit Clanfield         Art Classes
every other Thursdays; by the Church        Tuesdays at the Carter Institute. Further
from 1:00pm to 1:15pm then Queens           details contact Maggy Fitzpatrick on
Crescent 2:20pm to 2:35pm                   810553
     Bell Ringing
Practice night each Wednesday from
7.30 - 9.00 pm at St. Stephen's Church.
New ringers always welcome. Contact
Tower Captain: Ian Kenworthy 01367
810577 or Deputy: Catherine Bernard
01367 810587
      Snooker Club
6 pm – 10 pm every Tuesday, Thursday
& Friday evening, upstairs in the Carter
Institute. Contact Tony Harrison on
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